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What does me doing it for free have to do with you being an unintelligent nigger?

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>as close to perfect as is reasonable to expect
>janky fall mechanics in a set piece that requires precision platforming with no mercy

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>steal subs

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>niggers and indians

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>/v/ doesnt work
>/vg/ doesnt work
>/vr/ does

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Everyone calls Phantasy Star IV the best of the series, so I decided to give it a try.

Frankly, I'm having trouble seeing it. The early parts of this game seem to give extremely little in terms of worldbuilding, and basically resort to "Hey you need to go here. You went here? Great, go to this other place" in rapid succession.

Am I missing something?

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>most if not every playstation game from 1997 onward had very short loading times that were barely a little longer than loading from a cartridge

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Can I salvage this disaster of a thread with an actual question?

I downloaded RetroArch over this holiday weekend but I've decided to wait until I'm back home with my gamepad to install it and set it up. Anything I should know in advance that might not be covered in a typical set-up guide? I know there's a shitload of fun little knobs and levers to tweak.

Also, can I set it up to where there is per-console button mapping AND per-game console mapping with the latter taking priority (specific beating general, essentially), or can I only have it one way or the other?

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>with a real Super FX chip on the motherboard

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>when you're inconsistent with your sarcasm and end up inadvertently defending the person you were trying to berate

learn how to write an insult you illiterate fucking brainlet

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>Running to the castle in Hyrule field
>About 500 ft
>Enough time for the sun to fucking go down

Why is Link so slow?

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Nothing like flooding a thread to get people to stop talking about how you stole from Bootsy, huh Mike?

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>limited hard drive space.

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>This is why the mushroom people had a slight Arabian feel to them
>Post the cover of All Night Nippon SMB.
>Those people are Japanese radio hosts.

What the fuck are you talking about?

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now you know the maturity level of the autists on /vr/ they couldn't just fuck off they felt the need to pretend to be superior while not actually helping or answering my question

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>N64 modders try to make its graphics more like PS1

>PS1 modders try to make its graphics more like N64

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