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Because of infinite lives in most coop servers it can become a rush of people screaming thru the level shooting demons and then falling over like dying is going outta style. Also because of this most smaller/standard size maps get finished really fast, so a lot of coop servers run slaughtery super huge maps.

Survival mode makes things less hectic because you cant just leeroy in all day, but one of the problems about coop in general is that staying in a group is bad because usually you will wind up running into a projectile or rocket that was meant for another player and bumping into each other / shooting each other because you're all running so damn fast you can't react to each other crashing into each other like a couple of drunk drivers, before a cyberdemon explodes the both of you.

It is a cool way to explore new wads online, maybe ones you wouldn't have bothered downlaoding and trying yourself. once I found a server hosting Pirate Doom and that was a fun romp.

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