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Someone motorboating this sphinx's tits?

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I request a velociraptor Ad-mech.

Thank you, greenmarine!

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Whoa, kinda forgot to post.
Well, usual drill.
Come on in, get shit drawn.

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sexy bullywug!

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please and thank you!

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I turn 180 degrees and walk away.

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Female human, light skin, black hair, bright red scarf around her neck, one green eye and one obviously-fake blue eye, wearing a black tactical bodyglove with knives, tools, ammunition, etc, and wielding an AA-12 shotgun.

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How about a sexy cleric snuggling up against her minotaur husband?

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Could you draw a Mage, with medium-long, straight, light brown hair, worn loosely. Gray-green eyes. About 6' tall, slender but athletic, and about 26 years old. Wears a white shirt, laced at the collar, with a belt around the torso. It's worn over black pants which are tucked into mid-shin height brown boots. Has a violet, hoodless robe with red trim, with a royal crest on the back. The robe is split down the middle like a coat, with three clasps up the chest; however it has a red cloth belt to hold it closed when it's wrapped about the body to one side. He also wears a red, wide, flat-brimmed hat. The part that actually sits on his head is simply a dome shape, not like a tophat or anything.

He carries a tall, wooden staff with flat, twisted pieces at the end which hold a polished stone in place. Hanging from his normal belt (not the robe one), he wears a single-edged, straight sword. It's got a black sheath, a leather-wrapped hilt, and a circular black handguard.

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Any chance i could get a dorf war cleric drawn? Preferably 2handing a big hammer.

That would be fuxxin awesome.

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A medieval lord sitting on a throne of turnips in front of a ruined keep. He is surrounded by his incredibly incompetent peasantry.

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A guardswoman and kroot brofisting with their chainsword and kroot rifle, respectively.

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how about a sexy minotaur snuggling up to her halfling bard husband?

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Grey-skinned, red-haired Half-Orc woman bashfully getting fancied up for a party/similar social event....with a huge, bloody axe propped in the corner or something.

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Pretty please!

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Female psyker. Age 20-25. Decent to good looking. Wearing some sort of light armor, good quality clothing.

Very high willpower, mindwiped. Carrying hell pistol. Is holding an Aquila pendant in one hand, and looking at it contemplatively. In other, aforementioned hellpisol. Psy-corona/lightning aura and all that jazz. A Tzeentchian bird-daemon is whispering in her ear.


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Er, she's also female, if that matters.

Also, HOLY SHIT so many posts.

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Greedguardsman gets shit done, haha.

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a chinork helicopter ramming a ground vehicle of draw fags choice with guys from both sides flying in every direction from the impact

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Female assassin. Short black hair w/ grey eyes. Rather lanky with tan skin and a tattered flak jacket. Preferably leaning against a bullet-ridden wall with a blank stare in her eyes, sitting next to a blond guardsman who is slumped against the wall (almost lying down, with his upper back propped up) with bullet hole in his forehead.

The assassin should be cradling a silenced hunting rifle in one arm and an empty bullet casing in the palm of her hand.

Its a lot to do - props if you do it.

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I bet it's like "OH I'LL POST A DRAWTHREAD."
>go to toilet, come back
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a halfling paladin.


Benny Hill, the Commissar!

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I would not be surprised.

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A long curled dark haired woman with cool grey eyes. She is very short but voluptuous. Her full lips are curved into a shy smile as she balances a hawk on her gloved arm. She is wearing a medieval silver dress with mud on the bottom. The hawks eyes are subtly glowing. Behind her a massive dark armored knight stands, almost twice her size. He wears a helm that looks similar to the head of a sea serpent. Incense smoke pours out of the nostrils and mixes with fog, giving the scene a hazy feel. Pic is very relevant for the personality of the knight.

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Slaanesh boning a dark eldar wych, who is all like - 'You were the best decision ever, kiddo.'

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I don't understand, why isn't he raping her yet?

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pic related as an admech, fawning over a cat with a robotic arm

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a heavily augmented tech-priest in full feudal plate armour

>> No.9910272

Techpriest Inspector Gadget.


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I would like to request all of the companions from the new doctor who series but with a twist. Their well known physical characteristics are drawn in near caricaturish proportion.
-I would like to see Catherine Tate as having massive breasts a little bigger than watermelons. She is holding them with a look of frustration on her face saying, "Oi
at least you lot don't have to carry these things around!" She is in a wedding dress that barely contains her chest.
-Beside her stands a little shorter, Freema Agyeman,her butt is nearly twice times it's regular size. She is examining it worringly while saying," I do hope the Doctor doesn't think it'll get in the way!" She is wearing her usual jeans and leather jacket
with hair put up.

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Requesting a hive-scummer with short, almost boyish red hair, wearing knee-high socks, boots, short-shorts, a tank top (exposing her midriff and possibly some underboob) and a leather gang jacket. She has an autogun in one hand and a bat in the other. She looks cocky and overconfident.

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-Somewhere in the middle Billie Piper stands, the shortest out of the bunch, wearing jeans and her union jack shirt with her hair pushed back in the middle. Her eyes are twice their normal size and her usually plump lips are also ridiculusly big on her wide mouth. She has her hands on her hips and is saying, "Thith ith ridiculuth. I look like a bloody cartoon character!"
-Karen Gilian towers over them all by several feet. The skinny red heads body looks as if she has been stretched.Her arms, legs, torso and neck being very long and slender, giving her the extra height. She is in her british police costume(which didn't change to accomodate her new size) exclaiming ,"This isn't supposed to happen right? He thinks he's soooo brilliant! Just wait till I get a hold of em'!"

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Not a drawfag, but this may be relevant to your interests.

>> No.9910311

Re-requesting a portrait of a dapper lizardman in Victorian garb, with top hat and monocle. On his shoulder is a regular lizard wearing a matching outfit.

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War Machine fighting a dragon!

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clever girl

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Female FantasyCraft ogre sensually licking an amphibian-man, who looks equal measures of offended and confused. The ogress has a distinctively 'Dude I'm so stoned' face, because she's licking a potion extruded from his body off of his skin.

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yesss, soon my Jurassic skittarri will be complete!

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How about a pair of Sentinels manning a large(think Colossus sized) mortar set on the ground, while a third one armed with a Heavy Bolter holds off some Orks.

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do drawfags prefer detailed requests, or ones with minimal detail so as to allow the drawfag some artistic licence?

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Pict related.

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Throw some tits in there and they'll draw anything.

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