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Yes, that is an anti-rape diaphram. So what?

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So instead of getting raped, you get murdered.

Smart, ladies.

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It's like a lamprey for your cock.

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It's a sex aid for sharks.

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In all fairness, I'd be thinking of everything in the world EXCEPT beating the woman to death if I had one of those snagged on. Goddamn, she can go, I just want to sit down and cry.

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And, to quote /b/

This only works if you pull back.


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Dicks aren't prehensile tentacles that jam themselves on their own, you'd pretty much want to stick your fingers in if only to hold them open.

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I can only imagine product testing for those things.

Jesus christ.

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kielbasa delivered by the truckload

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checking the oil

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>+200 replies just like on /v/

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An oversized sausage?

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Because you'll certainly be in a position to murder someone, and not curled up in a ball or passed out from sheer agony.

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If you're raping a woman, chances are you've got some form of weapon on you.

If it's a gun, she's dead, and if it's a knife... Well, she might escape, but still.

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I don't know about your dick. But mine isn't particularly focused on being able to feel pain.

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If you don't go into shock, then yes, you will be murdering a bitch.


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If somebody is close enough for penetration with a weapon, then sure.

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What do you suppose the numbers of these in action are? You cannot seriously tell me that any large percentage of the female population wears these AT ALL TIMES. Former rape victims maybe, or an abused girlfriend looking for revenge, but if you go out for a jog in the park do you put one in? Are they re-usable?

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>So instead of getting raped, you get something else jammed into the vagina to remove this and THEN you get raped


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you could just cut it off...

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What kind of fucking retard doesn't finger her a bit before putting it in, that's what I want to know.

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>Implying you can control what sensations your dick feels

Teach me.

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The kind who prefers to go in dry?

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Bro you need to learn how to treat your dude right and set the scene first for the guy.

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A rapist.

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Why not just make a hollow dildo that you put your dick in, and that can transfer enough friction to be pleasurable?

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What if she's some crazy psycho?

No one is going to believe she consented once you have that latched onto your dick.

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dude, have you EVER had consensual sex in the missionary without poking a finger in first and calculating the trajectory?

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>a hollow dildo that you put your dick in

I have no need to invent that, son.

It's called a woman.

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>get Rapex
>Rapist is also a Masochist
>Keeps on pounding away anyway

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1. Carry around long, uninflated balloons
2. Inflate Balloon in vagina before intercourse
3. If balloon is safe, proceed; if not, DO NOT PROCEED
4. ???
5. Happy dick is happy it has not been turned into a snausage

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>calculating the trajectory?


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All you need to do is stop getting a boner in order to get that thing off. It's not that hard, especially when you start to fucking bleed all over the place.

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>Inflate Balloon in vagina before intercourse

Son, I like your go-getter attitude, but this is an inflexible approach and a possible drain on valuable steak funds.

Refer to my TEST STICK methodology for an optimal solution.

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South Africa

Girls in most places pay a fucking rape tax to local gangs to not get raped

Hell, a group tried to get the Rapex banned in South Africa because it violated the rapists' human rights(!)

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It looks like you could cut it off with a pair of scissors if you just pushed your dick in it further unless i can't see the entire thing.

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IIRC a shock to your system might uncouple the debonering process and give you wood for quite a while.

Comes from some primitive thing where you're about to die at least your body gets you ready to throw your sperm in the nearest female first.

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Yeah, the only way this would possibly work is if all the following conditions were fulfilled:

1. you are wearing it at all times.
2. If your rapist is not carrying a weapon that can kill you easily. And almost all rapists carry knives at least. Knife + throat = horrible bloody death. Knife + almost anywhere else = horrible pain followed by likely death.
3. If your rapist is a total and complete idiot that doesn't jam his fingers in you first.
4. And your rapist has to be fragile enough that he doesn't just pull the thing off and beat you to death while his dick bleeds, but eventually stops bleeding, because realistically unless he J-J-J-JAMS IT IN only 1 or 2 barbs will stick.

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Claim you saw her put it in first, and nobody's going to believe that YOU consented.

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Also, this whole device is predicated on the idea that there's only one rapist. And even then... well, after getting this stuck on his dick, what do you think he's going to do to you?

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The legal system has no room for male rape victims.

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Why the fuck is this being posted on /tg/

>> No.9996718

They need to create something that slices it off

Then instead of a wounded but angry guy who may or may not be capable of attacking you, you have a person bleeding to death on the floor

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Ask for her digits?

>> No.9996732

I just don't get this shitty piece of junk. I'd say it's way to late to abort the rape attempt while he is fucking inside of you! Sure. If it was something you could throw at him while approaching you but no. You have to wait for him to start fucking you senseless.

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I don't want a switchblade in my urethra that comes out when someone fucks me in the ass or squeezes my balls too tightly.

>> No.9996741

There's a better way to not get raped: wear your burka, you whores.

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Interesting and informative

>> No.9996750

must feel good when you go about with that thing in your pussy 24/7

then in 1 out of 365 days of the year a rapist comes and fingers you, gets a cut and proceeds to rape your asshole.

>> No.9996775

It can be pretty difficult for a female to actually win a rape prosecution, much less for a man to win a rape case against a male rapist, even less so for a man to win one against a female rapist (in some jurisdictions the last is essentially impossible because of the wording of the law.)

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...and if she squirms around?

>> No.9996804

you take your dick out first.

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I remember hearing a copy-pasta on /b/ about some girl who found an unopened RapeX, and she put it in, then tricked one of her high school's retards to come have sex with her in the girl's bathroom.

He gets his dick caught in the RapeX, she runs to security and tells them the retard tried to rape her, and the retard gets suspended and becomes a registered sex offender.

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Rance's hyper weapon would break this wimpy plastic thing

>> No.9996822


Hey history guy.

Tell us about rape defense in the hellenistic eras or what have you.

>> No.9996835

You get your brother/father/cousin to go after the guy and kill him with a sword or spear.

>> No.9996851

Just goes to show that some women do genuinely deserve to be raped to death.

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>> No.9996865

Nobody has thus far mentioned that RapeX isn't just for women...

>> No.9996895


It's great for training your rectum for prison.

>> No.9996901

why are we discussing this?

because it's genuinely more interesting then 90% of board content right now.

>> No.9996922

/tg/ is shit right now
thanks summer

>> No.9996926


What kind of dude outside of prison goes around afraid of being assfucked any moment

>> No.9996928

Considering most rapes aren't the "backalley with a switchblade" type (the rarest despite being the one everyone thinks of it) it's actually pretty effective. Some drunk guy at a party probably wouldn't think to check first, nor would a boyfriend who decides "no" doesn't cut it and that he's owed a little something.

Like with murder, most rapes are done by people the victim knows. Serial rapists are a anomaly much in the way serial killers are.

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I feel bad whenever this Rance is posted, because that girl looks really cute and cuddly and competent-warrior-ish, and thinking of her being raped by that fuckwad Rance makes me sadface.

>> No.9996954


Would you feel worse if it was Cultist-sama who was raped?

>> No.9996958

oh man, I laughed hard, and I wrote >>9996865

>> No.9996959


This man does have a point. Though I still feel that a gun is superior.

Well, no, to be blunt, I think that women who go to parties and get drunk off their ass have already fucked up, just like guys who get drunk off their ass and wake up with a beer bottle IN their ass.

>> No.9996969

>What kind of dude outside of prison goes around afraid of being assfucked any moment
Welcome to San Francisco

>> No.9996971

And what about a woman who wears one to a party, gets drunk, gets horny, and forgets to take it out?

Feels bad, man.

>> No.9996974


The way the anus is (a msucular spinchter) compared to the vagina (not a muscular spinchter) wearing one for prolonged periods is liable to have the same results as keeping a buttplug or other device that stretches out that orifice in there too long: you loose elasticity.

This is a bad thing because if you loose too much elasticity your poopchute doesn't fucking close and it's adult diapers for you.

So it is most certainly not for men.

>> No.9996979


That creepy anorexic bitch with the teeth filed to points? fuck her. she ought to be shot.

>> No.9996988

Then you stop playing with her clit.

>> No.9997005

There's nothing "elastic" about muscles

>> No.9997006


>Feels bad, man.

Understatement of the year. Just LOOK at that fucking thing. BARBS, man. BARBS.

>> No.9997007

How exactly am I gonna be shocked by her getting raped by Vance after the whole ASS FUCKED TO DEATH fanfic?

>> No.9997024

The muscle does retract given time...

>> No.9997030

note that the barbs don't actually break the skin, but the still needs to be surgically removed.

Not sure how that works, but it does.

>> No.9997031

Well shit, I need to take mine out

>> No.9997038

>implying that you should ever take a buttplug out.

>> No.9997060


look at the angle. same principle as a fish-hook.

Not sure how it stays on after you go soft, though. Perhaps the plastic barb-rails peel off the sides and stay embedded. It looks to me like they DO break the goddamn skin.

>> No.9997070

>This man does have a point. Though I still feel that a gun is superior.

Having a RapeX on doesn't cause firearms to jam.

You can certainly have both.

>I think that women who go to parties and get drunk off their ass have already fucked up

You don't need to get drunk to get raped in the same way I don't need to get drunk to die in an drunk driving accident. A drunk can hit me and kill me (and indeed, most drunk driving fatalities are sadly not of the drunks themselves) much in the same way a drunk can rape (or make the attempt to rape) a woman regardless of what she's doing.

Drunks are responsible for their actions. Those victimized by drunks are not.


Unfortunate, but entirely her fault for being a dumbass. Of course, there's all kinds of murky water here because with rape there's little presentable evidence and a lot of he said she said so this could be defused if both parties are rational after their heads clear or really, really messy otherwise.

Though if might be a good idea not to get drunk with one, much like I'd not get shitfaced whilst carrying a firearm. S'bad idea.

>> No.9997104


If the Rape-x is elastic enough, a woman could force it to clench, but even that would be ineffective when he's flaccid because it would simply flay the flesh if he pulled hard enough to get off.

He'd have rather telltale wounds, however.

>> No.9997122

...unless Suzume was using it.

>> No.9997126

>He'd have rather telltale wounds, however.
Every man in a given city must drop trou and wait to be inspected by the government Dong Police. Instantly rape is eliminated

>> No.9997132

And while he's playing with it to get it off (ha ha!), she's running away to the nearest copper.

>> No.9997145

Just a thought. Assuming 2 people get drunk at a party. One male, one female. Decide to have go at it (consensual on both sides). Woman is wearing one of these. Drunkenly forgets to remove.

Who is gonna win the court case afterwards? The guy who's dick has been mutilated because a drunk woman forgot to remove it? Or the woman who countersues with rape because she doesn't want to seem like the one in the wrong?

>> No.9997147


You realize how much pain he would be on a day to day basis? Plus the injuries would be infection risks.

Most people would go to the doctor, even with a shitty lie.

>> No.9997155

Alternatively, he just holds the thing with one hand to keep it in place and continues to rape away.

As long as it doesn't move relative to his penis, it won't do any additional damage.

>> No.9997159


The woman unless the man has more people agreeing with him.

>> No.9997172


But he won't actually be in the vagina...and he'll be risking further injury due to the fact that the blades are still there. It'd be better to pin her and rip the rape-x out.

>> No.9997188

Jesus christ, just stick a finger in there before proceeding. You don't have to make a whole production out of this shit.

>> No.9997194


Don't rape people isn't an option?

>> No.9997201

He's in the Rape-X, which is in the vagina.

And the Rape-X is probably going to do a lot more damage to the interior when thrust in and out repeatedly than a penis would, since the Rape-X isn't actually intended to be used for repeated thrusting.

>> No.9997208


What? That's just fucking crazy. Let's keep this discussion realistic.

>> No.9997211

Her needles in me will mean my claws in her. That's a fair trade, yeah?

>> No.9997222

Yes, but nobody would let your wyrm-tainted cock near them.

>> No.9997241

Going to Prison?

>> No.9997247


Even with more people, it would have to be a significantly high amount.

>> No.9997266


Of course, the woman would probably just promise the man sex and footing his medical bills in exchange for not taking it to court.

>> No.9997277


>> No.9997287

...stop getting drunk?

>> No.9997289


Funnily enough, oWerewolf did have an organic sort of RapeX.

Pic related. Fucking Fomori.

>> No.9997296

shitty advice because then the asshole will get loose

>> No.9997306

Nothing, because you'd be unconscious.

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>> No.9997324

turn the condom inside out and them rape her with it. She will get a taste of her own medicine.

/tg/ related, as Slaanesh would be fond of combining torture and sex simultaneously.

>> No.9997326

What if you barbs on your dick on the pretext that it's to prevent ladies from raping you?

Then when the girl shows up in court you can present the scars as evidence that she abused you.

Then when you meet someone with this spiked diaphragm you can cause a singularity that ends the world.

>> No.9997337

PROTIP: this device was developed by a white woman from South Africa.
Africa is of course the rape and STD capitol of the world
This device is meant SOLELY for protection from wild nigger attacks.


>> No.9997340

I'm not surprised that fomori show taint in that manner. What I would be surprised about is if any garou took one to bed.

>> No.9997351

Other way around, wyrm-thing. Nobody fucks furfags.

>> No.9997370

'animal magnetism' has landed me more than one gutter-trash bar girl for a night, anon

>> No.9997378

Why the fuck haven't you killed yourself yet?

>> No.9997388

If by "animal magnetism" you mean Rohypnol, then I believe you.

>> No.9997401

I'm not giving in and letting wyrm-taint take hold of me and cause me to take my own life.

>> No.9997409


The point is, a gun is probably superior protection in the non-drunk-assaulted-by-crazy-man-in-back-alley scenario. And if you're being attacked by your cousin or somebody, you probably weren't expecting it.

tl;dr this was invented for shitholes like Africa.

>> No.9997420

Somewhere in the sprawl...

...A man is attempting to rape a woman, only to run afoul of her implanted cooter-teeth. He responds to this (after screaming in pain and likely flailing a bit) by pulling a CO2 knife and stabbing her right in the implants, causing one of her breasts to explode.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the cyberpunk world of today.

>> No.9997434

You otherkin/furrfaggots are so fucking delusional

>> No.9997457

..It's so easy to forget we are living in the future.

>> No.9997467

That was pretty good, but no. I'm sure you'd like to fantasize about me dragging women home and forcing myself on them, then leading them out into the woods to dispose of the evidence in the weakness that is cannibalism.

Sorry to disappoint you though, that's not my idea of fun.

>> No.9997489


Why are you such a faggot and why does everyone hate you?

>> No.9997496

> I'm sure you'd like to fantasize about me dragging women home

No...you'd like it if we thought so.
we KNOW you're a pig-bottom faggot aids-slut who gets gang fucked by obese drunken truckers behind a 7-11

>> No.9997508

It's okay, wyrm-thing, we're all friends here.
Except for you. You're not my friend. But I'm not judging. That much. Maybe.

>> No.9997511

you answered your own question...

>> No.9997531

Naw man. You're confusing him with Blackheart.

>> No.9997542


For some reason, that made me lol. Maybe it's the mental image of a man realizing what happened, grabbing the knife and BAM exploding breast.

God I love cyberpunk.

>> No.9997546

To be honest, him and Edward are probably butt-buddies.

>> No.9997550

>implying even truckers would touch this cunt

>> No.9997552



hells yeah nigga.

>> No.9997555

Bored cumdumpster here, 19/f/US - im lonely, someone add my msn for a chat / cam! 2
if youre from US, add my msn: [email protected]!! And ask for cam! 49

>> No.9997580


You sound like you're improving, SoS, good to see.

>> No.9997596

shut the fuck up SoS

>> No.9997597


Bot or troll? You decide!

>> No.9997603

I do not get it... To prevent from sticking one thing in vagina for 15 minutes, one should stick another thing for entire day? Were is the logic?

>> No.9997621


Why should I listen to you! For all I know you're SoS! This all a big mind game! Everyone is samefag!

>> No.9997650

it's not intended as being practical, as previously stated this was made in AFRICA!!!!

where women have absolutely no defense against rape and no support after the fact (rape is the woman's fault)

>> No.9997666

shut the fuck up SoS

>> No.9997667


>> No.9997670


lets run with the wind in our fur, yeah?

>> No.9997674

>Why would someone prefer at-worst-mild discomfort over being raped?
...you might wanna think that one over again, anon.

>> No.9997734


The real question is what happens when the woman can't capitalize on the moment her attacker is at his weakest to kill him or escape?

>> No.9997738

Aha thit thig is thiker than dick and as someone dtated before you will wear it for all year...
Not sure about hygiene issues, but i guess
> at-worst-mild discomfort
You tried this shit? For how long do you used that?
Also - if this one designed for africa, that that is for sure suicide device...

>> No.9997742

lol africa

>> No.9997746

God damn you faggots. Look at you bickering over how this hurts dicks. Can you not fucking see the insanity of a world that thinking creating such a thing was needed?

>> No.9997759

You know, if everyone had a gun, rape would never happen

>> No.9997760


...sorry, you're basically saying concealable weapons of all varieties are wrong. This one just fits a specific purpose.

>> No.9997770

Guns aren't designed to mutilate and torture.

But, as other anons have said, its to deal with savage Africans, so whatever.

>> No.9997775

Yeah that insane place is called africa

>> No.9997779


How about some jokes based on misogynism instead.

>> No.9997781


>> No.9997782

Yeah, we know.

A world where rape has consequences for the rapist isn't a world worth living in.

>> No.9997789


Mutilate/torture =/= weaken an attacker so you can get the upperhand on him.

You are not understanding what rape-x is for.

>> No.9997792

>Triforces everywhere
>purple hair
>totally submissive after a brief talking back


>> No.9997829

since the teeth are meant to hurt you when you try to pull out, can't you stick your dick in, get minor bite-marks, then pull the condom out alongside your dick to avoid rips?
All this will do is teach rapists to knock the target out cold and check for this crap before J-J-JAM IT IN in any case.

>> No.9997843


You're >implying I'm SoS,
But that couldn't be, because man, I don't a toss.
All you can is spew accusations and implications,
Low class shit, nothing but total misinformation.
Prove yourself worth my time, back up your words,
At least amuse me, entertain me, instead of chirping like birds.

>> No.9997844

niggos are not that clever

>> No.9997855

>weaken an attacker so you can get the upperhand on him
I REALLY would like to see ONE case in which that happened.

>> No.9997858

shut the fuck up SoS

>> No.9997873


Get the fuck out CWC.

>> No.9997874

Nobody posted this yet?

>> No.9997880

Are you trying to rhyme?

>> No.9997901


You gotta take it out sometime, and once it's in any movement will damage it, including any eventual shrinkage.

You'd need to cut it off without damaging the wang undernieth for minimum damage.

>> No.9997909


>> No.9997919

My favorite African invention is still the BLASTER anti-theft device


>> No.9997944

This devoce is load of bullcrap. Useles, discomforting, and dangerous for user.
Just a way to leech money from insecure paranoid bitches and proof of penis envy and lack of itelligence of its creators.
Fucking knife or tazer would work...

>> No.9997969

>including any eventual shrinkage

>> No.9997972

>Fucking knife or tazer would work...

correct and then the woman is tortured and beaten to death for daring to harm a man.

what part of AFRICA do you people not understand?

>> No.9997987

Trolling aside it might work for some rape victims, but not all.

Who said anything about a penis being used in the rape? Who said it had anything to do with sex?

>> No.9997989

>lack of itelligence

I'm just gonna point out the stupidity of saying other people lack intelligence when you can't even spell the word properly.

>> No.9997991

Fuck of niggers!

>> No.9998011

Who said I'm not going straight for the pooper?

>> No.9998017

your instinctual urge.

>> No.9998029

>Implying someone here gives a fuck about grammar and spellcheck.
Also - Sorry, english is not my native language and that that one was just a typo. And i still cnow more languages, than you.

>> No.9998032

You know what I wonder? I wonder if there has ever been a case off a girl wearing one of these, and then getting anally raped. Like he didn't even realize she had it in, he just liked to do it in the ass.

>> No.9998043

This is why the vast majority of rappers are not white. Fuck, I literally cringed at that shit.

>> No.9998060


Worse case scenario he takes out his shit encrusted dick and changes holes.

>> No.9998062

It doesn't count if you can't use them right.

Otherwise I know as many as you do.

>> No.9998063

my instinctual urge is to go straight for the pooper. Anal fixation and all that.

>> No.9998079

Makes perfect sense.

>> No.9998081


Why isn't the vagina good enough for you?

>> No.9998087


>> No.9998095

Vaginas are GROSS.

>> No.9998102

Even better: he prefers to skullfuck his victims.

>> No.9998113

Well, to be frank, no.

>> No.9998125

Oh man, how fucked up would that be. Woman raped while wearing a Rape-X condom. Rapist is unharmed.

>> No.9998144

Nothing works one hundred percent of the time. It does however work mostly when not in the fantasies of mysoginistic neckbeards.

>> No.9998184

Wouldn't it be better for an african woman to just let herself be raped than have wear that thing all the time and then get beat by a pissed off gangster?

>> No.9998229


I'm sure they get beaten anyway

>> No.9998234

If you're an African woman in one of the warn-torn parts you're pretty much going to be beaten all the time no matter what. I'm desperately hoping for reincarnation as a female, but if I wind up in Africa I'll just suicide right away.

>> No.9998268

Tell us about many succsseful cases
And with that shit she going to be killed for sure.

>> No.9998289

> I'm desperately hoping for reincarnation as a female, but if I wind up in Africa I'll just suicide right away.

>> No.9998301


Beat? Do you mean killed?

>> No.9998427

> I'm desperately hoping for a massive cock inside me, but if I wind up in a place with massive cocks inside me I'll just suicide right away.


>> No.9998481

I think he just wants to be female so he can masturbate and orgasm all day long, he'd have popeye arms too

>> No.9998934


4chan syndrome: Wherein the neckbeard spends his time on the internet and develops crazy fetishes, usually on /d/. However they still know in the back of their mind how tis would play out in real life. Voraphiles getting eaten is quite possibly the most hilarious thing ever, because they realize as they die exactly how fucked up they are.

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