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Here's my map for that 100 minutes vr thing. I call it "Planet Boneguy". It's quite possibly the finest map ever created, a true work of brilliance and divine intellect.


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you're all under arrest for nipple crimes


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Alright I finished speed mapping this bone zone
You will need to run it with cc4-tex.wad(the thing that comes with community chest 4, the cc4.wad itself can work too with right load order) or you'll see missing texture errors everywhere.
I didnt really feel like adding the texture pack itself cause it would've raises the file size to like 15mb which is bit much for one map if you ask me and im planning to release a small pack with more speedmaps bit later anyway (such as the tower map and the reactor map).

works with zdoom or zandro
I recycled something silly for the finale of the map

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Done speed mapping this thing:
It probably has some bugs but i dunno I dont wanna touch it anymore cause it keeps breaking like constantly over and over and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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