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So, is there a /tg/ Vassal40K community? I'm looking for a way to test out models without actually having to purchase them to see how they play out.

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Some of us play Vassal. I'd play with you, but I'm still extremely new to 40k, and I'd be horrible to test things out on.

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I don't even have a real army painted and delivered yet. I'm wanting to get a set of these as Steel Legion from Wargamesfactory.

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Can you even get the necessary files anymore? or is it just something people pass to eachother?

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You can find them to download by searching "VASSAL" on the Lexicanum wiki.

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Alternately, on the /rs/ board on here.

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Cool .. lost them when I purged my computer ... would be handy to have around. I also like teaching people the game...there's far too much stupid shit at my LGS where people just pull rules out of their ass.

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It's also downloadable on /rs/. Just make sure 5-2b module. Also make sure to get the tyranids extension (which has all the models from the 5th ed codex).

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Used to play this all the time. Maybe I'll finally get to test out the new Blood Angels Codex, as all my models have been at my friends house and I haven't been able to play in months.

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I know nothing about vassal 40k but i'm downloading it as i type...

Can you play alone?

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Yeah, but that's rather pointless, now isn't it?

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How do you get the Tyranid 5th mod to import? Just gives an error every time. File has no extension.

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Wut. Right click add extension tyranids 5th. Unless you've got the wrong file, this works 60% of the time, every time.

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Also, /tg/ room up on vassal

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