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When does this game get good? The gameplay is annoying and the fucking screen blinking from the attacks keep hurting my eyes

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Never heard of fast forward before?

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I've had terrible times in pokemon while not really enjoying it and eventually giving up that attempt. His image made me see me in him.

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I stopped playing a month ago but I went back to look at where I was because I remember beating ナツメ ... but what the fuck, I didn't realize I should have beat キョウ first.
How did I fuck that up? Where do I go now?

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pokémon is more fun if you play with a themed team of pokémons

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Gen 1 imo is one of the least polished in the series, especially in that regard. maybe im just retarded but i get lost easily. In terms of story, it really doesnt matter which game you start with, so if you really want gameboy, go with gen 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal).

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Why is half life in the ps2 the BEST version of the game? Its so KINO ... K I N O !!

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The mj music makes up for it
*distorted carnival hop starts playing*

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ok this is fucking funny kek

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is the d pad that difficult to use?

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I’ve never understood this meme, what is the problem?

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Is it just me, or is there a really mean spirited nihilism in this game?

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It certainly managed to kill the feeling of playing a cool pirate game in pirate times.

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It's a parody of the golden age of piracy. Those times in and of themselves were essentially nihilistic considering the regional culture was centered around being terrorized by thieves and rapists.

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What happens to Largo?

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He gets exploded.

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Did this ever get a source port? Like, is it playable on PC outside a Jag emulator?

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It never did.

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Oh well, I guess the next best thing is Aliens Vs Predator. Its on gog

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Or you can just play Alien Trilogy which is on PC.

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Totally different game from different devs. AsVsP is the same devs

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Recently got into setting up VICE, so I wanted to see if /vr/ had some good recommendations , so far I've tried out Monty, Jumpman and Impossible Mission, but I'm open for trying out some new stuff.

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There's a bit of abandonware called...

Not a penny more not a penny less.

A text adventure with graphic fill ins and early voice rendering too, based on a Jeffery Archer novel,



Definitely worth a look

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A must for the c64 are the DIZZY games and their spinoffs

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Delta is pure crack and will kick your ass but you'll come back and get a bit further each time. Armalyte is great also.

Enforcer is another great shmup which was the last thing Manfred Trenz ever did for the system, plays a lot like the shmup levels from Turrican 2.

LED Storm I always loved and for a while was the only way to play the 'Rally 2011' version with transforming cars and entirely different powerup systems. Plays great and I prefer the music, but the arcade versions may be preferable to some.

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Is the C64 maxi ever coming to the US or did the project die?

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currently emulating c64...

on my wii...

with video output on my original c64 monitor...

we've come full circle...

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Last thread got deleted cause I used a meme caption but I'm genuinely curious: what are some cool surprise bosses in retro games?

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They're called unannounced mayors.

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Is ActRaiser 2 better and a true sequel than the first Actraiser? Should I buy it?

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ActRaiser 2 is hard because your character sucks dick, he swings his sword in a puny little streak that barely hits a foot straight in front of him instead of a triumphant full-extended arc. Some hazards are only avoidable by gliding which controls like powersliding molasses and will 9 times out of 10 careen you straight into some other obstacle if you don't jerk back and forth like a retard. The game's awful.

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2 blows, 1 is still one of the most kino games ever to grace any console from that era.

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>Actraiser sequel
There are two sequels.
Actraiser 2 (SNES) is exclusively the action part
Solo Crisis (Saturn) is exclusively the simulation part

The action part was always floaty trash and you can tell Quintet gave up on that.

As for the plot behind Solo Crisis, it's very minimal and gameplay-driven. The world has an overworld and an underworld. Those corrupted by Satan into sin became monsters who speak a different tongue so that God's word (spoken by the overworld denizens) doesn't reach them, so they speak a cryptic language (game has a dictionary that fills over time).

You can command your units like a turn-based SRPG to build houses, barricades, defend, fight, and you have to protect your HQ and destroy the enemy HQ on the underside. You can't see the underside until your units reach a portal there, then warp to the underside and continue marching to the enemy HQ. You will occasionally encounter enemies you can fight and occasionally convert on your side. Not all units can fight (women tend to be care takers for example).
You also have divine interventions to add concave and convex land formations (that WILL affect the underside), rain (will flood holes and drown any units there), lightning, devastating earthquakes.

Some say it's an Actraiser "spritual successor" but honestly it's a sequel in all aspects but name. If there's someone interested who can nihongo, I can implement even a partial menu translation.

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The enemies are sponges. It feels like it was designed to play on easy because you can actually down thrust enemies while landing on platforms instead of the enemy surviving and damaging you. And it's actually fun on easy.

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the god sim is the best part of actraiser and they removed it in the sequel

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No one likes Ryu.

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He’s fun to play in every game (except SF5 but nobody is fun to play in SF5).

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Snapback combo at 1:16 was sick.

No, everyone and their grandma picks Ryu.

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I liked Ryu

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i take it you dont play fighting games much op

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Ken is unfortunately American, which makes him unplayable for "refined" minds.

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>be me
>back home with family for first time in a long time for holidays
>dust off arcade stick, want to play some 3S on my old pc
>launch fightcade.exe
>needs to update
>needs new romset
>welcome to fightcade 2
>it's better now because we removed features like being able to bounce from lobby to lobby of many games
>it's better now because ban gamer words
>it's better now because we have a soulless iOS looking interface
>it's better now because games lag when challenging opponents but not in single player
>it's better now because you can add an avatar by signing up with some middleman social credit website
>if you want to make it even better send us some money and we'll let you bounce between 5 lobbies instead of 3
>w e l c o m e t o t h e n e x t l e v e l
If I'm a retard feel free to shit all over me /vr/os, maybe I fucked something up, but basically it looks like the new and improved fightcade is a step back from what I was used to. And my old emulation PC slogs in net battles. No problems with the old version of fightcade, all I want to do is play some third strike online. Any other matchmaking services I could use for this purpose? It's been a long time since I was on anything other than fightcade. Am I overlooking some way to run the previous Fightcade1 client? Why would they force this "improvement" on the community when it's a step back in so many ways?

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Yeah the new fightcade is trash but at least it supports more arcade boards than the old one, e.g. konami, taito, etc. And no they made it impossible to log in with the old client.

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Connections got worse all around the moment they introduced ranks. That's all I'll say. At least I can spectate two random BRs playing Yu Yu Hakusho over SNES9x...

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Even old fightcade was bad, catering
to metagamers/cheaters in the FGC/3rd world and naming/focusing the project on fighting games when it could and should be about playing arcade games in general online.

Still a lot more healthy than the shmup community, more play to win rather than for score.

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What are the oldest videogame forums that are still around? I want to read what people thought of old games back when they were released

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Oldest I can think of is the neo geo forums.

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Same they purged the forums in the late 00s. EVERYTHING was archived before that.

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TTLG's forum is more active now than it was ~5-10 years ago thanks to the immsim meme

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I'm just going to assume everyone in this thread is a fucking zoomer that has never heard of USENET
rec.games.video.<insert company name here>

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alt.games.nintendo.pokemon is actually one of the oldest English language Pokemon communities on the internet, despite Bulbagarden claiming to be the oldest, and people actually still post there occasionally.

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It looks like some of the design choices were inspired by the return of the king movie
Probably not true but still interesting
Moblins look like orcs
Protag this short stumpy swordsman
I wonder if there was any inspiration from the movie

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Oh yeah the art definitely looks like it took inspiration from the return of the king cartoon. no question.

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are you sure tho


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The video description says that was created in 1984 but released in 1987 idk unless they released it to Japan only in 84

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a lot of stuff in zelda games is them just worshipping/corrupting european stuff
like the dog races or playing marching the chickens in Marjora's Mask

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It's been proven that Castlevania was 100% copied from Miyazaki

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Choose one

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>tank controls
Cute lesbians though.

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NOLF is more a consistently good SP than Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark has some better coop and multiplayer options. Counter-operative mode is great.

>> No.7126557

Perfect dark.

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Perfect Dark doesn't have an alarm blaring in every level once you get spotted once, so it wins.

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>dude it's shit on purpose
How do I enjoy this game?

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is this game actually good

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It literally tells you that you are a moron for doing the stupid shit it asks you to do. It’s tedious on purpose but somehow it just works, it’s also very chill and laid-back

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I've played nmh, killer7, and a tiny bit of the silver case
didn't enjoy silver case too much
should i play this

>> No.7125949

If you didn’t like The Silver Case you most likely won’t like FSR as well. And the 25th ward for that matter. Try Killer is Dead instead

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visual novels aren't games
you will never be a woman

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Who else grew up a nintensegabro?

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I'm always jealous of posts like these. I was a stupid kid, didn't know anything about consoles. I asked mom for one several times, but there was this bullshit local myth about consoles ruining tvs that the parents used to avoid buying them. She thought it would kill the TV. I was a dumb motherfucker, so I didn't ask for a console again. I had self-esteem issues. Parents had money to buy every console on release. I didn't have good friends, no girls. I'm getting into gaming now that I'm 23, and it kills me, knowing how much fun I could've had as a kid. Not a single console growing up, man. I'd just go to gaming stores and play the demo kiosk consoles and look at game boxes, read the backs and look at screenshots. I wish my parents were more in touch with reality. They're old, and I always thought and acted like a geezer because of this upbringing. I grew up playing with physical bricks and action figures and reading century-old books in the fucking information age. It's really shit, it's like growing up poor without being poor. Years of my life, wasted. Holy fucking shit. I really am a dumb motherfucker. Having old parents sucks. They taught me everything a 1950's kid should know. It's like being retarded with a sound mind. I love them, but this is bullshit.

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>he only had one system per gen
>he didn't even own any 2nd or 3rd gen console
>projects his virginity onto others
>he owns a modern console

>> No.7126671


Its not a wasted experience man, you weren't robbed of anything, your time was spent in other more valuable activities, its a cultural thing that you didn't partake in. There are many cultural things around you don't even know exist.

Anyway... If anything YOU have a fabulous opportunity now, in that, well there are thousands upon thousands of retro games you could emulate with a few clicks of a button and unlike the many fags here who can only bask in nostalgia you're getting to play these fuckers like they just came out...

Shut up... Get off here and go play some games

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debate me

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had both ps2 and xbox. eventually got ps3 but it wasnt worth it so i ignored it in the post
arcade game standards were too far out of the nes, master system, and especially fucking atari's reach
cope and seethe incel
yeah paying only 150 bucks to play the few modern games im interested in was a great idea

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Post actually good third party controller from when their consoles were still relevant

>> No.7125668

this shit was uncomfortable as fuck IMO, although the d-pad was great if you didn't mind its clickiness

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What was that NES platform/action game when you play as a kid who uses footballs as a weapon? You could also power-up them via the pickups.

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doki doki yuuenchi

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I think I played this game in question on a 3DO demo kiosk

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That's it, awesome. Thanks.

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So you're saying this Doki Doki game is actually the original Trolls in Crazy Land game without having anything to do with the popular franchise? What a little known fact!

>> No.7125783

>belt scrollers
>shoot 'n' scoot
Is calling soccer "football" yet another retarded /vr/ forced meme?

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Oh my god they've actually done it. https://twitter.com/thedopster/status/1332345549429886979

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you got sand in your vagina or something?

>> No.7125763

So this is what dopply has been up to since youchew shut down? Well I can't help but admire the ambition

>> No.7125765

That is one happy merchant.

>> No.7125767

Morshu is so obese he probably can't reach his own ass to wipe. I'll bet his fat greasy ass is caked with layers of old sweat and dried shit.

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good post

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Check out my new fan theory guys. Let me know what you think.

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Sonic couldn't save him. RIP IN PEACE MILES TAILS PROWER

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Save him from what? Cancer?

>> No.7126000

i would fuck fox and tails but not krystal, she dresses like an african not into that

>> No.7126070

His boipussi was blown out from decades of rape
Sometimes dead is better

>> No.7126172

Sorry anon

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What is /vr/'s thoughts on Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The Video Game?

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Never played it.

>> No.7125769


I never played it. I probably wouldn't have liked it much if I had played it. It's possible that I would have masturbated while looking at the cover image. I never liked her "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way" line. Even as a kid I was put off by the implication that something that gave me a boner should by default be considered to be wicked. Oh well that's old-timey people for you, with their cruddy old-timey ideas. Anyway obviously any sensible person would just watch the movie and be done with it, because the movie is awesome. This board is full of twenty-year-olds right? Hey twenty-year-old tiny children, go watch the movie that this game is based on. It's a good movie. Also, quit wearing those stupid ear gauges. They look awful.

>> No.7125774

I honestly enjoyed it as a kid. Dunno what AVGN’s problem is.

>> No.7125775

>This board is full of twenty-year-olds right? Hey twenty-year-old tiny children, go watch the movie that this game is based on. It's a good movie. Also, quit wearing those stupid ear gauges. They look awful

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Jessica Rabbit is what women on Instagram nowadays going crazy with Photoshop wish was physically possible for them to look like.

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