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stop thinking about it.
Why the fuck is /tg/ so mopey today? Some holiday I miss?

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post fap guilt

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/tg/ just needs some cheering up. This usually works for me.

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I...I can't tie a noose right. I keep trying.

I only continue on because Advice Guardsman won't let me die.

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College semester is nearing an end if not ending in America at least. They're all realizing they're going to be in debt for the rest of their lives and have nothing to show for it or get rid of it.

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A rodent chewing up someones eyes cheers you up?

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I have no idea.

Here, have a techno-duck.

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I only get that when I fap to a pregnant woman, and think, "fuck me I should be in a serious relationship by now where we are talking about starting a family and shit"

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>talking about starting a family

There are enough failures in the world, please consider sterilization.

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Going to try the buck shot method I think

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Be like this dinosaur. Take contentment in warm baked goods.

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You must learn to take pleasure in the little things in live, no matter how insignificant.

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Crazy Hassan has competition, I see.

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Remember, aim through your nose, not under your jaw.
Waking up arse-faced is ultra-fail.

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Read something and be happy.

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Who half asses something like that?

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Im exhausted and I feel good.

have some more moe to cheer you up.

ill have to draw a better quality one later tho...

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A few notables from the 80's, IIRC.
And it happens every couple of years.
I'd wikipedia it, but I can't figure out the right keywords.
Failed Shotgun Suicides?

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The landlord says your rent is late, he might have to liquidate.

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your genitals account for about 1% of your flesh, i'm not sure what the picture wants me to think the rest of your flesh is.

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Personally, I'm in a fantastic mood.

Then again, I'm cracked out on three Full Throttles, have a pack of smokes on hand, and still haven't put on any pants.

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its mid day and im fucking shitfaced and unemployed


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You would think shot gun to the face would be a obvious do not necessitate request.

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Is this Crazy Hassan thing a forced meme then or what

Seems forced.

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I concur, but....maybe the EMT's just really, really hated the suicidee?
Eh, who knows.
More ass, viva LIFE!

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I dunno. Sometimes it's pretty funny. I wish I knew how it got started.

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Oh no, it isn't a forced meme.
Hassan just appears when he is needed, provides very good second hand camels, then departs. Useful if your players are stuck in an inescapable situation.

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This is the greatest fucking picture I have ever seen in my life.

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Some guy was complaining how one guy in his group wanted to sell a herd of camels that they found at 100gp. The DM said you can sell them for only 10gp. That is how it started

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Isn't it litigate?

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Considering that it is the fourth highest rated thread on sup/tg/, I'm guessing no one forced it.

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I feel like something is very wrong with her right ass cheek

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Feelin good right now. Going to the movies later.

Depressions just like any enemy, OP. You gotta fight it, you cant just wallow in it and let it take you.

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I lol'd

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Not everyone has a stake in winning.

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lol, I remember that one. The OP took fucking forever to post!

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Maybe a draw thread would help?

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If you don't enjoy feeling like shit, why do you want to keep feeling like shit?

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There are other effective solutions.
But I think this is supposed to be a positive thread.

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A question: Does hanging work through snapping the neck, or suffocation?

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Depends on how you do it I think if my western watching is to be believed.

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It is supposed to snap your neck. But if someone does their math wrong, it can end up just suffocating you. One time a guy weight more than the rig was set up for and it popped his head off.

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Hanging tends to be neck snap
Lynching tends to be suffocation

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Decapitation via hanging is just as painful as regular decapitation, right?

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Saddam's cousin went like that.

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If there's slack in the rope, so you fall before it catches you, it'll break your neck. If there isn't, it suffocates you

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I just don't know man... I just finished drawing a Muhmed for tomorrow but I still kinda feel down. What do, /tg/?

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It is more tearing than cutting. It will probably be more painful. And remember, a decapitated head is still alive for a bit.

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>Why the fuck is /tg/ so mopey today? Some holiday I miss?

>Spend the next five minutes freaking out that I had missed FUCKING TARRASQUEMAS

>Realize Tarrasquemas is not until September.

>get depressed about how long I have to wait until our glorious holiday, go back to stating angels for adeptus evangelion and being unemployed

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Clearly, the ultimate executioner is a master of....


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I miss my mom, /tg/.
She's at work :C

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I feel your pain, anon. Too long must we wait to hear the quiet pitter patter of our saviour again.

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I had a friend who was seriously thinking about suicide once.

He was going to make a noose out of razor wire or something to make sure his head came off, and then superglue his hands to the sides of his head before he jumped off the chair. He wanted it to look like he had gone and torn off his head with his bare hands.

Funny guy.

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I'm depressed that the gay kobold orgy was deleted. :(

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Heard that joke 100 times

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Called the cops on what I thought was a suicide once, lost a ton of friends because it was just a joke I was too tired to catch.

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How'd that happen?

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Advice Guardsman makes the whole Advice X bandwagon worthwhile.

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Morrowind stopped working, among other things ;_;

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Great, now I'm depressed that I'll never be as happy as that dinosaur. Or the small boy living in a world where he gets fresh pastries delivered by FUCKING DINOSAUR.

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I guess we just have gotten tired of our usual D&D and 40K circle-jerks and have nothing exciting or interesting to talk about now.

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I'm just feelin fine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Still listening to Rainbow songs. Nonstop.

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that certainly brightens my day. Apparently the report button works after all!

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Dude! The system works.

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I'm a failed drawfag, being depressed is what I do.

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Well, fuck. I wasn't mopey, until I saw this thread and started thinking. Last week I had two dreams, in which I ended up intentionally killing four people in total. My D&D group is on the verge of disbanding because of all the drama people keep stirring up, not to mention the guy DMing in place of our regular guy is a huge faggot who is intentionally trying kill my character. I'm trying to get my Tau army painted so I start playing Warhammer 40k. I'm beginning to lose interest in Magic: The Gathering because it feels like there are no decks I can play competitively outside of my Mono-Green and the swath of netdecks. And I still have no girlfriend. So, fuck you OP for dragging me down out of my good mood. Fuck you, and fuck this thread.

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You don't any assume that someone wants not to be saved any more lightly than you assume that they're guilty of a crime sufficient to send them to the chair. And since medical emergencies don't tend to allow for lengthy investigation, you play it safe. Maybe they really did manage to merely fuck up gun safety big time.

Go learn some memetics before you bandy the term about. There's no such thing as a "forced" meme by definition.

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I never found out where this came from ;___;

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You need to adjust your calm. Be well.

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Only a brief moment. The drop in blood pressure will knock you out fast. The adrenaline will try to counter. I think you're looking at a couple of seconds or so, tops.

Very painful seconds, mind, I expect.

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It's ENHANCE. "You need to ENHANCE your calm."

Fag. It's like I'm the only one who watches movies around here.

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Fuck Yeah Dinotopia

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But they were such happy kobolds.

Most impressively, though, nobody ever sage'd the damn thread. Christ, well done you two, if you managed to just quietly report-and-ignore without making a big thing of it.

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You really licked his ass.

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I'd love to, but Angry Drawfag is too busy being drunk and depressed and trying not to fail a PhD due to being drunk and depressed.

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A couple of seconds of the worst neck pain imaginable and the sensation of only being a head. If the position is right, you will also see your body as it dies as well.

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Dwarf Fortress is still in shambles after the big update. And quite a few reasons that are even less /tg/-related.

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It wasn't an uncommon inside joke for her to say shit like that, I also had implied I would not interfere if they were serious...

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Let's BLOW this guy!

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My D&D group if failing me and I fear we might cancel our session again this week. That will be 6 times in a row...

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Status Quo + subwoofer + loud = soothing ear and foot massage.

It is scientifically impossible to be miserable while listening to The Quo.

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A few days back I was having this sweet dream in which I was about to totally get in on with the hottest redhead you ever met. Like 12/10 hot, and she's lounging on the bed like a naked horny minx or something. Then she looked me right in the eyes and said:

>"You are afraid of having anything good ever happen to you."

...and then she vanished into thin air and I woke up. Feels bad, man.

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I heard....but.....can't comprehend....

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My brain recently was a complete bastard by inventing a lass who suckered a crowd including myself into a perfectly-executed Bavarian Fire Drill, then started a conversation afterwards when I called her on it.

It's long past the point of crass pleasures of the flesh and now into tauting me with interesting and surprising emotional relationships that don't exist.

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Yeah, you got the gist of it.

Enough bass, and you get a free foot massage from the subwoofer. Especially from "Sorrow". Goddamn, is the mastering on that track warm.

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>Why the fuck is /tg/ so mopey today? Some holiday I miss?

It's the summer. All the angsty teenagers don't have class.

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Sexy sexy man

>> No.9922771

>See .gif
>Click hoping for animooted Mochrie joy
>not animooted

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Aaaaand now we're back on topic.

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In that case: I sucked off a bi-curious friend of mine when we were both drunk as fuck. He is now straight.

>> No.9923149

That sucks

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>> No.9923338

>sucked of a bi-curious friend
Thats hot

>He is now straight

>> No.9923382

Oh lol, you're not even human. Add that to your list

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He flat-out said that it was because of me, even.

>> No.9923439

I'm sorry. Id let you suck me off if it made you feel better.

>> No.9923454

There is now only one thing to do.

Wait until he has a job and wife, then discredit him with your sordid tale of cock-gobbling.

>> No.9923494

Why? He's clearly terrible at it.

>> No.9923523

Because I believe in a thing called love.

>> No.9923534

I'd be happy to provide a cock as well

>> No.9923565

Well, at least you helped him realize something about himself. It probably wasn't because it wasn't good anything. He was probably just confused and you helped him understand himself better. Its like someone being curious with bondage, trying it, and realizing he doesn't really like it.

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I could provide a medicinal overdose.

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/tg/ - Totally Gay

Just look at all these happy people giving each-other blowjobs in harmony!

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Ain't nothing gay about getting your dick sucked

>> No.9923601

Why did you have to go and bring furries into this?

>> No.9923605

Finals week.

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I'm depressed because I'm a repressed furry.

That's why I'm on /tg/.

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You know, help you end your life.

>> No.9923651

in denial

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Damn man, I ain't mopey. Just got home, everything's looking up. And I just got Red Dead, I'm effing happy!

>> No.9923673

a fish

I can post two words too

>> No.9923677

What you need to do is get off your computer, go outside, fuck the first animal you see and then blog about it on livejournal, like all the rest.

>> No.9923683

Stick around, we'll make you miserable yet.

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I'd rather he had his philosophical breakthrough any other time than directly after that, though.

And to all the people who suddenly want me to suck their cock: pic related.

>> No.9923698

Cool, I go do for a good emofest

>> No.9923705

The problem with doing that in Australia is that I wouldn't make it back to the computer before dying. I'd need some kind of iPhone so I could blog on the move.

>> No.9923708

Did I jsut say I go do?
... Fuck, yes I did

>> No.9923715

Can we get some of that Digimon Dad thing in here?

>> No.9923768

You know, prescription medication will help that pain go away.

>> No.9923777

As will a hot dicking

>> No.9923815

Alcoholism is a much more drawn-out process, allowing one to properly stew in one's despair and self-loathing.

>> No.9923838

But those effects aren't nearly as permanent.

>> No.9923848

Yeeeah, I'm not exactly sitting in a corner humming along to Linkin Park just yet. I'll live.
Very possible. I'm still more or less in the closet, though, so stuff like that is a bit hard to get.

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And I found a special years-later one with an extra sting in the tail for Pratchett fans!

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Dragonite Dad is a reminder of the piss-dribbling senile existence which awaits us all.

Hah, only kidding. Most of us will never even have children.

>> No.9924346

Welp, I guess we've now reduced anyone even vaguely susceptable to this thread into a emo ball of failure. GREAT SUCCESS.

>> No.9924365

Dragonite Dad. =(

>> No.9924393

There are places to find some good action. If there aren't clubs or raves to get to, there is always the internet

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Yes. Yes it is.

>> No.9924723

I need to be nicer to my step dad

>> No.9924803

Lately all the time I have the song this girl sang at the bar stuck in my head. She's a friend of a friend, and wouldn't go on a date because I'm not Christian, even though she's never kissed a guy before.

Still can't get her out of my head. Such a good singer. And person.. and... goddamnit /tg/, make me stop.

Also, I feel sick today, its a rainstorm outside, all my friends are out doing stuff that I'm not, I'm single, and now I'm listening to Sunn O))). SUNN O))) WAS A BAD CHOICE.

>> No.9924833

How Christian of a person does she require?

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>> No.9924911

Well, just Christian, I believe. She's no bible-thumper or anything. And I'm not against any religions, I just feel that switching to a religion just to date a girl is disrespectful to everyone involved. I still talk to her every now and then, and somewhere in the back of my head I hope I can make her change her mind.

I mean, shit... there's other girls. But... *her*.

>> No.9924950

Keep working at her. If you are compatible enough, she might not care that you aren't a Christian. Don't let her distract you too much though if it seems fruitless.

>> No.9924967

D&D session just canceled one hour before people were supposed to gather and start. 6th time in a row. I'm raging hard right now.

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And Anon's heart grew three sizes that day.

>> No.9925106

Yeah, it seems we get along well, at least to me. Also, her friend who I met her through (well, as in the bunch of us hanging out), is my friend's girlfriend. Said girlfriend was quite Christian, doing missionary work and shit, but lately not as into it. Friend knows the answer she gave me, he thinks it's stupid... but, it's her decision.

Figure I may be able to ask friend's girlfriend to see if there's any chance for me, or if I'm shit out of luck.

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