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>Greenguardsman !!x7WMovjyleu


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A rubric marine getting jumped and molested by a bunch of Russ/Horos.
Pic related, a Russ/Horo.

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A kobold mercenary! With a breastplate and a helmet, wielding a halberd and carrying a short sword and a crossbow! Looking badass.

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Could you draw a Mage, with medium-long, straight, light brown hair, worn loosely. Gray-green eyes. About 6' tall, slender but athletic, and about 26 years old. Wears a white shirt, laced at the collar, with a belt around the torso. It's worn over black pants which are tucked into mid-shin height brown boots. Has a violet, hoodless robe with red trim, with a royal crest on the back. The robe is split down the middle like a coat, with three clasps up the chest; however it has a red cloth belt to hold it closed when it's wrapped about the body to one side. He also wears a red, wide, flat-brimmed hat. The part that actually sits on his head is simply a dome shape, not like a tophat or anything.

He carries a tall, wooden staff with flat, twisted pieces at the end which hold a polished stone in place. Hanging from his normal belt (not the robe one), he wears a single-edged, straight sword. It's got a black sheath, a leather-wrapped hilt, and a circular black handguard.

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And here's a Rubric Marine.

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A young commissar reading a newspaper with a female pysker and guardswoman going at it. The commissar really doesn't give a fuck.

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A Dark Eldar whych rubbing the shoulders of her human male gladiator while bitching at him for being injured.

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I would like to see a picture of Trollboros

Basically, Oroboros as if he were a troll.

This way I can have an image to go with my
>trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls

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There were also Tzeentchi Daemonettes involved.

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Ad-mech Sakaki fawning over a kitty with a robotic paw.

I would like to remind you that Sakaki has large breasts.

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Commissar Benny Hill being chased around the battlefield by Sororitas in their underwear.

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Optional, at this time.

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Teenmarine at the beach, amongst Adeptus Sororitas Beach Volleyball teams. He is trying very very hard to maintain his bored/apathetic composure, and not doing very well. He may even explode.

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its.. it's not like I like you or anything, you are just expensive.

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>>9888043 I would like to remind you that Sakaki is a fatass.

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omnissiah what is this-

Techpriest slapfighting with a Cleric over religion, while some other Acolytes look eminently tired of this shit.

Either that or some Assassins because I love assassins!

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meant to link to that post

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If you can get to this, thanks man.

For my next DH game I'm playing someone who worships Malal, bald with copper colored facial hair in the style of Lincoln's beard, about 6' 8", very pale, very large and broad shouldered, muscular, but not too cut, a lot like my pic, wearing just some raggedy sack pants and some beat up boots.

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>DH game I'm playing someone who worships Malal
>Worshiping Chaos while working for an Inquisitor

What in the world

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A commissar scratching a captive female Eldar's ears. She enjoys it TOO much.


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Didn't that get retconned?

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GW tried and failed. Fanbase won't let it go.

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Saved, and thank you. Don't suppose you could throw in a few more Horos, please?

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Malal is the Chaos god of trechery. He embodies the self destructive nature of chaos, and so spends most of his time fighting the other gods.

He technically doesn't exist anymore because of copyright issues, but there's still references to him. But in WHFB, he'd actually work with the Empire if it suited him, and in 40k, his de facto chapter is basically a bunch of marines betrayed by the Imperium because an Inquisitor fucked up, and still spend plenty of time fighting chaos as their chapter used to.

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>"Woe is me"
>Read as "Moe is me"

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It's still pretty HERETICAL.

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Sure it is.

And plenty of Renegade Inquisitors just stuff just as bad.

They just have to make sure not to get caught.

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There are Radical Inquisitors who do way worse things.

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I have a game tomorrow using this character and you are the last drawfag I will probably see before then.

A lightly golden skinned four armed woman that looks like this. She is wearing a black bullet proof vest and four holstered guns. Two on her hips and two underarm. Her legs are are covered in light armor plating and is wearing heavy metal lined boots. Her hair is held in a bun. On her neck she has four small speaker like discs, two on each side. She has a small headset in her ear.

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token simple request:

Techpriest DO NOT WANT image. Or a Techpriest on a stool being scared of a spider. Horrible Warpspider or regular little one, whichever you'd like.

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>>9888068 I would like to remind you that's Yomi, Sakaki is healthy

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A gnome fellow, fourth edition style. He has spiky gray hair. One of his eyes is normal for a gnome: solid-color, no pupil or sclera. A very dark magenta color.

The other eye (and the eye socket surrounding it) were transplanted from an unlucky halfling, looks just like a human eye that is brown in color. Slight skin discoloration around transplant eye. Ears pointy.

He should be dressed like a Roman merchant: nice looking blue toga with gold trim, some fancy rings and bracelets perhaps a nice carved walking stick nearby.

He sits in a tent at a small table covered in a variety of rare antique knick-knacks of mundane and varied origin.

He has a wicked smile on his face and should have the air of a smug mafioso. He has an ornate brass chalice in one hand.

TLDR version: Roman gnome merchant in a blue toga, one eye solid magenta/purple, other eye human-looking brown and surrounded by discolored skin.

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I would like to request all of the companions from the new doctor who series but with a twist. Their well known physical characteristics are drawn in near caricaturish proportion.
-I would like to see Catherine Tate as having massive breasts a little bigger than watermelons. She is holding them with a look of frustration on her face saying, "Oi at least you lot don't have to carry these things around!" She is in a wedding dress that barely contains her chest.
-Beside her stands a little shorter, Freema Agyeman, her butt is nearly three times it's regular size. She is examining it worringly while saying," I do hope the Doctor doesn't think it'll get in the way!" She is wearing her usual jeans and leather jacket with hair put up.

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I'll get this one.

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>draw me a fetish image so I can fap furiously to it

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-Somewhere in the middle Billie Piper stands, the shortest out of the bunch, wearing jeans and her union jack shirt with her hair pushed back in the middle. Her eyes are twice their normal size and her usually plump lips are also ridiculusly big on her wide mouth. She has her hands on her hips and is saying, "Thith ith ridiculuth. I look like a bloody cartoon character!"
-Karen Gilian towers over them all by several feet. The skinny red heads body looks as if she has been stretched.Her arms, legs, torso and neck being very long and slender, giving her the extra height. She is in her british police costume(which didn't change to accommodate her new size) exclaiming ,"This isn't supposed to happen right? He thinks he's soooo brilliant! Just wait till I get a hold of em'!"

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>A scout/sniper in fully enclosed light power armor with a man-portable rail-rifle. It relies a lot on active camouflage so a nice, flat black would be suitable color-wise.

To make it tits-related you could have him looking through the scope of the rifle with it showed in the corner he's spying on some bitches in the bath.

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A bearded man with long blonde hair and a cybernetic arm. He wears long brown paints and a white long sleeve shirt. His eyes are a dull green and he appears to be in his mid to late thirties. One wields a an archaic schofield revolver.

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you saw that like it's a bad thing.

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Hope you like.

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requesting this woman naked and inside of a glass of wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass.

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An Imperial Guardswoman, that appears to be from a nocturnal world where humans have adapted to eternal darkness. Apparent albinoism, black hair (One or two erratic braids), and her eyes have no irises. She isn't wearing a helmet, but has Riddick-ish goggles on her head or hanging around her neck instead.

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We can go where we want to, a place where they will never find...

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So i heard that chaos is gay.

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hey greenmarine, you know what time it is?

ADV- no actually, it's time to politely badger you about the boob hat pic.

um... yeah

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Like? I love!

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GM, can we get some gnoll tits up in this?

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And we can act like we come from out of this world, leave the real one far behind...

And we can dance.

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Just for once, can we avoid the usual drawthread pitfalls?

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A portrait of a very civilized-looking lizardman in Victorian garb, complete with monocle. On his shoulder is a regular lizard. Also in Victorian garb, complete with monocle.

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Two regiments are.... oh whom I kidding...

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Sorry for posting this as a thread.

A long curled dark haired woman with cool grey eyes. She is very short but voluptuous. Her full lips are curved into a shy smile as she balances a hawk on her gloved arm. She is wearing a medieval silver dress with mud on the bottom. The hawks eyes are subtly glowing. Behind her a massive dark armored knight stands, almost twice her size. He wears a helm that looks similar to the head of a sea serpent. Incense smoke pours out of the nostrils and mixes with fog, giving the scene a hazy feel. Pic is very relevant for the personality of the knight.

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Sorry, putting this one together was more difficult than I thought...

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Christ man, you scare me, you're in every drawthread.

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Don't sweat it.

I'm just glad you took my request.

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It's the pearl earring random-detail that makes it extra-creepy.

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A Female Farseer wearing a shattered ghosthelm, part of or all of her face visible through the hole in the helm, destroyed armor, her robes torn in several places (showing some skin possibly including tits) bleeding from several wounds, holding a handful of glowing spiritstones. A single tear running down her cheek. Witchblade in her other hand covered with gore point on the ground at an angle with her barely holding it up. Think weary and wounded after a long hard fought battle.

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>>looks like this
>>fully covered in armor from head to toe.

No fun.

I hope you find this of use. I am not very satisfied with how it came out.

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Bump for this.

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I think you did the four arms thing pretty well man.

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Requesting a hive-scummer with short, almost boyish red hair, wearing knee-high socks, boots, short-shorts, a tank top (exposing her midriff and possibly some underboob) and a leather gang jacket. She has an autogun in one hand and a bat in the other. She looks cocky and overconfident.

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Fucking Straying from the path?

people remember that?

>> No.9889505

I am tenacious
I try to at least.
I'm glad you approve.

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Two regiments are in an open field, One Krieg
It zoomes to one commander as he talks about the battleplan, then it zooms back and the Krieg have already dug EXTENSIVE fortifications

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Dear god!

I wish the writefag wasn't chased away, fucker had some poise!

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I meant physically. not apparel. Thank you very much greenmarine...er...greenguardsman. i appreciate it.

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A Warforged nearly completely covered in silvery green mithril plates with an glowing band of light going across his head. His greataxe's head is an icy blue as a few flakes of snow drip from it. He holds it defensively as he glances around a dark room, the only light from a nearby torch and his bright delver's light.

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A naked, angry dwarf falling off a confused donkey into a crowd of fleeing goblins at a market. The dwarf is throwing turnips.

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I dabble from time to time & I'm tempted to attempt a continuation. The main things preventing it is a general lack of knowledge about the 40k universe that would be needed - I know SOME things - and the general doubt I could do it justice.

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Holy crap, you're alive!

>> No.9889930

I don't know that much shit on 40k, but I'm making a 40k GAME!

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A favor to ask. Could you possibly let us know what you're doing next when you decide? Much appreciated.

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Sorry if you got your hopes up but I am NOT the original person who worked on Straying From the Path; as awesome as that would be.

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oh... well atleast I'm not talking to a zombie

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>Just for once, can we avoid the usual drawthread pitfalls?
That would be bitching, and too late, you already did.

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hehe I approve

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There is a terrible lack of Dark Eldar porn in existance. I feel this is a mistake you should correct.

Picture related, it's some of the little that does exist.

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FUCK YES! PRAISE THE GREEN... guardsmen? Wut?

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Yo GG draw the reverse of that other one you did and have Slaanesh fucking Khorne this time right proper style.

>> No.9890126

Could we see a sister of battle trying to figure out how the female psyker Inquisitor across the table is beating her so easily at strip poker?

>> No.9890137


figure might as well post an already kinda moot WIP of it.

Yeah, not on my main compy.

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The disappointment is palpable.

Well...that settles it. I'll give it a shot then. I'll need to time to go back over the original - what was it? 3? - parts & do a bit of research about different things so look for it in....oh, two weeks or so? I'll be working on this at night so it will take longer than it normally would.

G'night you lot. I'll check back in the morning to see if I lucked out with >>9888453

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Can we get a nude female goliath trying to act stealthy and posing as a statue in the center of a beautiful Greek garden as a pair of guards decked out as legionaries trudge by oblivious to her attempts? Pic related.

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I would really like to see a kobold pleasuring a human girl with his tail!

>> No.9890248

How about a female lizardfolk warrior with a spear and a large shield, chasing down a pixie that's somehow managed to steal her clothes?

>> No.9890279

Oh well. Might as well get into it then.

Stoner thri-kreen in a four-armed hoodie and a beanie chilling with a Rastafarian dwarf, whose lobster mount can be seen grazing on Cheetos in the background.

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A dwarf who is covered with BEES.

He squares off against a giant bee covered in tiny dwarves.

>> No.9890358

I'd fancy seeing your take on a bork kube.

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A confident--borderline cocky--looking fellow with eyes of saffron, an old-west style meets chinese wuxia style of clothing, and a badass fucking hat.

The man is wielding paired steel shurikens with a pair of holstered pistols.

The fine details are up to you fine drawfags

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I see this as some sort of lopsided Scandinavian die covered in crazy Finnish phrases.

It's a dish served by the Swedish chef from the Muppets. Throw some Dutch clogs in there too just to piss off any Eurofags.

>> No.9890437

Hey, already got the Rasta dwarf riding a lobster. Why not?

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>> No.9890487

I want to see Taokaka from Blazblue trying to capture Sol Badguy, because she confused him for Ragna!

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Do you know how many requests I've gotten drawn?

Neither do I, I lost count weeks ago.

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bumping with a re-request


>> No.9890901

Good, I'm in need of animated reaction images.

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Source plox.

>> No.9891074

Can I get an ork with high amounts of nurglfication?

>> No.9891100

>Can I get Nurgle with high amounts of Orkification?

>> No.9891150

Looted Great Unclean One?

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>> No.9891271

Search Hentai Foundry or Fur Affinity for Kosmikophobia.

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I was scared at first, too, but then I came to embrace the love that cannot pronounce its name

Because, you know, no libs. B's and V's and P's and all that, difficult to form.

>> No.9891413


Lips, even.

>> No.9891437

I only desire delicious flat Thri-keen

>> No.9891454

I only desire to know how I angered this drawfag so much that he never again returned to 4chan.

I'm still baffled, looking back on it.

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All drawfags dead for the night then?

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