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My personal favorite is this guy, the Condor. Secondary weapon is a high damage high ROF autocannon, and with the rate of fire upgraded to max it becomes a GAU-8 and is oh so satisfying. Need better sound effects for it.
Actually we need better sound effects in general

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So, what if I told you a friend of mine managed to create a fusion of Starfox 64 and Ace Combat...

in GZDoom?
I've been helping him here and there with various things, but he's really doing the work because every time he updates it, it becomes almost an order of magnitude better than the previous version and he's just cranking these out every couple of days.

What do you guys think? Normally you'd think this would be better suited to /aceg/ but considering what it's running in, I figured I'd try here first.

Oh, and it's an IWAD with all original materials so it's standalone. We're hoping you guys can find some of the weirder bugs that might be buried in there, especially with all the new AI updates lately.

Here's the Doomworld thread regarding it: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/107435-furys-sky-action-flight-iwad-for-gzdoom/

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