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Drawthread, anyone? I've been off the board for a month or two and I have a couple hours to kill before sleep, so shoot.

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<generic fetish request that will take over the entire thread resulting in no interesting drawfaggotry>

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A dark eldar whych with her hands on her wounded human gladiator slave's shoulders bitching at him for getting cut up.

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Heya man, how've you been?

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If you know the 40k universe, a Necron Lord with a Warscythe just staring at a Dark Reaper rushing into close combat with him. Based on my last game.

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This is, of course, not my work, but I feel I should share with you the creation of an artist far more talented than I.

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How about something different? Try doing something from... Monsterpocalypse perhaps?

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All of the Guard is united in the Emperor's service: A Tallarn, Praetorian, Krieger and Catachan all cluster around an Imperial preacher reading from a devotional book.

That may be a bit complicated, so no trouble if you're not interested in it Kobolddragonfag, but I like pictures of 40K beyond the battlefield so hopefully it's an interesting scene.

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A Tallarn Guardsman and a Biel-Tan Eldar Guardian brofisting.

>The Tallarn Desert Raiders continued their attack on various worlds which had turned to Chaos until sometime around the 30th Millennium, when they were recalled. The "Cursus," a Chaos relic of black stone which had led the Iron Warriors to the world was discovered deep under the desert sands. Immediately after finding this relic both Eldar of the Biel-tan craftworld and Iron Warriors spilled from the sky once more, to attempt to claim this relic. After months of fighting, the Eldar and Tallarn Desert Raiders formed an alliance and destroyed the Chaos forces.

>After their combined victory over the Chaos hordes, both races exchanged their promises of friendship, before the Eldar departed in peace. The Tallarn re-entombed the Chaos relic beneath the sulphur sands and turned their backs on it.


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Not bad, yourself?

I like this, do you have anything specific, or should I hit up Google?

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Draw a town guard fighting a tarrasque armed with only a rusty fork and an old boot

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anything specific about monpoc. Really.

You can basically draw any giant monster beating up any other giant monster and call it a day.

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A space marine that fell down a flight of stairs, with a guardsman next to him cheerfully yelling to the audience "The Aristocrats!"

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Jason Voorhees as CSM.

His helmet's left lense is broken, and you can see his restless eye. He has a chainsword. His armour is dirty and mangled. Towering, threatening.

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Well enough, thanks.

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A sister of battle who's breastplate has fallen off and she is nervously trying to hide her breasts with her arms

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Doomrider riding down a cliff.

"C'mon gravity, you used to be so cool..."

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Chaos Havoc with a lascannon resembling a fleshlight.

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Nah. Not a berserker, just an ordinary Chaos Space Marine

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A dragonborn with wings (red, if it matters) brofisting a bald dwarf with a two-handed warhammer over his shoulder, whose beard is braided into six to eight braids.

I can post a couple of reference pictures if you'd like.

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ordinary CSM's don't carry chain axes

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Commissar Frollo

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True, thus chainsword.

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I think making Jason Voorhees a CSM would make him LESS scary.

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>A dragonborn
will need tits

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you have a point there

make him a fucking bloodletter

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Hmm. I appear to have missed something important in my description.

They're both male.

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>tits on everything

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Jesus I'm slower than I remember.


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>implying that's not every edition of D&D ever

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If you're still looking for an idea for this, somebody on the PP forums was asking for art of Drillcon Verronnix (pictured) attacking Anglax (giant Angler fishman) with the subtitle THIS IS HOW YOU DRILL FOR FISH.

Apparently it's an WoW reference or something.

Alternatively do a picture of Tera-Khan Vs Cyber-Khan that's a pastiche of the cover art for Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla (see it here: http://www.stomptokyo.com/img-m6/gxmecha-cvr.jpg)

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The joke is actually supposed to be "how u mine 4 fish?" I think, but the core idea is still there.

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How about two Powerlifter Sentinels manning a mortar sized for them(Think Colossus sized, or just generally a big, squat gun) while a third, Armored Sentinel fires it's heavy bolter at an unseen enemy.

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It's supposed to be "THIS IS HOW YOU MINE FOR FISH!"

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Could you draw Abaddon the Despoiler losing a fight against King Dedede?

Feel free to add extra stuff in the background, like Waddle Dee cheerleaders or Metaknight and Kharn as fight commentators.

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A Tau reporter team reporting live from a battle against Tyranids. Unfortunately, the cameraman is currently distracted by a Carnifex's Scything Talon, which has lodged itself uncomfortably through his gut, but the reporter still stoically continues his work...

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Whoo. I'll probably go over this one again later on and add some shadows and whatnot. I changed it to drill according to the other anons, I can change it back easily if you like.

I'll give this one a go next. Any other drawfags around willing to help out the throng of 40kfags?

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I've got the pictures that're used to represent 'em handy, if you're interested.

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That'd be lovely.

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Dwarf. He worships the Raven Queen and wears some black robes over his chainmail.

Come to think of it, the Dragonborn wears some silver scale mail, uses a bastard sword in one hand, and wears a buckler on his left arm.

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Sorry broseph, this is nowhere near finished, but I need to trot off to bed. I'll try and get it done and posted, though.

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Scarlet Johanson as a Necron.

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Bumpan for more drawfags.

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That's glorious nonetheless. If you ever finish it, it'd be cool if you could email it to the hotmail in my email field or something.

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An IG sentinel wearing a burlesque dress and doing the can-can, unwittingly crushing orks beneath its feet.

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I need someone to imagine and draw a power armor of this helmet :D

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I'm pretty sure the thread's been abandoned dude.

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bamp for science.

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I like this approach.

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A kobold and a human girl being cuddly.

See? It can be cute without being naughty.

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Oh greenmarine, I never got to properly thank you for the warforged and mind flayer pic.

cute as the dickens.

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a nosferatu butler dressed in ragged uniform offering a plate of moldy scones and sewer-water teas to his mistress(out of view).

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Might be fun to see this amusingly cute Half-Orc (Thanks again Green, lolz) in adventurer mode. I don't really have an outfit in mind but think Ranger-ish, I guess. Preferably, one of her tusks would be chipped.

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Hurr hurr real life is getting in the way of delicous drawfagotry again.

I'll be back in a while. Until then you get a WIP.

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Requesting my Dark Heresy character.

She's a feral-world Guardswoman, 19 years old. She's huge (6'6'') and basically a musclegirl (Str and T 40), with tanned skin, green eyes, and waist-length red hair, and she has tribal tattoos up her arms and part of her face. She has several primitive-looking runes scrawled over her flak armor, and she wears a fur/skin cloak over it. She has a nasty-looking axe on her belt, a standard-issue lasgun slung over her back, and a bow and arrow in her hands. Despite all of this, she acts rather shy and reserved; she's never been off her home planet before and doesn't really like the way other people look at her.

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Oh gods do want. Do want. I love muscular women

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I'm in finals. I need something to cheer me up.

Sexy Scholar?

Preferably with rather nice tits.

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Instead of boring technical drawings, try drawing up some sexy thri-kreen and dragonborn ladies at work.

Your boss will jizz all over your submitted draft and then you'll have to stay longer to do it again so you'll get overtime

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Are any of the drawfags still here?

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A Female Farseer wearing a shattered ghosthelm, part of or all of her face visible through the hole in the helm, destroyed armor, her robes torn in several places (showing some skin possibly including tits) bleeding from several wounds, holding a handful of glowing spiritstones. A single tear running down her cheek. Witchblade in her other hand covered with gore point on the ground at an angle with her barely holding it up. Think weary and wounded after a long hard fought battle.

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For hilarity, part of her wargear is a pointy stick on her back that mounts a number of skulls. You know it totally works.

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This might be more of a photoshopfag task, but I can't do that either. I need my Ms. Johnson (representative of a Hmong crime syndicate, meet is at a retro swing dance club) for this next run to be basically wearing this, only with, say, a dyed-bright-yellow 80s-foxtail haircut and any cyberpunky or swing-club-related touches you might like to add. I have no photoshop or related skills, or fashion sense for that matter, otherwise I'd just do it. Take it up if you like.

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Broaden your horizons.
Have a bullywug girl from yesterday's thread.

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Not really your request, but i was already doodling something when you posted it.

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them tusks.

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Reposting this aberration too.

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Oh lord.

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Drawfag taking requests? I've got one, if you're here.

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Lady Dakka!

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Re-requesting, mostly because I really would appreciate it.

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I still want a Trollmungandr or Trollboros.

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I'd hit it.

With a wrecking ball.

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Female psyker, age in the vicinity of 20-25. Decent-to-good looking. Metal bitz in head. (some under hair.) Wearing decent-quality robes. (Not poor.). Has metal staff with Imperial Eagle on top.

Is holding a las pistol in one hand, while looking contemplatively at either an Aquila pendant, or the eagle on her staff, in the other hand.

Maybe give her a psy-corona, or lightning-aura type effect?

Should have a Tzeentchian daemon whispering in her ear. (I'm thinking changer-of-ways style, not pink-horror style.)

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Pretty Twi'lek girl with light orange skin and dark orange eyes, sitting and holding a small stone figure/statue of the Twi'lek Mother Goddess - basically vaguely carved female Twi'lek in stone. She's sweet/shy and wears fairly modest clothes, though she has the build of a dancer beneath.

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Longhaired drow guy holding a Harry Potter house-elf up by the back of the pillowcase that the house-elf is wearing instead of proper clothes. He's staring at it with an incredulous, almost horrified expression. The house-elf just looks anxious and ingratiating.

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You didn't really need a drawfag for this one.
Practice those mad MS paint skills.

>> No.9927299

too drunk, too exhausted..

Seriously need to mellow out...

sorry bros


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Well that's coolface, not a troll, for one.

Also, an artist could make it particularly fancy/cool. I was hoping for something snazy. Eye-catching.

>> No.9927388


It's trollface. the creator of the original comic definitely says so.

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>> No.9927473


Still, rotating isnt eating itself.

If I had any talent I'd do it myself. My stick figures turn out deformed. :-/

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Are the drawfags still here?

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Why stop at the breastplate?

>> No.9928199

Re-requesting this.

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Whoops, forgot to delete name off other thread.

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DUN DUN DUUUUUN. Or something.

On the topic of Orcs, this outfit is hilarious.

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Techpriest and Cleric slap-fighting over dogma. Bonus: The rest of the acolytes (pick and choose as appt.) look so tired of that shit.

That is not how clothes work.

>> No.9930785

Nazis fighting the Drow

>> No.9930822

I thoroughly enjoy this drawing. Thanks.

>> No.9930828

Superior Orc chick.

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seriously how does that fucking thing in the center work it's going straight down from the middle of her tits to her crotch but it's somehow neither slack enough to hang or tight enough to pull the fabric.

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What the fuck, how did this thread not fall off the board? Jesus.

>> No.9930903

Like usual, beg/bump.

Please do mine. Please...

[Picture because the someone might notice me.]

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>> No.9930947


The hair and tattoos are nifty, at least.

>> No.9930949

Clearly you should draw another half-orc lady in clothes that make physical sense (or magic clothes) as penance.

>> No.9930963


Heh, do the redhead. Everyone seems to dig her anyway.

>> No.9930977

A valid option.

>> No.9931006

Not expecting much, but...

Hell-powered robot Renamon.

Warforged, to be precise.

Bonus points for showing a hollow interior full of hellbees.

>> No.9931025

wtf, i'm getting a flood error :C

>> No.9931031

Obviously the centre strap is not a structural element. Some tech-priest you are.

>> No.9931056


Boba Fett Hanging out with a Vindicare Assasin

>> No.9931057

bb that is not the problem with the bit of cloth itself. it is the fact that it is somehow perfectly taut without affecting the fabrics around it.

Shut up, psyker, my argument is valid!

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>> No.9931079

stop getting mad at pictures :3

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>> No.9931121

standard reply: whats a Vindicare Assasin?

>> No.9931143



tl,dr; kickass sniper

>> No.9931147

For perfectly taut it's got a bend in it, that has nothing to do with DEM ABS.

>> No.9931158

have a cupcaek :3

>> No.9931163

Dude with a buzz cut, and a out of control beard. Wearing a duffle coat over a grey hoodie. Large tan army issue type backpack on back. Wearing doc martens. Right foot raised, resting on a pile of old occult books. M14 rifle in right hand, Luger in left.

:) Many thanks

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A warforged with beads around his wrist. He has his hands displayed before him palms up. In his hands floats a fairy looking up at him with a look of joy on her face. She has short white hair, with a willowy frame. The wind is blowing over her and causing her short dark violet dress and hair to flow freely. She has her hands clasped together and held up to her ample bosom. She has pointed ears and wings like links fairy, Navi. Her eyes are golden and her eye shadow is the same color as her dress.

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>offering someone without a mouth or tasting organs a cake
>my face

>> No.9931185

I have boner and hunger.

>> No.9931199

Just here for the tits.


>> No.9931203

in fact, /r/ this: Techpriest being offered a treat of some sort, is severely nonplussed.

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>> No.9931218

Hey BG, do a dark elder with her boyfriend on a leash or threatening him with a whip to take out the garbage.

>> No.9931226

dark elder? a blak old guy?

also drawing here: http://www.livestream.com/bglivestreamchannel

>> No.9931229

Like, old wooden M14 or synthetic stock or EBR-style stock?

>> No.9931248

The caek is a ....
.... somewhat unimportant in context.

>> No.9931275

old wooden stock

>> No.9931297

*Ahem* dark eldar, evil space elf.

>> No.9931315


BG do you really not pay attention to what is drawn in these draw threads that you participate in all the time? Or is that just you not wanting to draw something?

>> No.9931413

I am requesting this woman naked and inside of a glass of wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass.
got to keep the tradition alive.

>> No.9931434


Hey! Was wondering where you were.

>> No.9931488

had a friend over. couldn't get on but what are ya gonna do?

>> No.9931747

Didn't end up colouring this, but oh well.

>> No.9931841

Few years ago in high school drew an Alhoon dedicated to Vecna. Obviously I had no idea what a Mindflayers feet looks like lol

>> No.9931869


>> No.9931881



Guy who requested it here. Thanks a lot, KDF, the dorf bro player is gonna love it.

>> No.9931893


>> No.9931947

Someone motorboating this sphinx's tits (i.e. head placed in cleavage.)

>> No.9932139

Flamer? I hardly know 'er!

>> No.9932159


Very late (Took a nap), but fine too.

>> No.9932178


>> No.9932208

Hey, KDF, can I get a pic of a tyrannosaur being ridden by a voodoo-shaman drow choking to death on a human cleric of the Blood of Vul.

>> No.9932254



>> No.9932353



The Emprah and Yoda kicking back for a pint.

>> No.9932408

Moar like this.

>> No.9932424

Not today, but ask again next thread!

>> No.9932427

Alright, man.

>> No.9932476

A cheery, if slightly gothy-looking (dark eyesockets, really pale skin) girl with shortish red hair and glowy amber eyes, wearing lots of red. She is either running around ludicrously quickly or shanking some generic robot with glowy orange MIND BLADES.

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