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>get to the first doctor
>rion starts screaming
>health goes down overtime
>non scripted death;
why the fuck does my guy keep doing the fucking stupid slow walk, and how do I heal him before dying and getting gameover?

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Wait, do you mean the first enemy or the first boss?

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this first faggot that you encounter in pic related

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Take a delmetor, faggot

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Are you joking? I thought you meant the first level boss.How are you already shorting in the second room of the game?

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Ok. Since it looks like you didn't read the manual, let me explain this.
Galerians is a survival game. Meaning, you have a limited inventory, and you must use your powers sparingly. When you use your powers, even for investigation, that bar goes up faster than normal. When the bar is full, if you press R1 again, you'll "short out". This makes you sorta invincible, but you're also out of control and losing health fast. So what you have to do is:
- take Delmetor empty the bar
- fill the bar up, but only short out when there's a lot of enemies in the room that you want to kill, THEN use a Delmetor

The problem with there isn't really a lot of Delmetor in the game, and you must search everything (files, cabinets, etc) to find more. And even then, you'll never have enough.

Now, what you have to do. Just run away from everything. Killing things is a hassle in this game, so just try to dodge everything. They're not like Resident Evil zombies that grab you when you pass them by. The enemies with guns can be a little harder, but just bear with it for a while. Search everything. Because your inventory is limited, only keep 1 of each capsule to refill power. Fill the rest up with Delmetor and that medicine that refills HP.


And if you thought shorting out was an auto-win button... sorry, but it isn't. You can defeat the first boss with it, but the rest are immune.


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>ywn be as happy as the Spider Mastermind

Why live?

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i want to see my semen being encrusted on his face

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What did he mean by this?

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Imagines speak louder than words (and numbers).

Mai is thick and in all levels, except physical, she sits on my face and my make my dink disappear in her boobers every day.

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SNK translations must be treasured.

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I find it ironic that FF2 is best of genesis (new turbo mode, easier desperation moves, juggles) and FFS is worst on sega cd (color starved, missing frames to the point of affecting gameplay, slowdown)

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He CLEARLY wants YOU to think about SYRUP.

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Was this the only console Dablo clone before Snowblind came around? And Gauntlet Legends doesn't count.

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Does Blaze and Blade count as a Diablo clone?

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Looking at the gameplay this game looks fun, but im not sure if it's quite a dablo clone like we'd think today, but back then maybe since it was a dungeon crawlier rpg without turn based combat.

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Can we talk about /vr/ related things in ssb ultimate?

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This wouldn't make sense.

I mean, Mario is a /vr/ character, then we can talk about every single modern Mario game?

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I think there's a difference between that and things like the pic related and the inclusion of purely /vr/ music like ice cave chant

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Depends how deep into the non-vr you go. Post images and references to vr stuff and explain what's going on, I am interested in this.

When I was a kid (5) I wondered why Donkey kong was following a series of Cheerios between levels. Are they supposed to be something monkey related or just generic circles?

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Like this, right?

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If you aren't left-handed or retarded then this is how you should be playing shooters on N64 using dpad to move and stick to look, thus Z to shoot and L to aim. Also Starcraft 64 used every button on the controller, as did a few others.

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You have to be able to unclasp a bra to play N64.

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Is that what your lonely aunt told you when you visited?

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and not using any face buttons to switch weapons, jump and open doors?
shut the fuck up

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The L and Z buttons should switch places and the trigger style buttons are dumb for digital inputs.

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Why did Jade have darker skin than the other Edenians?

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Because niggers have darker skin.

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Cause she fine

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>basement dweller doesn't know what a tan is

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Her mom's buck gave her half of her DNA.

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Why does Noob Saibot have darker skin then the other ninjas?

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I am not from the States, so I am completely clueless about what I am going to ask bellow:

- Does everyone in America play at least a Metroidvania game back in childhood and like it?

- Why do you think there are so many indie titles that are Metroidvania-style or paying homages to the Metroid and Castlevania series?

+ Is it less work for a single developer or a small team if they choose to make a Metroidvania games, instead of tackling something like 3D platformer?

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Please, this isn't funny

you like the GB games?

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>Does everyone in America play at least a Metroidvania game back in childhood and like it?

Metroid games were probably played by at least 2 million people each in the 80s and 90s. They were big hits, but nowhere near as big as a number of other games. They WERE well regarded though. Symphony of the Night also did decent sales and had a strong reputation.

>Why do you think there are so many indie titles that are Metroidvania-style or paying homages to the Metroid and Castlevania series?

Even though the games were like 2nd tier sales-wise, they seem to have made a BIG impression on one type of people in particular: NERDS THAT LIKE EASY GAMES. And if there's one thing that's consistent among game developers it's that most of them are nerds that like easy games. So I think by coincidence they were games that an extremely disproportionate percentage of game developers played when they were kids (or that they played in emulation as adults, since the games are easier for people that suck at video games to get into compared to most other older games).

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Another thing is that it's a FORMULA. And most developers have no talent or creativity, so it's easier for them to make a game if they can just copy a formula.

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GB games aren't real games

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They mean well.

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They had stringent quality control, unlike every other corp. They seemed to actually give a shit and wouldn't just allow shovelware on their system

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As I've mentioned before, home computer games of the period like C64, Spectrum, Amiga, etc tended to be poorer quality and more amateurish overall than console titles simply because anyone could develop for them and there were no rules or quality standards. The Rare founders have been on record as saying such.

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Still, even the worst Gameboy games were playable, completable, and didn't have game breaking bugs or crash at some arbitrary point like ZX Spectrum stuff.

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Wew that’s some bait. The NES and SNES are pure garbage outside of the top 25 games and HIDDEN GEMS everyone jerks off over.

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Ok, fine. But in my own experience, among kids I knew and on the internet for several decades now, all I've seen is people shitting on Zelda 2. Only after dark souls made stupid hard games popular has Zelda 2 seen any major surge of popuparity in all that time.

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How is this game so average yet so enjoyable. "Jarpig"fags need not apply.

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I absolutely despise the Vic Ireland's awful pop culture jokes being shoehorned into the game. But the GBA translation done by Ubisoft or whoever was somehow even worse.

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Lunar 2 is better on SCD.
Lunar 1 is debatable.

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This doesn't even makes sense, samefag bitch.

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Working designs games seemed like the most japanese thing you could buy therefore the best. Since the games were so rare nobody actually knew how mediocre they were.

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>Inserted pop culture reference
>Literally unplayable
>Ruined every other aspect of the game for me

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FFVII lives in legend but Azel lives in myth.
- 4 Discs of epic story
- Full 3D active battles where you can tactically move on the field
- Every NPC is voiced, as well as the MC
- Non-grindy gameplay and leveling
- Fully realized lore with an in-game encyclopedia
feels really bad man.

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>4 discs of epic story
the game is actually rather short
>Full 3D active battles where you can tactically move on the field
battles suffered from being pseudo realtime, waiting for gauges to fill up isn't all that fun
>every NPC is voiced
but the game is sorely lacking memorable NPCs and dialogue
>non grindy gameplay and levelling
I'll give you this much, but at the end of the day it was a JRPG with fewer random battles and polygons, but still a JRPG with all the clichés that entails
>fully realised lore with an in game encyclopedia
the game has cool art but it was basically Nausicaa, there wasn't really all that much to it

I'm playing devils advocate to some extent, because PDS was an exceptionally ambitious and innovative RPG, but the experience of playing it doesn't really live up to the mystique around it. There aren't really that many places to go or things to do in the game, you're barred from visiting the imperial city, only a few settlements comprised of a few huts, you can walk round in full 3D but it's about as worthwhile as walking round in NiGHTS.

I'd sooner Sega spent the money they wasted on Shenmue (and don't lie to yourself, Shenmue was a colossal waste of money) to bring a better Panzer Dragoon Saga to the dreamcast, rather than deliver a gimped tech demo to the Saturn.

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Coming to bat for OP, I think a lot of what you've brought up are actually points to both its quality and lack of broad appeal. I don't really like JRPGs, but if more of them were lean and had a more involved battle system like this one, I'd play a lot more. I'd outright disagree about no interesting NPCs or lore, at least compared to its contemporaries, and as such that it's still stuck with all of the typical JRPG qualities.

This of course also explains why it was left to twist in the wind: if you design a game to be everything that the most popular ones of its kind are not, it's obviously not going to be popular. It's legacy today has more to do with trying to sell a 3D Saturn title in a genre hailed for its aesthetics to anyone who didn't grow up in that era.

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Get me a working Saturn emulator and I will readily shill that game for you

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I agree with most of this but
>>non grindy gameplay and levelling
>I'll give you this much, but at the end of the day it was a JRPG with fewer random battles and polygons
I definitely felt like there were way too many random battles and they were no fun to play because I knew exactly how to win in seconds yet each one took some time to complete.

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The limited variety of enemy formations does wear down on you, but at least there were moments where the game knew not to bombard you with random encounters.
I think the battle system is still the most enjoyable part of the game despite this, even though it can be trivialized in most cases just by sticking to the Power/Agility form.
I loved how Orta integrated it into its own boss fights.

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I played a spaceship game in Windows 95/98 and I don't know which game was. I know it was in 2D and you faced bosses, but not much more. I thinj it was a game from Unique Development Studios but I'm not sure

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Star control Two?

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They're not that cute.

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::my RP char on AOL::

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I saw this in Gamepro back in the day and it became my favorite print ad.

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All the advertising I saw (and of course the box art) made me think this motherfucker was an absolute bad ass and was a main character. Then I got the game and had a major wtf moment when it was revealed he was just a meme side character and doesn't even have anything to say after you've recruited him.

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Tonberry, Cactuar, Chocobo, Moombas are all cuter than Moogles

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I personally liked the one with Ore No Ryouri because it was the only time I ever played that Japanese cooking game, but I probably played the one with Legend of Legaia on it the most because I was so hyped for that games premise (it didn't end up being good lmao).

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the one in particular with Ape Escape and Final Fantasy VIII

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I don't understand your question. What is that supposed to mean exactly? In non-mangled english, preferably.

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nope. based is what i said, cuck

>> No.5208603

Oh so there are clear standards of English when it applies to slang you don't like, but if someone criticized ebonics, you'd be the first to call language "fluid" and decry calling it stupid monkey language because "there aren't objective standards for how English is supposed to sound."

I hate people like you so much I want to cry.

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any thoughts on these? i saw them in a store how many games they usually have?

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You forgot Contra with or without the title screen.

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Contra without the title screen, map and half the background because it’s missing the special chip

>> No.5208440

>because it’s missing the special chip
I didn't know Contra had a special chip, or are you talking about the fraudulentNES?

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Almost all of these on the market are made by a Chinese company called Fuzhou Waixing. You can tell when many of the games have shit like that lawn mowing game or the wack-a-mole one that ripped sprites from Tom and Jerry NES.

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>Twin Bee
You are saying it like Twin Bee is a bad game.

But will most likely be
>Mario 1-1
>Mario 1-2
>Mario USA but colors are weird
>Random title that never existed but will just be Donkey Kong

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so you wanna leave the gang? alright
*blocks ur path*

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>Blocks your path

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Why the hate?

This seems like the definitive Doom 2 wad.

>great new music
>bigger levels
>tons of enemies
>mazy and tough levels
>little gimmicks
>dat tech base aesthetic
>dat cave level aesthetic

I've played them all. This is by far my favorite classic Doom experience. Plutonia doesn't even hold a candle unless I am wanting a bunch of brown sprinkled with unbeatable surprise traps of enemies 10 times each map.

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This is like the 6th time we have this kind of thread, all in the same month. Either be more original, wait some time or better else, post it on the doom threads.
also plutonia = evilution (imho), there's no need to unleash a childish war everytime. It's about different, subjective tastes.

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>perfect games don't exis-

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The real solution is not to use Z-targeting. If you target Dark Link he'll counter your every move. If you don't, you can fight him properly. Try it sometime.

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I still like the original the best

>> No.5209260

Thanks, not sure if I ever knew that one. I'm replaying the game on the Wii VC. (I'm just starting at the Deku Tree) Heh, "VC"That name always makes me think my ROMs are vaguely related to the Vietnam War.

>> No.5209264

Why? The graphics are great for its time, I'll give ya and it's a classic, blah It's fun, but is there really all that much to it? For some reason my imagination doesn't engage much when playing that one.

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This degenerate DOS Rom is more trouble than it's worth.
First off, it doesn't run in Windows 10. Why one Windows it works but not the other? This is another example of planned redundancy to force you to upgrade.
I solve this problem (after wasting 3 evenings on it) by opening the Rom's properties and setting it to Windows 95 compatibility. It's smooth sailing until I get to a part demand a word from a page in some book. Now, I ain't interested in no fancy book learning, so I find some book somewhere and type the word.
It works now, but I have to use the keyboard for everything in this game. My finger don't do nothing. It's made for dames, and I don't dig no games in the computer. they doesn'r mix.

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You have to go back

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To dos

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Kek, that was good.

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Have you been hitting the pipe?

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>using windows 10

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What are your thoughts about the preservation of old videogames?

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Nobody cares about "gaming" history just like how you don't care about Atari 2600, Magnavox history.

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lol retard

>> No.5208727

If we're talking actually good games, fine.
If we're talking the autistic hoarding of literally every game ever, then fuck right off.

>> No.5208730

I care about Atari 2600, and I owned an Odyssey 2 as a kid, no I didn't grow up in the 70's. I'm a 90's kids. Just cause you're a bumbling retard, doesn't mean when you project it on others is truth. I think it sucks Magnavox isn't as well preserved as atari and it sucks that kids are basically obvious towards history these days.

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