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To be fair to the SJWs involved, the original Lunar didn't have Clinton or ebonics jokes, so of course a retranslation wouldn't have those.

I find it hilarious specifically because it was traditionally SJWs defending Working Designs translations and accusing critics of being weaboos with sexist/racist views, because WD-style hackjobs were typically used as their sacred "role model" to excuse any changes and removals and general incompetence they want to get away with.
So to see them turn against their idols is rich. It doesn't matter though. Trannies are on a war path against the very concept of mods especially now that they're fine with how modern games get pozzed at the source, and want no one to ever mod those again (see the situation of Rune Factory 5 and Fire Emblem Engage). Might as well enjoy one of the fruits of cognitive dissonance by a nerd poisoned by SJW ideals but not to the point he'd defend shit translations.

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