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>there´s this kid from school who I share vidya with.
>we switch n64 cartridges with each other like crazy
> go to another one house to play for countless ours during years.
>best friends forever
>I lend GTA: SA and SW Battlefront because we are edgy teens.
>things went wrong because he´s dating a bitch that has been talking shit about my girlfriend.
>pal and I break off despite of being best friend since 6 year´s old
>He never returned the games. We talked again a decade later but never asked for them because suddenly I realize I still have some of their N64 games in my collection that totally worth more than a couple PS2 games. (Mario64, Paper Mario, Lylat Wars and Pokemon Stadium 2 iirc)
mfw I´m 25 and I saw my pal again but things were never quite the same

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>tfw a cute hamster won't never teach you how to hif-hif properly

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