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How come we've never had a Gensokyo Quest before?

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They used to take place on /jp/ but theres a few faggots there who ruin it for the rest. Also moot is an anti-rp dick.

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toho faggotry.

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bump to counter sagefaggot

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There's actually a website dedicated to choose your own touhou adventures

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You Wake Up in Gensokyo was legendary.

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[x] Cook eggs.
[x] Jump into the lake.

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Lack of a decent protagonist, I think. A 15th level D&D caster would be fucking perfect for that role.

As well as making it much more /tg/ related.

I like how all the touhou fags show up around 2:00AM. Whenever I see touhou pics and reaction images show up, I know some quality people are around. Dunno why, but touhoufags on /tg/ tend to be good posters.

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>Lack of a decent protagonist, I think. A 15th level D&D caster would be fucking perfect for that role.

Almost every original protagonist on touhou-project.com is a run of the mill, mortal, plain human. Actually, I've always thought that's retarded, since the guy miraculously manages to diplomance beings infinitely his greater.

It was awesome when the mold was broken. There was once a protagonist who was a viking warlord. That was something.

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Because touhou is bloody awful? Reported.

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>was awesome when the mold was broken. There was once a protagonist who was a viking warlord. That was something.



The funny thing is, I'm usually just FINE with underpowered characters that triumph through sheer wit, willpower, and straight-out-underhanded-genius-backstabbing. But Touhouverse is so hideously overpowered that it's just not feasible- and besides, I figure, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Given the premise of the setting, exceptional people of nearly mythical status- vikings, knights, gunslingers, paul motherfucking bunyan- are the type to show up there.

Fund it.

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I, for one, think that a paladin would do just fine in Gensokyo.

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do it faggot

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Sure, plenty of targets to smite.

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Search for Gensokyoland Saga on www.touhou-project.com if you want to see it.

Loud and heavy armor, melee weapons, and a suicidal tendency to smite the monster? No, that wouldn't turn out good. A wily crossbowman or archer could stand a good chance of winning danmaku duels though.

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Archer Paladins ARE possible, y'know... swap Dex and Str, wear appropriate armor, grab Ranged Smite...

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well make sure that everyday is a new adventure!

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I think paladins would do just fine in Gensokyo. Picture related.

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suddenly posts

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Don't remind me of that pool.

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how will you rate lasers?

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I just love the idea of a Wizard because they can play the touhou's game. Timestop + Meteor Swarm, DOHOHO-

but besides the dissimilarity in the kind of spells they use (all those utility spells vs. LAZERZ) the character itself would have to carry it, and somehow I view this character as being a madman who is totally high on his arcane power. Like a Black Mage kind of guy.

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Fantastic; I'm going to read about the VIKING now.

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Curvy or non-curvy?

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Such posts are pointless, you know. You don't need to "counter-sage", just ignore them and post as usual instead of wasting posts.

I vaguely remember a CYOA about some emperor who's thrown into Gensokyo after Yukari decides his empire must fall. And he's filled with joy, because he was tired of living a decadent life and is glad to start again from scratch.

Pity it was discontinued though.

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It's Time Stop and Delayed Blast Fireball, you fool.

But he has to be careful. If he starts cheating with by using nonblasty spells, then he breaks the spell card duel rules and invites hell onto him.

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But sakuya stops time during her spellcards, and reisen warps bullets

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The time stop is to allow him to cast Meteor Swarm... four times. As many time as he has spell slots for, naturally.


>Black Mage style character
>using nonblasty spells


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That's part of the blasty.

If you suddenly go Celerity -> Rope Trick to avoid bullets, that's cheating. Yukari doesn't stoop that low.

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Meteor Swarm doesn't work during a Time Stop, but Delayed Blast Fireball does.

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I think the best "explanation" I've read is that you can do whatever you want in spellcard duels, and Yukari's manipulation of the "Border of Battle" protects you from lethal effects. If you do enough damage with danmaku, the border breaks and you win.

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Shoot, did someone mention touhou-project.com?

Tell them to read Fell's "The Game", dammit. It should be in the archives or something.

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There's normal humans in Gensoyko right?

I want to run a game where the humans, sick and tired of demons, gods and witches wrecking shit, decide to take matters into their own hands and clean up the place.

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The Game
Expectation of Sanguine Disorder
Fragmentation of Memories

I'd suggest Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration, but it was removed. (Wut?)

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From what I can tell, it's trying to be an edgy "stream of consciousness" prose piece with mindfuckery all around, but I can't make heads or tails of it.

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That's what the whole series of Touhou games is about.
The protagonists are (mostly) humans.

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The author kind of broke down and asked for all of his stories to be removed.


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>Meteor Swarm doesn't work during a Time Stop, but Delayed Blast Fireball does.

Have I been doing it wrong then? I seem to remember that the spell was cast, but didn't actually take effect until time resumed.

Burning a ninth-level slot for Time Stop was primarily overkill so you could stack more then one Meteor Swarm and have them strike simultaneously for maximum lulz. I never tried it in any game, but I *DID* use it to stop some smug epic-level thief in his tracks and prepare a nice wall of arrows.

"Where's your improved evasion NOW, asshole? HAHAHAHA"

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Reimu does warp across the screen in SA, though.

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Really? Well shit, never played the games. I know Marisa and Reimu are human, but aren't other nonhumans playable characters?

Guess I'll amend my idea to less "ritualized magic duels to solve problems" and "mortals solving problems, Hunter style."

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What, seriously? It's not too difficult to understand. At least, I didn't think so.

I mean, it's stream of consciousness, but it's not exactly Joyce-level or anything.

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Celerity and Rope Trick is basically a low-budget Fantasy Heaven that works just as well, if not better.

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Damn, that's a pity.
Turns out I still have the archive, if anyone wants it.
It's an incomplete CYOA about a fairy protagonist set in a modern equivalent of Gensokyo.

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How about a /tg/-related version.
Wyld Hunt In Gensokyo. What happens next?

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The recurring protagonists are Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya and Sanae. They're all humans, despite theirs outrageous powers. (Technically Sanae is a demigod, but close enough)

And I know you're going for a "Humanity, Fuck Yeah!" kinda feel, but there's really no need. Humanity already 'won' in ZUN's setting. Gensokyo is pretty much the last refuge of the youkai, the one place where the outnumber the humans. And they're scared to mess with the Human Village, because of the mighty humans and demi-humans that protect it.

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So the protaganists in the games are usually normal humans that decided, one day, to pick up a spellbook and kick touhou ass?


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I think you're looking too much into it.

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It's worth noting that the allegedly non-lethal nature of danmaku does not stop Gensokyo from being a lethal place. Rin explicitly tries to kill the protagonist in SA to get their corpse. The first 3 stages of UFO take place at altitudes where hypoxia would be a serious risk. The demonic cherry tree of PCB was sealed precisely because it murdered many people.

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For those curious about "The Game", here's the first thread (it dropped off; that's why it's a .zip).


Oughta be enough to tell if you're interested or not, probably. Though I actually went through a coupla threads myself before I decided I had to stick with it.

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>And they're scared to mess with the Human Village, because of the mighty humans and demi-humans that protect it.

This is the first I've ever heard of this, actually. As a non-Touhou fag, I can speak for most of the only vaguely initiated when I say the general outside impression is that You Don't Fuck With Touhous.

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Also Yuyuko eats people.

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No, not really. It's just what they do.

...man, I'm no good at explaining this.

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Thanks, didn't know that. The "arms dealers transported to a fantasy world" thread is still running around in my head and that's what got me thinking about this idea.

A little more /tg/ related:

I have a Touhou RPG on my hard drive. "Tales of Phantasmal Gensokyo." Looks like it's about creating characters and having adventures ("Incidents") in the vein of the Touhou games.

I'd post a link but I'm not sure where I got it from.

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Not quite.
Each of them have their own motivations.
For Reimu and Sanae, it's pretty much their "job". Sanae treats with all the enthusiasm and trepidation of a rookie, while Reimu's the bored veteran who just does it so people would stop nagging her about it.

Sakuya is the farthest from your description. She's a "xenos sympathizer", so to speak, and actually works for vampires at their mansion. She solves incidents because they threaten the well-being of her mistresses.

Marisa fits your description quite accurately. She's pretty much a normal girl who decided to dabble in magic and obtain ultimate power. Her failure to become as strong as Reimu is something of a pet peeve of hers (Wizard vs Sorcerer rivalry, basically).

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... oooh, they're like the "human" Touhous, in that they, also, pursue spell-slinging-badassery as a career path/occupation.

And as so often happens in that place, sometimes they have to choke a bitch via magical duels.

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many youkai eat people.

>> No.9997979

HAX Sign「Everyone Is Beaten By Reimu's Balls」

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>Marisa fits your description quite accurately. She's pretty much a normal girl who decided to dabble in magic and obtain ultimate power.

I knew there was a reason I liked her. She's not a witch, or a psycho vampire, or possessed of GODLIKE POWER.

I guess you still have to get past the fact that she's apparently a total bitch, though.

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What about a quest where a guy ends up being portaled to gensokyo, but also ends up a girl. You guys at /tg/ woudl love that.

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Marisa epitomizes HARD WORK AND GUTS in Touhou.
Except that involves "borrowing without consent" from everyone around her.

Hey, you do what you have to do, right?

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Marisa is the most human of the main Touhou characters. Reimu is a divinely chosen custodian of Gensokyo, Sanae has divine blood, and (the now forgotten) Sakuya is hinted to be not _quite_ purely human.

But Marisa? All Marisa has on her side are studiousness and spell plagiarism.

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One reoccuring protagonist is Reimu. She's a shrine maiden, which means that it's her job to exterminate monsters and creepy-crawlies and beasts and all that. Only she's not a very good shrine maiden--or at least, not considered to be one--since she mostly treats humans and non-humans about the same, i.e. with mild annoyance. She co-exists about the shrine with an oni, which is sort of like a Japanese troll, except not really.

The oni is named Suika. She looks like she's ten years old, and she's chained to a container of alcohol that she carries around all the time. The container never runs out--if you pour out its contents and turn it right side up again, it magically refills. In addition to the obligatory oni strength, Suika has the power of density, only it's played in a rather non-literal fashion--she can make herself into a giant Suika, or she can turn herself into a bunch of tiny Suikas. She can even turn herself into a fine mist. And it's not herself she can affect--Reimu met Suika when the former was investigating a rash of spontaneous parties occurring around Gensokyo. It was Suika's doing--she was drawing people together--in other words, manipulating population density.

Reimu beat Suika in a danmaku duel. And then the party continued, because that's just how it goes in Gensokyo. You cause a ruckus, you get beat down, and then everything turns out okay for everyone involved anyway.

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>(the now forgotten)
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
It's just that Sakuya has less reasons to be out investigating incidents like the rest of them. She has a day job after all.

Compare it with the rest:
Reimu, Sanae - incident resolution is in their job profile
Aya - reporting on incidents is what she does best
Marisa - incidents mean legitimate reasons to steal shit!

>> No.9998124

Though you may joke, it's been done.
Marisa is probably the embodiment of human potential without relying on divine shenanigans or becoming something other than human. I mean she works hard, steals/incorporates things from her opponents that might help her and doesn't quake when faced with overwhelming power.

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You try that, you are highly likely breaking the Spell Card Rules, and Shinki or Yukari will have WORDS with you.

>> No.9998147

>doesn't quake when faced with overwhelming power.

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In PC-98 Reimu's balls were so hax they could kill herself.

>> No.9998183

Marisa is one of the best.

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Yep, Marisa's got balls.

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Hmm... depends on what would provoke humans into piling into a classic Impala and driving around Gensokyo with a trunk full of silver swords and shotguns in the first place. It'd probably have something to do with the Touhous themselves getting more aggressive then is their wont; playing for keeps, and that in turn might be sparked by some serious external threat- an increase in the threat the Touhous are there to smack down in the first place.

Of course, that's changing status quo and rather plotty and GRIMDARK, but that's just how I roll.

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Or Yukari uses shifts the boundary of Gensokyo. Suddenly the outside world is locked away into a tiny place and Gensokyo fills out the rest of the planet. Snap.

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*Just shifts... damn I need some chocolate milk or something to fix my confused brain.

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I lack my image, but...if Yukari is not Spell card bound, it's already over.

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Most quests set in Gensokyo which *don't* involve Spellcard Rules from the start are ones in which the protagonist is an Outsider (i.e. from our world), and as such doesn't know anything about the rules.

The hard part is surviving long enough to get to know about them, and then ask youkai that attack you to duel you instead.

So yeah, youkai see Outsiders as free lunch. No annoying were-cow keeping track of them, no bitch-miko to interfere.

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Cho Marisa. Check it out sometime.

What might work better is taking specific Touhou characters, tweaking them a little and using them as antagonists in another setting.

Take Rumia, for example. Something in the body of a child that flies, creates darkness and has a taste for the flesh of men? Take that, stick it in a medieval setting and you have something for brave knights to smite.

>> No.9998398

The Knights Templar in Gensokyo, purgin and slashin

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Nah, that's not it, it's a discourse on how utterly broken Yukari is, but, that is rather effective, too.

>> No.9998451

Yukari isn't as powerful as people make her out to be, ZUN agreed, don't bother him about it.

>> No.9998499


I like this idea.

Also interesting is the nature of the relationship between Gensokyo and the outside world- it'd be amusing if outside world governments had "paranormal research divisions" (lol hellboy, X-Files, god knows how many other variants,) that maintained contacts inside the Human Village of Gensokyo, regarding it as yet another front to be watched in the never ending battle to Keep Scary Shit From Other Dimensions The Hell Away From Earth.

Occasionally they send agents into Gensokyo to help fight off the baddies, or- god help them- settle out-of-hand feuds between the Touhous themselves that distract them from work.

If you were particularly insane you could apply it in the reverse too, and have Touhous fighting the Combine for FREEEEEEMAAAHNNNN.

But don't do that, it's insane.

>> No.9998533

I've already fagged up the Astral Sea into something Gensokyoish for my campaign.

It's been a riot.

>> No.9998544

The thing is, if the Border ever drops, the monsters in Gensokyo are screwed. There simply isn't enough Faith and Belief out there to keep them at full power.

...but hell, shadow government agencies would probably keep tab anyway. No careful is too careful, after all. Or...something like that.

>> No.9998549


Eh...possible. Although Reimu or Yukari would be letting/helping them setup, as those two are the only ones that have any real control over what gets in and out. Yuuka can slip out, someway, but, she always behaves when she does.

>> No.9998604


>There simply isn't enough Faith and Belief out there to keep them at full power.

Sometimes I believe that.

And then I visit /x/ again.

>> No.9998621

They won't disappear if there is no faith or belief in them you know.

>> No.9998673


True. See: Yuuka popping out for some new types of seeds.

>> No.9998694

Yuka can slip through the border? Never heard of that.

>> No.9998718


But if they DO put in a single appearance on live TV, then the faith and belief- and thus their power- will skyrocket.

Thus, containment is the watchword, and the cordoning (and by extension, internal harmony of) Gensokyo is of utmost interest to world governments. Hmm.

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Yukari's power to manipulate borders isn't nearly as broken as some people think. I mean, Rumia has the power to create darkness and all that does is make her crash into trees. Baring evidence to the contrary I think it's safe to assume that touhou abilities consist mostly of bullshit.

Notable exceptions include Yuyuko, who can kill people at will with the possible exceptions of the extremely powerful, like Reimu and Marisa, and
Utsuho, whose power of nuclear fusion allowed her to make a credible attempt at destroying Earth. Not just Gensokyo, but Earth.

>> No.9998787


Yuka is...Yuka. I'm not sure if it's Fannon or Cannon(It can be HARD to tell, with Touhou), but, there is a Village in the Real World she goes, every so often, to buy garding things.

>> No.9998789

I had something in mind for a translation of Koishi, the autistic and winsome psychic lass.

The problem is whether or not I have the guts to actually use it at a table.

>> No.9998801


Rumia can make the dark, but can not SEE in the dark. You know what...hold on. I'll dig the file up from my archives. Wait, please.

>> No.9998824


I haven't heard that either but it wouldn't be unprecedented for powerful individuals to be able to cross the border on their own. In canon, Reisen was able to independently cross the border after deserting the Lunarian military.

>> No.9998829


>"She came to the village to shop. She gives proper greetings, and she didn't seem like a very strong youkai..." (Flower Shop)

That's the human village.

>> No.9998838

No kidding. I saw a thread on there about how science was bullshit and that Grant Morrison's book about sigils was the honest to goodness truth of the universe. I couldn't unclench my face from the painful grimacing.

>> No.9998845

Actually, in canon, Suika beat Reimu.

>> No.9998863


Here we are.

>> No.9998872

No, it's not hard to tell.
Is it something that appears in a windows (PC-98 aren't mentioned at all except as references) game? If yes ->Canon
Does it appear in one of the supplementary materials created by ZUN? Again, if yes -> canon (note that the speaker may be biased but their opinion is at the least canon)
That's all you need. All the rest is fanon.

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Touhou games are the greatest trick Yukari ever pulled.

Western Gods? They have the faith and belief coming in from the old legends to sustain them as they hide away in their own little pockets. These pockets are broken down the same way modern human society is. you have the faith rich such as the Norse or Greek gods and legends and the faith poor such as the Romanian gods, The African gods, the Aztec and at one time the Japanese. Japan was once known as the land of a thousand gods. Each being and creature in Gensokyo would have to fight for every bit of faith they could simply because there were so many of them and their individual legends so small... until Yukari acted as a muse for one drunken game programmer and reintroduced Gensokyo to the world in a package that would make it easy to attract worship. Now Gensokyo fills with the faith and belief from millions world wide and the creatures inside can exist without worry.

>> No.9998896


If you're talking about the one that shows how broken Yukari's ability is, I've seen it. What I'm saying is that the implications it draws are just an overly generous interpretation of her ability's wording. Even assuming that all literal and metaphorical "boundaries" are under her control, it doesn't follow that she has the raw power to do those things.

For example, Keine's power over history let her make it as though the Human Villiage never existed, in IN, but she was still unable to make the protagonists forget that it should be there, so at the very worst, Yukari would still have to let her targets make a saving throw before she could do excessively crazy things to them.

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>> No.9998920


>Utsuho, whose power of nuclear fusion allowed her to make a credible attempt at destroying Earth. Not just Gensokyo, but Earth.

Amusingly, she was so empowered just so some people could have free electricity.

>> No.9998926

Humans and youkai actually generally coexist well enough.

Only low-level youkai actually seem to eat humans with any regularity, and they don't stay dead when killed.

>> No.9998931

I recall ZUN saying that she could remove the boundary between sky and earth or between everything in the world and cause... everything to just mash up into one single object of undefinable chaos.

>> No.9998953


Right. It can be hard to tell at times what is what. I can't read moon, so, at times I do mix fannon with Cannon, or the other way around, without being able to double check.

>> No.9998957

I can make a level 1 sorcerer who specializes in fire spells. I can honestly, legitimately, factually write down "Ability to manipulate fire" for that character's resume.

That doesn't mean the character can engulf the world in flames.

>> No.9998976

>> No.9998979

>>Amusingly, she was so empowered just so some people could have free electricity.

Political commentary on proliferation of nuclear power generation?

>> No.9998989

The human village has various guardians. Besides the obvious in Reimu and Marisa, there's also Keine, a were-hakutaku that can rewrite time, and various other sympathetic non-humans.

Anyone stupid enough to try and cause serious trouble in the human village would get their face rocked.

>> No.9998991

>> No.9999000

SDM shops in the Human Village. Remilia would bitchslap someone if she doesn't get her tea.

>> No.9999001

ZUN just thinks stupid is moe

>> No.9999013

>> No.9999015

in fact, everyone in this thread is feeding Gensokyo right now. but that's nothing new, /tg/ is used to feeding gods and legends.

>> No.9999037

>> No.9999038

If memory serves me correctly, she just thinks she can blow up the earth, because she's a birdbrain.


>> No.9999050

>> No.9999053


Reimu and Marisa. Yeah, that's no surprise, as both of them are, in their own ways, fuck you.

On others it would have worked, just...not on them.

>> No.9999054

Oh it's happened. 1969 during the moon landings. The US government found out about the lunarians on the moon. Sent an invasion force of Marines (some would say Super Soldiers) to invade them. The Apollo 13 accident was no accident. Sabotage by the lanarians to prevent reinforcements from landing on the moon. Also plays into the whole "we never landed on the moon bit". Had to shoot the landings on Earth, because the Lunarians kicked us off the moon.

>> No.9999069

>> No.9999073

>How come we've never had a Gensokyo Quest before?

Hopefully because people realise that quest threads are fucking shit. Ruby was fine because it was an interesting first, and it ended. Everything since has been the same useless garbage.

>> No.9999092

>> No.9999101

>it ended.

Stories either have a proper ending or get milked on and on and on like a TV series.

I've noticed stories with an ending are usually a lot better in the plot department.

>> No.9999105

>> No.9999109

I need the source of this.

>> No.9999111

Whats with the manowar spam?

>> No.9999116

>> No.9999120

Cho Marisa

>> No.9999121

I dunno, my screen is set to not show sagefags.

>> No.9999125

There's a reason the youkai live in a pocket dimension and the humans rule the earth.

There's a reason Yukari's moon invasion got bitch-slapped when the human lunar landings ended after an ultimately-harmless mechanical mishap.

Human-eating monsters wouldn't be playing nicey-nice unless they had to for some reason, weird beasts with regimented behavior aside.

>> No.9999133

>> No.9999137


More of a joke, I really think.


Touhou get their power from vauge wording. Cirno, for example. She's too dizy to realize how bad she could be. Drop you to Zero in an instant, or take away all the cold, and set you on FIRE.


If Remi could not get her tea, she would likely set Flander on them. Oh, gods, Flander.

>> No.9999147

The super-soldiers thing is /tg/ canon. Primarch Armstrong of the United States Space Marines led a glorious crusade against the moon rabbits.

>> No.9999152

>There's a reason the youkai live in a pocket dimension and the humans rule the earth.

Yukari, and to avoid double genocide.

>There's a reason Yukari's moon invasion got bitch-slapped when the human lunar landings ended after an ultimately-harmless mechanical mishap.

Yukari, she did it on purpose to teach youkai that ambition like that is a bad idea.

>Human-eating monsters wouldn't be playing nicey-nice unless they had to for some reason, weird beasts with regimented behavior aside.

Yukari and Reimu.

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>> No.9999164

>that image
dat hat

>> No.9999169

Did Yukari just insta-rape that slut in the background?

>> No.9999171

The 1d4 wiki descriptions of toohoo characters are the best, particularly Reisen

>> No.9999176

>> No.9999191

>> No.9999198

>Touhou get their power from vauge wording. Cirno, for example. She's too dizy to realize how bad she could be. Drop you to Zero in an instant, or take away all the cold, and set you on FIRE.

Purely fanon.

>> No.9999206

It's canon that she wants her too.
>My, my, you're quite the cute one.

>> No.9999208

>implying Yukari always existed to reign in other youkai and has always been queen bitch of the hat loli pile

>implying fanon is canon

>implying Reimu has always existed

>> No.9999209

Not quite, she did beat Utusho's ass.

>> No.9999213

>> No.9999224

>> No.9999226

>implying Yukari always existed to reign in other youkai and has always been queen bitch of the hat loli pile

Her exact age is never given.

>implying fanon is canon

Silent Sinners Is Blue

>> No.9999232

That's assuming all routes are canon, including those in the fighting games.
And that's a stretch.

>> No.9999233

Reimu's ancestors were more hardcore. Reimu is the mellow one of the genocide family.

>> No.9999241

>implying any one likes Mary Sues in Blue

>> No.9999244

>> No.9999251


Beardbeard says you are a fag.

>> No.9999255

Suwako with a frog sitting on her head.

>> No.9999256

>> No.9999260

Obviously, what this thread needs is Toohoos with guitars.

>> No.9999265

A terrifying thought, to be sure.

>> No.9999266

Cry harder.

>> No.9999267

Real reason is because no one can agree on a touhou canon that goes beyond "...and in the end, they all drink tea."

>> No.9999268

Cry all you want, its canon.

>> No.9999274

>> No.9999280


She's about 1,200. Yukari, I mean.


Reimu's LINE has existed, yes.

>> No.9999289


It works so well to, because you can also have the God President of America, Kennedy, who is kept alive by the machines of the Oval Office after being struck down years ago, but not before proclaiming that humans should walk the Moon before the end of the decade.

>> No.9999291

I don't know about IAMP, but in SWR all events in the routes happen in a timeline.

This is probably my favorite manowar album, but I don't have any one newer then Manowar Kills.

Sign of the hammer is pretty awesome too.

>> No.9999304

I can only find 20 pages on RS, but it's awesome.


>> No.9999319


But possible. We know Youmu can move 1/4th the speed of light, and AYA IS STILL FASTER.


Good eye, my favorite almost-shota. Have some doom ass.

>> No.9999326

FUCK! I'm late to the party!

Guy with photoshop skills to make reaction images reporting in!

>> No.9999344

manly touhous only

>> No.9999348

Tenshi's face here is reaction image worthy.

>> No.9999352

See ya~ Thanks for the ass. I'm leaving too, got some Alpha Centauri to play.

>> No.9999357

Don't go to /rs/ for Touhou doujins. That's just a drop in a huge ocean.
and similar pages on the wiki

>> No.9999361

All that does is demonstrate that humans have generationally been kicking youkai ass.

>> No.9999374


This has most your doujins (mostly porn)

>> No.9999380

Dang, I wish I was on my main computer. I'd be posting more delicious Tewi.

>> No.9999386

Everything aside from Zakharov is fail. Discuss.

>> No.9999402

Deidre is hot. Discuss.

>> No.9999408

>> No.9999409

Got any particular ideas for it?

>> No.9999413


>> No.9999423

>> No.9999431


>> No.9999433

You seriously need to improve these stats and make them more readable.

>> No.9999437

>> No.9999457


Well, it's a bit...odd. Reimu's line is almost Youki, in their function. It's not really fair to call her human. Marisa, though, is all human.

>> No.9999479

>>Subtlety is just another word Utsuho can't spell.
>>Roentgen's Bane
>>Graze(Ex): While flying Utsuho gains the benefit of the Evasion ability.

Fucking brilliant.

>> No.9999482


>When I arrived, I saw in front of me a fox being dominated, a truly shocking view of animal abuse.

oh snap!

>> No.9999484

thats good. saved.

>> No.9999485

First funny thing that came to mind

>> No.9999488

Remember to seize 9999999 GET, Cirno dear~

>> No.9999494


>> No.9999512


OH! That reminds me, of one of my favorites.

>> No.9999528

>> No.9999531


Goddamnit. I need sleep, but now I am very temped to stay up, and try and get Cirno on her rightful Get.

>> No.9999541

My favorite one is where Cirno is about to go nuts trying to do multiplication. I'll see if I can find it.

>> No.9999542

that's terrible

>> No.9999550

Good luck with that one...

>> No.9999551

Talk to the rock.

>> No.9999556

This is much better

>> No.9999566

just for the records

>> No.9999572

And now for something goddamn creepy.

>> No.9999578

>reaction images
Please stop encouraging their use.

>> No.9999583

oh boy yukkuris

>> No.9999587

>> No.9999604

I second this very much.

>> No.9999608

You are BABY

>> No.9999613

pic related

>> No.9999632


Ah, would like to see.

>> No.9999656

But half my pictures double as them

>> No.9999671

>> No.9999698


>> No.9999708

Someone alert /jp/ to the 9 get.

>> No.9999721

no thanks we already have /b/ and /b2/ here ruining everything

>> No.9999726

Also noticed we made the front page

>> No.9999727

>> No.9999735

>> No.9999753


>> No.9999754

>> No.9999755

Beat you to one.

>> No.9999756


>> No.9999763


>> No.9999766

>> No.9999781

>> No.9999794

why would you do this ei~ki~

>> No.9999803


>> No.9999812

>> No.9999820


>> No.9999853

I honestly wouldn't have come up with that one.

>> No.9999861

Cirno is a shitty toohoo anyway

>> No.9999884


>> No.9999918

oh boy boobs

>> No.9999936

>> No.9999952

You shut your whore mouth.

>> No.9999967

>> No.9999991

There are a lot of pictures with Marisas and guitars. I suppose it's to be expected.

>> No.9999999


shitty character

also check out my get

>> No.10000005

>> No.10000026

Ice fairy

>> No.10000041

toho sux

>> No.10000042

>> No.10000048


>> No.10000070


>> No.10000079

10000000 GET!

>> No.10000083


>> No.10000088

Eh, could be worse.

>> No.10000089


>> No.10000090


>> No.10000097

hahaha fuck yeah Reisen.

>> No.10000101


>> No.10000105

At least it wasn't Cirno.

>> No.10000108


>> No.10000113 [DELETED] 


>> No.10000115

>> No.10000146

Check out the -true- get

>> No.10000152


>> No.10000153

hell yeah motherfucker

>> No.10000160


>> No.10000165

>Resein for >9999999
I'm ok with this!

>> No.10000169


I'm okay with this.

>> No.10000177 [DELETED] 

>>crisis reactionface.jpg

>> No.10000186


>> No.10000222

I have defeated cirno by stealing the 9 get

>> No.10000231

Nice /tg/! VERY Nice.

>> No.10000232


>> No.10000242


Idiot! 9999999 get was just a diversion.


>> No.10000262



>> No.10000276


Yeah..I'm really not sure how I feel about this, at all. It...sadly fits, really.

>> No.10000281

The bestest

>> No.10000282

the Cirno ruse was a........


>> No.10000283

ahh yeash


japan is my greatest love


oh anime...

*rubs dick*

>> No.10000299

>>crisis reactionface.jpg

>> No.10000328

>> No.10000347


>> No.10000380

goodnight /tg/!

>> No.10000386


>> No.10000440

The story has been chronicled and checked over.

>> No.10000443

Soft vore always terrifies me. I can't but imagine those people screaming in pain as they are slowly digested alive....

>> No.10000481

the joke is that picture is of a snake girl who eats people and has earned /tg/'s ire, and in this picture, its a larger snake girl eating her.

>> No.10001175

GETs are bad and you should feel bad.

>> No.10002590

Telling other people your angry thoughts is not good.

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