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>The Waste Tunnels, The Crusher, Tricks & Traps, Refueling Base, Donut Of Decimation, Barrels Of Fun, The Chasm, The Spirit World
I quite like, even love some of these.

>Entryway, Underhalls, Gantlet, The Focus, Dead Simple, The Pit, The Courtyard, The Citadel, The Living End
These are ok.

>Downtown, The Inmost Dens, Industrial Zone, Suburbs, Tenements, Gotcha, Monster Condo
I don't particularly like these much, but they're not atrocious.

>The Factory, Nirvana, The Catacombs, Bloodfalls, The Abandoned Mines
I hate these.

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Who else enjoys playing only Nightmare difficulty on the PWADs? I can ace episodes 1 and 3, episode 2 is tricky because of the fucker on M6, and episode 4 is just fucking impossible on the first mission. Really prefer playing it like that though.

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