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If one is planning to play in an MGLN game and the party has a healer, fighter, other fighter who is a space gypsy acrobat, and a scientist who uses space and time to fuck y'all shit, does /tg/ think the following is acceptable to play?

*Name and Rank: Private Talas, Gi
*History: (Good [+2] Military Brat)
*Spellcasting School: (Good [+2] Modern Belkan)
*Stated Goal: (Good [+2] Become a famous heroine!~)
*Primary Skill: (Good [+2] Illusory Magic)
*Other Noteworthy Skills:
**Diluka (Good [+2] Device)
*** Primary (Good [+2] Marvelous Aegis)
*** Secondary (Good [+2] Blast Spiker)
*** Tertiary (Average [+0] Hand Mirror)
**Good [+2] Acrobatics
**Good [+2] Grappling
Unbound; When Wounded
Illusory Magic: Dodge
Illusory Magic:
*Points of Concern: Foible: Proud
*Miscellaneous Information:
***Green haired, tan skinned. She is a stiff sort of girl, who smiles slowly and laughs loudly.
***Gi is the youngest of a family that has distinguished itself with proud military service. In her youth, she was considered a prodigy, one capable of surpassing her peers easily. However, an accident in training nearly crippled her left arm and left her unfit for duty for a few years.
***It was through strong will and pure pride that she recovered both use of her arm and her overall ability. She re-qualified rather handily. It became her goal in life to be living proof that nothing could stop a strong will...even if that meant she had to become famous for it.

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***Diluka manifests as a white shield, with an blue stone at its center, on her left arm, when in use.
****It is both a defensive and offensive weapon, though the defensive mode is it's primary function. The secondary function provides more than enough long range support.
****Gia's right hand becomes covered in a light, elbow-length emerald glove.
****Gia's left arm becomes armored, providing a mounting for the shield.
****Her boots extend up to below her knees.
****Her jacket extends downward, forming a pseudo-dress over her shorts.
Style Dice: 1 (Not actually included in the report)
Training Points: 0 (Not actually included in the report)

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Some snakes are fucking huge.

>MGLN game

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Dude, it's what the GM decided to run.

I can't help that games usually turn out to be (herp and derp) play in them or don't play in them scenarios.

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What's wrong?

Too MAGICAL for you?

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No I...thought that whole thing died ages ago. What the hell?

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It's in PDQ Sharp, brother, it's not a system dedicated to running MGLN, though that would be tech due to the sheer amount of dakka.

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What's PDQ?

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Prose Descriptive Quality
Search it on gaggle.

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It's (completely legally) free.

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Eef hyoo eenseest.

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I meant the OP, but you're free to keep posting if you like.

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In exchange, however, I have a question about MGLN-o-verse.

Can someone have an artificial limb or scars in MGLN?

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how do you join this game

So more or less if Subaru is GaoGaiGar, you are going for GFG then?

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Artificial limbs do happen, as we've seen evidence of advanced cybernetics. They'd probably be indistinguishable from real limbs and work mostly by MAGIC though.

Scars are vanishingly rare due to healing magic. If you've got scars, it's because you were in a very bad place when you got them and then refused to have them fixed, most likely.

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GaoGaiGar and GFG?

I don't know what these words mean, except that they are words I do not know.

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We have CYBORG YUUSHA GUNDAM, and yeah scars exist, Subaru's father has one, Zest had one

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Nanoha is pretty much a gigatic love letter to Super robots
The King of Braves GaoGaiGar is a super robot shows from the 00s, which happened to be part of the basis for Subaru's character design
See this youtube.

Your design, what with the melee fists and the PROTECTING SHIELDS reminds me of more GaoFighGar, the mass produced upgrade machine made in the sequal OVA, the King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL

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Both were emotionally important. See above post.

Also in before this link:
In after that link.

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I didn't even know MGLN was mecha related until my friend told me to ask about it on /m/ and then I asked there asking if he was for reals or if I was going to get reamed.

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The first season of Nanoha is basically "how can we throw mecha clich├ęs into a magical girl series and make it work?"

The second season was pretty much mahou shoujo run on HOT BLOOD AND YELLING and drama. Lots of drama.

The third season is training, with brief occurrences of LESBIANS and various young females destroying things with giant lasers.

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Haha, the only time there wasn't lesbianism was when Erio was eating Caro out.

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Not that this is bad.

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anyway OP, how could one join this?

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I like how MGLN and Gensokyo seem to have become standard settings for /tg/

Come to think of it, does the MGLN setting have a proper name?

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No. I'm not even in the game yet; the ST/GM wants to add me when he can wedge me in/when another player drops.

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I've yet to have the balls yet to show him my character, but I'm on status as a 'one-die audience member' where I watch and can gift a style die once per session.

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It is "the multiverse" in simple terms. Due to the vaguely inter-dimensional explanation we're given of how the TSAB works, it can be interpreted as being an extradimensional police force of sorts, so anything goes.

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We need more information on this game/campaign OP.

In return, I will deliver whatever I can on the MGLN setting itself.

PS: Razgriz

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Okay, but no one tell anyone or I'll be stabbed to death.

The Healer is a pacifist member of the Church, a squire. She felt guilty about tackling someone with her boobs to stop a criminal from getting away.

The first fighter is a girl who isn't too smart and can control her size and density. Hilarity ensues.

The space gypsy is the only one who isn't a lesbian.

The genius is comp 1 (as comp 1 as Nanoha-verse lets you have). She wants to make a unison device.

They have, so far, rescued a combat cyborg, met Arbiter Fate and Major Nanoha, chased down a scientist and a terrorist, and captured a girl who is possessing her child's body to make a body to save herself so she can spend more time with the child but she's dying and the TSAB is going to help but she's probably going to have to go to at least twenty redemption classes if she doesn't need blasted with another twenty lasers.

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Oh god this sounds hilarious.

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Basically, all of these characters have joined the military...and I'm not sure if any of them actually just wanted to for no reason.

A military brat sounds almost as fitting as the last incarnation of Gi that was a criminal.

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This sounds like a recipe for disaster.

And by disaster I mean lulz.

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And it is.

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GM of the game in question here, available to answer questions. (Though, seeing as we're only just getting to the end of the first plot arc, there are some questions I can't answer, or can only give half-answers to.)

>>9940222 - Sorry, no open slots at the moment, and the game goes slow enough as is with just four people plus myself.

>>9940802 - I've been rather enjoying it so far. So have the PCs, though there's been some clashing. The space gypsy and the priestess don't get along very well...

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I think it would be easier to just ask for a rough outline of the "world" as you have it constructed, to see how it compares to the original basis. And just to see what you changed for the lulz. Also see if there's any information you'd like.

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I haven't seen all of the game, but I'm fairly sure that it would be better to say they only get along a little bit some of the time.

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Please sauce this.

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You want to go here:

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Anon does not deliver.

I deliver on this because some anon gifted me with it in the past.


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My point was that this had nothing to do with the thread and was better off on the board where there might actually be someone who could answer such a request. Obviously I was mistaken.

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All right.

It is the year 0100 - for those of you not keeping track, that's 25 years after the events of StrikerS. The tech level hasn't been increased substantially, but it has been swung a little toward the "magical" side of the magitech scale, mostly because I thought that helicopter in StrikerS was ugly.

I've fleshed out the Bureau and Saint Church a little bit. For the Bureau, I've figured out the main classifications of worlds. You have non-administrated worlds, which have Space-Time coordinates within the TSAB's territory but which the TSAB does not actively control or influence. And then administrated worlds, which the TSAB has varying levels of influence over, and which are then further divided based on how much say they have in the TSAB and how much they pay in taxes. Sometimes, some administrated worlds are banded together into a sub-federation within the Bureau itself, for greater political clout. Plus, there are Church worlds, which are technically separate from the TSAB infrastructure, but the Church and Bureau are usually so closely allied that it can be hard to figure out where the dividing line is drawn.

Speaking of, the Church has gained some trappings, including a somewhat creepy ritual suicide for those who have gotten too old to fight but want to go out in battle anyway. It's also gained a few sects, which don't always get along well.

The Bureau and Church don't always get along, of course, with each other or with different factions within the same organization. Outright warfare is nonexistant, of course, but more than one dispute has been resolved on the dueling field when negotiations stalled out.

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The Bureau's military/police force has been seeing a slow transition to greater numbers of smaller, more mobile units, in contrast to the low number of battlecruisers that were present in the show. (The PCs are part of one such small unit, totaling seven people and one retrofitted cargo hauler in all.)

A few random notes that come to mind as being worth mentioning - population is extremely low; Midchilda has a population of under a billion, and it's one of the most highly populated worlds in the Bureau. Ruins are everywhere, a result of the Saint-King Unification War; the Bureau generally demolishes them to make room for new development, since that's easier and quicker than just repairing. And, while gender doesn't affect actual power in mages, females are nearly four hundred percent more likely than males to have active linker cores in the first place. So most of the fighters are female, and most of the support staff are male.

As an aside, when I allow javascripts for 4chan to make for quicker replying, I can't post. Something about an XSS redirect. Anyone run into this before?

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Wow, it sounds like you really have put some thought into things. One or two things I noticed...

First of all, I don't know what to think of your idea on the "direction" of the Bureau. It might be important to note that the TSAB itself is a multi-armed semi-military organisation, and that the Army seen for most of the third season is a separate subdivision. I can't imagine HQ being too eager to give up all its big battleships any time soon considering the sheer massive firepower they've been shown to be capable of, especially as long as there's any possibility of anything like the Saint's Cradle happening again.

This whole setup you've got going for your players sounds to me like some experimental unit that the Army might come up with, something like the V-22 Osprey airborne strike teams that the US is STILL developing now.

>> No.9942251

(get to the fucking point already)
Judging by the brief squad outline already given and the above interpolated points, I'm guessing we're mostly working with dedicated ground mages, or at least nobody who meets the requirements for Aerial mages. This limits your players to relatively low power (compared to, say, the White Devil) and a fairly limited range of possible encounters compared to if they'd been stuck on crew duty.

Of course, you can have plenty of fun with what you've got now. Stick them on Amphibious Strike Team duty if they get bored.

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I know nagas.

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In before THAT LAUGH

>> No.9942306


Hmm. Good point. I know it started in my head as an experimental permanent resurrection of Mobile Section Six, but it might have shifted in my mind a bit over time. If I can't think up a good answer, I'll change it to that.

Also, since I may have been unclear on that point - none of the big battlecruisers have been decommissioned, as of yet. There's just no new ones being built, because those things are expensive to construct and maintain.

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So this is the 08th MS team to Nanoverse, with everyone having Mass Production machines instead of Super ITS A GUNDAM style action. This seems low end fighting rather than super invincible combat action, I like it.

>> No.9942366


This is correct; right now, only one of the NPCs is capable of true flight. I haven't forbidden my players from it, though, so we'll see how long that lasts.

>> No.9942409

Section Six had a very specific purpose, but to throw away a perfectly good opportunity would be stupid on behalf of the TSAB ruling council. A rapid-response division of the ground-based arm of the Bureau could be developed along similar lines, working with small teams of moderately skilled mages working in specialised teams, to serve similar purposes for all sections of Administered space.

Imagine something like a cross between the SAS and Section Nine, basically, with slightly less unlimited funds and having had less time to get fully established. A rapid-response local special operations and counter-terrorism unit based in various locations of Bureau interest such as major metropolitan regions.

>> No.9942454

Well, magical ability seems to increase with age, quite rapidly during puberty, and levels off somewhere around early 20s. That said, flying takes staggering amounts of sheer power and raw potential, and is not simple.

Also see earlier comment: magic in this universe is basically powered by HYPERMATHS. Nanoha in the manga spends her teen years doing Calculus in her fucking head.

>> No.9942605


Right now it's roughly equal parts rapid-response and police patrol. The smaller ships don't carry as many mages, but they're far more cost-efficient and heavy firepower isn't needed as often as it used to be. Plus, fully-armed battleships aren't exactly popular; the reason population is so low is because of a huge interdimensional war that lasted centuries and killed trillions. Of course, that's falling further and further from the awareness of the worlds, as old people die and young people who have never seen a war are born...

Anyway, it's definitely not yet wide-spread, either, but so far it's been largely successful, so that's likely to change. I /am/ going to have to keep in mind that the Army, Navy, and Air Force are all separate divisions when I think about future developments, though.

>> No.9942646

Navy pro note: you don't need that much room to carry a lot of people, between double shifts (two people sharing the same bed, leads to possible shenanigans), and possible triple shifts/sleeping in closets, you can fit a huge amount of people in these 250-400 meter ships assuming you re using one of those small oiler style ships.

So you are a sort of SWAT team/US marshals style arrangement, if I've got you right?

>> No.9942660

Really, I don't think the TSAB even has a traditional Navy. It's really just semantics. The main branch runs the Fleet, the Air Force is seemingly a sub-division of that devoted to operations in atmosphere where whopping great spaceships aren't really useful, and the Ground Army is just a separate division under its own leadership.

I assume you already have an idea of where your group is going to be stationed, of course, without getting too spoilerrific.

>> No.9942685

>leads to possible shenanigans
Oh anon, you crack me up.

That said, OP, any reference to named characters so far or are you just wiping the slate clean?

>> No.9942939

Hey just to stir the thread a bit, mind if I post Fate's ass?

>> No.9942973


Yeah, that's a good way to put it. They generally get involved when interplanetary problems happen, though they aren't above helping out with local trouble. Next arc is definitely going to include some disaster relief, too.


Game's been going for a few months now. Of course I know where they're stationed.

(Less facetiously, the fort they call their home port is on Midchilda.)

>> No.9943003

>been going for months

Okay, there MUST be interesting stories by now.

>> No.9943015


Well, one of the important things to keep in mind is that this is 25 years post-StrikerS. Vivio, the youngest character to make an appearance, is 30. Generally, the duties of anyone named have become mostly administrative in nature. That said...

Nanoha and Fate: Permanently stationed at Dimensional HQ. Notably, Nanoha can't fight any more; her stretching herself too far when she was young has resulted in more than a few health problems now that she's in her mid-40s. She handles logistics support now. Fate's an Arbiter (equivalent of a judge), since more than a few criminals get brought to DHQ. She's rather lenient. (Pity she has to go by a family name, because Arbiter Fate sounds incredibly bad-ass.) And, yes, they're married.

Hayate: Elected President. Has gleefully battled corruption throughout her entire career. The Wolkenritter serve as her personal bodyguards, of course.

Subaru: Holds high rank within the Bureau's disaster relief forces. Despite her advancing age, she still regularly goes out to save lives personally. Personality hasn't changed much, either; she's as cheerfully stubborn as ever.

Teana: Became hugely famous after an incredible mission in her mid-20s, actually wound up having a very successful career as a movie star when she wasn't busy being a detective.

Nove: Is actually a mother now, to the surprise of pretty much everyone. Has mellowed out a bit.

Otto: Wound up the adoptive mother of the priestess PC, because I have a weakness for reverse traps. Dammit.

Vivio: Now a Lieutenant Colonel within the Bureau, she's the woman in charge of the base which the PCs are based out of.

And that's everyone who's showed up so far, as far as I can remember. I do have appearances planned for Yuuno, Erio, Caro, and maybe Lutecia later.

>> No.9943049

>Vivio: Now a Lieutenant Colonel within the Bureau, she's the woman in charge of the base which the PCs are based out of.
Oh christ, you're working for the White Devil's daughter? This should be lulzy.

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>> No.9943218


Well, it's an IRC game, so it's going pretty slowly. Maybe about a month of normally-scheduled gameplay.

Still, there are a couple interesting tales to share. The first arc just hit its climax, but that's a bit long for a single post, so for now you'll have to make do with a screw-up I found amusing.

Desert planet. Okay, that's a lie, it was just a fairly dry planet with extensive deserts and only one major body of water. They had to go into a cave complex to root out the villain of that sub-arc, a real bastard by the name of Arcturus Jameson. They were helped by the daughter he had mind-controlled, Jessica.

They sneak into his underground fortress while most of the NPCs make a huge ruckus elsewhere to cause a big distraction, and make their way to the very back, where the scientist figures his office would be (she had scanned the base as soon as they got past the cloaking shield). Sure enough, he's in there, talking to another guy. Keep in mind, they've taken a look at Jessie's thoughts, and have no clue who this other guy is. So, he must be someone new.

They let Jessica get the first word in for her giant jerk of a father, no-doubt expecting an epic verbal showdown.

Instead, she immediately draws her device, calls him a bastard, and starts shooting at him. This other guy ducks into a closet, and the fight happens.

They eventually manage to subdue Arcturus and haul him off, with the scientist reconfiguring some digging machinery into a rapid transport for a quick escape. They drive off...

...and a few hours later, this other guy pokes his head out of the closet, realizes that he can't hear anyone, and immediately gets the hell out of Dodge.

>> No.9943306

This is one of those epic "I knew we forgot something" moments.

>> No.9943344


I'm still divided on whether to make him a future big bad or a recurring mage-courier who, through sheer bad luck, manages to get asked to deliver things to major villains time and time again without having a clue what he's getting into.

>> No.9943383


>> No.9943395

Depends on your intended tone of gameplay, really.

Of course, you could always make it look like the latter, and then have The Reveal later on and Mood Whiplash the party to death.

Oh god TVTropes is taking over my brain again.

Out of curiosity, anyone done anything jaw-droppingly crazy/awesome yet?

>> No.9943406

... that is the most ridiculous and awesome thing I have ever seen...

>> No.9943451


Not yet, but eh. It's only a matter of time.

>> No.9943472

Nope. This is:

>> No.9943506

As a side note, when the badguy realizes that Nanoha is about to blast her to pieces, she says "Holy mother of God!"

>> No.9943549

It's more sort of an inarticulate whimper.

>> No.9943567

Bitch just got befriended.

>> No.9943724

Why is it that when I think of this series, all I can think of is "No Russian"?

>> No.9943767


Because of the blatant firepower used without discretion?


>> No.9943793

Something like that might be a great way to shake up your players, though, if you don't mind the mood whiplash.

Suddenly, terrorist attack! People actually die! Bad things happen!

>> No.9943830


This is intended to be a fairly optimistic series.

Which is not to say that I am not planning on putting my PCs in truly horrible situations - the priestess in particular is going to /hate/ me for something I'm gonna do later - but most "villains" are going to be nice people who made bad decisions, rather than outright bad guys.

>> No.9943969


Can we still have a DON'T STOP ME NOW segment?

>> No.9944094


What kind of GM would I be if I said no?

>> No.9944122


Ma'am, the kind that I don't love, mastress, sir.

>> No.9944183

Question: if Vivio is the Sankt Kaiser reincarnated, does that mean that somewhere in the Nanoha world, Anton Gupchenko is running around in a loli body?

>> No.9944225


After a quick google search, I feel confident in saying yes.

>> No.9944258

I'm almost scared to ask...

>> No.9944274

>Anton Gupchenko is running around in a loli body?

>> No.9944510

You are now imagining the entire cast of Zero reincarnated.

As little girls.

>> No.9944682


>> No.9944716

Wait, it gets better.

You are now imagining the ADFX-01 Morgan, as an Intelligent Device.

>> No.9944754


Solo Wing Pixy's Morgan?

Holy shit I came bricks.

>> No.9944795

I guess Larry really suits being called "Pixy" now...

Because she's short.

Y'see, because pixies are small.

Also the whole flying thing.

As an aside, I love the Morgan's aesthetic melding of the next-generation Belkan aerodynamics (eg the Falken) and more contemporary modern jet aircraft construction. It's just beautiful.

>> No.9944905

All right, so. Some details will be left out, but this is a good general summary.

Remember that mind-control I mentioned earlier? Done through a Logia, rather than magic. They had caught only a glimpse of it from Jessie's memory, and naturally, they wanted to confiscate it because mind control is bad. But Arcturus didn't have it. So they took a look inside /his/ head, and learned the truth - someone else had taken it.

Specifically, it had been grabbed by a small girl. Maybe about ten. Huge, poofy black dress (red trim), with an overabundance of frills and lace. White hair, tied into twintails by a pair of black ribbons. Red eyes. And a sly smile, like she knew something Arcturus didn't. They did manage to sense when she transported out, and were able to trace her trajectory through Space-Time to get a rough idea of where she was going, but she was gone long before they arrived. So, of course, they followed (though not before learning from Arcturus that Jessie was actually a combat cyborg - less than six months old, created by that same little girl... which confused the PCs, as Jessie very definitely had memories of being brainwashed by Arcturus's logia, and why would she have those if she were built to serve him?).

>> No.9944913


So, they follow after getting clearance to ditch their patrol route and continue the investigation, and arrive on the next world. And... don't have any further leads. So they can't do much but check local records for apparent evidence of mind control, and hope something turns up. Naturally, something does - a botanical researcher had gone missing, and after reporting on her location, a local Bureau agent had stopped reporting in altogether.

They investigate, using scanning magic to find the agent, and discover her with the botanist. A fight ensues, complete with botanist force-growing a magic-eating tree, but the PCs do manage to triumph, and learn that both the agent /and/ the botanist weren't operating of their own free will - something had made them want to spread those trees far and wide. So they get the lcoation of the botanist's hidden lab, and go to check it out in hopes of finding a lead to the location of the mind-control logia.

>> No.9944926


They get beaten there. They arrive at the abandoned district where the lab is, and launch a scan spell to check the surrounding area. And find it absolutely /crawling/ with wide-area-search scanner drones doing a thorough sweep of the city. A very careful look at them reveals that they're passive (operating on automatic parameters and periodically reporting rather than being consciously controlled), and may not notice the PC's presence... but their SOs, who have not gotten any sleep in /days/, have ordered the PCs to just scout the area out and avoid conflict for half an hour so as for the people in charge to get badly-needed short naps in.

So, the waiting game starts, with them watching the scanner drones and avoiding being seen. It doesn't take long, though, for three-quarters of the scanners to self-destruct in a minor magical "pop" and the remaining quarter, all in one particular sector of the abandoned district, to converge on a single point. The scientist, thinking something is up, does a little investigation and discovers that one of the bursts of mana was used to disguise someone transporting themselves in... far away from where all the scanners are meeting. The team decides the scanner movement must be a distraction, and goes to check out the warp-in, orders to avoid conflict be damned. And, sure enough, they find that same girl as before.

>> No.9944940


Specifically, they find her casting a spell that is nauseating them as they get close, and literally rotting away the building she's in, killing all the nearby plants that have overgrown the city, and, most importantly, rapidly rusting a steel door set into the floor that she's kneeling on. The scientist - first one there, first one to get a look - casts a bit of stun magic to interrupt, while the priestess tries to break into her head and maybe get some questions answered. Both succeed, the latter rather more so.

She actually gets yanked into the girl's head after poking at a few things in there, and finds a bizarre mindscape there - like something out of a really creepy children's cartoon. Forest of dead trees, with a haunted mansion nearby, and an angry-looking sun only occasionally showing through a stormy sky, the whole works. And, the girl is there. She rather cheerfully introduces herself as Amy von Ronsenburg (I didn't even notice I had stolen the name until after the fact).

>> No.9944950


This is rather confusing, as her earlier read showed the girl's name to be /Lisse/ von Ronsenburg, but then, that earlier read was full of contradictions and confusion, so she rolls with it. They have a conversation, the priestess noting that she still feels uncomfortable - something is /wrong/ with this girl, even though she acts remarkably cheerful for someone who lives in a haunted mansion near a haunted forest.

Back in reality, of course, a fight is breaking out, with the scientist immediately pounced on by Lisse/Amy's bat familiar, and narrowly avoiding having her face carved off via timely teleport. The villain herself engages the rest of the group, blocking their attacks and retaliating with almost casual ease - and every spell she casts siphons the life from any of the grasses, weeds, and flowers that are close to it.

>> No.9944965


The scientist gets a barrier-cage up around the familiar, and does a quick scan of their enemy, and learns the reason why. Lisse/Amy's linker core is /broken/. It's horribly twisted from within and the mana it generates is not only toxic to life, but leaks out uncontrollably. Not that Lisse/Amy doesn't have power to spare.

Anyway, at this point, the priestess comes out of her trance and looks at the girl, and says "Amy!"

...That gets a reaction, to say the least. The girl backs off, glaring at the priestess, demanding to know where she learned that name. Tense arguing follows, but after a few moments, she agrees to talk (giving her one up on just about every other Nanohaverse "villain") if they let her familiar out of that cage. The familiar is rather glad about this, having been trying to bash her way through.

>> No.9944976


So, talking happens. They learn the truth of the matter - that Amy is the name of the girl, but Lisse (her mother) is temporarily inhabiting the girl's body - with Amy's consent, natch - in order to gather a few mind-control artifacts so that she can build a personality transfer device and move herself into a new body. Because Lisse is dying, and thus unable to leave her bed.

Y'see, Lisse was a frail girl. Never in the best of health, often sick. Despite this, she wanted to be a natural researcher, and she eventually managed it, getting assigned to a small research station on a backwater planet. Which suited her just fine, really. That research station became home to her.

When Amy came along, though... well, that broken linker core didn't help Lisse's health. At all. She deteriorated, getting worse and worse. By the time the PCs talked to her, her actual body was in stasis - and even with that, she expected to die in less than three days. So she was in a bit of a hurry.

>> No.9945001


So the PCs asked her why she made Jessica... they probably weren't expecting her to be silent for several seconds, and then fall to her knees, suddenly yelling about how she couldn't do it all on her own, she needed *help*, she didn't want to leave Jessie there, she was meaning to go back to get her.

"...so, why didn't you ask the Bureau for help?"

That question sent her from nervous breakdown straight into sobbing so heavily that she couldn't even get a single word out. They eventually had to get the truth of the matter from her familiar - Lisse wasn't healthy enough to bear a child. Amy was an artificial mage. Specifically, a /botched/ one. But Lisse loved Amy with all her heart, and couldn't stand the thought of losing her, which is certainly what would happen if the Bureau got brought into it.

And that's how the last session ended. Managed to surprise the PCs a bit, and they enjoyed it, so I suppose I can mark it as a success.

>> No.9945074

How kind of awkward. And kind of sweet. Which I guess is the whole tone of the series, really.

Hug time ensues?

>> No.9945103


I thought it was a bigger twist that the Familiar (Freddy) was really named Winifred, but I'm the guy who is watching not the guy who has been playing from the start.

>> No.9945125

I don't see how it counts as a revelation of any considerable size, unless she has really big boobs.

Oh wait, Nanoha familiars are kemonomimi...

DOES she have really big boobs?

>> No.9945137


Well, Freddie (the familiar) said after telling them this that, if they were going to separate Amy and Lisse, they'd be doing it over her dead body, and she got reassured that that won't happen by one of the PCs... but the session ended before they really got into discussion of it. They still have to explore the lab, and it's entirely possible that they won't manage to save Lisse in time; figuring out what comes after can wait.

>> No.9945162


Not really. The association in my head was "bat = flying = streamlined shape = flatty". There are downsides to having wings attached to your arms...

>> No.9945422

If Ojou-sama isn't off the rag by hte next session, they won't be able to save themselves from a small breeze.

>> No.9945457


Quite. The dicebot, she is a cruel mistress.

>> No.9945564


Of course, the worst that can happen is that they fail and baw for half an hour before getting dangerous.

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