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I'm trying to remember a game.
I played it like 20 years ago on my cousin's pc.
It was a 2d cartoon like point and click game, where you played as a detective, solving a mystery or hired to do something. My cousin was looking after me then and didn't let me do much I just walked around 2 screens as I assume there was some adult stuff in the other places. I remember there being bread stall and you could just take bread from there. The character would say, "this will be useful later" and you could just take an infinite amount of bread.
Also I might be misremembering but the characters were blue or had weird colors or it could just be a style or shading.

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Broken Sword 2
The Black Mirror (2003)
Gabriel Knight

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This is basically a turn-based shooter

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IT DOESN'T MATTER that the Rock had a PS2 game!

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Shouldn’t this be in the Doom general
Pfthahahhahhaha hahaha

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Lol Rundown was his best movie. Could have made a decent ps2 movie title of it with some creativity, because those action scenes were top notch.

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Spyhunter Nowhere to Run was a mvoie tie in game for the then announced Spyhunter film that was planned to be directed by John Woo. The movie has been in development hell ever since but its current incarnation is set to released by Warner Bros and is to be directed by the Uncharted movie director. Dunno if Dwayne'll be back for this one though.

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Is this game worth playing? I remember playing the demo as a kid and throwing around ragdolls all day and having fun

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>can't stand prices of old gen games
>hates emulation
>buys flash carts
>having the time of my life playing old games for free
>goes to local retro stores
>starts buying classic games
>questions why I do this
>sad that I wasted so much money
>happy that I collected them
>sad that they exist practically for display purposes only
I need help anons. I need to know if I'm retarded

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I only buy ultra kino games that have nice manuals, maps, or other inserts and I also buy official game guides for them. For example, I recently bought Link to the Past and Metal Gear Solid complete in box, and also picked up the official guide for Pokemon Crystal. I'm just very selective and don't worry too much about value because I only buy the classics which are bound to go up.

In other words, if a physical copy doesn't enhance the experience in some way, I just torrent it. Practically all of my consoles are modded or have flash carts so you are not alone.

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I bought a few real carts while waiting 2 months for my Everdrive. When I get round to selling them, I'll get at least what I paid. There's nothing wrong with collecting a few games that are meaningful to you. But keep it reasonable.

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And no they haven’t, there are a few games that will most likely not have the native function for a while at least

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I've done pretty much what you do. I've got a good Dreamcast collection and now only play my Dreamcast that has an ODE installed.
Similar situation with the SNES, though I use a Everdrive with my NTSC SNES, while the majority of my games are in PAL.
At the end of the day, I could always just sell my stuff. I absolutely won't though.

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I have every system with flash carts and ODEs
I have my collection from growing up and have no desire to collect games
Only play them

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Generally speaking, Beam Software gets a really bad reputation overall. But what does /VR/ consider to be some of the best/ worst Beam Software games?

Super Smash T.V. for the SNES

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Unquestionably, the game in your spoiler. I knew what it was without looking. Masterfully programmed and executed.

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True lies would be my favourite. Maybe a touch too long for the kind of game it is but otherwise perfectly enjoyable.
Here the beam software list in date order for the threads convenience.

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Looking to play Hexen for the first time and it looks like they did the decent port for the N64. They also worked on Test Drive Unlimited. That game was great.

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This is actually the greatest Action RPG ever released and I am sick and fucking tired of pretending it's not!

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>how the fuck do you drop it there, the hour leading up to it is so fucking hype, you are in prison and have to get out, and you rescue your mom who was presumed dead before, and in exchange she unlocks latent powers in you
I cannot remember exactly but it was the usual escort mission bullshit where she kept dying or the boss itself was just bullshit and I got frustrated at my failure to complete it after dying 15 times. Would it be worth a retry?

Should I at least try 2? I feel that I should, and if I get filtered I can jump to 3.
In 2020 I bought all 3 games when I was doing a catch-up on the whole 360 generation that I missed. The 360 I bought broke but I have a Xbone now with the gamepass and they're all on it.

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that boss is easy, i'm not even joking
it's like the legend of zelda, it has a weak point it exposes like 3 or 4 times and the fight is over and you get a lot of experience, and then after that you make it outside where you are given way more experience as a quest reward

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Oh so you're a tranny. Opinion disregarded. Even if you weren't the wrongest person on the earth we still couldn't discuss your shit non retro game here

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This game had an awesome holographic promo poster at GameStop that I always wanted. Good game had a lot of fun with it, but it definitely did not deliver on most of what was promised. The multiplayer hook they were working on for it sounded awesome. Still, good game.

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Dude, I loved the game up until that point. I'll try it out again.

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Did this game age poorly or noh, anons?

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It's very fun for mastery of 3D parkour movement, I don't think much else that has come out since challenges it. The problems are the level design isn't challenging enough to force you to use all the tools you have available and wrestling with the camera is a constant struggle but modern romhacks fix these problems.

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>noh, anons

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Game is still great to play.

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Is this… dare I say it…. the greatest arcade hardware of all time?

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And the CPS-2 can't play Radiant Silvergun or Real Bout Special.
I'll trade a few extra pixels on the sides of the screen for being able to play games from other companies that aren't Capcom.
But yeah, Capcom made the most amazing arcade ports for the Saturn.
Not to mention, games like Vampire Savior are virtually arcade perfect (no cut frames, no load times) AND has the extra characters from Vampire Hunter.

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Yeah but none of that has anything do do with the point you made, it can’t do the same thing.

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Fine anon, fine. I'll help you a bit: the sound is also a bit different.
But, these nitpicks are virtually non-important when the Saturn (with the extra RAM) can do virtually perfect ports with no missing frames of animation and no loading times, both way more important than a few pixels of difference or small sound differences.

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CPS Changer Alpha 1 is neat. It was basically the last CPS1 game. The soundtrack was redone in FM.
Another good FM remix of a CPS2 game is the X68000 port of Super Street Fighter 2.
It's a shame that the Genesis port of SSF2 had such an awful soundtrack. The hardware was capable of much more.

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Can you try starting a thread like you don't have a mental condition?

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really, SoA?

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>t-the censored version l-looks better!
always the same cope.
original sprite looks more dynamic, like she's actually jumping and kicking midair. Censored sprite looks like she's posing for a shampoo commercial.

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She's wearing stockings. You can see the hem and distinctive flesh tone

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make a thread about a new thing for once
feet are literally the most common fetish dummies

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And it doesn't look like it's over her pantyhose. You can clearly see the bare skin.

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Who the fuck jumps and kicks with arms on hips? You can't do that even if you'll try, it's just not a natural position during mid-air kicking.

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So I bought River City Girls (sucks ass) and since it is based off River City Ransom it got me thinking what the best belt scroller on the NES is. I still say it's Double Dragon 1. Awesome music, cool level up system, no currency like RCR so you don't have to waste time backtracking and grinding, and it's short so you can do a quick run whenever you want. DD2 has those stupid platforming elements and DD3 is too damn hard.

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>beat em up fag pretending to have standards
Always makes me laugh

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>DD2 has those stupid platforming elements
i thought dd1 has platforming too?

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The pixel art is terrible. If they just use the same style of Shantae or Ducktales...

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why would ANYONE in 2022 waste their time playing nes versions of arcade games? delete this thread now

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What made it so influential?

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It proved that the RPG genre could be so much more than murderhobo simulators

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"dont be a dick" the RPG.
I must have fell lucky because it was the first RPG I ever played.

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This. By today's standards, an RPG like Ultima IV is boring and pretty much unplayable.

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nintesticles please leave

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Speak for yourself. Played U4 during lockdown and had the time of my life. It blew my mind in 2020, I can see why it was revolutionary in the 80s

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When I was younger playing SMB 2 I thought this little guy was supposed to be a short Arabian fellow or something. But he's a mushroom thing.

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When I was younger playing SMB 2 I thought this little guy was supposed to be a short Arabian fellow or something. But he's a mushroom thing.

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When I was younger playing SMB1 I thought this little guy was supposed to be a baby princess in diaper. But he's just Toad.

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I thought so too, he has Aladdin's outfit and a turban with a Hindu dot.

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Sonic 2 is by far one of the most recognizeable title in the series, to many it's their introduction to the character, most likely bundled in with the SEGA Genesis in the 1990's. I know many feel that Sonic 3 & Knuckles is superior, and I can see why that's the case, but in the end it's a matter of preference, and to me Sonic 2 always felt more right for some reason, the stages being more condensed and shorter in general is usually seen as something Sonic 3 & Knuckles improved upon by increasing the scope, but to me Sonic 2's size always felt just right, and the sense of speed is exhilarating, I love it.

However, there's one thing that stops me from replaying Sonic 2 as much as I'd like, something that makes this title, which in my eyes is pretty much the perfect Sonic title, not so perfect at all, and that's the Special Stages. I don't know how many of you are like me in this regard, but when I love my experience with a video game, simply getting to the end doesn't feel quite right, I always aim for 100% completion when it comes to my favorite titles, or else the whole thing just isn't as satisfying, especially if not getting the 100% results in a bad ending, which just spoils the whole experience for me.

Sadly, Sonic 2 is the most difficult Sonic title to 100% on the SEGA Genesis, the Special Stages are tough, if you don't have them memorized then you'll fail, especially if you prefer playing with Sonic & Tails. Also, trying to go to the Special Stages constantly ruins the flow of stages, since you have to hold on to your rings as much as possible while looking for a checkpoint, it forces you to play in a slow and cautious manner, instead of going fast. I beat Sonic 2 100% once, by going to the Special Stages constantly, but that ruined the pacing, I wish it was more fun to go for 100% completion in Sonic 2.

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I don't know, though I've always liked her a lot for some reason.

Well, while I don't dislike Amy's classic design, it was too similar to Sonic I think, her modern design's changes, especially with the spikes, makes her more unique.

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I had the same problem, now I love half pipes. Play 2 Absolute.
The draw distance is much better in the mobile Taxman ports, the only part where I had to memorize anything was the second part of the last special stage.
On the other hand, I dislike how special stages in 1 are harder now.
The third one seems almost to be a matter of luck.

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Posting in an Amy thread.

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Sonic 2 Absolute really does seem like the definitive version, the inclusion of achievements isn't exactly to my liking, but they don't seem too bad for now, and it does look a lot better to 100% overall, from the videos I've watched the player's visibility improved significantly so the bombs aren't that much of an issue compared to before, also love how it's 16:9 which helps to see ahead of you and keep those 50 rings you need for the checkpoint. I'll look into downloading it, I'll probably have to use Wine to run it or something along those lines, but it should work fine.

I recall the 3rd one in Sonic 1 being quite tricky even in the original version, it was by far the most open one and for the style Sonic 1 went for, that made it more difficult, usually it's a lot of corridors and you'll be fine as long as you follow the trails of rings, but when it's open like that, while it's easy to know where your goal is, getting there is another story, trying to get anywhere really, since there's little to jump off of, and when you finally get there, the rotation makes you fall and you have to get back there all over again, easily the worst one in all of Sonic 1.

Amy thread is always the best thread, it's nice to see a fellow man of culture.

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Sonic 2 special stages are garbage beyond their technical marvel value, I just ignore them entirely cause it completely ruins the experience otherwise. I liked the ones in 1/3/CD/Mania though. The half piple formula works well in DS with touch screen, even better with a transparent pipe like Colors.

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Aw, what's wrong? Does the widdle wace car dwiver wanna go home? Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk...

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I started playing Nethack recently and it's amazing.

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Plain old Rogue is pretty much perfect for me, and I rather like the Mac/Amiga/ST ports that can be mouse controlled. Diablo (1) is my idea of a perfect update to the formula. There's a lot of derivatives on retro computers I like to dabble with, some better than others. Gauntlet/Dandy/Dark Chambers aren't so far removed either, if you're in the mood. Cave Noir is pretty good, though I wish there was a more traditional roguelike on the platform. We Are Hejickle is a super rad homebrew RL for the NES and it plays great.

>> No.9048631

i like Angband, it's probably the best one

>> No.9048712

the problem with talking about roguelikes is that you don't want to spoil them

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nethack is great, the variants are "bigger" without really expanding the game play sadly

i still think vanilla's the one game i'd install if i could only have one computer game for the rest of eternity

even if you do the rng will conspire against you 99.99999% of the time

>> No.9048826

I get that. I got to a point with Nethack that I decided when I come across something new, I'll just skim the wiki page to get a basic understanding, rather than lose potentially hours or more of progress because putting a wand of cancellation into a bag of holding is a recipe for an atomic fucking bomb

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I refuse to believe people unironically enjoy this game's gameplay, it has to be the nostalgia associated with it or the music or presentation or something else. But the gameplay itself is horrendous even for the timer.

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Friend they made the game for you it's called Sonic Chronicles: The DANK Brotherhood

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"Panned" is a strong word but reviews were pretty mixed. The more SA1 gets rereleased the more flack it gets.
This. Saying that criticizing SA1 is a zoomer trait is hilariously wrong. Go on youtube if you don't believe me. You can find all sorts of video essays by zoomers on how DC/GCN/360 era Sonic was actually its peak and boomers just don't get it.

>> No.9049701


They don't remember how much better other 3D plaftormers actually were at the time than Sonic adventure. Onions-nice Adveentus was complete dogshit with an awful english translation, bad dubbed voice acting, collision glitches out the ass and to top it all off it was probably one of the shortest sonic the hedgehog games ever made- only multiplied by having you play through the same shit with other characters.

No idea why people liked the game then.

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We all know that Bond Man was a proposed Robot Master for the initial roster of Mega Man 1, but are there any reports or interviews about who was the eighth one?

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In alternative timeline, we've got a Bond Man's white sticky fluid instead of Guts Man's ass .

>> No.9049773

>> Power Get!
>> You get...
>> Caulk Shot!

>> No.9049795

A glue to a kill

>> No.9049812

The Man With The Golden Glue

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The 8th Man?

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How are your sets going? What you playing?

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>Why's super turbo more popular than SFAlpha2,3 and MvC 1 &2....it's good but not that good and also really JANK lol

>> No.9049308

I don't get the reddit meme sorry

>> No.9049460

fartcade boomers are too slow for those games

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I mostly play KOF'98, and sometimes Super Turbo and Real Bout 2. Windjammers is a fun 1v1 non-fighting game to check out.
It's iconic, personally I find it more enjoyable due to it's simplicity. Also I'm not a fan of custom combos.

>> No.9049907

is the classic

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SNES and Genesis switch libraries.

How do things change?

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The real answer isn't knowable. Sure it would be SMW but with Sega making it and not Nintendo it would be an entirely different game really. Along with every other in house games

>> No.9048561

Sonic never comes out and video games end by 1993. Awful.

>> No.9048589


In short, every Sega game gets better and every Nintendo game gets worse, miyamoto didn't work at Sega after all. That's regardless of the graphical changes and shit. People make the games, not the hardware.

>> No.9048602

Most of the games will be shit even if you assume they'd work but under the hardware limits. Think of playing Super Metriod is the 3 button controller.

>> No.9048608

>wot if
shut up

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ITT thread: Games that actually had a positive reception at release but thanks to zoomers and youtube faggotry now have the misconception of being bad.

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which one are you? i bet you're the sa2 apologist
no way you're the ballz guy

>> No.9048512

stinky boy stinky poopy boy haha

>> No.9048513

yea I knew you were the sa2 stinky butt

>> No.9048516

oooohhhh we got a stinky poopy butt heheh ummmmmmm sinkty yesyes *licks ur poopy butt&*

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