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Happy flarsday /tg/


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Kill yourself fucking faggot.

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no u

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Cultist-chan dump?
Don't mind if I do!

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might wanna remember your sage chief

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nah, i'm good.

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thats right, fucking birds...

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Next up. Cultists web cam!

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Cultist porn needs moar pooper

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cultist flare ? ok

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Do hoho

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reposts man!
delicious reposts.

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I thought you were supposed to put markers in the pooper when you were in front of a web cam.

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Never seen these before. And I got the Collector Bundle.

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That's all I found

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Must be recent. Also, FUCKING TEASING GODDAMN I can't see shit captain.

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Jo apparently didn't want to draw a puckered anus with a marker in it.

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jo drew it like two weeks ago.

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Didn't Jo "Retire" from 4chan a few months ago?

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Hmm....I guess I'd do Flare, but only because its a dragon. no other redeeming qualities available.

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I am a post flare fa/tg/uy
so, whatever.

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Oh god... I just thought of Culteest-chan riding the robot unicorn... Oh god I hate my brain.

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Just replace him with Cultist enjoying herself and I'll be happy and go to bed... Now if only greenmarine would draw it. :3

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Maybe, but new stuff of his still seems to show up.

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This image need SC as a pantie mascot.
And whenever she strips like this she starts humming the superman theme.

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This is hilarious

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Whatever this is I like it a lot.

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She's from a lot of older /tg/ threads. What is she now the mascot or am i wrong?

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Wrong. WRONG. Wrong.

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A little bit in denial, aren't we?

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Someone's gonna have to explain this one to me...

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Its two parts put into one, Pic related for part 1.
The text bubble is her speaking from a Ribbon n Rage strip.

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Nothing she says makes sense. That's the joke.

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Shoop. The original had a huge ranting complaint about how GMs that force paladins to fall suck.

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She's playing a tabletop and is too stupid to understand the rules, so she's asking some questions, but nobody can understand her. Her fellow players are put off and wondering why they invited this weird girl.

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Ribbon n Rage strip

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reading with a french accent makes it so much easier to understand this block of text.

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you'd think she'd be happy to be groped by a scout

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had that as my desktop for an age.

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Hail comrade!

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that's her past love man.

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I know Ribbon generates a lot of rage... but this is pretty informative. Tells you everything you need to know.

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Still needs moar pooper.

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I have posted all the pooper I have.

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Can anyone explain why her mouth gets so big?

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because, shitscribble.

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canon story of a shape shifting assassin stealing a child by eating it.

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Yeah. Callidus Assassins usin' dat polymorphine, lets them arbitrarily shapeshift - even to the point of, apparently, being able to conceal children inside themselves.

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Hah, forgot page 1

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I am missing the rest of the webcomix!
I am disappoint...

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What happened?

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a recant as to why >>9955796
because of >>9955780

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Or, as I examine it closer, why that damn three headed dog follows her.

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HAHA, woops, wrong one!

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She could lick my dick on Christmas Eve, if you know what I mean.

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Chaos strikes! Bot form!

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Ok, I'm callin it.
I have posted so much I don't know what I haven't posted anymore.
Threads almost maxed anyway.

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Thanks man, and anyone else who dumped, I had great fun reading all these all over again.

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oh this is still alive?

Hello again

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>image that isn't cultist


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