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Ok, so far I've adjusted the offsets for:
>Baron Of Hell
As said, I'm applying the same offsets as from the Spritefix project, because these sprites are great and this shows them off better. I am also filling in with the unaltered frames (also offset corrected when needed), mainly so that if someone has anything else in autoload, or if they don't have Spritefix in autoload, you won't get inconsistencies in animation.

I still have to adjust the offsets for:
>Lost Soul
>Pain Elemental

I can probably get the Imp done now, but I have some work ahead of me, this will probably take a couple of days more, but the final product will be all the better for it. Probably finished by the weekend. If any of you guys have any tweaks or fixes you still want to do to your maps, please get to work on those when you have the time.

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>that spiked collar

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>That ambush on "Going Postal"
Jesus, I was not prepared for just how many enemies there were

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>That ambush on "Going Postal"

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>I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of gum.

>Going to kick ass and chew bubble gum here, and I'm all out of gum.

>To kick your butt and chew bubble gum here, going to, and I'm all out of gum.

>Kicking your ass and chew bubble gum here, go, and I'm all out gum.

>Bubble gum chew your ass kicking here, go, my gum is all.

>Bubble gum chews your ass, bit your butt, go, all the gums.


>Bite your butt, bubble gum, biting your ass, go to all the gum.

>Princess Bubblegum

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>The Plug 'N' Pray episode is exclusive to Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown, the PlayStation version of Duke Nukem 3D. It contains six levels and a secret level (a slightly modified version of Faces of Death from Duke Nukem 3D, such that it now has a level exit). Some textures and sprites were added from the fourth episode of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, The Birth, though it also features new content. Almost every level is based on a certain game or series. The boss of this episode is the CyberKeef.

To my knowledge, there is no complete guide to finding all of the secrets for the Plug N Pray episode. There are some videos on youtube for the first couple of levels. But not all of them!

Years ago, i replayed the episode and was going to find them all, but there was only one i could not get. It was in the last level. I checked every pixel and still came up empty.

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>Snu-snu centaur babes
>Sexy leggy dark priestesses with sex magic
>Dominatrix skeleton dragon... serpent... thing
Fuck it, I'm down.

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I just offered 15€ + 5€ postage for gcon2 so I can play my time crisis 2. I hope some cunt does not outbid me

When did ps2 shit become this expensive?

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Rip /CRT/. Welcome /VHS/LD/.

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>still have 3 incomplete achievements on Duke Nukem: Megaton
>they're all multiplayer achievements
>tfw servers are probably dead already

Also, what's going to happen with Duke Nukem 1, Duke Nukem 2, and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project? They also were removed during the great Duke purge. Are they going to be bundled together with the new Duke Nukem 3D anniversary edition?

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I shouldn't be aroused but his, but I am. Very.

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Alright, OP here. Got everything to work when I simply did what I did before, but switched the folders around so that all that everything is in the classic folder, except .grp files and mods. Now I can launch EDuke32 from steam megaton classic with all mods and addons and whatnot.
I even got high resolution pack, looks nice I guess but it plays like ass.

>mfw when trying out Life's a Beach with HRP and they're not compatible so it's a nightmarish mix of 3D and 2D

I also noticed that steam Duke Nukem 3D classic (the one that was in 3D realms anthology bundle) also includes Duke Zone 2, so I downloaded that as well and I'm going to try it out later. It has 3 new episodes.

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Is there a Ranger version of Sweating Towel Guy?

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So, what's the best music quality for Chocolate Doom?

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>bought 3D Realms Anthology pack just few days ago
>see this

I hope you guys have your copies of classic Douks on your steam, because knowing gearbox after this there might never be another chance to own legit digital copies.

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That article really infuriates me.

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>ZSpecOps shotgunners

I wish Ghastly finished working on the ZSpecOps plasma gunner I sprited for him.


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>Multiball ready

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>tfw beating DN3D for the first time and seeing that ending cinematic

oh my...

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