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I decided to at least attempt to play all of the good games in (loose) chronological order, so far Im going to start like this

>Ultima IV
Though even with exult combat became a chore the first time I played it a couple of years ago, specially in the dungeons, didnt help that I played Underworld before this one and loved it, Im going to give it another chance, but it might be too dated for me
Star control 2 is one of my favorite games, so Im going with high expectations for this one
I did try it a couple of times, couldnt get used to the interface, Im willing to give it another chance
>Pool of Radiance
same thing with wasteland
>Ultima V
Might actually try the Dungeon Siege recreation
>Quest for glory 1 VGA
>The Dark Heary of Uukrul
>Ultima VI
same with UV
>Maybe Wizardry 7?
I can stomach old graphics but the use of color on this one is dreadful, the gray walls for everything dont help
>Might & Magic 37

I think thats more than enough for now, Im really trying to get used to these interfaces but Im playing on a modern laptop, and even having a numpad sometimes games throw me some weird shit like having to use +/- to navigate a menu instead of using the arrow keys
Doesnt help that the F keys are set to the Fn functions by default, so If I press F3 I just turn the volume up instead of pressing F3, I have no idea how to change that and its pretty annoying even with modern games.

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