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Moar Culteest?

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The Collector, GO!

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did that porn thread she captooored get deleted?

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Yeah, okay, sure. Didn't get all the pics from the old thread before the mods deleted it.

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I wish I could get 4chan dumper to work on this board.

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I got some from the previous thread if someone has particular repost requests.

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except the pics I didn't like...
well I had most of it already, but shit. total images right now is 175 with no dupes.
Someone else said they had 300+.
unfortunately this is my last image for now.
cultist dump for lator!

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That was "The Collector" He has everything ever.

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That guy's pretty impressive alright. Wonder what his folders look like.

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does anyone have that one comic where dranon gives her a present with nothing inside. He thinks it'll make her cry but she ends up using the box as a car or a fort or something. Anyone?

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Cultist never does anything really heretical.
1) act cute
2) capture it?
that's all she is

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Collector? Post plox?

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I hadn't spotted this thread until now.

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Thank you!

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EVERYTHIIIIIIIIIIING is heretical. Not using the proper forms is heretical. Not ratting out psykers is heretical. And so forth.

also, technically chaos cultists aren't heretics... if you renounce a religion, you are a pagan, not a heretic. but if you said the Emprah was actually a bro who didn't want mankind to be all oppressed and shit and for him to be worshipped, you'd be a heretic

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Organized by board, content, then related sub-folders.
I'm Megauploaded my stuff quite a few times.

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thanks bro.

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Quite a clusterfuck, if it's still the same as it was a few months ago. No tags, not enough subdivisions, not even a system of nomenclature. My OCD is acting up just remembering it.

Yes, but she does it for kayoos. That's the heretical part.

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I'm going to die laughing. Fuck you, I had so much to live for...

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I HAD 340 when the first thread started.

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I am but one man! And there was a time when Cultist dumps where deleted on sight. Man of them I had to grab as fast as I could. Plus a lot of them I get second hand, so I don't have anything TO name them.
And not enough sub-divisions? I divide by content and most of my folders have a /'4 sub folder.

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Thanks for that request, I enjoyed that one.

Preparing for a late-night dump, no sleep for the wheekkeddddddddd...

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meant '34.

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I hope Cornflakes posts some pics...

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If you will all excuse me for a moment I crave Roast Beef.
It's sammich time.

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Am I the only one still posting?

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Fuck yeah Cultist-Chan.

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I personally don't have any material so I'm starting my folder with these threads.

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I posted my other cultist stuff in the previous thread. I can repost, but you probably have it anyway.

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It's one of Culexus's first things.
Well, not first, but High School 40K was very popular at the time.
Stay here a minute.

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Mmmmm, Seester Rengarde. God I love her and cultist together :3

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no i mean she put her vagina on a sandwhich what the fuck am i reading

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> Stay here a minute.

Sure thing. I should be sleeping, but having gone this far, it doesn't make much of a difference anymore anyway. I don't think I'll be going before this thread dies.

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Pus, as in the stuff that drips out of open wounds. Not Pussy.

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Hey, I'm in the same boat, secret /tg/ handshake!

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Throwing all my Cultist up onto Megaupload.

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Is there a site with all these webcomics somewhere?

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Well crapfuck. My internet has slowed WAY down, and it will take roughly half an hour for Megaupload to get all my stuff.

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WHAT. she put pussy pus on a sanwhich?! what the fuck am i reading

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I'm willing to wait.
Mr. Celexus at Deviantart

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Fuck that, my brain wouldn't get past the first move in my condition.

Looks like we're going to have to BUMP this thread in the meantime, gentlemen.

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Well then I'll keep posting for you guys.

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In the grim darkness of the far future, being in high school sucks ass just as much as now.

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What's the source on that piece of art though?

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Mmmmm, space vagina.

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THAT particular one I got second hand, so I only know its a /tg/ drawfag.
I mean... OBVIOUSLY it's a local, but that's all I know.

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Talking about sources, does anyone know who that one's from?

I don't like her head, but the style itself seems good.

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For the love of...there IS no cultist-chan! SHow me where in any fluff or in any game for that matter we have ever seen a female cultist, and if we DID, she'd be a horribly mutilated gimpess. Where the hell did cultist-chan come from?

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Cultist, now in Champion form

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Hey, I've got a weird question for all of you.
Am I the only one who eats the outer part of the carrot first, leaving the core for last?

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Dawn of War and Mr. Culexus.

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Nigger, read up.


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A Drawfag request thread. I'll post the picture when I get done with this little comic. I was actually in that thread.

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Cry some moar.

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Oh good, So I'm not a total freak then...
He said with a straight face will posting Cultist.

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The original drawfagging.

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Thank you, not I don't have to.

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Not a problem.

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HERE WE GO! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RGX0IU22
All the stuff I have as of about an hour ago.

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This comic is so cute...

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Woohoo! Finally, all my cultist stuff will be together.

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God damn it. Stop making me smile.

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The End

Jo did some adorable work.

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Less commonly posted third part, in description:

Spess mehreens tear her to pieces with boolets.

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ty collector

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It is what I do.

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I loev Jo's art.

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Jo does that to people.
I have another series with the art done by him. Soldier and the Witch.
Not Cultist though.

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I love Cultist-chan because she:

1. Is never a bitch
2. Eager to please
3. Not shallow or artificial
4. Not self-absorbed
5. Always has a genuine smile
6. Tries to make friends
7. Is adorable

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50% done! Yaay!!!!!!!!!

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Remember, there were three months there were I could not keep on top of all the new Cultist art. There very well may be pictures I don't have,
Hell, I got 10 or 12 new ones in the last thread.

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I want to see this........

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Most of those I got drawfagged myself. I ask for a new cultist in just about every thread.

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If you see anything in your collection that isn't in mine, I would love to see it.

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This pic got me to thinking, what would happen if Cultist in Archcultist form killed Failbbadon and lead the 14th Black Crusade?

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Post up some Lolicron if you have some, please.

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What's happening here?

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Sadly this.....................

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I never really got on the lolicron bandwagon. I have SOME, but not many.

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A Gretchin and Cultist are building something.

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<----got this one in your collection yet?

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Indeed. I thought I just got it today, but I did a quick check for duplicates and it turns out I had it.
Thank you though.
Huh... it's only 2:30 in the morning.

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Every time I see that picture I realize there were several pictures of Cultist drawn for me specifically.
About half of them where when I wasn't tripfaging.

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Damned, Collector, that's a lot of pictures. Sure am glad I didn't have to wait for you to post them here one by one. I'm already having to check my posts thrice to make sure I don't skip words.

Thanks for your flawless job and good night!

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How about some destroyer/heavy destroyer chan?

>> No.9934531

Good night and you're welcome.

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Well crap! I just broke one of my pocket knives.
That'll learn me to dick around with them in the middle of the night.

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Is there anyone one else still here, or was it just the one guy?

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Everytime I see the destroyer girl all I can think of is rule 63 Breetai.

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Oh so much Heresy!

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Do you have Gnollbard's version of that?

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I'm here but I have nothing to contribute other than squealing "SAVED" every few minutes.

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Well I'm getting tired. I'll wrap up this thread then be on my way.

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I... don;t believe I do. Do you?
I DID post the whole collection if you just want to do one giant sqee.

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I love that one

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Guy who wanted destroyer/heavy destroyer chan still here.

>> No.9934711

I save Lolcron's stuff, but I have very few Necron pictures otherwise.
Also, this is a Cultist thread, and I try to only post one thing in each thread.

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I keep edging closer and closer to it... so does /tg/ want some Cultist '34?

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I see your tits...

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So, Cultist is an Aussie? Would explain the accent, I guess.

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And raise you a dickgirl.

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I fold. That's all I had, I Dled it earlier today in that brief "cultist vs porn spambot" thread. i do have some slaaneshi daemonettes, though...

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Of course we do, dump that shit.

>> No.9934827

I was in the last bit of that one.

By the way, this is another of those pictures I was talking about. One drawn for me. This one was the result of me saying I've never fapped to cultist.

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Oh, nevermind, you already posted it


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Ah, ok then.

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I'm calling it a night as soon as I hit image limit.

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I remember THAT drawthread.

I miss Greg Mustache and her artwork.

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Oh Chink... I am still unable to confirm or deny your death.

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And I think that's it... unless the image limit got raised again.

>> No.9934941

Well... crap. Alright, I'm cutting it off a little early.
Night and have fun.

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Man, there's all this Cultist 34 (and I love it), but why can't I ever find any X-tan 34?

>> No.9934972

You're about 30 something images off, if not 50.

>> No.9934996

The OLD limit was 150.

>> No.9935001

Not looking hard enough.

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>> No.9935181

She looks like an old woman there. An unattractive one at that.

That's not X-tan, that's just some ugly bitch in rainbow stockings.

>> No.9935199

well it was.

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>> No.9935267


not, it wasn't.

image limit is 1/half the post count+1.

>> No.9935278

... I MIGHT be thinking ABOUT THE POST LIMIT...

>> No.9935284

are there any pics of cultist chan hanging out/getting it on with 420 chan?

>> No.9935290

But no... I was looking at the post limit, not the image limit.

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