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What kind of future do you guys like?

The shiny, sleek, smooth, almost ipod like designs of the future?

Or the super dirty, everything is gloomy and box shaped, future?

Middle of the road is fine too (just less fun)

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>Middle of the road is fine too (just less fun)
"less fun"

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I just want my sexy skin tight pilot suits

or totally BAMF pilot suits

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Super dirty ipod

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Exactly like today, just fifty years from now.

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Both co-existing depending on location.

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Dont you find that boring?

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Neither will be the aesthetic of the future. The future will be digital intergration into everyday things and AR, perhaps done through contact lens or spectacle interfaces using eye and voice controls.

You won't see technology in the future, it'll be everywhere but invisible until you need it.

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Thats kind of closer to the first one then really.

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The SKULLS ON EVERYTHING future, obviously.

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sexy clones do all the wars

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the blood will flow like the mighty rivers!

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Transhuman Space is a good example of this. Youi have Fifth/Fourth wave nations which are like the First World and Second World nations of today - they have high tech, constant web connections, near total broadband coverage, high levels of augmentation, AIs and bioroids (synthetically created but organic life) are common.

Then you have Third Wave nations which correspond with today's Third World. They're mostly modern-day tech, few (if any) AIs or bioroids, little augmentation if any and are generally of the dirty, box-shaped nature opposed to the Fifth Wave's sleek, iPod nature.

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And the bodies will be burned in great pyres

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>anime characters getting fucking murdered
>my face

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And at the end of the day, no real people were ever hurt

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Lived in, used materials, space flight has been old hat for a few hundred years kind of future.

But no grimdark shit.

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Not really, because unlike apple-esque design it won't be obviously design orientated. The technology itself won't be designed to be sleek and smooth and stylish. It'll be designed so you don't see it. In 50 years time I'd be surprised if a casual observer observing a person or room for the first time would be able to see any technology at first glance.

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And then we can start the whole cycle again

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is this kind a new fetish in /tg/?

space suit anime girls getting filled with holes?

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It's /tg/. We'll fuck anything with a hole.
As opposed to /d/, who'll fuck anything with a dick.

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It's called Guro.

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>What kind of future do you guys like?

Gritty late 60s and 70s rock and rolling muscle car diesel fuming tattooed strippers with guns shades oiled stained jeans cool catchy frases as written by Mr. Tarantino gun-slinging wasteland postapocalypse.

Can I have that, please?

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Space is the place, and Omega is my favourite place to drink.

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God dammit gurofags, you have your own board for this shit.

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They do?

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>lol guro
I can definitely see something along the lines of clones used in combat. Or in gladiatorial arenas for shits and giggles.

Did you know that the romans and some other civilizations would train animals to rape women, turning it into a show? Supposedly even happened in the coliseum.

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Not on 4chan, at least.

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They haven't had one for quite a while now.

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I like to see the contrast of the both. But gritty does it better for me.

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Super Dirty.

I don't like Cyberpunk

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Yes they do, it's called /b/.

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I like the utopian shit.
I can hardly imagine we'd STILL be waging war 400,000 years from now. We'd either be dead, or be fucking awesome.

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We do.

Most of us have the decency to keep it to gurochan, too.

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The Fifth Element's world is pretty rad, it's like Mass Effect if it was a french comic book.

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Always liked the Star Trek future. Most of the time the Federation's just cruising everywhere, exploring shit and observing stars and shit. I mean sure the Earth government is basically a bunch of hippie communists, but fuck you I'm surfing the stars banging ensigns in my holo deck of love.

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Dem sandy cullured boyz iz ded shooty, but weedy up close since dey got no choppas.

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Only 9 years left until my loved Blade Runner future arrives!

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Whatever you're thinking: No. Your entire understanding of the future is based on what already exists. All it takes is one discovery along the lines of the microchip and everything we know and understand flips the fuck out.

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I too want to see blazing smokestacks and flying cars and constant rain and loads of asian peeps running around with glowing umbrellas.
If the planet is going to get polluted and fucked up it might as well look like Blade Runner.

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All cathedrals. All the time. I want my ships to look like the vatican if they added some badass old-school holy art of people getting killed.

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1984, we are only 26 years late.

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That's what they want you to think.

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