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i'm afraid this is the only way i could beat Carousel. i found an exploit; it's possible to get onto the firing platforms without crossing the linedefs that raise the barriers. hopefully this webm makes it obvious what i'm doing.

i am sorry to say the intended way i found fraught with excessive frustration.

i seem to lack the dexterity to execute the quick stop-turn-aim-fire movement required to get a rocket into the target. i can do it maybe once or twice in 10 goes if lucky. it requires both high accuracy and superfast execution to get a rocket past the barrier before it rises too far.

however, at this point, one could just retort, "you're not good enough, keep practising" and i'd have to accept it and keep trying.

on the other hand: well, obviously an unlucky spawn on the outer ledge will ruin your day, but worse, monsters spawn on the ledge down below in front of the target. this means, eventually, it is _impossible_ for shots to be aimed correctly, as even if your angle and firing position is perfect, autoaim ruins the shot. (it seems you need to stand very close to the edge of the platform to get a rocket across before the barrier blocks it.)

this is all exasperated by there being not one but four spawners in a relatively small arena; the space fills up very rapidly, and by my estimation you cannot afford to miss a single shot (the target appears to need three hits). by your fourth or fifth shot the arena is simply too full to continue.

i don't know if you tested mostly with autoaim turned off (in an engine that allows that) and a crosshair (although, i hacked a crosshair into my engine. it didn't help much, if at all) or maybe this map is just beyond my ability.

otherwise it's a good map and quite a clever spin on the old icon of sin cliche. i don't expect you to change anything to make it easier, but i wished to share my experience nonetheless.

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