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What're you favourite things about this wonderful waste of a good thing? It really makes you wonder how different the console scene would be if sega hadn't fucked up so hard leading up to it

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>but being a collector is so god damn expensive.
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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>being astonished that people on /vr/ aren't zoomers
back to >>>/v/

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>stop the collector retardation
Would you go to a vintage car museum and tell the owners "you spent HOW MUCH?! They're old cars retard, why would you preserve that 1971 Plymouth GTX?"

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I spent $1,150 to complete my Sega Saturn collection but that's only because I recently received a 6 figure settlement from milk truck accident when I already make $68k a year. No kids, no wife. Thank god.

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I really like how the shitty VMU is idolized by fanbois while the superior PS1 alternative is a footnote

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>2D sprite enemies that have repetitive animations
>can't look up or down
>no vertical movement
>shitty sound design
>weapon animations have like 3 frames
>bland samey environments
>repetitive objective on every level
>HUD takes 20% of the screen
>little enemy variety
>enemies are slow as fuck and shoot slow projectiles
>35fps internal logic and corresponding input lags.
>Combined with fucking inertia implementation where you feel like you pkay as atank while walking, and you feel like sliding on glass while running.
>Also, ridiculously shit melee system, which restricts your movement in order to make your hits connect.

Why do people pretend its one of the best fps?

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Reported for trolling or poor quality

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We have this same thread every single day. No one cares and go back to /v/.

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All flaws can be mitigated with mods and why would you play pure vanilla Doom like it's 1993 now?

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>why would you play pure vanilla Doom like it's 1993 now?
Anon-kun needs shitty source ports/mods in order to play a simple 90's FPS. Go do the flossing dance in the middle of a freeway. Zoom zoom.

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contrarian threads...it's so tiresome...

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Share your very first time you felt comfy in a video game or a video game felt comfy to you

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Some of the spyro 2 homeworlds did it for me, but the first time I can ever remember being comfy came when I first got to Dali in FFIX. To this day it still remains my favorite place in video games, the music, the people, the story, it's all so simple yet amazing.

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Dads wifes sons bedroom, fkn lol

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They're not married anymore, so it wouldn't be correct to say stepbrother anymore.

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What are some /vr/ approved snes games?

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Mega Man X, Earthbound, Zelda LttP, Star Fox, Actraiser

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You mean that very hetero couple of Neptune and that very manly male guy who just has a feminine appearance? I mean he could not do anything about how he looks.

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Always grubbin for a first person experience, at any point in the development of the perspective

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What a dumb thread, if you're lurking for good games use the archive or lurk more before shitting up the board like this.

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I'm a nigger who wants to play Blood but doesn't want to pay for it. Where can I get a full version for free ?

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We get to beat it out of you, nigger.

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Not being able to find things on google should be considered a contemporary illiteracy. It took me 20 seconds to find a working Blood download link so piss off.

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Which 2D Mario has the best art direction? And why is it 3?

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They're all charming in their own way. Well, Mario 1 feels darker than the later games, like most of the game is very industrial-looking, or dry-looking, but still elegant.
SMB3 is amazing, but I'd have to go with World, I think. Pure personal preference.

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I don't like World's art-design because it's so inconsistent

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goomba: smw
koopa: smw
beetle: smb3
spiny: same
cheep cheep: smw
lakitu: smb3
lakitu cloud: smw

the only thing inconsistent is how often my jizz blows out your mom's nostrils when i climax

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based on that picture alone I'd say SMB1 clearly. The koopa's shell has a shine, the spine turtle's spike's look sharp, the flying fish doesn't waste one of its 3 colors on a black outline, and Lakitu has a direction.

Honestly the sprites in SMB3 are underwhelming individually, what's good aesthetically about SMB3 is the variety of the game as a whole (levels, number of enemy types, etc.)

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What did they mean by developing a game that consists literally every single black stereotype you can imagine (apart from watermelon and fried chicken)? Is it an offense, a parody, or just a completely failed attempt at "market research" targeted towards black audiences? What was it like back in the day in the USA oldfags of /vr/, did people of color play vidya as much as you did?

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Why are you telling that homophobe to post in legbutt?

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They think I'm saying racism is wrong

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You'd be surprised to know that blacks design their own characters with the worst stereotypes in mind. Fat Albert and his friends were a group of trouble makers who lived in ghettos, they were fairly dumb, and most lived in poor families.

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He's more of an attention whore than Sevenleaf, nameposting just to get some validation from jancel

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I actually kinda liked Shell Shock on the Sega Saturn. It was, in many ways, an extension of Thunderhawk on the Sega CD (and Thunderhawk 2 on the Saturn/ PS1). The Saturn version uses the systems "mode 7" 3D playing field, which made the environments very flat. But the game itself was alright.

It does have stereotypical 90's era black characters and a mid '90's hip hop aesthetic. But that was par for the course for the era.

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Any decent app stores in your local area?

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Burlington games depot.

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No app stores, but good game stores, yes.

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That's impossible.

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what's that screeching/static noise i keep hearing when i play a game? usually happens during transitions

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Bad emulation.

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This is a great way to have fun with your retro games!
Take a Sega System app and see how many times you can insert and remove it from your Sega System console in an hour, then try and beat that record!

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It takes longer with NED because of the hatch.

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Imagine trying this hard to make a meme and failing this badly.

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I seriously have to stop coming here. It's dead

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That's nothing. Try it with DOS ROM CD-ROMs. The tray is hell to wait on.

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did someone say preservation???

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Can't you read dutch OP? They're demolishing bootleg games (aka repros as newfags call them), not original games that collectors would like to have.
The title being "games demolished by a road roller" and thus misleading as hell doesn't help.

Now whether that means that you shouldn't enjoy bootlegs or emulation for that matter is a completely different topic.

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why the hell would they destroy original games? Obviously by "preservation" I meant piracy

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kys nintendrone

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>Ya know what? /VR/ Baldur's Gate mod thread, when?
godspeed anon
I would be willing to take such a project, although we should first decide what we aim to do here. I can do pretty much everything when it comes to infinity engine modding and I'm rather used to it. If anyone wants a bunch of links to modding resources i can dump.
If there's actually anyone interested in this i'll post a discord invite since managing projects on this serbian lamprey fishing market BBS isn't particularly easy.

also, baldur's gate thread post your weidu.log edition https://pastebin.com/KG3Yy5TB

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>Serbia mentioned
You get a bump from me for that. Godspeed, even though BG is jarpig tier.

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Im considering switching to Linux but Im not so sure how well you can handle those older games that struggle in modern systems.

How do you manage /vr/?

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>Ubuntu has Mame and mednafen on their app store.
Only old, outdated versions even for the extremely recent 19.

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Better finish Hurd then. Until that day, I USE LINUX

Go back to eating your Toejam

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Well it seems to me to be updated.

Version mame0208 (0.208) is on the app store and the latest version is 0.209 (which was released yesterday, april 24th.

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Modern loonix OS and WINE are not retro-aged. Technically this thread should be banned.

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>Technically this thread should be banned.
technically, you are dumb, or haven't seen the other threads about retro gaming on non retro systems/OSs

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Why is this game so short and easy? There are no difficulty options to make it harder, and it only takes a couple of days to master the game.

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It made it fun to replay, and let you explore the slightly different routes.
Not every game needed to appeal to friendless poorfags who only got a few games, and had no choice but to autistically "master" them to trick themselves into feeling better about their standing in life.

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>couple days
>at least a month
It's almost like there's a difference in difficulty there.

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Because it's aimed at console babbys who couldn't handle arcade challenge. Reminder that /vr/ thinks (or used to) that this is one of the hardest games around LOL

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oh look another comix zone hate thread ebin.

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They seem to think all the STI games are hard. Sonic Spinball is now considered to be literally impossible. Is The Ooze now considered the hardest out of the lineup?

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Anyone remotely interested in digitized fighting games has heard of Galloping Ghost and the pending release of its sole title "Dark Presence," but the story goes even deeper than what initial reports have covered. Based on a few queries into the Wayback Machine, production apparently started in December, 1998. From the images that survived, an early version was apparently in development and then scrapped sometime around 2005/2006:

It is a serious undertaking for one man to do all the programming, but it seems little, if any, progress was made from the time production started. Absolutely no footage of gameplay surfaced and the new site is riddled with dead links. Even with the apparent success of the Galloping Ghost Arcade (if their social media presence is any indication), completion and release of Dark Presence do not appear to be forthcoming.

What's very interesting is that Galloping Ghost solicited for prospective investors as early as 2000:

Does anyone have more info on this? This is too damn interesting to pass up.

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Is it that one-man produced Mortal Kombat game? fucking weird man, imagine if you started this shit and by the time you were finished arcades had evolved into something different

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Jesus, all that time spent developing that game and THIS is the result?

This looks like an HD Way of the Warrior.

>> No.5526942

Yeah, those were my initial impressions.

This is looking to be The Room of digitized fighters.

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I wonder if anyone else feels like this is the creepiest DOS game ever conceived.

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It's very unsettling for sure, both in style and content.

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Do you own any retro gaming gear?

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>you don't want to shit all over Mario's face
If he's going to live next to an ass, that's what he gets.

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nothing beats white trash with chinese character tattoos though
and anyways, all I have is a turok 2 shirt I got off ebay. and i saw some hero wearing a killer instinct shirt at the gym a few months ago, we out here senpai

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When I was a kid I had these Sonic and Knuckles shoes until they wore out. Besides that, some Mario Kart shirt from a Nintendo Power subscription that I never wore and that's about it.

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I bought some blank t-shirts recently to make some custom vidya shirts but I have yet to get the printing shit.

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Holy shit. This thread has really shown the true autsim of /vr/. It's almost retardation.

File: 126 KB, 700x550, __cotton_dark_ran_fumiko_odette_vanstein_kirisame_marisa_and_marion_twinkle_star_sprites_and_etc_drawn_by_satomura_kyou__71595b1566fcef5bcbe2a9b7732a28fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Give me your best cute 'em up recommendations

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Which was the better name?

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Genesis is something of a misnomer. Equally capable hardware was around at the time of its release. It also sounds like Biblical faggotry to me.

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"Mega Drive" sounds better and fits better with "Mega CD".

But no console name will ever match the "Sega System"

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There was copyright issues with using the Mega Drive name in the US right?

>> No.5526912

This guy right here

Or something like the “genesis drive”

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Why settle for Mega when you can cruise for Tera

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What was the technical reason behind PSX textures being all wobbly and wavy? Hardware noob here but preety much fascinated by why early low-poly models acted like that. N64 seemed to be more stable in that matter

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>> No.5524856

1. PSX used affine texture mapping instead of perspective-correct mapping like the N64, because it was faster to compute and because the PSX didn't have a Z buffer. This means textures warp as the perspective changes.
2. PSX used fixed point values for polygon vertices instead of floating point, so the coordinates weren't as accurate. The "wobble" is caused by the vertices being rounded between two different values.

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