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I don't, but that's something I'd like to see.

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Fuck you, I updated this like months ago.
I've excluded less noteworthy games like the other GB titles or 64 (2001) because this series has a lot of games and I didn't want the image to be too hueg.

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I really like Saturn Bomberman, which is often considered the best bomberman game but just as often considered overrated. It plays very well in emulators since it's a graphically simple 2D game, even on the computers of years ago, so I used to play it all the time with classmates when I was in school.
Bomberman '94 is the other one that is frequently called the best of the series. It's actually very similar to Saturn Bomberman, without the ten player support of course. As far as I can tell Mega Bomberman is basically the same game as well. Super Bomberman 5 gets talked up around here but I've never tried it.

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I'm surprised an image I made got posted. I actually updated it mostly because I think overrated the fuck out of Super 4.

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