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Do you guys find 3D games released later in the 5th gen more playable than the ones released earlier?
like a game from 1996 to a game in 1999?

or is the whole gen just unplayable today?

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That's what NEC thought when they made the PC-FX. Worked out great, didn't it?

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That was a huge disappointment. After the mighty PCE they dropped a total piece of garbage like the PC-FX. Everyone knew it was trash too. NEC was out of the console business a 18 months later.

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love early 3d and tomb raider is the best. alone in the dark is as far back as i'll go though, even that is pretty rough with such low framerate

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>The developers could have stayed with 2D for another few years and released some great games
They did, you know. They kept releasing incredible 2d games late into the nineties, e.g. D&D Shadow Over Mystara, on home consoles, e.g. Symphony of the Night, and even into the 2000s, e.g. MvsC2. 5th gen tech brought us the likes of Crash and Spyro, Ocarina of Time, Panzer Dragoon and Tekken 3 etc. etc. etc. We had the best of both worlds and still do.

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I do think they are all playable by today

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Sega Mini
Worth it?
Can you play those gamepads on PC?

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I'm getting one but I'm not rushing like I did with snes mini, ps1 mini ruined the mini console scene.

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lol yeah I know imagine having the same experiences as 90% of the planet

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wrong board, your post belongs on
you’re lucky I’m in a good mood and don’t report your post for low effort

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What are some other games with that New Age aesthetic?

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File: 96 KB, 640x480, 33546-Dragon_Ball_Z_-_Ultime_Menace_(France)_[En_by_Aeon_Genesis_v1.0]_(-Dragon_Ball_Z_-_Super_Butouden_3)_(Incomplete)-10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 3

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You just described my high school years, dude. I had no clue this was a thing. I think Spyro's skyboxes have a new age look to them.

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Ah, I see. Ork is the only one from my list with something similar then:

I think Agony may fill the bill as well:

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NiGHTS into Dreams?

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Gex Deep Cover Gecko just looks and sounds surreal and dream-like

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Is it shit kino?

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It’s ASSSSS kino

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I picked up two CD games for really cheap but i dont have a computer to play them on. The games works for windows 95 and up. The problem is that i dont have much money and it would take more than a year to save for a modern laptop. Do u guys know where i can get an old laptop for cheap? I only need it to be cabable of running windows 95 games. It must have a disc drive. I cant imagine an outdated windows xp laptop would cost that much.

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>two CD games for really cheap
Those codes have probably been long-since activated on Steam

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Those codes were used before Steam existed

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>people actually alive when they played these games would do everything they could for no-cd cracks even if it meant having to copy over large music files from the disk and sacrifice precious hdd space
>zoomer buys disks for the ironic novelty of it all
Every day you fags continually confirm that we're on the worst timeline.

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anon, i...

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Assuming OP had no access to an internet connection, CDs and a cheapest laptop is actually the least time consuming to get running. Else, I see no reason to just pirate them and apply nocd cracks. It's very unlikely to get copyright notices for old games if that's his concern.

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Hey /vr/. I performed an experiment today and it worked really well so I thought I'd share. I had this cheap knock off Cirka snes controller. If you've ever used one they feel just awful, everything is super stiff. If you've ever wondered, the 'stiffness' of buttons is related to how much force is required to depress the plungers on the rubber pads beneath them. I took it apart wondering if there may be a way to reduce how much force would be required, therefore bringing it down to how effortless and loose the actual SNES controller is.

I took a knife and made incisions on the rubber pads near the base of each plunger; one at every cardinal. The L and R plungers were quite a but bigger so I cut out entire squares instead. It was fairly simple and testing as I went they definitely felt easier to depress. I put it back together and fucking wow, it's a massive difference. It's still not quite OEM level (nothing will fix the cheaper plastics), but the stiffness is near entirely gone. I can roll the dpad without any effort, the buttons require hardly any force, it's more than useable now.

So if anyone happens to have some shitty stiff controls I highly recommend giving this a try, especially if you dont have any OEM controllers at all. This simple fix turns a 10 dollar controller into a 30 dollar one

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op here
im gay btw if that makes a difference

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There gonna break over time

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Seriously, at minimum you should've used a soldering iron and melted holes in them so you don't have stress points. Trim the rim of plastic with an x-acto blade to remove anything that builds up.

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Thanks. Let's hear results after a few weeks. Also before and after would've helped.

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Recuerdo hace muchos años hice un truco, bueno más que truco un stunt donde la leyenda decía: !!!!!!!! Y he visto muchos TAS para ver si alguien podía reproducir el truco ya que el sonido se escuchaba bien cool, pero hasta la fecha nunca he visto un video donde lo hagan :c

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speak american or gtfo subhuman.

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silencio maricon

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Wait, that's not KoF or DBZ

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Uniracers glitched/unused trick name.

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If you pick your husbando before someone else posts him, you get him. You only get one so choose wisely.

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Any anons with rare gaming item? Games, consoles, promotional shit?

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I got some crap

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I got a focke wulf 190 plane model that was made for one of the first medal of honors

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So im playing this game, things are going alright, and all of a fucking sudden my character is losing 1 HP per second. Status says normal, none of the cure potions work, what the fuck am i supposed to do? Hes lost like 500 health and it wont stop.
Also just discuss the game if you wish. Its been okay so far, but its kind of buggy and has no music for some damn reason.

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I dunno but shadow tower is a terrible game in my opinion. How are you finding it?

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Shadow Tower is basically another Kings Field game by Fromsofware. The gods of cryptic, punishing, dungeon crawlers. If you don't like it then you should stop gaming and try to discover where you went wrong in life.

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It's literally an immortal masterpiece of game design.

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Turned out it was because my equipment load was over maximum. Well of course, carrying too much drains your health, it doesn't just make you slower or pop up a notification or anything. Fuckin hate it when these games give you no indication of what the problem is, its about as fun as having to troubleshoot my PC...

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Early From rpg's aren't very good dude.

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A friendly reminder to ignore all Playstation (gaystation) posters. They all literally think the PS1 was the chad console of the 5th gen even though it was made from off-the-shelf parts with the help from Sega. Not to mention it couldn't even render quads. Who came up with the triangle shit? It's autistic and extremely inaccurate rendering.

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ITT: Zoomers have console wars over consoles they weren't even alive for. Because zoomers hate talking about retro games.

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Do you actually expect adults on a videogame board to act like adults?

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Because Japan is retarded and sabotaged the Americans.

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dab on him brother

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>A friendly reminder to ignore all Playstation (gaystation) posters
>I'm also a tribalist fucktard ("gaystation", anyone?), but ignore my massive hypocrisy
Get the fuck off of this board, child.

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What did /vr/ think of the Medievil remake?
It was surprisingly closer in design to the original than I anticipated. I didn't like Dan's new running animation. The art style also feels quite different. I still think it's a very nice looking game though and after having played through both versions to 100% completion (since the original game is an unlockable in the remake), I'd sooner return to the remake if I ever decide to play it again. It makes very few actual changes to gameplay but what's changed is for the better, like the Pumpkin Serpent boss being expanded, the ability to light canons with the dragon armor's fire during the ghost pirate boss, equipping two weapons at once, or being able to burn the haystacks that spawn enemies in the scarecrow fields.
I think this is one case of a remake taking the opportunity to fix issues the original had while not fucking around with anything too much. It was good, but not perfect, and after having played both versions I think Medievil is a game with a number of charming and incredibly memorable moments, but it just wasn't ever that great of a game.

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If they fix all the glitches, it's great.
You can jump over gates, the cutscenes glitch out, you can get stuck under the dragon platforms, Dan doesn't always get in position when reading books/opening chests...
Once they do all that, I will give it a 10

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Don't plan on ever owning a bloodborne box.

>> No.6058483

I didn't experience much of that personally. I had some finnicky books and my sword got stuck in an unreachable area after one of the little goblins stole it, but otherwise I didn't have any issues. It did get a patch conveniently after I was already done playing it though.
What sort of cutscenes bugs are there?

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So, is Kirby a copy of this game, or not?

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Why did Sunsoft release this and Uforia only in Europe and Japan is beyond me.

>> No.6059172

Sunsoft didn't really follow through with their games becoming series. Like Trip World is a different game than being Gimmick 2.

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Is the PS1 port ok?

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I think Kirby was more inspired by Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa since they are both baby easy games made for girls. Gimmick is balls difficult and turns boys into men.

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Whats the retro game equivalent of Megadeth?

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some less popular version of a better known franchise that shared at least one person in development

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Duke Nukem 3D. Doom would be Metallica. Just as how dukes single player is better disregarding mods, Megadeth>Metallica. The original drummer was fucking awesome and it really shows on the song rattlehead. That being said, Master of Puppets is top tier and Justice would be better if it didnt sound like shit.

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So... Quake is Slayer?

>> No.6058619

I once had a dream that I played Rust in Peace on DOXBox and it loaded a System Shock clone with a more purple-ish color palette, so System Shock I suppose. More technical and complex than Metallica/Doom and has certain qualities than are inaccessible to proles.

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That's the Anthrax

Marathon is Sabbat (UK)

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Sup dudes. I’m curious, if one wanted to play GB, GBC, and GBA games, would retroarch and virtual console emulation on a Wii U be a good way to go, or would it be better to play on an HDMI capable GameCube with Gameboy Player with GBI? What would produce better image quality or less controller latency? How accurate is the retroarch emulation on Wii U vs using real cartridges or a flash cart on a gameboy player? Thanks for any help you guys can give.

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Is Contra Hard Corps kino?

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awesome game, I did all endings.

>> No.6059236

stay mad

>> No.6059254

It's called Hardcorps for a reason.

>> No.6059353

So Rocket Knight Adventures on its hardest setting.

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Shattered Soldier > Neo

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do you sometimes feel compelled to tell normies who are stuck in the consumer feedback loop about the Good News of retro? A nearly limitless amount of free games with actual gameplay awaits them.

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Get a job.

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Investing in a commodity that only has a high value because of fellow scalpers isn't being smart with your money. I hope the market falls out on you worthless fucks.

>> No.6058514

>i can't play gaems unless it's online with a billion other retards
Why bother with normies?

>> No.6058524

I don't. Where did I say I did? That's right, I didn't. You just sperged out for no reason. I was merely asking why you didn't use your money more wisely if you're going to spend so much money to play old games that you can get for free. "Supporting" some Ukranian hacker you don't know in real life is pretty cringe.
You're a bitter schizo, I hope things work out for you in the end.

>> No.6058527

I am a bitter schizo yes, but things are working out just fine.

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Looking for a psx flight sim where you could fly a c130 Hercules / spectre.
I remember playing it but can't remember the name.

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I recently saw a video where someone used floppy drive noises to recreate the Star Wars theme, and another where a guy used the noises of credit card machines to make the SMB theme song, How would I go about externally controlling the Dreamcast's disc reading sounds so I could compose simple music with it? It's the best use for this piece of shit machine I can think of.

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Let me sing you the song of my people.

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These guys got the right idea

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Wow, I’ve been away from /vr/ for a week and come back to this at the top of the catalog. Fuck, this shithole and the nannies never fucking change. Muh eceleb did this, how do I emulate them? Get the fuck off my lawn sport.

>> No.6058339

What he’s saying is if you have to ask you wouldn’t be able to do it.

>> No.6058364

>people who aren't stupid are strange
I'm sure they're very strange to you. People who can't into reading comprehension are strange to me.

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It was a special feeling playing this and the PC version in the days of Doom and Duke Nukem

>> No.6058017

it always freakt me out when the other team got wipe out back in the day

>> No.6058252

Yeah, this game was pretty unique in that your roster of operatives' status carried on between missions. Wounded operators needed time to recover and those killed in action remained dead. This gave you an incentive to plan and execute missions well, especially since the replacement operatives for those KIA had a very poor skillset in comparison. Though not as deep, the PS version still retained elements of this.

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I played the shit out of the ps1 version. Only years later did I got around to playing it and Rogue Spear on PC.

On PS1 I could never figure out how to beat the stealth mission where you plant the bugs.

>> No.6058638

Same here, I just gave up and used cheats to access the rest of the missions.

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