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I just played through Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, it's probably better on the Xbox though - it was okay, it suffers from early console FPS syndrome.

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Not really
You consolefags never fail to make me laugh, gen 6 had four great consoles each with a lot to offer
but 20 years later you act like your brand loyalty still matters, it's pretty sad

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more like the Soulcube

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The gamecube is a bitch to collect for just because its caught in the perfect storm of
>didnt sell very well originally
>solid library of good exclusives, or the best version of multiplatforms
>very few exclusives have been ported to more recent consoles or put on the nintendo eshop, like for example right now if you have a WiiU you can legally purchase, download and play a selection of NES, SNES, N64, Wii and obviously WiiU games but no Gamecube games whatsoever
>Being disc media its generally pretty fragile to begin with, compared to carts
>At its nostalgia peak right now, as most people who grew up with the GCN are in their late 20s or early 30s
>Obviously covid has a lot of people staying in so the big couch co-op/versus games are selling at ridiculous prices, and the N64 and GCN were arguably the all time best couch multiplayer platforms ever
I think it is a bit of a bubble, prices might not burst but I think they'll retract a bit or at least plateau. Even if you're not a fan of emulating (emulating GCN stuff still kind of sucks despite what the emulatorfags will tell you), stuff like the gc loader or nintendont on the WiiU make it not necessary to shell out 100+ dollars for a loose copy of Chibi Robo or whatever

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N64 i think is fairly overrated in the grand scheme of things, I actually really like the gamecube library.
Its also one of the easiest console libraries to play without emulating since the Wii and the WiiU have the native hardware built right in.
Though personally I run a good old fashioned gamecube over an HDMI adapter with a Gameboy player, because then I can effectively play four libraries of games off the original media. I might eventually upgrade to a gc loader if they become more accessible.

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