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The trip bombs in Duke 3D outside of multiplayer. You're the one who's always on the move and going forward into enemy territory, not holing up and defending, waiting for something come.

>Low on everything
>Find secret area
>No health
>No weapons
>No ammo
>10 trip bombs

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Is it me, or are Psikyo games pretty brutal? I mean I really like Strikers 1999 since I get into the action quickly, but good lord does it start kicking my ass quickly from the third stage and on wards with the amount of bullets and the speed they come at me.

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Just started the Duke Nukem Forever 3D mod.
its pretty fucking awesome, anyone else try it out?

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Maybe I'll do Hayashida next
Might as well post this one as well, feels somewhat relevant I'd say

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My favorite game is DN3D. But I've never tried Blood. Should I do it?

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You guys are still fighting?

Why can't we all just get along and enjoy Doom in our own way, you're dividing everyone.

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How do you run out of RIP AND TEAR?

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