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Is it any good?

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I heard there are a lot of games like this

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You don't say

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You're just supposed to be lucky enough to have powerful enough equipment to blast through everything without giving a single fuck.

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This but unironically. >>5672329
Rogue was my favorite cgane growing up abd is still pretty intetesting in it's way, but ultimately it's a little simple and kind of a slot machine. Amazing for having spawned one of the greatest genres ever, but like the original Mario Bros more something to appreciate more than play a ton.

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Yeah it actually is.

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This released a few weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpTLXvHT8rE&feature=youtu.be&t=641

But I've barely heard any talk about it. What does the release of this HQ video of the trailer mean for the case of Earthbound 64? Could it spark further interest in finding a rom for it (If it even exists).

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It means nothing, move along now.

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>HQ video
>480i tv recording

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You don't know that. The rom for Monster Party's uncensored release was found in a similar way, and that game is much more insignificant.

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Compared to shit like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a12vCrW4Ak), it's a big improvement

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It took you 5 cds to get to me, Curtis. What's thou wish?

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>What's thou wish
Should be "what art thou wisheth"
You're welcome

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>not knowing he's an Alien
oh zoomer

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>not knowing anglos are aliens from outside the antarctic shield wall, so this changes nothing
I bet you think nukes are real too

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I'm hardstuck in world 5 of a kids game, that I used to beat easily.

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Take a break and come back to it later, you'll probably beat it on the first try.

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git gud… agian

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When you were a kid you had nothing but free time and a small collection of games. So of course you got gud. It's been years, so of course you got rusty.

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>decades from now there will be a dark souls remake with this shit as the tagline

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What's the matter, nigger?

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>Welcome back!

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you were close

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just straight up refusing to make a sequel to this game despite two (2) consecutive consoles that would be perfect for it is peak nintendo stupidity

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>Sequel never

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Are there any /vr/ games that have actual decent stories? And no, FF7's nonsense isn't even remotely decent.

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Bad Dudes. The president has been kidnapped by ninjas are you a bad enough dude to rescue him? Save him and go out for a burger.

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Tony Hawk 4 Ps1 is more like what you're describing but at least it was the hardest game in the series.

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Saga Frontier series have interesting stories because they are incomplete.

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Welp, what am I supposed to do now? You implied that I might be autistic. My life is ruined forever and all my opinions are null and void, because you said so. brb sudoku

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It's the other way around where autists can't appreciate subtlety of art and creativity.

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Anyone know of a database with all the nintendo games? The last one I knew about got taken down.

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Hey dumbass the thread is completely unrelated to the board's purpose. OP could have got his answer elsewhere, dont get assblasted people are just saying not retro on a thread that will last a few hours tops

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No it isn't, he's asking for a database with games.

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The pic related made his post not retro. You might not get it but lines have to be drawn somewhere. /vr/ would get somehow worse if theres a trend of OPs using gamecube or xbox covers in the pic related. such a thing will defeat the purpose of the board. Sure maybe one thread doing it is harmless but again, OP would have better luck if he used a game thats retro for the pic. Please just give it a rest

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Take a walk outside and get some fresh air. Im sorry the thread didnt work out man, just relax

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Twenty year later this mystery is still unsolved. Has anyone found a way to explore this secret area in King's Field 2? At the bottom of the Hill of Prayer zone, down the stream you can just barely see an open area.

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Then he says,

Is that you?

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You clearly don't listen to much music. There are way worse songs out there

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it's too bad there are no digits in this thread otherwise I'd CHECK-A-ROONY them

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like what lmao

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Anything by Deathgrips.

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they're overhyped but putting that dogshit pantera song above their whole discography is outright retarded

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Hi, the torrents for the swineapple 32gb retropie image seem to be either down or stuck at 98.2% completion.
Does anyone have an alternative download or cares to share the image on BitTorrent?
Thanks in advance!

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Show me your copy of Sonic Heroes

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No, Heroes was shit, every Sonic game when it was Sonic Team USA is trash.

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goddamn europeans and your inferior cover art

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You know I had to sage and report it to em.

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nice e-celeb opinion

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What are some good retro game podcasts? I've already listened to Retronauts and I adore Watch out for Fireballs, but I need more.

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What is mentally wrong with hoarders? Why would they rather games be lost forever than let other people play them? Are they just machildren that never moved past the "you can't play with my toys" stage of childhood?

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>Some people view games as a medium of art, so it's no surprise that they want to preserve it.
You want to preserve art? Go buy some. Or look at it from a preservation angle, and realize that whoever spent this much on this "game" is going to make sure it is treasured always. This is preservation, and no it doesn't involve a bunch of subterranean manlets downloading the dumped rom. This is true preservation, and no amount of manbaby kvetching will change that fact.

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Yeah you need a conservative flag sticker on your car down south to be safe.

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Finally a translation patch for a medarot game
and surprisingly Medarot R for ps1.
I would have bet that the first to be translated would have been those for game boy.


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This just got posted the other day, but again thanks, looks like a cool little game

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Up with Sega Genesis...and DOWN with SNES!

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What food do you have to eat to appreciate all other food

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A zoomer doesn't need to have played Mario World and Sonic 2 to appreciate Fortnite, retardo.

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that doesn't answer the food question

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Shove your food up your ass along with your snes classics

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The SNES was more powerful than the Genesis (besides speed which was a Genesis win) so looking at stats the SNES is the better one when looking at the tech stuff

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List em'


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This game upsets me. It has some nice ideas and a bizzare story. If only it was given to a more competent staff. I wish someone would be able to translate the remake.

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This one, right?

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Why? So you can make some shitty youtube vid about them? Go fuck yourself nigger.

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There actually aren't that much out there. And they tend to only talk about modern games or NES games. Nothing Japan only.

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So, I'm just sitting here and then all of a sudden I get a video suggestion on a game called power slave. I scope it out and this game looks fucking slick as hell. Unfortunately, the best version from what I'm told is the saturn version. I don't have a saturn but I'm very interested in playing. Any suggestions on how to play it. I scoped out power slave ex and from what I understand, it's the play station version. Thanks in advance. This is probably a stupid question.

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if you find mednafen boring to set up like i do, you can play it on SSF, a much simpler emulator with an actual UI.
but the differences ps1/saturn are small anyway, it's great on the ps1 too

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This is the only version that matters.

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Don't be a jerk.

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SSF with CHDSSF or Beetle Saturn

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SSF has transparency

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Whatever happened to fun, bros?

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>talks about grown adults behaving like children
>proceeds to reference lolcow culture.

Are you kidding, there are people still talking about that guy? I have no knowledge or interest in "Chrischan" other than reading on a site like ED years ago that he was some kind of troll. He obviously likes the attention or he would just disappear.

People who like Snowboard Kids and Mario games do not have "peter pan syndrome" doofus, they just like playing the games because they're good.

You are a prototypical example of what I'm talking about, it's uncanny.

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>talks about grown adults behaving like children
>proceeds to reference lolcow culture.

Are you kidding me, there are people still talking about that guy? I have no knowledge or interest in "Chrischan" other than reading on a site like ED years ago that he was some kind of troll. He obviously likes the attention or he would just disappear. I assure you no real man is interested in him or similar people.

People who like Snowboard Kids and Mario games do not have "peter pan syndrome" doofus, they just like playing the games because they're good.

You are a prototypical example of what I'm talking about, so good of a fit it's uncanny.

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Autists who are into anime and colorful videogames are top contenders for becoming well-deserved lolcows.

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Just kiss already

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I wish I knew how to quit you <3

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