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Hey thar /tg/ I was wondering if you guys could take a look at my Traitor guard army, and give me some pro-tips on it!
Company command-175
Straken,vox,2x bodyguards

Company command-80
Vox, 2x bodyguards

Platoon #1
Platoon standard

Infantry squads-335
5x grenade,1xcommissar,1xvox,2xautocannon

Platoon #2
Platoon standard

Infantry squads-335
5x grenade,1xcommissar,1xvox,2xautocannon

3x veteran squads- 415
vox, 3x melta

2 priests-90

3x valkyries-300

any suggestions on what to do for those last few points?

any Ideas on what to do for 2500?

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Nigga, I don't see no Officer of the Fleet OR Astropath up in there. How you gonna get all those meatshields in there on 2+?

Also, three words: Leman Fucking Russ.

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I never felt officer of the fleet was that worth it, but I supposed since all the "good" armies are running deep strike he could be worked in.

keep the suggestions and comments comin'!

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Being able to bring your reverses in faster while keeping his men off the table is always worth it. Anyway I'm assuming all these squads, vets and CCS are in chimeras? If not they should be. Unless you don't own them or something.

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the 3 vet squads are in valks, that 2 platoons are all one squad footslogging it with the priests and straken to back them up if they wind up getting into melee.

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Looks alright, but foot slogging is a pretty bad idea if you don't have something to back them up( Heavy weapons squads for my army) or something to block them, I usually have my guys following a Russ so they can get a cover save from it and if needed take a CC charge to give it some time to get away from those nasty powerklaws.
Also, advisers are really good to have, worth the points if you are deep striking a lot of have a lot of enemies deep striking.

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whelp if I add 2 chimeras for the "platoon command" (read mobile cover) that would be 110, and adding 1 O.o.F, and astro, would be 170 total, leaving me with 100 points.

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you could add more priests or upgrades if you want to, but you have an alright list with the chimera. Also, just FYI, I haven't played in a while so I don't know about any new trends in codex's to be aware of.

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awesome...so I just need one more valk and one more chimera in that case....you think a unit of bane wolves would be viable at 2500? maybe sticking creed in there to outflank them?

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Is that a male or a female? I can't tell.

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and that is why it's one of the best pictures to post on /tg/ I can usually get at least one person to ask that question....If my hunch is correct it is female but only because of the shading on the underside of the breasts.

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Only the males have the feathers so i'm gonna assume that's a dude too

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Ya, that would be good, outflanking would be ever better, I've wanted to try a bane wolf, but I'm to busy saving up for the core of my army and building my ogyns(delicious point sinks)

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they were the second thing I bought for this army actually... shame I can never seem to bring myself to put them in the lists, I always want to run the platoons....my original plan was to run Creed and al rhelm (or whatever that fuckers name is) and bring two platoons outflanking, with banewolves putting pressure where I needed it...ah how plans change.

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Very good point

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That actually sounds pretty cool, I tried proxying Al Halem(?) but he wasn't worth it for me.

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