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>SNES score
>refined “real instruments”

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So I finally finished my first wad, I've spent a decent chunk of time on this bad boy. Hope some you guys enjoy it, any feedback is appreciated.


I've replayed it roughly ninety million times so I think i caught all the ugly texture shit, enjoy you nerds.

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Did they nerf Ultra-Violence in the Doom 3 BFG Edition version of Doom 2?

I've been playing through it and on Circle of Death I'm pretty sure there was a cyberdemon in the middle. The Factory doesn't have the spider mastermind in it either.

I started the game over twice because I thought I was playing in an easier difficulty. Can anyone else confirm this for me?

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>be Satan
>a lone super mad guy just shitfucked like 500,000 of your finest warriors and completely wrecked your operation on mars before punching the 50 foot tall spider + brain + machinery abomination you appointed to lead the troops so hard it turned into paste

>lets burn his hometown to the ground and impale his beloved pet rabbit on a spike, that seems like a really good idea

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Who the hell decided Mt.Pain was a good idea?

I'll never say another bad thing about DOOM2's maps because at least they're not Mount FUCKING Pain

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>jewing people and threatening their lives with a gun are the same thing

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>Doom 2 higher than Ultimate Doom, Doom 64 and TNT
You really have shit taste

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Sure is summer in there.

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>tfw the gameplay reveal trailer looks awesome
>tfw it was just the power of editing
>tfw the game still plays like every shooter from the past 5 years
>tfw weapons feel more like toys than even Doom 3
>tfw the soundtrack is a combination of farts instead of cool riffs

Probably will still be a pretty good game for today's standards like Rage, but other than that hype = dead

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>looking for a midi version of Them Bones by Alice in Chains.
>Download one from some random midi site
>Some chucklefuck literary uploaded the background music from Barrels O' Fun from Doom 2 as a midi version of Them Bones.

I had a heartly laugh at that, and it's the best midi version there is of that track anyway.

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nvm found it

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>Not having it saved

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>You don't HAVE to kill everything...

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Thats... that's hideous, I expected every texture to be swapped out for some kind of caco facsimile, like walls made out of red caco texture, eyes being switches, etc.

I need a picture of a Caco with it's smile turned upside down to adequately present my emotions.

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>Likes: burger
>Dislikes: Weed (smells like hedgehog shit)
>Has a Big Gun which shoot rocket and theyre so fast, noone, not even Sanic, is faster than them
>He is also bi

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>a gameplay video should always be vanilla

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