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I dunno, I think console wars are silly anyway.
but I like them all. 5th gen isn't my cup of tea though.

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Is that the most complex PS1 has to offer? Dead or Alive girls on Saturn look better.

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Back in 1999, the western Eva fandom was still in their baby steps. EoE didn't even get an official western release until Manga Films' release in 2002 or 2003.
And even when Eva got more massive overseas, no Eva game ever got officially released outside of Japan.

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Is that so? I don't see them that complicated.

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Sony didn't push 3D gaming though. Their system was mostly capable for FMVs, that was their priority, the video codecs. It could do 3D in very rustic ways, some devs were smarter than others working it around, but 3D has been a thing since many years prior the PS' release.
PC was leading 3D in terms of home systems, while arcades were doing their thing, Sega was doing avant garde shit like the Virtua series in the early 90s.
>good textures
You can talk about "varied" all you want, whatever that means. Textures looked mostly like shit on both PS and N64, but N64 had anti-aliasing that, against all memes made by people who play N64 for the first time on emulators on HD screens, was a good way to smoothen the pixelation of textures and make them look better on CRTs or any other SD display.

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PS was weaker than the N64. This is not a surprise since it came out nearly 2 years prior.
MGS has great art direction, but it still suffers from the typical PS issues like incorrect perspective and fluttering textures.
MG Rex's 3D model is pretty impressive though, but not as impressive as the models in, say, Evangelion 64. There's certain limits the PS had.
What anon probably meant by blurry is how deformed textures got up close. They're more messy than blurry.

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On N64 it's Evangelion for me.
I know there's probably more technically impressive games, like Conker or whatever, but I guess it's the art direction on Evangelion 64 that really lives up to the source material. I also have memories of watching gootage of this game on real media videos from anime magazine CD-ROMs back in 1999 and thinking it was unreal. And honestly it lives up to that hype, at least graphically.
I've seen the PS2/PSP Evangelion games, and honestly I don't think they got the 3D Eva models as spot on as they did on Eva 64.

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I know maybe games like Conker's Bad Fur Day or others that use the expansion pak might be actually technically more advanced, but back in 1999, my jaw dropped when I saw Evangelion 64. I think it's graphically one of the best 5th gen games.

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Panzer Dragoon (especially Zwei) is amazing, but it's not without its strange visual hiccups (see the sky on level 2, for example).
I don't know what N64 games you've played, but they were the most impressive 3D on consoles in 5th gen.
You won't find anything close to Evangelion 64 in terms of graphics in either PS1 or Saturn.

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>Most games from the 5th gen just had a flat face projected on to the model.

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>Tekken 3 (PS1) does polygons better than anything on N64

Virtua Fighter 2 on Saturn looks better than Tekken 3.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion on Nintendo 64 still stands as one of the most impressive-looking games of the whole 5th gen for me, and it didn't even use the extra RAM. Ban Dai's CG modelers were just too good on that game.

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