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Anyone else just happy that they can now collect or emulate games from every gen and every console?

Console wars weren't even a thing for me or anyone i played games with as a kid, we would all come over and play whatever games and console we had and every kid would just go "man, i wish i could have every console to play all the cool games". The war stuff was only manufactured by advertising and only dummies care more about marketing autism than games themselves.

So on that spirit which is your favorite gen and which are your favorite titles from every console of that era?

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Console war people are those who were too poor to have lots of games as a kid so they've invested themselves personally in the narrative that all those systems and games their mommy couldn't afford to buy them were actually terrible and not worth playing anyway. It's pretty sad.

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>The console wars are the highlight of this board and I look forward to starting many console war threads.
What a sad person

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Remove "not" and this post is highly accurate.

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I can smell Segatards ITT...

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t. falseflagging pedo

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Any games or consoles that live in your memory for the HYPE moreso than for the game/console itself? I was so fucking hyped for the N64. The build up, seeing the game boxes, the wonder of 3D Mario, those fleeting minutes playing Mario at demo kiosks, the weird futuristic look of the controllers... it was almost just too much for eight year old me. The thing was fucking magical. Loved the shit out of Mario, Wave Race, Pilot Wings, Shadows of the Empire, anything that took me to those magical worlds presented in a way that only the N64 could manage.

But now, I can't bring myself to play more than 5 minutes of Wave Race or Pilotwings. Mario 64 is still fun, no doubt, but it's just a fun 3D platformer that doesn't hold up as well as some of the prior entries in the series. OoT and MM are still fun, but I'd just as soon play Windwaker which I wasn't quite as hyped for. I know it is hard for anything to live up to hype, but I was hyped for Super Mario RPG and that is still as magical as ever.

This isn't a "shit on the N64" thread, just a place to discuss games where the prerelease information, anticipation, and overall vibe made a much greater impression on you than the game itself.

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There's a guy on etsy who makes custom ultra 64 jewels

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>I was so fucking hyped for the N64.

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Mario, Zelda, the list goes on...

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NOW we're gaming

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thank you Bung Enterprises

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This shit suck

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>if it's really called the master system
If they range banned that autistic cunt the threads would be gone instantly

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Agreed. Yakuza has a great story but the gameplay's dumb.
Based. Shenmue may have some tedious parts but i'd play it over Yakuza any day of the week.

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What kiwami did wrong was the whole majina everywhere shit. As a veteran idgaf about zeros 3 styles, I wanted DoD to be my main. Also that beginning cutscene with majima and kiryu being smacked bu him was really lame. Majoma is too memed in kiwami. Also the ps2 ost sounded better. Thankfully pc has a fan patch.

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>range banning all of Australia
Not all Aussies

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Were there other fails like this that ruined an otherwise great game?

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High encounter rate is the least of the problems.

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what's worse?

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i want to rape umihara kawase

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FFXII had turn based combat in the same way as ATB, so what are you actually trying to say?

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Nothing "ruins" this game other than its short length. What are you talking about?

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Ok fellas. While the retards are shredding their money buying Gamestop stocks giving their money to the rich only to be scammed, lets talk ACTUALY gains and future predictions for things that hold value
Post collection pieces you know will profit Ten-fold in the coming near future

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No one cares about your coomlection. Seek help.

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Once it hits 4 figures, I'll sell my copy.

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Create story, gameplay and achievements for this game

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Not retro. Not real. Fuck off with stupid shit like this. /v/ is where this garbage goes.

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If I'm going to play FF2, what version should I play? The GBA or the PSP? The NES version was just fucking awful, and this is coming from someone who has played through NES FF1 multiple times on actual hardware with no turbo button or save states.

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save states rule nigger

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Am i insane or do the sprites of the ffI-II-IV psp ports look good to me? I played all three of them and they did feel modern without losing the charm of the originals. The V-VI mobile ports now that's another story

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Oh no, no no no. The PSP sprites look GREAT. They are off-model compared to concept art and stuff, but they are very pretty. I remember when FFV and VI mobile ports a lot of people wondered why Square didn't give them rhe Anniversary Collection treatment

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>forcing you to use specific jobs for specific bosses/dungeons
You could just cheese it go Monk, 2x Black Mage and 1x White Mage. But respeccing for the first Mini Dungeon was a fucking experience.

The bigger problem is that the pacing is... janky and weird.
In the original game you got the strongest job non cheese in the game(Black Belt) at the 1/3 point(Water crystal), and you then get the SUPER jobs at Eureka.
Pacing kinda also falls off a clfif once you get to the water crystal, as there is no actual path between the airship areas.
It honestly felt kinda jarring.

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I always thought 5 and 6 deserved remakes on the 3DS, similar to what 4 got on the DS

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What is the best SHMUP on the Sega Genesis? I love the Genesis, and this is a new genre of gaming for me to discover.

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Found his twitter

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It is good for a no skill slob like me

I am playing Thunder Force AC, I can get to the final level but not win yet. On TF4 I can only get to like stage 7 or 8 out of 10 I think.

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Yeah even if TF3 /AC are on the easy side they aren't braindead by any means. TF4 is great but I don't like how blade slowdowns the game so much, TF2 an 3 aren't as impressive looking but theis performance is impeccable.

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I am playing the Switch ports so slowdown is mostly a non-issue. I picked them up because I mindlessly bought (almost) the whole Sega Ages series whether or not I knew the game, just because, and I am slowly working through them.

I like them both a bunch for different reasons, TF3 feels more focused and mostly more fair, TF4 has more spectacle but it's heavy on blind deaths and it is long... I've spent a lot more time with TF4 with less progress to show for it, and that's only on normal difficulty.

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imagine there was an abysmal point'n'click adventure game called animal that served as a commercial for peperami sausages and it's the worst adventure game I've ever played

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Black pudding? If the main character is a sausage, then...

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> there's an entire merch line devoted to this turd lookin motherfucker

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Lol its said its sold in the UK and Ireland and owned by an American company. Not him but he wasn't wrong

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now I see it

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Also sold in Mexico since the 90's surprisingly. Even has an extra spicy regional version since Pepperami Hot wasn't hot enough for the locals.

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Why the fuck NES Pac-Man was released as late as of 1993 while the same fucking port got its release on japanese Famicom in 1984? Where's the logic in here? You thought that Pac-Man released on NES in 1984 would be a hotter thing rather than releasing it at the end of console's lifespan.

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American or ESL? your grammar is shit.

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ESL. My first language is love.

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>nah. tengen (atari) never had an official license.
Did too. Read the box.

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I find it hilarious that having the actual game in the office 24/7 was a luxury for people porting games to other systems back then.

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What's the best WCW game on the PlayStation?

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i liked wcw vs the world

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This. Even babby AKI shits all over EA's attempts.

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WCW Vs The World. Although I thought Nitro & Thunder were cool too, it just didn't play as well as WCW Vs The World.

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My mind was blown as a kid on WCW Mayhem, where it had announcements for most common names you could call a custom wrestler.

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WCW Mayhem and Backstage Assault are the dribbling shits.

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Best console of the generation?

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nonce detected

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I'm not that anon.

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Gee let me have my fun before a janny clears up this shitty thread, anon, will ya?

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Who won the most normies is irrelevant

>> No.7347880

Yeah it is, that why one company went on to become the most successful games company ever and the other one tapped out.

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Post retro game cameos from TV shows, comics and films.

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Is it cheating? Yes.
Will I post it anyway? Of course.

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Karate Champ in Bloodsport

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What system is that?

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The Sega system.

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Was the gameboy screen always diarrhea green like that? Or did it fade over time?

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>kids react to the GB sreen
It was always green but it may change color a bit over time.

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Eyes change over time.

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>random unrelated comment

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How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

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I chose 4, and I really liked it. I chose it because the advertised minigames looked better for 4. I am happy with my decision because I at least know 4 is good, but I was curious what the general consensus is between 4 and 5? Do you think 4 or 5 is better?

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Nice, that is pretty encouraging. Minigames are my favorite part of the series and thats what I based my purchase on, so its good to know others think 4 had better minigames.

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I probably dislike 5 as much as you I just dislike 4 more. The lack of dueling, only items on item spaces are the two mushrooms and they constantly fill your inventory forcing you to use them or not be able to buy at the shop and the mushrooms gate parts of the map / star off making you run in circles, swap cards invalidating almost ever wanting to purchase big items like boo crystal balls magic lamps since they can steal your entire inventory and the spinner essentially lets you choose your target. Disliked all of these things. In 5 I mostly hate how the orbs are handed out through the random dispenser

>> No.7348110

Reasonable complaints about 4, honestly. None of them were ever a deal breaker for me, but I can see the issues. My go-to is usually 2 or 3, but I think at the end of the day 6 is my favorite. I remember really liking the Donkey Kong map and the one where you can buy as many stars as you can afford

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i dont even like mario party and am just commenting that you guys are faggots. not sure why i clicked this thread though.

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What are your top recs for Gamecube?

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To be fair the multiplats listed were Gamecube as the lead platform.

>> No.7350736

Embarassing that Snoybois keep reaching to defend systems that only sell well because normies want an overglorified DVD player

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Played a lot of Crash Team racing. Then a lot of Speed Punks. Then some Rollcage. Then a lot of Mario Kart DS. Then tried Double Dash, and it was unironically worse than every one of the above. Maps are flat crap, with long jump being a gimmick. Car behaviour is too simplistic, it is similar in DS, but maps in DS were 10x better. Car "physics" in CTR and Speed Punks is much better, I also liked one in Rollcage, though it is peculiar there. I probably had too high expectations for Double Dash and was disappointed.

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I was trying to do vs with my friends and it was only 3 of us rather than 8 cpu.

>> No.7351403

I was trying to do vs with my friends and it was only 3 of us rather than 8 with cpu.

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Who the fuck seriously gives a fucking shit about its repetition

My friend from back in high school said it's his favorite N64 game, and he was not lying

It's a fucking good game for crying out loud, and I won't fucking tolerate anyone's hate for this game

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I love the part where you destroy the twin towers.

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What are some good dystopian retro games to play?

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Deus Ex

>> No.7347260

I play games to escape the actual dystopia we live in.

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That's a cool democracy mask.

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I just finished my list of games compiled from eXoDOS. Any additions (or subtractions) welcome. https://pastebin.com/kPFfKXzV

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I don't see any mention of Stunts/4D Sports Driving. Btw you can scrap around a 1000 mediocre games off your list, will save you a lot of time for playing the good ones.

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>setting the pastebin to expire

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BOOOooowww bwoop-bweEEEP bwoop-bwoOOOP bweep BWOP BWOOOooo

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tu tu tuu tu, tuu tu tu, tuu tu tu...

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Hey Ness if you give me your Picnic Lunch I'll let you put your hand up my skirt~

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she doesn't do those things...

>> No.7352221

what makes you think I need your permission?

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