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Forgive me, i have failed you.

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The Emperor does not tolerate failure!


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Submit to the Core.

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I can help you.

I can give you a task to redeem yourself.

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Does anyone else not know WTF is going on here?

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Well, the OP's map seems to be the generator positions in that Unreal Tournament 2004 map that was set on the ice world, so I assume he fucked up, let some noob grab the Redeemer, and pop his reactor.

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That is one epic UT2004 map. Fuck.

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Oh yea.

Real nutbuster.

Especially when the Redeemer spawns right next to Tergiverse IV.

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oh shit I know what map you mean. It's got forts and the canyon in the middle?

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the only anon who knows

its the Galatic War map that cavedog ran many years ago for Total Annihilation.

it functioned very much like the UT Generator link maps, each world is a map each win gave your side 1% control, once the top left or bottom right (top left lost) world is taken its game over.

its one of the few system maps that still circulate on Phoenix Worxs (a Total Annihilation multiplay plugin)

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Yeah. There's this one ridge you can camp with the redeemer right outside the enemy base and steer your nuke inside their base.

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And here I thought he was just apologizing for letting Epson Corporation run a bunch of star systems when they can barely make a halfway decent printer.

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Foolish, Arm...
You never stood a chance.
Now watch as I implode the Galaxy before your very eyes.

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I fucking hate you /tg/. Have some counter-nostalgia.

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Your nostalgia has failed. Sauce?

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Not so fast, dickass.

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Ace Combat 5

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Okay, try this.

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TA... I remember you fondly...

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motherfucking arkbird

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They made me shoot it ;_;

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...I wanna know what UT04 servers YOU play on, then.

Fuck, I'll pay good money to get a piece of that sort of action.

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It was just as 8492nd.

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wish i had more players for galatic war, sadly no-one plays TA anymore.

Pic is the current system, theres about 4 players on each side left playing. (i know its an unoriginal system, cant wait to get back into the better looking ones)

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University Private Servers.


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8492 Squadron DOESN'T EXIST

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Haha, you so crazy.

Of course they exist.

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grabacr and ofnir here.
no,we don't.

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I would provide images and such prove the existance of the 8492nd squadron, but the first link I clicked for pictures took me to some haji's website.

So, Razgriz here, you gets win, no such thing.

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Razgriz here, yes you did.

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I blame Nagase. "total pacifist " , joining the Air Force.. mmmkay...

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Wardog here, fuck you both.

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Not that much of a pacifist in view. She shot down hundreds of planes.

Some probably couldn't eject.

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Most of them were in self defense considering her IFF code might as well have been SHOOT_ME.

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But that's still an awful lot of . . .THIS IS GRIMM, I'M TAKING OFF!

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Of course she joined the Air Force.


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Grimm was the broliest.

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Yo buddy still alive?

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Part of me will always wonder what that marvellous bastard got up to after the Erusian war.

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I don't see why everyone hated the guy. Pixy was a bro. And a fucking insane pilot.

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He decided to fly a plane made of dicks.

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He killed your wingman, and tried to kill you.

AND fired off a WMD and tried to kill a shit ton of people.

And after you beat him, he doesn't have the decency to die.

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He believed. I can't not respect the guy for that. And really, PJ HAD to die. That guy was a fucking moron. An annoying moron.

Now Pasternak on the other hand....good god I hate that man.

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Still haven't finished Ace Combat 6.

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It was pretty "meh."

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Just buy the downloadable Mobius F-22 and own the shit out of the game. Or the ACES CFA-44, and make everything explode forever.

Really, making endgame planes DLC was a dumb move in terms of gameplay.

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I downloaded the Razgriz set. >< Ace Combat 5 was my first AC game. Can't believe I didn't get into it before that...

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Every Ace Combat that i've played had that guy in it. I could have lived with "THIS IS PJ, I'M PUNCHING OUT!" And at least wouldn't have had that "haha, we kill your wingman for no real reason, ENJOY THE COCKPUNCH!" bullshit in it. His death was pointless, except it made the last mission a one on one dogfight.

Plus, Shamrock(AC:6) needed to die more then PJ. "DANCE WITH THE ANGELS!" is the worst single line from any Ace Combat, ever.

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completed it ages ago, took about 7 play-thrus but i got all the medals and now i'm just stonewalled by the Ace of Aces Mission 9.

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I liked it.

Really, that was just mass stupidity on the part of everyone in the game. Really frigging stupid tagline turned into a ridiculous forced meme.

AC6 did give us the [email protected] skins though, which I find entertaining for some reason. Mostly Haruka's F-22 for its INSANE BRAKING.

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Find a copy of 4, ignore 6 and burn Zero. Then play through 5 again, twice.

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Hahaha, umad.

Play through them all.

Just be prepared to chip teeth when you listen to DANCE WITH THE ANGELS! for the fourtieth time in a single mission.

Plus 6's Weapons of Mass Destruction was a pretty good level, all things considered.

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where's the fun in that

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Shamrock didn't come up with Dance with the Angels, the Cutscene girl's nameless husband did. And apparently her daughter started its use a meme/slogan FOAR DA REBELLUN.

I have and beat 4, actually. After I beat 5. hahahahaha

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Did they ever bother releasing the rest of the DLC missions? Last I saw they got to 9 and then just...gave up.

Way to go NAMCO.

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I realize this. He's just the usual source of it in missions.

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i have a playlist on my mp3 player for doing the missions, even after 54 hours of gameplay i'm still entertained by AC6.

i got unnerved by Ace of Aces Mission 9, they throw you up against a massive fleet of surface ships (including 2 carriers launching Rafales) and that's just for starters, i have yet to see the actual Aigaion and whatever surprises it has.

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That's not teeth breaking for me. It's the fact that in every Ace Combat game, non-moving objects are more dangerous to me then enemies planes. Doing the Auigon level, the one where you have to fight the six Super Planes. I crashed into the damn things more often then I get shoot down.

For every time I've been shot down by an enemy plane, I've crashed into the ocean/ground about twenty.

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REAL MEN finish Zero using only the F-15.

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That's about right for me as well.

But then i'm always trying to do stupid shit like do loops through a pair of skyscrapers.

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they only seem to have done Missions 1,2,3,4 and 9, skipping those in between and not bothering with the rest.

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Try it with the F-117.

And am I the ONLY one who plays AC6 mostly for the DLC? I swear, the IM skins are way more fun than the vanilla planes. Even the totally fucking unflyable F-16.

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Oddly enough, I've never crashed into THAT particular one. It was always one of those fucking Support Super Birds that circle it.

Also, Megalith. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ6ABV_Q9qU

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the Estovakian SP Nosferatu aside i tend to mostly use DLC planes as well, the former i kind of feel obligated to use sometimes, largely due to the time and effort invested in unlocking the admittedly pretty but still a little lacking aircraft.

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Yeah the Gyges in particular are infuriating. The F-22 can rape them all though.

Hit the Arrays with a fly-by missile attack, swing around, AMRAAM the engines to death, done. Or on Hard mode, just overfly the thing and drop two missiles into its nose.

Or grab the Typhoon and use the rocket pods for EASY WIN MODE.

>> No.9911586

or the Su-33 with rockets for EASIER WIN MODE.
or the red Su-33 for PRETTIEST EASIER WIN MODE.
or any A-10 with FAEB loadout for AWESOMEST WIN MODE.

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I was actually amazed at how the Nosferatu handles for realz. I was so used to the special ACES version that has like on eighth the ordnance and ONE HIT POINT and is almost uncontrollable.

>> No.9911620

The Starter Plane, umh, the F-5 I think it was, can also take Rocket Pods.

My first playthrough, I used nothing but the Razgriz Skin F-22. Still crashed. Still burned. But I did manage to fly THROUGH the Aigaion's hangar, turn around behind it, then shoot down the Sturgeons as they tried to launch. Shit was so cash. Then I got AA'd to death trying to take out the ECM Birds.

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The Idolmaster skins do that too. Fucking funny as shit taking on the Beach Assault mission and lobbing PINK MISSILES EVERYWHERE OH GOD WHAT I CAN'T SEE

That you Iori, for making the Rafale such an entertaining yet horrible bitch to fly.

>> No.9911628

i just wish the DLC version specially stabilized for using the EML railguns had also included a bigger ammo load for them to make it more worthwhile. it handles the best out of the Nosferatus but i barely use it.

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It's the F-16 in 6.

Speaking of handling, there's a DLC Warthog that can literally fly SIDEWAYS.

>> No.9911650

Ah, thanks. I get them mixed up.

Which Warthog is that?! The XMAS one?

>> No.9911656

next time i have some spare microsoft points i'm getting the 2-pack with the pink A-10 for kicks.

>> No.9911673

The Idolmaster one.

Honestly, the whole set is fucking crazy awesome. Get them. Especially the F-22. AWESOME BRAKING POWER.

>> No.9911674

>A-10 with FAEB loadout for AWESOMEST WIN MODE.
I was saddened to find out that no other plane carried the FAEB, not even the F-15 Strike Eagle.
Anyways, I am also very glad to know that somebody else does this crazy shit. Even better if you decide to just fly THROUGH the Aigaion for the first bombing run.

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dunno but the lightning one with blue missile smoke is a dream to fly, if the game did sonic booms you could break the sound barrier with it in a dive.

>> No.9911701

i need to play it like that again, see if i can spawn-camp the Strigons before they get airborne.

>> No.9911721

Are you kidding? Half the fun after you beat the game is doing missions in CRAZY MODE

>> No.9911748

You can. A few still get airborne as there's simply too many taking off at once to get with XRAAMs and regular missiles. But it is SO satisifying.

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Actually I think you can see it break the sound barrier occasionally, if you watch closely. A lot of the planes definitely go supersonic, at least.

And, just to harp on about it even more, the Rafale M is now my like second favorite plane to fly thanks to the DLC. It just handles so...oddly.

>> No.9911751

still trying to perfect flying through the tunnels of Ragno Fortress at speeds exceeding 9000, good times.

>> No.9911773

well yeah if your speed gauge is reading 1400km/h thats definitely past Mach 1, just would be cool for a really noticeable breakage of the sound barrier, for the A-10 in particular. it does start to shake during the dive, i've no doubt the real deal might risk its wings tearing off.

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Try the Razgriz Su-47 if you need TURN ON A DIME agility.

Literally, the bitch can fucking hover in midair if you do it right. So atrociously broken.

>> No.9911802

You literally can't get the standard one to go past about 1000. But yeah, I miss the little cloudburst effect from Zero.

>> No.9911809

the Su-37 could do that for real with its thrust-vectoring, i think. since the Su-47 was tested on that too it's got some room for speculation i guess.

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The Su-47 could do some crazy shit if we had the raw materials to build an airframe resilient enough.


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the lightning A-10 gets into the 1200s which is about Mach 1, but only in a dive. i've noticed that it will continue to accelerate well past the 1000 mark in a moderate climb, it will stall out before you get too fast but then its DIVE BOMB TIEM!

>> No.9911864

I remember trying to shoot down a Yellow Squadron airplane in Ace Combat 4 when they first showed up. Fuckers would always dodge my missiles, or would take two hits then high tail it home, outrunning my plane and getting outside my missile Range like whoa.

>> No.9911893

Some missions give them invulnerability. You just cannot hit them.

Most annoying thing in AC6: FUCKING FLARES.

>> No.9911896

the fecking Strigons pull that same crap in most of the levels on Hard or higher, that is until you rape them with EML sniping.

that second half of Moloch Desert where you're disobeying orders to withdraw so Shamrock can get his revenge? over before they're finished the scripted dialogue lol

>> No.9911923

being outmaneuvered AND outrun by of all things those damned prop-driven drones calling in Nimbus missile 'splosions remains my greatest raeg-inducer.

>> No.9911954

Oh fuck yeah. Fuken HAX drones, man.

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annoying as they were the drones that Pasternak has at least a hundred of (literally) still had some logic to them in being like cruise missiles with brains and guns, but my supersonic jet being incapable of catching up to one of these... i mean, seriously?

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File: 886 KB, 1280x1024, CFA Nosferatu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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Fuck. No. Just no. Fucking Belkan science. If they can make UCAVs that can outfly AN ENTIRE AIR FORCE and rape the shit out of everything, why have pilots?

>> No.9912065

actually i've seen the Strigons evade ADMM haxcore, although half the time its due to firing them at a bad angle, ADMM really isn't a guarantee against them, and often it'll take two or more hits to kill em. with EML you can pick them off from miles away, and if they get close, Warp Factor Five to a safe distance and no-scope em for the win.

>> No.9912090

Is the ADMM the one with the aiming circle that so long as you keep the guy in the circle the missile'll hit?

>> No.9912108

the prop drones were unarmed, all they did was call in those superfireball missiles on themselves and somehow be unharmed by a blast that will tear your plane in half if you so much as graze the edge of it. once the Aigaion was destroyed they no longer served a purpose. Pasternak's toys were probably too expensive to mass-produce, like his Nosferatu apparently was seeing as he alone fields one in the regular campaign.

except for Ace of Aces Mission 3, at the very end the Strigon squadron appears and they ALL have Nosferatus... yeah.

>> No.9912146

nah that's a missile system several of the other jets have, basically the AIM-7 Sparrow radar-guided missile or russian equivalent. the ADMM is the first and main special weapon of the Nosferatu, shoots out a dozen or so fiendish glowing orbs at as many individual targets as you can lock onto and will mercilessly ruin their collective days. insanely accurate, very long range and able to clear the immediate skies of a whole squadron with a single volley.

yep, anything better would be to make each round a tactical nuke.

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i'm really starting to like this plane.

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File: 659 KB, 1280x794, F-22A Raptor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you talking about? They ARE tacnukes.

Especially when Pasternak throws them at you. ON EASY MODE.

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File: 68 KB, 730x411, 2132368206_view.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just seems like if you could troll the enemy in a dogfight, this would be how to do it. who could return to base and admit to everyone that a jet painted with a freaking jack-o-lantern just kicked their ass..

>> No.9912392

The F-14 hates me. Every time I try to use it, those fucking BVRAAMs just refuse to cooperate. Seems like they can't hit shit.

>> No.9912398

i dunno, Pasternak doesn't seem to have the same ADMM you get, even on Ace mode. his superdrones do all the hard work, when he launches them its the weirdest thing to see, his jet literally sits still in mid-air, thats pretty much his moment of weakness when you can hit him, otherwise he's disappearing from radar and rematerializing somewhere unexpected.

>> No.9912444

yeah they're an aggravation, but i've figured them out. if you launch against an enemy closer than 25,000 the odds are even money they'll hit or miss, and tend to miss more the closer you get. the idea is you're supposed to fire them Beyond Visual Range, you get a decent window for this and its almost as evil as the EML or ADMM. just takes some practice, definitely not a missile for close range.

the missile launches at a high speed and flies somewhat straight for a couple seconds, i think to achieve maximum acceleration. then it will home in on its target, but if the target is too close for it to maneuver at those speeds, it'll go wide.

>> No.9912479

Protip: build up Allied Support requests over the mission and hang on to them. Let Pasternak have his first shot, find him, then SPAM ATTACK COMMANDS. Watch as he stalls the fuck out and hit him with SAAMs.

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File: 306 KB, 1172x832, AIM-54_6_Pack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


more info on the missile, each one cost a cool million and only the Tomcat could carry it. give that some thought when you ripple off a volley and 4 mil worth of missile fail to hit anything...

>> No.9912486

I'm always fucking supersonic when I launch. The F-14 IS a high-speed interceptor.

>> No.9912516

Agnus Dei qui tolis peccata mundi


>> No.9912519

yeah i've done that, its not that hard really to kill him once you've mastered the game. what was excruciatingly difficult was getting an S rating for that mission on Ace mode, which you need to get one of the medals towards unlocking the Estovakian SP Nosferatu. basically you have to stay alive long enough to shoot down at least 40 of his drones (on the safe side i think i ended up killing closer to 60), only after that can you shoot him down.

you can land at the airfield or exit the map for rearming, but on Ace mode any damage you take stays with you... fucking drones.

>> No.9912555

technically speaking yes, but the AIM-54 was intended to engage enemy targets as far away from the carrier as possible. the Tomcat would race out there, slow to unleash the Phoenixes and either RTB for more or close in to use Sparrows and Sidewinders.

this works in AC6, you can racetrack after firing a salvo and stay at the required distance for the missiles to be effective.

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File: 150 KB, 1000x1125, 509454e6b2732ab8431942df366dcf05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no idea how anyone can manage that. I have yet to kill ONE drone, never mind fucking forty.

Cum historia
Mutat valde Razgriz

>> No.9912587

Ah. I shall remember that.

Forgive my lack of military terminology, wtf is racetrack?

>> No.9912590

I a L r e a d Y r E a D T h I s o N H t t p : / / 8 ➇ . ➇ O . ➁ ➀ . ❶ ❷ / S e v E r a L D a Y s A g o

>> No.9912647

i managed it between using the entire ADMM volley on a single drone or two at a time or lucky snipes with the EML, and above all patience and full afterburner nonstop turning, those drones with their guns are relentless...

also found that flying under the King's Bridge could shake them off long enough to turn around and fire another ADMM.

>> No.9912684

i dunno if its the official term, but its where you're going in a continuous circle and at one part of it you end up within range of the enemy so you can snap off some shots but you keep going so as to remain outside their range while you reload and set up your next shot.

horse archers used it to wear down mass infantry formations with impunity, i've found it also works in some aerial combat situations.

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File: 88 KB, 700x429, It was a cold and snowy day.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh dear... Here comes the snow.

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File: 130 KB, 500x650, 81795968kz1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wish I could remember more of the lyrics. Oh well.


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File: 179 KB, 1500x1200, XB-70_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

out of all the non-playable aircraft in AC6, i wish they'd let you fly this one.

>> No.9912843

Yeah, there are some fucking awesome things you never get. Like the Harrier. Or the B-52s. Whatever.

Then again, it's a game about FIGHTER PILOTS so you can't really blame 'em.

>> No.9912873

yeah, was nice of them to include the F-117 with a fucking GUN lol

ever seen the sole appearance of the SR-71 that was hinted at in the tl;dr legalese during the intro? it shows up high over the airfield in Anea Landing after the mission update, does a continuous racetrack flight but damned if even the ADMM can't keep up with it. some argued that it was impossible to shoot down, but i managed to lead it just right with a missile shot, never could get close enough for guns.

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File: 128 KB, 648x633, 1193640296714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering the fucker was designed specifically to fly so high and so fast no SAM could shoot it down, it's amazing you ever did.

Jesus fucking Christ the SR-71 in Zero gave me an aneurysm.

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(solemn, men only)
cum historia
mutat valde razgriz
revelat ipsum
primum daemonus est

cum portentia
por fundet
morte inteirum
deinde moritur

(repeats, growing higer, female voices enter)
cum historia mutat valde razgriz revelat ipsum primum daemonest est!

(triumphal, female only)
post somnus finit!
razgriz surget!

>> No.9913046

i fired the ADMM like 10 times and ran out and it was still taunting me, somehow the default missiles were able to catch it.

i want to pick up a PS2 sometime so i can play all the earlier Ace Combat games, 6 is the first one for me and i still play it regularly.

>> No.9913063

I managed to find a Slimline for like thirty bucks, they're cheap as shit nowadays.

Also be prepared for HORRIBLE LAST-GENERATION GRAPHICS. 5 is oddly especially bad.

>> No.9913089


Ace Combat is not about GRAPHICS. It's about manly plane flying and saving millions of people... and a fucking tunnel mission.

>> No.9913095

I didn't like AC6 much. It didn't feel as much fun as 5, or Zero. Multiplayer is good, mind you. I love my red Su-33.
If you want a hardmode, play AC5 on hardest difficulty. Gun kills only. Takes bloody ages and makes the final level a right pain, but man does it feel good.

>> No.9913139
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as long as its better than Falcon 3.0, half the time i had no idea what was going on.

heh, nostalgia'd.

>> No.9913198

getting the Sharpshooter medal for AC6 was the same deal, and it is harder than hell to finish off the Aigaion using only the gun. seeing as i went for the Nightowl medal at the same time (Attacker aircraft only) i ended up taking an hour with the A-10 trying to shoot up the cockpit area of the Aigaion while dodging its infinite missiles... ugh

>> No.9913428
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AC 4 managed to make me feel like shit for shooting down a yellow. AC Zero managed to leave me sitting wondering if the Belkans even had a choise to go to war, and if A World With No Boundrys was right (even if their methods were wrong.) AC 5 Left me contented, with the best epilogue I could have wanted basically.

AC 6 is on a system I dont own...

>> No.9913468


AC6 was god awful. Not a patch on 2,4, 5, and arguably zero (some love it and some hate it)

>> No.9913494

It wasn't that bad.

The story parts were not nearly as good as four's "kid in the bar" and I mostly ignored it after the first time, but the missions were pretty well done, even if there was a bit of craziness.

>> No.9913523

yeah i only watched the cutscenes once or twice and now just game with my music on, quite fun.

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