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>inb4 arcade biz
unironically yes. deal with it

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from their games, despite what the SEGA doomers say, their games are actually selling decently well, the yakuza games make them good money

also their arcades and arcade machines

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My zoomer cousins who watch gaming content on YouTube know that SEGA was all about bringing the arcade experience home, but again that’s because they hear it from the videos. They watch a lot of YouTube so they actually surprise me with the trivia they know. Zoomers who are actually interested in learning and go and look for informative material are actually pretty based.

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I find it funny how Sega is lowkey still making a shitton of money while everyone thinks it's dead. Also I've heard that the Yakuza series is like soap opera to Japs, literally everyone and their dog buy every installment as soon as it comes out

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