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Your party's job is to protect her.

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Ugh. New DM, please.

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From what?

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What happens to us if we don't help her successfully?

Do we all die?

(that said, most of my characters would help her for one reason or another)

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From who the fish monger?

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She has a squid for hair. It probably smells bad.

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PROTECT HER FROM uh... Land fishermen?

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Fucking dmnpcs.

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Protect her from rape?

That would be hard for me, because I would ravage that.

My last character was a barbarian by the nickname of "Bearfucker"- to wit: "...had a pocket full of horses, fucked the shit out of bears..."

I took it from there and it sort of leapt all out of 17STR and 18CON. Also 9INT and lots of dwarven spirits.

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So what, you were George Washington the Barbarian?

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Started out that way, but the DM wouldn't allow me to have 20CHA and 19INT as well, so I had to nerf it all to hell.

He still liked wigs, though. :D

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Why the hell not?

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...20 stories tall, made of radiation...

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...I can easily see at least one of my parties doing the same thing as the series and forcing her to work for us as store-worker. We'd probably do the special spaghetti sauce too.

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Then again, there is a running gag with pretty much all my characters- all lecherous as hell, and at some point wake up next to a gnoll. The line is usually "What did I stick my dick in this time?"

Of course, the latest seduction roll netted my character an aboleth.

It's hilarious if you know our group.

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Bad decisions happen.

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You wake up next to... (rolls dice)... a camel?

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...male or female? Hermaphroditic?

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cmon, tell me the series,

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Female if you're lucky... then again, we didn't check. Of course, there was the matter of the hotness-preserved-with-embalming lich, which by then I think was a whiskey-induced whim of the DM.

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Dem thighs...

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bump again for source

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Can some one explain this image to me? I've seen it here 4.6 times and I still don't get it.

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I kill her and sell the clothes/organs

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you'd have to read game night to understand, most players play the game like diablo and kill all of the DM's npc's, players actually caring about npc's is like a holy grail or some shit,

now please give me the sauce on OP

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what the fuck guys I just want the sauce cmon =/

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rolled 19 = 19

I think it was "SHINRYAKU! IKA MUSUME" or something.

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Alright then, I was hired to protect some chick. I'll do my job until the contract is complete, get my pay and move on.

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Sure. What's my equipment? Surely I am getting supplied with the proper equipment.

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somehow i think the picture is different unfortunately but thats the name of whatever the manga anon was describing, thanks.
best i have in return is dragon china

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Is there a version of this picture without the shitty motivator.

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I assume we aren't supposed to just tranq her and cut her "hair" into bite sized portions and deep fry them? maybe even offer her some, if she wants.

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