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Me playing SEGA CD

He's been usin' Brand Ecksssssssssssssssssssss

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Does anyone want to play fightcade? I don't care what we play really. I guess I'm in a Beat em up or fighting game mood.

Double Dragon 1-2 (AC)

Any Mortal Kombat

Any Street Fighter 2

Garou: Mark of The Wolves

Just add me, and I'll create a groupchat

Emil Mătăsăreanu#8590

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I'm bumping this until someone plays with me :(

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> nice visuals
> pretty good music
> cute af character which also have some attitude
> controls are fun to learn and master
> cool bosses

What else do people want?

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I prefer it over Dynamite Headdy. Astal is kind of similar in some ways but I still prefer Ristar. In fact, I kind of wish they could've made a proper sequel on Saturn instead of that game.

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What about Crash and Spyro? And Sonic of course

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Good game
You gotta be an adult to post here.

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At the same time it is so good that I don't want a sequel. Well, at least not one revived by some shitty western studio that makes it an eshop game.

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A civilized walking speed.

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NEC PC-9800 Thread?
NEC PC-9800 Thread

Do you emulate or play native anon?
If you play native, are you someone who has figured the holy grail of english patching DOS/V or are you a nippon reader?

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>ocr hook
neat, what do you use?

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>for a couple years
I'm three and a half years in and still awful at the language.

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I can't understand the language to save my life.
Surely there's been on metal patches people have made?

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You rack disciprin

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Depends on the game theres a few out there. Some like textractor will hook right out of the game while others you have to use what amounts to a virtual camera to grab text

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Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories
>Playstation 2
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
>Master System
>Mega Drive
Golden Axe
X-men vs. Street Fighter
Resident Evil Code Veronica
>Game Gear
never played anything
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen
>Super Nintendo
Donkey Kong Country
>Nintendo 64
Pokemon Stadium
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus
Pokemon Yellow
>GameBoy Color
Pokemon Gold
>GameBoy Advance
Pokemon FireRed
never played anything
>Neo Geo AES
2020 Super Baseball
>Neo Geo Pocket
Neo Turf Masters
>retro PC
Resident Evil 2

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Pokemon R/B
Land of Illusion
>Virtual Boy
DBZ Legends
SRW F/F Final

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Some Final Fantasy shit, guaranteed. Probably FF7
>Playstation 2*
Vice City
>Master System
>Mega Drive*
Ranger X
Panzer Dragoon 1
Berserk or Sega Rally
>Game Gear
That Tails game, probably
Ghosts n Goblins
>Super Nintendo*
Breath of Fire 1 or ALTTP or Illusion of Gaia
>Nintendo 64*
Mario Sunshine or NBA Street
Solar Striker or Donkey Kong Land
>GameBoy Color
Probably one of the Harvest Moons
>GameBoy Advance
Aria of Sorrow
Animal Crossing
>Neo Geo AES
KOF 94 I think maybe Money Puzzle Exchanger
>Neo Geo Pocket
No fucking clue. Bust-a-move?
Die Hard
>Turbo CD
>retro PC*
Civ 3

The systems with * are the ones I played when they were current. Most of the other ones I've played via emulation much more recently. Some basic bitch answers I guess but I tended to rent a bunch of shit and play a lot of games in small doses rather than investing shitloads of time into a single game.

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Super Mario Kart
FF6 if you include emulators
Klonoa Beach Volleyball if you include emulators
FF8 if you include re-releases
Simpsons Hit and Run
Wind Waker or Twilight Princess
Halo 1 or 2
>Gameboy (on GBA)
Pokémon Red
Pokémon Fire Red

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
>Playstation 2
Burnout Revenge
>Master System
>Mega Drive
Back in the day: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
As an adult: Castlevania: Bloodlines and MUSHA
>PC Engine Duo
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Saturn Bomberman
Back in the day: Baseball Stars, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
As an adult: Baseball Stars and Street Fighter 2010
>Super Nintendo
Back in the day: Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and NBA Jam TE
As an adult: Super Mario Kart and Castlevania: Dracula X
>Nintendo 64
F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
>GameBoy Advance
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Super Mario Galaxy

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Cool thread idea
Final Fantasy VII
>PlayStation 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
>Mega Drive
Comix Zone
Super Mario Bros 2
Chrono Trigger
No Mercy
Resident Evil REmake
>Gameboy Advance
Fire Emblem
>Retro PC
the Doom Games

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What are some quintessential trannycore retro games?

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Has anybody tried playing through VC using the reverse engineered port? I tried playing GTA 3 using re3 and it worked perfectly, but reVC still seems to have some bugs, for example, the sfx of the shotgun racking a shell into the chamber doesn't play at all and I can't seem to fix it. I'm guessing since T2 forced the devs to stop working on the project, reVC will remain buggy. Has anyone encountered this problem?

A shame, since the game looks fantastic with the reVC graphical enhancements, but I guess I'll just have to use good old silent patch.

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That's how i play it and the problem you mentioned is the only one i've encountered, i don't seem to recall many bugs.

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Oh, that's good to know. Some of the research I did said that the game tended to crash after completing the Riot mission, and that lots of other bugs made the game borderline unplayable.

Were you able to fix the bug about weapon sounds not playing properly? It's such a small bug but it's driving me crazy, it should be a simple fix.

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i've beat the game twice and it didn't crash not even once, as for the shotgun glitch, no i haven't fixed it i don't even notice it most of the time, but like you said it should be an easy fix.

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I've played a decent chunk of Vice City in reVC and the boat missions were all completely broken unless you played it at 30fps. The boat just doesn't go fast enough for you to have a chance of beating them. Very odd.

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I haven't been able to figure out what's causing the sound effects bug, that's why I made this thread, to see if anybody else had been able to fix it. In the meantime I settled for using a big modpack for VC, it makes it almost identical to reVC.


This modpack has a ton of features, too many to list, but most of them are pretty good. The only one I didn't like was AI upscaled texture pack, as some of the upscales looked kind of awful, but it's easy to modify the files to go back to vanilla textures. It also has a mod called sharptrails which gives the game a cleaner version of the ps2 trails effect, the motion blur is not as heavy.

That's a known issue with all 3D era GTAs, the game starts to act up if you play it beyond 30fps. There's actually a mod that fixes that problem, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with reVC.


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What are some quintessential trannycore retro games?

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This is more like a movie than an actual game.

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Kojimbo bros... How did sega out movie us

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I didn't really care for the first two but I haven't played Saga yet, I know it's an RPG and plays differently which makes me want to play it more. I think the slower pace of these probably lends itself better to that type of game anyway

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Why is that little girl staring at me like she wants to kill me

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For half the game she does

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System Shock 1 remake releasing today. Will you be playing? I'd love to see comparisons with the original. Apparently it filtered journos because it's staying true to the original's design.

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Look at Us
We Are Strong
Know How Thus
In This Song
We Sing Hard
Crush Your Brain
Do one thing
Shit is Sprain

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Might actually buy it

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My biggest gripe with the SS1 remake is they redid Shodans voice. The original wasn't done with generic filters and tools. The glitch sound effects were done BY HAND. It was a long painful process. That means the sound engineer sat their and paid way more attention to all the subtle details that were added. In the end it wasn't just a glitch noise. It was inflections in Shodans voice that weren't originally there.

You can tell it's fucked in the trailer.

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>since its just textures
It's not, but it's probably not much longer yeh.

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>this company is fucked
>their other projects aren't relevant to this
Why do people like you even post?

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What are some co-op games where the second player can remain helpful even if they are really bad at the game? Like a game you would let your little brother play with you. This would be the opposite of a game like Battletoads where co-op actually makes the game harder.

Best example I can think of this is Sonic 2 (and 3 I guess). Tails tags along but he can't be permanently hurt, and the screen only follows Sonic so he can't mess you up by scrolling the screen. You can use him to go after enemies, bosses and to collect stray rings.

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Kirby's Dreamland 3
Kirby's Super Star
Pop'n TwinBee (has a "Couples Mode" that gives player 1 all the aggro)

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I used to hand my brother the 2nd controller and tell him he was The Blob. (He was 2 years old at the time)

Sorry that doesn’t answer your question but that’s what it reminded me of.

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I believe Super Mario Galaxy has a 2 player mode that has the second player control the reticule to pick up and fire star pieces.

Bubsy 2 has a co-op mode where player 2 can control Bubsy's niece or nephew that is invincible and can fly around shoot enemies.

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I really like it when games have something like a holy tree, sacred beasts, sanctified classical elements, and so on like Terranigma's first third, Final Fantasy Adventure, Jade Cocoon, FF7, etc. It gives the game a kind of organic and enchanted feel. I don't mind it if they become a bit preachy too.
What are some games that best embody this "organic and enchanting feel"? Sorry if I was not clear.

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I just want more stories that make me feel like this art

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I recently bought an art book of Hiroo Isono, and yeah, I like that organic and enchanting feel.

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no worries.
I haven't played that but I'll have to check it out. I'm interested in more games like this too.

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can you go into her hole?

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is etrian odyssey retro yet
because the whole thing takes place in yggdrasil

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>sneak into your fat, depressed, clinically-retarded neighbor's house and torment him for the amusement of strangers watching a TV show
Great game.

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Wtf is going on in this thread…

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I just saw neighbors from hell and thought it was a sign and while I would never hurt someone unless it was in minecraft my girlfriends neighbors have been keeping me up for the last two hours. Sorry for the drunk rant but it sounds like being under a golds gym and the husband is a twink

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Lmfao, are you OP? Maybe play some vidja and crank the volume to 11 while shooting that Burnettes! I wish I could still drink, love me some Burnettes.

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Not op but I'm downloading that game. In the mean time I've getting wasted and playing the arcade versions of ki 1 and 2

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Not a bad choice, neighbors from hell… if my pc hadn’t just died I’d give it a shot, but alas I think I’ll live vicariously through ur vodka and impressions

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Opinions on this series? I really enjoy the visual style and music, but the gameplay leaves a bit to be desired. It still manages to be fun, but they're really easy to beat and I managed to 1cc each game in under an hour and a half each. I also miss that Part 2 didn't have splitting paths like Part 1 did with its 5th stage (Unless you count those dungeon rooms full of annoying zombies when you fall in a pit.)
Part 3 should've been really cool with the multiple endings and creepy cutscenes but it has serious balancing issues by just spamming your AoE as Monster Rick and annihilating everything in the game because the monsters are too irritating otherwise. I heard the Japanese version has different stats for your moves and enemies though, maybe I can check that out soon.
I also played Wanpaku Graffiti. I thought the Continue system would give me shit with strictly 5 lives and no continues (Unless you count the password) along with Rick's lack of invincibility frames, but I managed to annihilate the game on my 2nd attempt after realizing how forgiving it is with super frequent health drops after every "difficult" section. Still enjoyable, but clearly made for little kids.
Overall an interesting weekend trying out all these cool games. I know there's a reboot of it too but it never got a re-release on PC as far as I know and I don't own either an 360 or PS3 (Plus a physical copy is like 40 bucks). Maybe one day I'll give it a shot, but not today.

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The only one I've played is Wanpaku Graffiti, but I remember seeing the original as a kid and thinking it looked scary.

>> No.9945424

Initially thought the graphics and gameplay were poor of 2 but the grainy graphics grow on you and the controls and moves are pretty responsive especially if you compare it to golden axe 3.

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The American version of 3 is just plain broken, the Japanese one is so much better.

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>first game
I played and beat the TurboGrafx-16 version. It is a great game and must own if you have the system. I like to compare it to Altered Beast even if that may rustle some of you. I like to think of it as a better game then Altered Beast. Both to me seem as if they are the same kind of genre is why. Its one of the most unique games of the time because of its horror theme and gore. I guess it kind of flew under the radar a bit or maybe parents weren't too aware of the arcade versions goriness? Even the Turbo version had a lot of it for its time but most Americans did not own the console. This game was great and deserved a port to Genesis and SNES. Nintendo though would not have allowed such gore for their console so idk how that could have worked. Best version would obviously be the arcade version anyways. I guess one minor issue is the hitboxes might feel off due to sprites being so big but you'll get used to it. Last thing is I actually like his mask on Turbo version better. He doesn't just look like a Jason ripoff anymore. Plus its a cool blood red monster looking mask so it suits the game well.

Wasn't as good as the first imo but it was still fun. I wouldn't put it as one of Genesis best games but its definitely worth trying at least.

It decides to become a standard beat em up this time with a time limit. It is alright again but I really don't like the decision to shift the series in this way. Like the second one it also just doesn't seem as shocking or gory like the first game.

>that reboot
Don't know did not play. It looks like complete garbage to me though. I would have preferred they do something much more original with it and really ramped up on the horror aspect. In fact make it like a survival horror but with the pc feeling more powerful than most games in the genre. Something like RE4 meets God Hand but with the wacky action from GH way toned down so it feels more realistic.

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I decided to give the Japanese version of Part 3 a try, and right away I noticed the punch-combo was a lot stronger (Mostly pretty useless in the US version) and the AoE move was easier to perform (Jump+Attack instead of Back-Forward-Back+Attack) along with being much weaker (but still worked as a good get-off-me move instead of a "destroy the game when you get good at it" move). All the levels had more time as well so getting the best ending is really easy, I wish there was less time by default because the game didn't feel that much like an anxiety-inducing race to make sure your family members don't get murdered.
Overall I'd say it's a lot more beginner-friendly as well as being more balanced, although I haven't tried out the higher difficulties yet to see how that fairs. Should probably take a break from Splatterhouse though. I'm not sure why when a lot of beat-em-ups get ported to America they change it to end up being more tedious than actually fun.

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Why did Konami disown this game? It's one of the best they ever made and they've never ported or even mentioned it since. Thank god for MAME.

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It's probably emulation issues but I love the staticy YouTube Poop-tier sound effects of this in MAME. Just turns the camp factor even higher up, if that was possible.

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It's a beat em up they're all mid no matter how much you autists try to convince yourselves exploiting AI and hit box glitches is "deep" gameplay.

>> No.9945840

>"deep" gameplay.
it's an arcade beat 'em up. nobody is looking for deep gameplay, just something quick paced and fun.

>> No.9946171

Dunking on beat 'em ups is like the easiest way to convince /vr/ you have opinions, but it's the same arguments every time, sometimes word for word

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t. pig

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Where do you stand on high resolution texture and sprite replacements?

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>> No.9946247

Something about that Link sprite seems off

>> No.9946256

Is there a video of this running somewhere or is this just a shoop

>> No.9946267

How profoundly retarded can you be?

>> No.9946275

There are packs to colorize the GB MegaMan games with the GBE+ emulator. Only way to play them, desu.

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Why is it so underrated?

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Because it was made on a piece of shit console

>> No.9945361

This was MK8 before MK8DX happen

>> No.9945363

But enough about the Normie "Fuck JRPGS" 64

>> No.9945367

Really? I see more fags fellate MK64 and MKWii more nowadays
Guess it's a generation thing

>> No.9945393

boomer here, 8 and Wii are the best
double dash is still better than Shitendo ShitstyFour but its worse than the 2 mentioned
snes and gba karts sucked

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A thread dedicated to helping others find those lost treasures from the past they were never able recall the name too. If it has to do with old PC game collections or PC-ware that's no longer licensed, long forgottern, or just obscure, it's welcome here.
I'm personally looking for a late 90's mecha rts side scroller that plays somewhat like assault suit Leynos. You commanded a small army in real time and operated your own customizable unit, could command and move units/ships as well and customize your lieutenants and ships. Every level would have you fighting harder enemies as you gradually commanded more of the universe. Someone help me figure out this obscure title, because I'm at my wits end trying to find it.

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YES! Holy shit thanks anon. I looked at the start of a longplay and it was 100% that.

>> No.9946390

I am trying to remember this old point and click game I tried over a decade ago, all I really remember is it involved guitars and rock music somehow. It was not Total Distortion however it was pretty insane and nonsensical from what I remember.
I believed in started off with you in some rundown apartment but maybe not.

>> No.9946604

Could be BlackStar : Agent of Justice.

>> No.9946623

I know the name, but I still can't find it. When I was a kid, I had one of these massive 1000+shareware game/demo things. One of the games was titled "3D Pong", but it came not only with a 3D pong , but it had this little space fighter game that used a lot of the same mechanics as the pong thing did; mouse moved your fighter around, left mouse key fired your left cannon, right key fired the right.

You had some levels shooting down asteroids and then later levels with alien fighters who were lobbing the asteroids at earth. I was never able to beat it and I would like to take a crack at it, figuring I'm better at things than I was in my childhood. I don't remember the exact year I got this, but it was probably in the late 90s, early 2000s. (Although the CD itself might have been older.)

The problem, of course, is that "3D Pong" is a ridiculously common name and I've never been able to find the one I want over dozens of other 3D pong games.

>> No.9946638

Caveat: I think the game was never released.

About 2 decades ago I read a gaming magazine promoting this upcoming horror game where you switch between two characters. The son (who was a teenage or young adult) had some kind of accident that rendered him blind and deaf, they move to some town so the mother could take better care of him, but the town was home to demons or ghost that would attack them. The gimmick was that the mother could not see them but the son could sense them, the mother could use tools and see everything clearly except ghosts/demons while the son saw everything as shadows or something but could see the ghosts/demons.

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What's the appeal of FF Tactics? I've heard it's one of the best FF Games but it didn't look too special from the snippets of gameplay i've seen.

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I liked the Lucavi and Altima stuff when it was a relevant part of the political intrigue, but it goes too JRPG-save-the-world-plot by the end for my liking

>> No.9946408

Yea true…. Idk tho kind of to be expected w a title like Final Fantasy, but yeah I get your point. It was better when it wasn’t so heavy handed.

>> No.9946530

>In FFT there is no such thing as a short random battle
True, unless you are already overpowered as hell from grinding. But you don't have to grind to beat FFT and you do not have to grind much if you just want to get most of the overpowered combos. You grind to just get them marginally faster, as is the case with FFV/VI funnily enough.

Random battles are also completely optional, and (You) can just soft reset to skip them, but that's clunky as hell admittedly.

>> No.9946561

>FF12 (sort of)
The dna of his work is very clearly still in the game. Characters talk like they're in a stage play the way they do in all of his works (and no that's not just localization, the dude that translated most of his stuff very closely collaborated with Matsuno line-by-line, which is important because Matsuno is kind of a control freak and part of the reason he left Square to begin with is because he couldn't run his projects like a dictatorship), it has his classic story of "it's about politics until suddenly it's about gods and demons", etc.
I'm pretty sure most of the stuff that isn't him and came in after he left was the game's mechanics.

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I should've mentioned the translator's name in that, it's Alex O'Smith. He's great, he also did Crimson Shroud and Madworld. And most famously, he's the reason Phoenix Wright has the ridiculous setting change it does because Capcom told him to and as a result, is probably the sole reason people care about PW in the west.

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