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I recently bought a Model 1 Mega Drive in Japan as well as a Flashcart. What are some /vr/ approved titles I might not have played for it?

Also, is it true Model 1 has superior audio from the headphone jack and I should plug that into my speaker setup instead of the regular RCA?

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I thought it's just a meme but I realized literally every single game is better on MD than on SNES. Even if the graphics look worse the gameplay is always more fun.

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the power of blast processing

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Mega Drive's sound chip is vastly superior to the SNES'.

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Unironically the best game on the Genesis is Super Volleyball.

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Gain Ground

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The sample they use as the background noise in the song. it almost sounds like a train with the bells going on in the background.


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I don't even like Majora's Mask but it's one of my favorite tracks in the entire series. Kinda reminds me of late 90s survival horror games

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I really like the song for Woodfall Temple, but the dungeon design is mediocre.

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How do you make these collages? thanks in advance.

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get paint.net, create a new canvas that's the size of your screenshots' resolution by how many images you wanna have and then start pasting them

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I just take a lot of screenshots and stitch them together manually in paint

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It's improved and has more options, you can duck and roll, lean, holding forward/backwards you can quickly strafe left/right, or slowly strafe left and right. Seems like a perfect fit for a game inspired by Tomb Raider but with more focus on the action.

How could you forget Worlds Scariest Police Chases? Unless you're telling us all you've never played it.

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obsession with realism, notice how the best looking non japanese games itt are pure fantasy:

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GameCube era Nintendo was peak soul. I really hope they don't try to port or remaster even more GC games and inevitable censor them

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Sakurai had personally blamed CERO for black voids under dresses. Apparently they are anal about not showing underwear in A-rated games. Melee predates the formation of CERO.

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>Nintendo thread about something soulful
>Click on thumbnail
>Cartoon coombait

Why are you all so predictable?

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brawl postdates it but they still kept it in there.

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Brawl was rated A over there. CERO got more strict since then, hence why they lengthened Palutena's skirt in an update for the JP version of Smash 4, and all versions of Ultimate.

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Wrong. SNES and Gameboy era was peak soul.

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Sonic Adventure 2 was kino. Sonic's swan song.

A lot of Shadow's lyrics had to do with how conflicted he feels. Even in his theme, "Throw It All Away", it comments on how, even if he is immortal, it doesn't matter and he would rather throw it all away because the life itself is meaningless.

In Rhythm and Balance, the White Jungle stage where you have to save Rouge before the island explodes, the song asks over and over if Shadow is scared, once again that if he fails, he will lose yet another person close to him.

In the Supernatural, Final Chase's stage, the song starts asking if Shadow is even the Ultimate Lifeform to begin with as he gets closer to Maria's "dream."

The Biolizard of course, is unironically what I'd call Shadow's swan song. "Supporting Me" sounds just like the title, Shadow has finally given up revenge and learned that he wants to protect the world but he doesn't really know how to do this. He will do everything in his power, knowing that Maria is supporting him in order to fulfill her last wish, even if it means his untimely end, which the song references at the end of the song as well.

And of course, Live and Learn. Pretty explanatory, but it's learning to live with your mistakes and to keep moving in life even if all seems lost.

Shadow's story was unironically a great lead up from a broken individual lead on by hatred to one of redemption, giving his life to the ones he tried to destroy in the first place. We really won't have kino like this again, but at least its here.

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You are mistaken. It's fanon that's been passed around for years.

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This is neat and I never really noticed it

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>being passionate about funny colored rats is something other than autism

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looked how fucked up the lighting is for the biolizards room compared to the dreamcast original https://youtu.be/KvbwMnalT6w?feature=shared&t=224
get a dreamcast folks

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I mean, when you say it that way it might sound dumb, but I can do that for any IP people might be passionate about, the truth is we have many interests and hobbies, and IPs we like, an IP can be about childish or silly things superficially for sure, but that doesn't stop it from dealing with mature themes and/or simply being appealing, which Sonic is to many, I just can't see the issue.

I see people be passionate about Nintendo, or other forms of media outside of video games, I mean mostly manga and comic books, but really anything goes, and it's fine, it's not just autism.

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DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>10959330

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other 90s FPS welcome
~ Let's post like gentlemen ~


(or Quake, Duke, Marathon, Deus Ex)

Same thing, in video format:
https://youtu.be/ietb4JwaaXA [Embed]
https://youtu.be/DhOjleMqwdQ [Embed]
https://youtu.be/CGj4gXyCzg0 [Embed]

DOOM Quickstart (IWADs etc): https://mediafire.com/file/wuniyrhsjjgq4y8
QUAKE Trilogy FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Ucb11XhU

DOOM Shovelware:
HALF-LIFE (GoldSrc) Anthology:
4CHAN DOSPACK + Win98 games (pre-configured):

Assorted /vr/ shooters, mods, etc:


Vanilla/Boom: https://doomworld.com/forum/4-wads-mods/
ZDoom: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewforum.php?f=19
/idgames: https://doomworld.com/idgames/


FPS (Rolling schedule): http://clovr.xyz/
SRB2Kart: https://pastebin.com/gPdytB18




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I want to thank that Anon who recommended Doom 2 Re-Build-T here a long ass time ago. It was a great time with Nobody told me about ID.
Shame it's unfinished.

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>the fuck kind of selling point is that, publishers don't develop games
It worked then, it works now. People see familiar brand and immediately throw money their way without any thought put into it.

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Map 01: Help, We're Trapped In A Wad Factory

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Doom, Heretic, or Quake but its like Yugioh Duel Monsters.

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>It worked then, it works now. People see familiar brand and immediately throw money their way without any thought put into it.
Modern 3D Realms feels very relevant to your point. People do the same thing blindly for many developers as well.

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Have you cleaned your saturn lately /vr/?

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artificial chaos
imagine it's T-posing lol

post creepy enemies

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Redeads from OoT were really creepy to 7 year old me
>massive compared to child link
>the shriek
>odd camera pan
>can't move
>if you can't get away from them they can do massive damage
>takes a bunch of sword hits to kill
But after a couple hours I was stunning them or just completely rolling past them and ignoring them. More of an inconvenience at that point, like most things in the game after you figure them out.

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Seeing all the castle town NPCs turn into zombies after the time skip was pretty cool. I doubt Nintendo will ever do anything that edgy ever again.

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I liked being able to select different color palettes on GBC
I was annoyed when the 3DS virtual console games and NSO failed to include this feature

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Resident Evil Survivor appreciation thread?

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I enjoyed the lore aspects of it as well. all the little nods to what happened in the previous games before it went a bit apeshit with code Veronica and RE:0. it was still at that level of somewhat realistic and believable.

>> No.10971146

Every day I thank our lord and savior Cavia for giving us a lightgun RE game with atmosphere that's as good as in Survivor AND with solid gameplay
All in all even though Survivor as a video game is complete dogshit I'm still glad it exists because without it the series as a whole would be a tad bit less interesting

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I found this at a pawn shop for 40 bucks and the dude at the counter told me that in good conscious he couldn't sell me the game at such a high price, so he sold it to me for 10 bucks. I was really interested until I learned that the US release doesn't have light gun support, so I dropped it.

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The game genuinely players better without the game. Unless you somehow enjoy pressing the same one button once to walk forward, twice to run forward, and three times to go backwards.
Aiming doesn't really matter when there is no locational damage too.

>> No.10971797

The game genuinely players better without the gun. Unless you somehow enjoy pressing the same one button once to walk forward, twice to run forward, and three times to go backwards.
Aiming doesn't really matter when there is no locational damage too.

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do most japanese role playing games have ethereal stories like this one? it really is unlike any game I've played before - midway through the abstract segment in which the protagonist's childhood friend dives into his psyche and memories I think the absurdity of the story sunk in for me
it really is a great, creative thing to me, and I'm very curious if other japanese role playing games have this sort of super introspective storytelling

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Tried replying with the origins for some of the names of summons/magic/items/etc in old school Final Fantasy but got a warning for it “not being retro” lol. Pic (formerly) related. Zoomer jannies kys.

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thread over

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Aside from the "lul video game needs gaming in my video game" fetch questing to fill it out. Yes, people do enjoy the highly well presented story of heroes journey where friendship and hope in self-actualization conquers materialist self-destructive demiurge while set in a backdrop of survivors in a contemporary setting dealing with a world that has changed and seemingly left them behind but overcoming these grievances through understanding and a want for a better future. It's pretty good if you give it a chance.

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I stopped giving a fuck about FF's story after the third "Hey Cloud just hand me the mcguffin." Tifa even comments that they really shouldn't let Cloud hold on to anything important anymore and then they just do it again anyway.

>> No.10972006

I don't know if you're the final boss of zoomers, but ethereal can literally mean spiritual, which fits the conversation about the self and introspection perfectly.

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Imagine the smell

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Smells like Battlefield 1942. Shit, that's /vr/ now isn't it? Am I getting old? I'm only 28.

>> No.10970862

hold up how old were you when you started playing bf1942

>> No.10970870

around 2003/2004? older brother's game but I still played it a lot

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Contemplate the aroma.

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So how do rare items work anyway and what makes a "good" rare item good?

I've kind of always ignored rares in favour of sets and uniques because I can't really identify one well enough to tell if they're worth it or not.

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So, at some point, you're going to develop an idea of what stats are good, and what you'd look for on a magic item. For example, people used to look really hard for Cruel Colossus Blade and they'd just straight up use that over a lot of uniques or rares because it just gave so much damage. Compared to its unique version (The Grandfather), a Cruel Colossus Blade could potentially have +300% Enhanced Damage compared to the Grandfather's +250%, and while it'd be missing most of the other stats, it a hell of a lot easier to find a Cruel Colossus Blade than it is a Grandfather, and it still had a ton of raw damage. It would get even sillier if it was a Cruel Colossus Blade of Quickness, having +300% Enhanced Damage and +40% Increased Attack Speed, making it quite a bit better than its unique version.

But then you might think, "What if my magic item could have more than two stats? How many stats could I get on an item?" And this is where rare items come in. Rare items are just like magic items, except they can have up to three prefix bonuses and three suffix bonuses. So with a magic item, you'd have to choose between a Cruel Colossus Blade for its Enhanced Damage or a Master's Colossus Blade (Less Enhanced Damage, but also gives Attack Rating). Not so with a rare item; you could potentially have a rare item that's effectively a Master's Cruel Grinding Colossus Blade that had the following:

>+450% Enhanced Damage (+300% from the Cruel mod, +150% from Master's)
>+250 to Attack Rating (From Master's)
>+74 to Maximum Damage (From Grinding)

And you'd have a stupidly powerful, stupidly rare sword that would utterly dwarf any unique item you could find, and still have three potential slots for more suffix mods. The chance of finding that weapon is rarer than winning the lotto IRL though, so good luck trying to find it yourself. But hey, you don't need something perfect, just something with better stats than you'd get on a unique.

>> No.10971292

Does the rare item have better mods than the unique item? If no, then it’s obviously not better

Rare items to look out for >>
Weapons: don’t bother unless you’re using it as a leveling weapon. Uniques and Runewords are a better choice.
Boots: Dual Resists in the 20-40% Range, Faster Run Walk 20+%, Damage Reduction, +life, +Magic find.
Gloves: 20+% Faster Attack Rate for melee, 20+% Faster Cast Rate, + skills, +Resists, Life/Mana leech for melee
Rings: same as above
Amulet: same as above

And finally, the best things to look out for are headgear, specifically CIRCLETS/TIARAS/CORONETS
THESE THINGS ARE FUCKING GODLY. GAMBLE/IMBUE/MF for them because they are the be all/end all for end game gear if you get that 1:100000000 perfect roll. You can get something ridiculous like:

+2 Skills
+30 Dex
+30 Str
2 sockets
Mana Leach
Life Leach

Or any other crazy combinationss

>> No.10971369

I mean, The problem is there's a lot of variety, like for a big two handed sword the only choice isn't just the Grandfather, yeah? I'd rather have an ethereal Breath of the Dying colossus blade with perfect stats rather than even your perfect rare example (and getting + using a 415% ed and 15% ll eth BotD col blade is a D2 life goal of mine). Rare items being so random and not really having any standards to them, makes it so that for me to notice it's good it'd have to not just be "good enough", it'd have to be absolutely insane to the point that it's impossible not to notice that I have something good in my hands. The problem is I don't know where the edge cases are where rare items can somewhat reliably edge out any possible set, unique or runeword possible.

>Rare items to look out for
How much of them would I need for one to be good? What I mean is for let's say the boots, would the rare have to pretty much all of those or are some mandatory and others bonuses?
Also for how hard I find it to identify a good rare, I look at your circlet example and I think it's pretty good, but I would never have thought insane without you saying that.

>> No.10971831

Having a BotD is all fine and dandy, if you manage to get to that point. Likely though you won't go instantly to it unless you can grind up enough items to trade for one.

Rare items are either stopgaps you use while improving your gear or literally very tip top items that are complete speckled unicorns of perfection. Most are not worth using and you could ignore them all if you wanted to, but you might occasionally miss out on something good.

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>Having a BotD is all fine and dandy, if you manage to get to that point. Likely though you won't go instantly to it unless you can grind up enough items to trade for one.
I've had several over the last 15 years or however long it's been since the runeword was introduced, I don't remember for sure if any were eth though and definitely none were immaculate. I've always had terrible luck finding runeword bases myself.

>but you might occasionally miss out on something good.
Honestly, I've probably vendored crazy good rare items more than once, especially rings - I looked up what was apparently an absolutely absurdly perfect ring and I kinda feel like there's a non-negligible chance I'd have just sold it off if I'd found it. The numbers feeling so random just make me go "is this really all that?" along with nothing that truly speaks to my soul other than 10 fcr.

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Serge and Leena forever

>> No.10971574

I can't think of a single plot point she participated in. She has as much to do in the game as the voodoo doll or that stupid turnip you dig up. What a waste of a perfectly good character.

>> No.10971657

I wish she was the main protagonist girl instead of the Jap's obsession with blonde white women with butchered Aussie accents Kidd.
An actual waifu with history worth defending. Nothing is more traditional than childhood friend sweethearts.

>> No.10971669

The Cloud/Tifa dynamic is annoyingly rare in RPGs. Probably because they often hinge on newness. A kid destined for whatever meets a mysterious girl and goes on an adventure. Everything about his life prior to the start of the game is "boring."

>> No.10971716


>> No.10971750

This game sucked in 1999 and it still sucks today.

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>pic related

Got this game back in probably late 1997 from my parents at an auction. Loved it. Skipped the stock market part completely, but my brother loved that part. I remember saving up my money to get an unstoppable squadron of tricked out helicopters to smash the last levels of the game. Good times.

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>Inner Space

I don't know if this game would be playable with modern computers because it would map out your C: Drive and you would slowly conquer each folder, collecting files, upgrading your ship, joining factions, racing etc.

my best friend and I would play the shareware version together in the 90s on my grandmother's computer with windows 3.1 on it.

>> No.10970693

>Skipped the stock market part completely
IIRC that's where the big money is made, also if you take over some of the companies, you get bonuses to various stuff.

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Post shit like what WD would've pulled, but not by them. NISA did this a lot in their early years.

>> No.10971246

who’s that semen demon?

>> No.10971263

the left one or the right one?

>> No.10971265

WD is funnier imo

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I'd have posted anege kings OLE-M and Atelier Kaguya but anything good is from 2008+ or NBR

>> No.10971597

I have nothing to prove and I just think it's cute
Grabbed the image from retroachievements
Sakura Wars looks more 90s anime y though I'm not sure whether it fits your description

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more for me

>> No.10971638

"Dating Sim" is an exonym, please avoid it. Use "ADV" instead.

>> No.10971693

Dating is not an option for millions of men.

File: 335 KB, 480x685, MV5BOGQ5NjFmNjctMTI0OC00Y2EzLTg3OTgtY2E2ZTFmOTc2OTJjL2ltYWdlL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTA1OTEwNjE@._V1_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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What are your thoughts on Omikron the Nomad Soul?

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>> No.10971594

>couldn’t decide what game they wanted to make
>packed it with unbelievably shitty fighting and shooting segments
At least exploring the world was kind of cool.

>> No.10971675

bowie is a hack

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It's the best song of the album

>> No.10971735

I've finished that back in 2019. The social, open-world stuff was very barebones, but those FPS and fighting sections were truly horrible. The final boss was so hard that I had to put the difficulty back to Easy just for that fight. The fighting sections were so random because you either fought a braindead moron, or the AI kicked into high gear and a hospital nurse would absolutely wreck your ass in a single combo, with a Shoryuken in the middle! And it was so weird because if you died against one opponent, the AI would randomize again and he would be a moron in the next fight.

The body swapping system was nice, but it felt very tacked on near the end. I have no idea who that shirtless guy was.

>> No.10971747

It just needed a few more months of development to improve the controls to be a classic.

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Maten no Soumetsu aka that rarely seen creature known as a Mega Drive RPG. Only a few sightings have been made.

>> No.10971132

this game is jank and really poorly balanced

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Giga Chad and Based

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Still never played this one. Why do I always see people talking about it as if they were filtered hard?

>> No.10972034

Because in this one you're actually obligated to get good, unlike other classic or X games. So either you get good and you enjoy the game, or you get filtered. Choose your side.

>> No.10972043

The GBA port is a fair bit harder than the SNES version due to screen size limitations and that's the version everyone played back when due to the original being Japan only. Plus, it was always made to be a fair bit harder than the average Megaman game to begin with, especially if you played as Megaman instead of Bass. Though there is a fair bit of tradeoff in what portions are easier as each character.

>> No.10972076

Sorry but your anime cartoon characters aren't based. But nice try

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