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Haven't played it since the original aged well IMO. If you have half an hour to waste, check Matthewmatosis video on New 'N' Tasty and see how it compares (aesthetically) to the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkhDrngAQZ0

BTW Paramonia just feels more atmospheric and brooding (in a dank chilly moss-smelling way) and Paramites are both adorable (the way they chitter, how they scuttle away from you and act like curious puppies) and terrifying (since they are pseudospiders).

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The music was pretty good too.

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Retro locations you would like to visit.
Paramonia is my first choice.

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It was comfy but unsettling.

Do you mean Paramonia? Monsaic is where the all the meditating Mudokkons are. Both are equally comfy.

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damn, that landscape is fucking sweet for a 1997's game. Incredibly good retro landscapes thread.

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