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It is correct that the N64 didn't have very many games, or even very many good games.

But the good games it did have were better than anything before, during or since.

Quality is almost always more important than quantity.

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SM64 levels are godlike, and work organically with your moveset.

The freedom of movement you have within the stages scales directly with your skill level.

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>Regardless, it's bad game design to make the player have to do button combos to normalize the camera.
Why? Because you have to think about more things at one time than just controlling your character?

It's not an immediately intuitive camera, there's a learning curve, but it's not like it's inconsistent or random. It does the same thing every time if you do the same inputs. Most people are just too retarded and lazy to learn how to use it properly.

I prefer consistent cinematic-esque camera angles over follow-cams or analog-cams any day. It means you have to calculate angling your movement properly with the joystick as opposed to literally holding forward the whole game. It also makes gameplay look cooler.

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