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New thread!

Also, brand new booru for identifying games, let's help it grow!


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anyone play an educational game involving classic monsters, and a mansion, and it's a party, and you're a detective playing games with the monster guests to solve the mystery or some shit. I think you can print out a detective badge as well. I dunno. please help?

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useless booru is useless

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Forgot what platform... probably PC

>I think it is A tank..
>The graphic is 1D (yes, only 1 line polygon) looks like >>274831

The rest is blank... I don't even know the objective of games, I was very young... the only hint left was that game graphic was 1 D

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ok so it was a shoot em up (vertical scrolling) game on amiga which could be played with 2 players. player 1 is red and player 2 one is blue. if i remember well you can see a forest with river in the first level.

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C=64 game, where you only had a pistol as a weapon, could lay down, happened in a large building/factory, constantly moving elevators/platforms going up & down. GOD DAMN IT!

Not Agent USA or Sly Sly Secret Agent.

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C64 game

top down shooter, in the same vein as say Galaga or Raiden

box art had a character on it that looked extremely like Galvatron from G1 Transformers

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They aren't born with over 9000 pics. Everybody have to post there the games they remember so everybody can have a massive database.

So instead of complaining and expecting everybodydo the hard work for you start doing something helping.

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Sounds a lot like Battlezone.

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Has to be Impossible Mission.

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That's a classic along with IM2, but no :(

Similar platformer, just with a lousy agent & loads of anti-agents shooting back at him.

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Alright guys, I have two games that'd I'd really appreciate if you could tell me the names of. The first one was along the lines of final fantasy one. Hell, it might even be a FF game. Anyway, I played it on the snes or NES when a friend lent me his copy. Being young at the time, I found the game frustrating. I remember getting stuck at what I think might be a huge red or white skeleton or a huge red dragon. When you died it said your party had fainted. That's as far as I got ans everything else I remember is very blurry and is probably from another game. The second I'm not sure if it even exists and I dreamt it up. The only thing I can remeber is that you're in a town hall type building with some other people at night and sleep there (I'm. pretty sure you were there because it was safer than being in your house or so me shit). Anyway, you wake up and the whole building is burning you get out and that's it. I don't expect an answer for the second one but give it a shot. Thanks /vr/. I'm on a phone to so ignore spelling mistakes. Pic unrelated.

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Again, excuse the grammatical errors, on a phone and it's 1:07 Australian time.

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I don't remember the system, maybe C64, VIC20, PC...maybe Amiga. Played it early 90s (I think this was around 1992).

From memory, it looked a bit like a clone or bootleg of a Mario game. It took place either in space or in caverns. The graphics were similar in tone to the Moon level (outside the ship) in Ducktales for NES, i.e. grey and green. The main character looked suspiciously like Mario. I recall it had very little or no combat (sparse obstacles / ennemies).

That's about the only details I remember, but I remember having a blast with it for an entire evening + night. We were staying with my parents at a distant relative's house, it was just about the only game they had, and I was the only youngster there.

I never found anything about it, it haunts me to this day.

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So, I've tried identifying this game several times before /vr/ was present, but with no luck. First of all, I'm not even 100% sure if it is a 'retro' game, because it might aswell be released in 2000's, so forgive me if this is the case. Alright, the game is a side-scrolling beat 'em up. It has kinda of sprite-ish graphics, it had a demo version (which I played). What I remember is that it had 2 or 3 (maybe more in full version) playable characters and they all had like different storylines or something. One of the characters was like a humanoid-like demon thing with grey or blue skin (can't recall) and had a quite short but a wide sword. Another thing I remember was that one of the levels resembled a castle wall or a stone road or even a stone bridge, don't know.
Yeah, the description is very vague, but that's honestly all I remember. Oh, and also, it's a PC game.
Thanks in advance to anyone who bothers, I really appreciate it.

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nobody cares about grammatical or spelling mistakes, stop shitposting. First one isn't described well, so I'll just take a random guess and say maybe it's mystic quest. 2nd sounds a bit like ff6 when you meet relm/strago

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Could someone try help with this one.
It was a 3d shooter i think it came out after doom.
All i can remember that you aimed using the mouse
and a square crosshair.
You could only pickup health boxes by clicking on
them with the crosshair.
it had a futuristic setting.

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that game sounds so familiar. I think I played it too.

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System shock?

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no dont think so it was way more obscure

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The last thread died without me getting an answer. Lets try a second time.

>late 90s ('98 or '99)
>you play as somehthing similar to the green blob on the picture
>industrial setting, like inside a factory
>platforming sidescroller, I remember jumping around on red platforms (background was dark grey)
>there could be enemies, but I don't remember any
>at the bottom of the levels was some kind of green nuclear waste that, I believe, killed you

Thanks in advance, /vr/.

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I want to know this too

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weird. then I have no idea. system shock fits literally all those points.

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