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Hey guys, it's me, Elminster. I heard you like girls more than boys, so I arranged to have myself changed into this. I hope you enjoy!

I'm also gonna help you out by changing most other NPC's in your favorite RPG's into hot chicks, as a little present

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Go away, Elminister.

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Fuck you Elminster, Mystra has a new BFF.

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Elmenster, change back into a man and change drizzt into a form more becoming of his race's feminine nature.

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Question: what does Mystra actually look like? Anyone?

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Pfff, that's easy. Give me a real challenge.

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If Elminster can Polymorph Self, why not put a permanence effect on her and then throw her slutty ass in a pit full of live dildo-cobras.

Oh god no don't ask.

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It depends, which of her two-three incarnations? Also she's dead now, so I don't think it matters.

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I've seen two images.


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These are different images of the same form, though.

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She is so 90s she can wear a leather jacket in a fantasy realm?

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Edwin gained great renown in his travels with <CHARNAME>, and in the years following their association he would exploit that infamy. In time he achieved enough influence to subjugate even the Red Wizards themselves, becoming the greatest leader they had known in recent memory. Very recent memory, it turns out, as he was deposed scant days later. Such is the brief nature of conquerors in Thay, practically lining up for their turn in power. His only notable appearance following this embarrassment was in battle with Elminster of Shadowdale himself, a short affair that saw the end of Edwin's existence in the Realms. Edwina, however, tends bar in a Waterdeep tavern. She is a bitter, bitter woman.

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Christ that is fugly

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And there's been no fanart of Xiombarg masturbating on her corpse?

For shame.

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So...Elminster is going around turning people into hot bitches for the lulz?

You know, I think I like this guy. Girl. Whatever.

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Pretty much. And yes, I approve

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Good luck getting Permanency to stick on a level-bajillion archmage. He/she may LIKE dildocobras though.

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Oh man, Hallow Hallow was grade-A fap material

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You know, Elminster actually looks pretty good for a... what? 1260-some-year-old Wizard?

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Her face is crooked. Look at the circlet.

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If you can find a picture of Midnight from the Shadowdale trilogy, that is what she looks like.

During the time of troubles Mystra was killed and Midknight took her place.

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He... she... can look any way they damn want. It's magic, bitches.

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That pic is shooped, but there should be an actual in-game portrait of Edwina. Girdle of Femininity/Masculinity, anyone?

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Nobody likes dildocobra. It is the most evil creature ever created.

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Were there alternat portraits for if you got one? Huh, never found that out.

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Am I right in thinking Elminster is just a shitty author insert?

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Yeah, sort of. Ed Greenwood's DMPC

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>That pic is shooped

Yes. That was my point. It is a shoop of poor quality.

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No more requests, gentlemen? I'm disappointed.

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I request a picture of Elminster getting jumped on by a fucking ogre while Mystra laughs.

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King Azoun as a girl. Khelben Blackstaff as a woman.

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>Hey guys, it's me, Elminster. I heard you like girls more than boys
Actually, we like girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they're girls who do girls like they're boys.

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Way too easy. Here's Azunia (I had to shave off a few years)

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Does anyone have OP's pic in its original resolution?

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Da-yamn, that's rather hot. Hmmm. Vanderghast as a sexy wizardess.

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And Khela. She acts like she's never done this herself, lying slut.

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I don't, but I've seen it posted before and this one is slightly larger I think?

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jesus elminster put some fucking clothes on

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No. Put some _normal_ clothes on.

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Thanks Anon!

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That IS normal for FANTASY women!

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A bit tricky. Again there has to be de-aging involved, unless you're a prune lover. Now don't get me wrong, some people like their "mature" loving, but if you can fix it why not?

Vanna was a bit reluctant at first, but I think she's warming up to it!

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Would you gently caress me? I'd totally gently caress me.

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I think Fzoul Chembryl and Lord Manshoon are up for it.

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We've already done Drizzit- How about Wulfgar, too?

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Ew, the evil part. Well, I suppose fighting against the Zhentarim would be a bit more enjoyable with some more feminine appeal involved (that harpy they have running their keep nonwithstanding).

Unfortunately I can't keep the beard on old Fzoul, so I relocated it... elsewhere. See if you can find it!

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You embarrass me, /tg/.

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normal to expose the stomach AND the femoral artery for wandering monsters to nom on. and to think about all the bacteria that collects in those steel panties. the yeast infections alone would surely render such a woman completely useless in battle.

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As for Manshoon, mister gimp-mask cheap-Vader-knockoff really could use a makeover.

I kept some of the S&M theme because it's SO much more appealing with some nice curves underneath.

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Queen's Blade isn't really concerned with realism or practicality.

In before Cattleya

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You're embarassed. I'm fapping my cock raw.

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Elaith Craulnober could be interesting.

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In during vastly superior.

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Ah, a classic barbarian. Very popular subject I must say, and very gratifying to do.

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This a joke, right?. I mean, really Elminster is now a female?.
Pic if that is true.

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Everyone loves elves, and Elaith is a nice enough chap. Funny how elf names often work just as well on a female as on a male?

Don't worry, she's not drow, she just tans well.

Very well.

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best Celestial ever

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Artemis Entreri just attempted to sneak by. I think he went that way!

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What about Jander Sunstar or Kelemvor Lyonsbane.

Or Cyric himself.

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Fuck yeah Nanael.

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Too much animu. Try the same with western art and we'll see.

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Silly assassins, it's not like I can't hit him anyway!

You know, Artemis is a girl's name anyway. And I bet her relationship with Drizzt is about to become a lot more interesting.

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>Jander Sunstar

Elf vampires... what will they think of next, eh?

Well, I'd much prefer having a comely lass than a man suck my life's blood, so consider it done.


The gods are a bit beyond my power, I fear. Yes, hard to believe sometimes.

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I get to break this out now yay!

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I'm open for more, dear gentlemen. Not limited to the Realms either, my magic can touch other RPG settings.

>> No.9915103


Tanis Half elven.

Or Raist. He'd be funny for it.

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Fapping doesn't always have to be done in public.

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I always fap in public.

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Ed Greenwood's original, first FR character (and closest to being an author insert) would be Mirt. Human, 90-some years old with the age of somebody half that thanks to longevity potions, is fantastically and ridiculously wealthy, and raised a girl from infancy. Said girl reached about 14-15, seduced him, and then he married her shortly afterward. Said girl is also described as being impossibly slender and acrobatic (in one book, she dangles an apple in front of her mouth with her feet, for example), and their sex life is repeatedly alluded to. Oh, and Mirt is also quite obese yet clad in finery much of the time, and a secret ruler of the city he lives in.

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i am reading >>9914588 right now while having
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYunQCkW8HQ playing in the background its fucking bad ass!

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Tania looks a bit edgy, but I bet she'd loosen up if treated right...

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Caramon Majere

Steel Brightblade

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Steel is another of those names that works equally well for a chick.

And yeah, maybe now she won't get her dumb butt killed immediately?

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Don't suppose you could do Karl Franz whilst you're at it?

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rule 34 on Helm

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Karl-boy seems a bit heavily armored for my taste. Let's fix that penis issue, and set her up with some magical armor that protects just as well.

Now she's all ready to go ride that griffon.


You want to see a god naked? Er. Not my area.

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Level 4 archmage, level 20 mage, level 3 fighter/thief

>> No.9915504

Helm would be far too manly. even as a girl.

>> No.9915536


and of all the shit gods they had to kill the only awesome one off

>> No.9915556

They killed helm off?

But he was so damn badass...

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This thread makes my penis happy.

More of this.

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Right, more requests? I'm getting bored and fondling my tits here.

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do Pun-Pun

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Very easy one. She still wants to fuck her mother, of course. Those whacky dark elves.

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magnus calgar

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Actually, a female Malekith should still be withered and burned.

>> No.9915881


He just need better skin care. Lotion does wonders.

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Hey, if all your female relatives were hot and eternally youthful, and there was a very low chance of conception, and there was no cultural taboo against it...

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Jon Irenicus

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Elminster would turn into that elf queen he wants to bone. For lulz

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Oh god no. HAve them change back into men's clothing first. Otherwise. . . *Shudders*

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You can't make (9) any dumber... its impossible to make that post any stupider

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Uh...Helm? Helm, what are you- OH SHI-

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I...I don't know whether to fap or to scream.

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>> No.9919379



Da-yamn, that girl's really getting into it. I like her expression. That says she's totally loving it.

>> No.9919393

Is fem helm... Is... is she defending those penises?

>> No.9919404


I... what. Please tell me that's just a pun filename.

>> No.9919414


I can't hear you, too busy jacking to it.

Hey, guys, can I have a turn when you're done?

>> No.9919429

I love you, /tg/.

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>> No.9919561


So wrong, yet so hot.

>> No.9919590

What STD's cause warts on penus?

>> No.9919605


Hope she make that Fort save.

...What's a good DC for pregnancy?

>> No.9919639


DC 30.


I rolled a 1.

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Sadly, this is the only rule 63 i can contribute with at the moment.

>> No.9919660

I'd make it a percentile. Penalties for age categories on either side of Adult, and for any contraceptive methods [if available] used.

Not something I'd ever use, though.

>> No.9919675


Straight Fortitude save sounds best, honestly.

>> No.9919704

Reported for weeaboo elf ears.

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>> No.9919712

Elminster, give a brotha a female version of Tempus up in here.

Golden armor, dual horses, flaming sword, the whole bit. But with a killer rack.

>> No.9919720


U mad?

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Forgot the pic.

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What. The. Fuck.

Okay- Here's Cyric pre-Godhood.

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>> No.9919853

When did we cross the line to out-and-out porn? Just asking.

>> No.9919863


The pic beneath that is Drizzit, I believe?

>> No.9919887

Shitty censored porn at that. Totally unusable.

>> No.9919898


Says you.

>> No.9919904

If I was a drawfag I'd do real Rule 63 of all this. I mean, it would be pretty cool, seeing a rule 63 D&D universe.

>> No.9919945

Underneath what? I was requesting Elminster to turn Demogorgon female.

>> No.9919967


Female Demogorgon...Would she still have two heads? Might be hard. Maybe identical demon twins?

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This thread needs to be hit with a mace !

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Not anymore.

>> No.9920032

I'd indulge that old man.

>> No.9920047


Ohhhhh, *yeahhhh*.

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File: 289 KB, 800x800, 315978 - Magic_the_Gathering Oniontrain Rule_63 lhurgoyf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Ach! Hans, Run!"

>> No.9920344


Demogorgon canonically has a female incarnation.

It... It's a little girl.

>> No.9920480

You realize the OP just picked random pictures from his folder, right? RIGHT?

>> No.9920507


On a side note, best flavur taxt evor

>> No.9920534


>> No.9920791


No, it's true. He has a form called "The Child" which is a little girl. Also in Mystara Demogorgon is a female

>> No.9921054


Pics or it didn't happen.

>> No.9921183


I don't think there were ever any pics made, just text references.

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