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So, old thread got shot into 404 oblivion.
New one?
Do the gods do not want me drawing disgusting porn or what?

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How about a nice sexy half-orc with twin swords and hide armor? Male or female, either's fine.

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It's the mods, they're being arses today.

Anyway, can you draw me a Callidus holding up an eldar suit?

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A female Eldar Scorpion exarch boning the hell out of a female Tau firewarrior, with a strapon dildo.

What made you change names GM?

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Guardsman dancing.. synchronized at that.. to..


If you need a dance style.. go pop and lock.

They should be TOTALLY SERVING some eldar.

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A writefag at work.

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Well. Going back for the girl in the black tactical suit, blood-red scarf, black hair, pale skin, green right eye and fake blue left eye, wielding an AA-12 shotgun.

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could you post the one you did before?

also posting my request.

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Returning from the void: A grey-skinned, red-haired half-orc woman adventurer who looks embarrassed as she fancies herself up for a party/social gathering of some sort...and her bloody, battered waraxe is propped up in the corner/against the wall.

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From another thread: Techpriest dad with all the kids crawling on him and his mechadendrites and horrible inbuilt weaponry. Disgustingly cute.

Or a techpriest(ess?) on a chair trying to get away from a spider in terror. Either normal and small or HIDEOUS WARP-TOUCHED SPAWN OF TZEENCH, whichever one works out best.

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Female psyker. Age 20-25. Decent to good looking. Wearing light armor, good clothes. Metal bits sticking out of head, partially covered by hair.

She's got ridiculously high willpower, and is mind-cleansed. Holding an aquila pendant in one hand, staring at the eagle contemplatively. The other is holding a hell pistol.

Bog-standard psychic corona, or lightning aura.

A Tzeentchian bird-daemon is whispering in her ear.

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and forgeting my text, for someone motorboating the sphinx.

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Someone draw a half human / half dragon.

But in reverse.

Instead of a humanoid with scales and such, make it a large dragon shaped creature with a body of distorted human flesh.

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Prolly a Janitor being a jerkoff. :v

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Requesting again from first thread, if you get around to it:

An imperial guardswoman and kroot brofisting/sword crossing with their respective chainsword and kroot rifle.

Thank you kindly.

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A Dwarven war cleric 2handing a big hammer would be super, please :)

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sage for not /tg/ related

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this sexy lady with cocks in all holes! please.

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Posting "Sexy bullywug" request from last thread.

It is not too sexy, though. More like a....female bullywug, as i have not really seen one before. I bet they are somewhat uglier.

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A vindicare assassin shooting down an incoming missile shot from a gunship that's hanging over a mansion that's exploding (and the vindicare is diving away from such like a true action hero)

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That was really weird of the mods.I would like to request all of the companions from the new doctor who series but with a twist. Their well known physical characteristics are drawn in near caricaturish proportion.
-I would like to see Catherine Tate as having massive breasts a little bigger than watermelons. She is holding them with a look of frustration on her face saying, "Oi
at least you lot don't have to carry these things around!" She is in a wedding dress that barely contains her chest.
-Beside her stands a little shorter, Freema Agyeman, her butt is nearly three times it's regular size. She is examining it worringly while saying," I do hope the Doctor doesn't think it'll get in the way!" She is wearing her usual jeans and leather jacket with hair put up.

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bampan to fight the 404

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>not /tg/ related
...All the requests so far are /tg/ related. ALL OF THEM.

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Female elf druid with a neutered catfolk shota companion on a leash.

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This freak-o.

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Posting this again...

Requesting a hive-scummer (from Dark Heresy) with short, almost boyish red hair, wearing knee-high socks, boots, short-shorts, a tank top (exposing her midriff and possibly some underboob) and a leather gang jacket. She has an autogun in one hand and a baseball bat in the other. She looks cocky and overconfident.

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oh dear, then you wont be happy this exists...

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orgy it up

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Wasn't posted before I wrote the reply. Besides, "almost all" is good enough

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-Somewhere in the middle Billie Piper stands, the shortest out of the bunch, wearing jeans and her union jack shirt with her hair pushed back in the middle. Her eyes are twice their normal size and her usually plump lips are also ridiculously big on her wide mouth. She has her hands on her hips and is saying, "Thith ith ridiculuth. I look like a bloody cartoon character!"
-Karen Gilian towers over them all by several feet. The skinny red heads body looks as if she has been stretched.Her arms, legs, torso and neck being very long and slender, giving her the extra height. She is in her british police costume(which didn't change to accommodate her new size) exclaiming ,"This isn't supposed to happen right? He thinks he's soooo brilliant! Just wait till I get a hold of em'!"

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I am requesting this woman naked and inside of a glass of wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass.

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it's cute in a sexy way.

Good enough for me (not requester)

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Holy fuck. Mindslicer is hot in that picture.

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This but there's this guy in a hawaiin shirt with huge space marine shoulderpads looming enormously over her, pissing into the glass.

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every fucking time mang

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You were saying?

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This. But there's a ninja sneaking up on the guy wielding a big inflatable clown-prop hammer.

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Did anyone save the admech v-raptor pic?

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attractive minotaur warrior cuddling up to her dashing halfling bard of a husband.

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like clockwork. :}

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A Gnoll guy.

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A woman with long dark curled haired with cool grey eyes. She is very short but voluptuous. Her full lips are curved into a shy smile as she balances a hawk on her gloved arm. She is wearing a medieval silver dress with mud on the bottom. The hawks eyes are subtly glowing. Behind her a massive dark armored knight stands, almost twice her size. He wears a helm that looks similar to the head of a sea serpent. Incense smoke pours out of the nostrils and mixes with fog, giving the scene a hazy feel. Pic is very relevant for the personality of the knight.

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new design for an Tyrant. have some meganekko tits

will leave this here, and will need to head to bed shortly, just got home 10 minutes ago, gotta be up in 4.5hours


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Draw a lesbian Lamia wrapped around a blonde woman while performing oral sex on her. The Lamia's tongue should be long and snake-like, and the woman's hands should be bound together by the Lamia's tail.

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bumpity bump.
also, see
please, drawfag.

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Nothing in particular, i am in a silly mood. That is all.

There is only one way of doing the Safety Dance.



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Poor fellow. Do get some sleep.

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That Guardsman look high. Is he on drugs on something?

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Um... must have recently produced drawfaggotry, must have, ad-mech v-raptor dinothingy.

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Can I leave my friends behind?

>> No.9910896

Yes. All of them.

>> No.9910920

Handsome Squidward as Chapter Master of the Dashing Squids.

>> No.9910923


because if they don't dance then they aren't friends of mine?

>> No.9910939

blaah, anywho, taking my leave

audio crew is fun work, but its long.

will try and actually make this meganekko moe-tyrant better tomorrow.

I love glasses girls

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meant "that"... fuck

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Feels good man.

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Chocolate rabbit(-girl if preferred), as in an actual rabbit, but made of chocolate, being tentacle-molested by peanut butter.

Optional floating head saying, "This is where peanut butter eggs come from... in EXALTED," is optional.

This image has been stuck in my head since I saw that commercial for reese's peanut butter eggs back around easter.

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Rose = Neanderthal mouth of course.

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Rerequesting ad-mech sakaki with robo-paw kitten.

Not posting sakaki pic in case the mods are feeling tit-adverse tonight.

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I didn't see how the last thread progressed. Any teenmarine at SoB Beach Volleyball?

>> No.9911190

It got deleted before anything interesting happened.

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You COULD just find a SFW picture... But that would be too easy, wouldn't it?

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A warforged with beads around his wrist. He has his hands displayed before him palms up. In his hands floats a fairy looking up at him with a look of joy on her face. She has short white hair, with a willowy frame. The wind is blowing over her and causing her short dark violet dress and hair to flow freely. She has her hands clasped together and held up to her ample bosom. She has pointed ears and wings like links fairy, Navi. Her eyes are golden and her eye shadow is the same color as her dress.

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Meh, playing vidya right now, can't be assed.

>> No.9911274

Bugger. Well, to reiterate: teenmarine at beach, many Sororitas Beach Volleyball teams around, tm is trying very hard to maintain composure/apathy. He is failing. He may explode.

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A solemn looking Imperial Guardsman planting a Lasrifle into a grave?

>> No.9911364

A Space Marine in Terminator armor demanding that an ork hand over his clothes, his boots, and his motorcycle.

>> No.9911369

Hope this works

>> No.9911407

Works for me.

Cause I'm doing work right now.

If you know what I mean.

(The work is my penis.)

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Pretty cool, actually.

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If possible I would like to see a steampunk ver of Commander Keen - from the old DOS game - possibly with old style leather football helmet and a cog/ gear studded pogostick -
A naked female ver of Commander Keen - Helmet on with hair escaping with knee and elbow pads (safety first!) (if you do the second req can you google Commander Keen and on page 19, 17,16, 13 is a friend of mine I would like you to model the character on)
(picture related to the first req)

Requested before but
A naked female ver of Commander Keen - Helmet on with hair escaping with knee and elbow pads (safety first!) (if you do the second req can you google Commander Keen and on page 10, 15, 17,18,21 is a friend of mine I would like you to model the character on)
Yes she is dressed like Keen
"tastefully obstructed" by pogo stick with coy expression..

>> No.9911510

not op but i tried to draw it for kicks.

>> No.9911517

Whoops. I had saved the description of the request and just realized I had double pasted it.

>> No.9911598


Came out even better than I had pictured it, actually. I know its "just" a drawfag thread, but I really like the contrast between the feminine outfit+accessories and the kinda buff warrior wearing them. Thank you; I really appreciate it.

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>> No.9911718

Disturbing... PERFECT, THANKS!

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>disgusting thri-kreen fapfic

Sir, I must protest.

That hat is far too silly for any self-respecting writefag to wear.

>> No.9911741


Hey Guardsman, you got that Cultist Misao pic you coloured for me saved? I didn't have a chance to save it yesterday.

If not that's fine, I can receive it from Commissar Foron later.

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>> No.9911801

I can only imagine her saying this:

"Trolled dat /teegee/

Trolled it gud."

>> No.9911813


Aaaw yeah that's beautiful.

Thanks, mate, you're a legend.


Today I think I'll spin my chair.

>> No.9911817

When did this happen
Did I miss a memo

>> No.9911818

>self-respecting writefag

what is this I don't even

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Alright I have a request.
It's for a character reference for my WoD Changeling.

She's a Summer Court Beast Hunterheart, canid type.
Stands at about 5'5" with slightly longer limbs, clawed hands and feet, and some dog-like attributes such as black canine ears with white insides, a kind of bushy husky-esque tail that is black with a white underside, pointed teeth, and a slightly canine twist to her facial features. Has one blue eye (left) and one brown (right) both with slightly thicker dark rims on the irises.

Would like to see her in torn work jeans and a tank top (she's got a decent rack) that's kinda dirtied like she's been in a fight or something, and maybe a collar of some kind.
Also if it could be managed, she would be looking aggressive, holding a bauble of light, and standing infront of shadowy spider-like figures (reference to in-game happenings)...

Aaaand long-ass request is finished.
Sorry for the length. Writefag curse.

>> No.9911838

Make a drawing inspired by the main DD fag and the person who spams the john hate.

>> No.9911853

You know what? I like you. You can come home with me and fuck my sister.

>> No.9911892

I'll be here all week, folks.

(Because my self-destructive tendencies make me stay home and waste time on the Internet during pretty much every free moment.)

Requesting a picture of dignity. I've always wondered what it looks like.

>> No.9911913


You're in the wrong place, my mantid friend.
There's nothing of that sort here.

>> No.9911915

You might as well ask a blind man what color the sky is.

>> No.9911916

Did i hear Jesus christ Being called?

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>> No.9911935

Friendship is rare. Do you know what I'm saying to you?

("Friendship is rare.")

>> No.9911957

I think i am off for tonight.
I must sleep a bit.

Have some old porn as a parting gift.

>> No.9911963

s t O p f U c k i N W i t H h t t P : / / W w w . a n O N t a L k . S E / t R O l l S

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>> No.9912060



>> No.9912067


>> No.9912184

This is like the world's worst political cartoon.

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>> No.9912230

You rule! Thank you.

>> No.9912240

I think I remember that disgusting Thri-keen fapfic.

Good times /tg/, good times.

>> No.9912299

I request a moose, sitting on a raccoon, sitting in a canoe

Twenty five Canadian internets for delivery (cause I hear the exchange rate is really shitty this time of year.

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>> No.9912378

Op, plz draw a squad of female kroot who have just defeated a bunch of guardsmen (nonlethally, still alive yo, just slapped about) and are about to 'eat their fill', if you know what I mean...

>> No.9912455

I request a Changeling what looks like a redneck billy-goat, with a goatee, jeans, wifebeater and denim jacket with the sleeves torn off, holding a bloody gasket or some other heavy-looking gadget/part and flipping off some True Fae. He is glaring at them.

>> No.9912502

And seriously redneck it the hell up. He is way white trash. A confederate trucker hat would not be inappropriate.

>> No.9912558


>> No.9912592

THANK YOU SO MUCH. but seriously it's great. I love it.

>> No.9912618

bumpan for CanCon

>> No.9912659

An Iron Golem hugging a lonely female mage.

>> No.9912671


You won! John is dead! HAPPY?!?

>> No.9912728

Bumping for redneck billy-goat changelin' request.

>> No.9912771

O Greenmarine, please draw us a gloriously irate Angry Sister. Possibly with Angry Marines cowering in the background. Feel free to insert calendar-based humour if you feel like it.

>> No.9912829


>> No.9912889


O Great and Mighty Greenmarine, we beseech you! Deliver unto us your great drawfaggotry!

>> No.9912933

Or if you don't want to draw random True Fae, he could be glaring at and flipping off the "camera" so to speak. (Audience? Fourth wall? not sure what the proper term is. meh.)

>> No.9913081

Is Greenmarine even still here?

>> No.9913125


>> No.9913178

Ah, shit.

>> No.9913816

so I guess this thread is pretty much dead huh?

>> No.9913928

draw mohammed as a commisar

>> No.9913957

draw mohammed doing the "keep on truckin'" walk and write "haters" and respectively " gonna hate" in impact bold on top of and under the drawing.

>> No.9913974

mohammed as a prophet of nurgle.

>> No.9913998

I need space for two reaction images but I only have one...

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