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New rules! The Retro Era is now considered to end in December 1994 with the release of the PlayStation! Games released after 1994 can still be discussed at /vr/ as long as they are for previous generation platforms. This also means that discussion of 5th generation consoles such as PlayStation and N64 is not permitted, discussion of Sega Saturn is allowed because it came out before the December 1994 cut off point. Anything after this point must be discussed on /v/.

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It's common knowledge that among 5th gen consoles PS1 had the best sound capabilities, but it is not as clear for 4th gen. Which of these sound the best in your opinion?

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I was digging through my old stuff at my parents house and found a CD I had burned filled with ROMs and emulators back in high school in 2003. There's a couple of N64 ROMs on there, which I guess I must have saved for when emus got better, since N64 games were basically unplayable on emulators in 2003. I'm guessing emulator technology has probably gotten better in the last 16 years, so what are the best currently available emulators for the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64?

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Was this the last good generation of gaming?

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