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They sometimes have discussions like this on /k but its worthy to get into here too.

I like the .40 super but fact is you could neck down a .45 to a 9mm and it might pack up to 44 mag levels of firepower. Technically its a .45 winchester magnum cut down and necked, but the case is still the same profile (its got a thicker base internally).

Whatever you put in that could be armor piercing, supercavitating, sabot, etc.

The problem is magazine capacity but if you're not expecting too much problems (on mars) and you only occasionally get an "anomaly" coming through the gate, its much better to have a common ammunition between all your weapons just like they did in Black Mesa.

Why not use 9mm since that kills the man good enough and only incapacitates him if it doesn't? Maybe the project facilitators knew something with abit more push might be necessary coming into it.

Or maybe in case of rogue ops or a mutiny they wanted to make sure body armor wasn't going to be effective (sure the security armor will stop it, but the leg/arm sleeves wont).

The disparity between why the chaingun uses the same magazines as the pistol can be solved that maybe it feeds from several at the same time and just kicks them out when it empties one of them (I can see it having 4 magazines stuck in the bottom and they just drop off and he slams another one in and doesnt even have to charge the weapon).

Or maybe those green ammo boxes have a 50 round drum.

And as for why they'd use a 4 barreled chaingun instead of just a machinegun: fire rate is not the issue. You can make the barrels thinner since they're air cooled now and you have 4 of them to distribute barrel wear between. Also a chain driven mechanism makes loading and extraction very, very reliable (this gun will NOT jam).

> but senpai chaingunners have belts of ammunition, you can see it right on their sprite

Its abit too technical to consider seriously. Doomguy also has an SMG in the splash art.

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