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hey /tg/ how do you make custom banners in DoW?

cause I want to add the soviet hammer and sickle to the Tau's banner to make them a more natural communist army.

-pic unrelated.

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lol I dunno

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that doesn't help at all.

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regardless post more slime girls.

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Just fucking google it.

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that makes sense. May I still post slime girls for /tg/?

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SIGH... If you must.

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you make it sound like a bad thing.

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The shit we have to fap to...

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well think of it like this. You could actually fuck a slime girl and have your dick melted off by their acid.

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Oh please. Slime girls are not ACIDIC.

They're just full of various enzymes which break down flesh into it's constituent chemicals and then reform them into more slime.

It's how they reproduce.

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Two slimegirl threads in two days? Oh u, /tg/.

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FUN FACT- these were all drawn in japan.

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More monster girls, devil bug if you have it.

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Ah the man who supplied all of my slime girls.

We meet again.

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Basic version: they turn your dick into the new slime girl.

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Japan, a wonderful monsterfucking culture.

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Or just You.


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good ol' japan. Anything for a laugh, huh?

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How come there are always goo girls but I have never seen one goo guy ;-;

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parts of him.

and damn I'm out of slime girls. Guess I'll supply a couple of dragon borns...

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I did this and I made the mountain dew logo the emblem on my space marines and I made them green and red and they were the best army ever and I wish I had screenshots.

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nah, go to monster girls. at least thats semi-related.

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you WANT to see a goo guy? Gay >.>

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eh a bit lacking in the monster girl department, best I have is a monster raping a girl.

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I say... is that a Steel Predator deep-dicking a half-elf loli? I fucking love /tg/

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"digest" is a bit too strong of word.

Burned the fuck out of yeah.

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nah. he's just hallucinating.

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I'm sorry but rape is illegal. Enjoy your jail time.

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as you wish.

good lord that's what it is?! Well now I know what to search for.

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Wait, someone say goo girl?

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Uh, is this close enough? He kind of just sticks to tentacles though.

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fuck I need to save up more porn... now all I have left is shitty old cultist.

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make a
change the size to 64x96
apply alpha channel
save as .tga file
put it in your dawn of war/banners/ folder and you are good

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Sauce on comic?


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hell if I know I just supply.

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Also, goo girls get drawn underaged looking waaay too often.

There are some pages missing, I'm afraid

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Sauce me. NOW.

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Sorry for the delays, it's a bit disorganized so I'm trying to figure out the order.

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keep going good man! :O

I shall just keep up the cultist

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It's cute though, they're a happy couple.

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He's just no good at the tentacle monster gig.

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See how polite he is?

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Ok, this next bunch might be a bit muddled on order. Figure it out yourself!

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Like a porn jigsaw.

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Consensual tentacle sex is the best tentacle sex.

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goddamnit /tg/ I can't keep fapping like this it'll break my penis or I'll go blind or something

can't we go a couple hours without porn

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No, Break your penis.

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And this is it I think.

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rolled 1186307318 = 1186307318

How about we dump the body into the river, ok?

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alright fuck it cultist sucks. I'm not going to keep bumping up a thread with just cultist pics...

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If you aren't getting friction tearing from all the masturbation you'll never become a real man.


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we need more dragonborn porn... where's gecko when you need em eh?

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I fucking love luckypan...

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rolled 424731674 = 424731674

Real men soak their penis in a fine wine to ease the burns.

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plus you still owe me a picture of dragonborn x tyranids.

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Hey, since we're on the topic of tentacles: does anyone know what happened to that "tentacle dungeon" game?

pic related, its the only pic i can find of it.

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Why are I am surprised?

/r/ing your avatar as a fine connoisseur of pornographic works.

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sir the porn levels in this thread are dying out!

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D: as much as I'd love to draw, I have to be taking my leave real soon. long day ahead tomorrow.

7am-11am work
12pm - god knows when setting up and directing a show (IE audio engineer. second job)

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DAMN YOU LIAR AND YOU ACTUALLY HAVING A LIFE! Isn't /tg/ important to you?!

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And i died for this.

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The author abandoned it after he got bored of it.

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The porn must flow!

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Oh slimegirls. One minute slimy dickings, then BAM

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i can only find that one pic of it but his blog implies he got at least to the 8th. anyone know where i can find my missing 7+?

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Yeah it is o3o.

Sadly duty comes before fun.. :/ I gotta make money

Tho my second job does count as being fun. going to concerts for free is good shit

Have some Blissy tits

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Author is Bobbydando, they're all on his hentai foundry IIRC. Along with many more delicious morsels.

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you like this girl yes?

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i checked there, i could only find that one of his. D: could someone post them if they find them? im sure they'd be appreciated here by more than just myself.

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Got a mediafire/rs/megaupload link?

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Which artist is this? I recognize this style.

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just had to fiddle with the stupid filters and BAM
fucktons of awesomeness.

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nipple fucking is awwwright.

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no but I'll tell you where you can get it after I'm done posting them.

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yes :<

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you can't fucking detect Chink?

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I don't usually keep track of artists and I figured it out the moment you posted.

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half way done

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i have found my new fetish. thanks anon

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lol no problem

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....Goddamn japanese.

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you're only mad because it got you aroused.

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Agreed, but where can I find more?

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what's so wrong with that metaphor?

It's pretty common.

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well this is the last picture of it so I shall now post link to it and all doujins of said author.

to doujin posted : http://www.fakku.net/viewmanga.php?id=3840

prequel to doujin posted : http://www.fakku.net/viewmanga.php?id=3564

other doujins:



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post 19 plz

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enjoy comrades!

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Betting you're a virgin or only done it once or twice.
You'll say some of the weirdest shit during sex that afterwards you'll be thinking "Why the fuck did I say that?".

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oh shit didn't notice

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Seeing that this is a fetish thread, I have a confession to make.

I get off on Garrus/Femshep porn, even the written ones.

I don't know why.

I'm male.

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who doesn't dude? most people are in it for garrus anyway gay or straight

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How is she crying?

>> No.9885423


Awwww we just had a fetish confession thing the other day, do we really need two of those in close succession?

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yes, yes we do.

>> No.9885429

People have to confess their fetishes in /tg/?

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I have a fetish where instead of kissing people I like I lick them.

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yes :3

>> No.9885453


why not? If we all come to the same board, might as well get to know each other like family

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>all but one have megaupload links
Hell yeah! JDownloader do your thing!!

Thanks for the links, I'll keep an eye out for O4U now.

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Garrus/FemShep forever, man.

Just like Tali/ManShep.

>> No.9885479

any time comrade

I can find another one of my favorites for /tg/ if you want

>> No.9885494

is it possible to get a garrus/tali...

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so about those banners...

>> No.9885505

I thoroughly enjoy BE, as well as any transformation.

Probably came from watching Beast Wars as a kid.

>> No.9885506


So....what your saying is that your parents know your fetishes?

>> No.9885519

Fetish confession thread? Fine.

I tend to get off on anything not involving male anal penetration or guro so long as its well drawn/written. Even then...furry, slime, giantess, you name it. Just as long as its well rendered and interesting.

My fetish is good quality?

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GOOD FRIENDS THEN, fuck wtf do you want me to say man?

>> No.9885549

What about em?

>> No.9885565

Yesterday's thread was shitty, though, and filled with I CAN PSYCHOLOGY blowhards who tried to make us feel bad about being a bunch of sick fucks. And because I was horribly depressed yesterday anyway one of them succeeded so let's skip the self-righteous bullshit today.

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Hey I'm just saying.....it was a weird phrase to use given the circumstances.

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There is ONE short story where Garrus and Tali decided that they wouldn't fight for the love of Femshep.

Femshep agrees.

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alright I just can't fucking do it. I'm guessing no one has a pre made soviet banner for DoW eh?

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I'm down with most fetishes, at least the mild versions of them. I am also into some things that I have trouble finding.

Chubby Asian
Smoke pot + sex

There is some out there, but I can't find a good amount of it

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Honestly Garrus is alright, but Mordin, that dude is a total bro, he looked up bunches of info to help me get my sex on with Tali, Garrus never did anything like that.

>> No.9885621

bump. there needs to be lots more porn on /tg/. LOTS more.

>> No.9885622


First result for "dawn of war banners" in Google, for fuck's sake.

Next time you want to start a monstergirl thread just fucking start one.

>> No.9885637

Fat chick
Skinny chicks if they have real big tits.
Impregnation and pregnancy
submissive women
and I wish I had a real big dick and hyper masculine body.

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nah dude that wasn't OP, if you went on up you'de see OP just went to google himself but felt like sharing porn.

>> No.9885654

Predator porn.

There's some out there but it's mostly gay and that makes me a sad pyode amedha.

>> No.9885666

Mordin is easily the best charecter in the game. Anybody who can suggest a book of sex positions involving biotics is awesome

>> No.9885682

>>9885666 Mordin is easily the best charecter in the game

I dunno, Tali is pretty awesome too, but he's definitely on the short list.

>> No.9885684

Give me your picture, I'm good with photoshop, done it before and have free time.

And I'll see if I can find the link.

>> No.9885692

mordin is like that nerdy guy in the front of the row of desks that knows everything, yet if you ask him if he likes porn or any shit like that he'll easily admit it and offer to share his fucking-win stash.

>> No.9885702

I dunno, I've got a sizable amount of female predator stuff.

>> No.9885709

here is what I want to use as my tau army's flag.

>> No.9885711

who'd have thunk it? I had it bookmarked even though it's been a while.

You're talking DOW1 right?

>> No.9885725

You should be able to discern my fetish quite clearly from this picture.

That's right: gigantic unnecessary watermarks on art that nobody would ever want to fucking steal anyway.

>> No.9885736

of course

>> No.9885743


You sicken me.

>> No.9885748

Tali is nice, but I liked Mordin related convos and quests more. I enjoyed learning about him more than any other party member

>> No.9885752

Yes, but the problem is that most of it is incredibly shitty.

Like that picture you just posted. Yautja are not blue and they do not have animu eyes.

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>> No.9885769

>gigantic unnecessary watermarks on art that nobody would ever want to fucking steal anyway

I knew someone had to have a deviantart fetish

>> No.9885780

They have different roles.

Mordin = Ultimate God-tier Bromigo

Tali = waifu

>> No.9885786

>>9885748 I enjoyed learning about him more than any other party member

That is true, he has the most interesting life story (though I hear that Jack opens up more if you fuck her, that's my next runthrough with the renegade Shepard that's on Virmire right now).

>> No.9885803

go here:

search for 'soviet banner'
It has a pack you could use one from, and they look fucking cool
much better than that standard pic you got there

>> No.9885823

many thanks comrade!

I only wish that I had something to thank you with now...

>> No.9885843

It's even worse than nonsensical Japanese censorship laws. It's perfectly fine to draw a man having sex with a lobster woman, but GOD FORBID we see her... her... uh, whatever the fuck a female lobster's genitalia are called.

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>> No.9885862 [DELETED] 

What is curious about Femshep/Garrus fics is that ALL of them are derivated from "If you Need me"

Most if not all share the
-Jelously of Garrus.
-Garrus is more Batman than usual (particulary Sueish in "If you Need Me", seriously... being able to disable all listening bus in Shepard's cabin and reprogramming EDI so it doesn't bother them is on Tali's alley).
-They all feature Garrus Biting Femshep's shoulder (Turians can't control this it seems, and every author save one copies it.)
-Mordin is very interested in the couple and keeps records, for science!. of course and he's not going to break patient/doctor confidentiality.
-Garrus talons hurts shepard at least once before taking measures (This automatically makes him recognized as a deviant, since only turians dating asari are the ones that do this)
-Garrus/Femshep are not the first Turian/Human couple, the first couple happened during the First Contact War (yes love can bloom yadda-yadda)
-Garrus Dextro-Aminoacids makes him taste sweet.

>> No.9885876

silly illithid, there are no brains in there

>> No.9885878

superior designs:

>> No.9885885

Jack is alright. I really enjoy when she drops her tough girl thing, but I don't like her when she is being tough. I find Grunt more emotionally involving than Jack most of the time.

>> No.9885903

>Garrus Dextro-Aminoacids makes him taste sweet.

didn't mordin say that those were toxic to humans....

>> No.9885908

Oh man...moar?

>> No.9885916

Oddly enough, I've found that the best Garrus/FemShep fapfic was the rape one. Despite the content it was well-written and the ending was rather poignant.

Picture unrelated.

>> No.9885924

I think the "sweet" thing comes from the fact that dextrose sugars are used in things like chocolate and soda.

It's bullshit if you ask me.

>> No.9885926


Ick, I didn't like Grunt very much, if there wasn't xp in it I'd leave him in the tube next runthrough.

>> No.9885935


I'm normally a scaly man but jesus christ I draw the line at anything with an exoskeleton.

>> No.9885948

I enjoyed how happy he was when he figured out he hated turians

>> No.9885963

Oh shit, the mirelurks are evolving.

MOIRA! Get the bottlecap mines!

>> No.9885974


I liked asking Legion about his armor.

>> No.9885987


"D-form amino acids tend to taste sweet, whereas L-forms are usually tasteless. Spearmint leaves and caraway seeds, respectively, contain L-carvone and D-carvone - enantiomers of carvone. These smell different to most people because our olfactory receptors also contain chiral molecules that behave differently in the presence of different enantiomers."

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chirality_%28chemistry%29 From Wikipedia.

>> No.9885994

I liked talking to legion. I hope he comes back early in ME3 just so I get to speak to him more often...

>> No.9885996

Somebody knows their vocab

>> No.9886014

Agreed. I love that convo

>> No.9886020

Yeah, Bioware's retarded when it comes to biochemistry. If you've ever had anything with spearmint in it you've had dextro-amino food. Sugar itself is dextro-chirality, hence its industry name "dextrose."

In truth, indigestible dextro-amino food would just give you indigestion. At worst you'd maybe get some diarrhea. Whether or not the chance of anaphylaxis is higher isn't known because there's not really any way to study it, but it wouldn't be instant death. Alcoholic drinks intended for different-chirality races might be a different concern, though, as alcohol is poison to begin with and different types of alcohol could affect races differently. Shit, methanol causes blindness in humans but it just might get quarians and turians fucked up.

Probably not, though. They dropped the ball on this chirality stuff. They still get points in my book for even thinking about it.

Picture still not related.

>> No.9886021


I hope ME3 picks up right after ME2, I don't want to do the "find everyone all over again" thing.

>> No.9886023


>> No.9886029



>> No.9886038

ur a faget

>> No.9886053

What is curious about Femshep/Garrus fics is that ALL of them are rip-offs from "If you Need me"

Most if not all share the
-Garrus having cases of primal Jealousy .
-Garrus is more Batman than usual (particularly Sueish in "If you Need Me", seriously... being able to disable all listening bus in Shepard's cabin and reprogramming EDI so it doesn't bother them is on Tali's alley).
-They all have Garrus needing to Bite Femshep's shoulder (Turians can't control this it seems, and every author save one copies it.)
-Mordin is very interested in the couple and keeps records, for science!. of course and he's not going to break patient/doctor confidentiality.
-Garrus talons hurts shepard at least once before taking measures (This automatically makes him recognized as a deviant, since only turians dating asari are the ones that do this)
-Garrus/Femshep are not the first Turian/Human couple, the first couple happened during the First Contact War (yes love can bloom yadda-yadda)
-Garrus Dextro-Amino-acids makes him taste sweet.

-Garrus "purrs".

>> No.9886083

>> No.9886092

Why are there no fanfics about this magnificent bastard?

>> No.9886095

this pic makes garrus look like a monkey

>> No.9886099

Why? Chitinous ladies need love too.

>> No.9886105

who is he again?

>> No.9886121


seconding question, don't remember him

>> No.9886127

The one where he rapes her on Omega after he doesn't let him kill Sidonis?

It end with femshep al bruised up and CHAFFING. She does punch Garrus in the face and leaves him on Omega.

>> No.9886129

inb4 lesbian bee orgy

>> No.9886134


>> No.9886137

Adorable. More pics like this?

>> No.9886158

The Turian councilor

>> No.9886160

He doesn't even have a name. "Valern" is a possible name mentioned in newsbriefs on the Citadel, but it could also apply to the salarian (who's implied to be female) or the asari.

But yeah, the man's fingers get a lot of exercise, so there are possibilities.

>> No.9886173


>> No.9886182

chink got a web page or somethin?
got nothin from google.

>> No.9886186

Too human-looking.

>> No.9886188

Really? U serious?

>> No.9886199


>> No.9886203

>> No.9886206


They all look the same.

>> No.9886213

oh shit you're right now I remember!

and I've always thought the councilors followed the three types of alignments in ME

turian = renegade
asari = neutral
slarian = paragon

>> No.9886236

The Turian is the opposite alignment of what you are.

Honestly I think he just tries to piss you off.

>> No.9886253


He was mid-tier really, he was just kind of a dick.

>> No.9886258


There needs to be more Xiin porn.

>> No.9886259

He either needs a hug or to poop really bad.

>> No.9886263


>> No.9886264


>> No.9886288

>needs to poop really bad
Damn it, now I'm tempted to write a fapfic about him and the asari councilor.


>> No.9886294

You all know if you had the opportunity to fuck legion you would...

>> No.9886297


>> No.9886301

Councilor Velarn(Velorn?)

It's the "Ah yes!, Reapers..." guy

also known as Quotyfingers McAsshole.

>> No.9886317

Can't resist his dance moves.

>> No.9886318

I saw a pic if Legion fucking Tali the other day...

>> No.9886326


Hell yeah, though I'd rather get Tali and Legion together and have Shpe watch.

>> No.9886330

I agree. He draws consensual monster-lovin' and that's far too rare.

>> No.9886338


>> No.9886350

Fucking a sentient vibrator.

i lol'd

>> No.9886353

I'd like to see him and Harbinger have a get-together.


"Ah yes, 'direct control'. We have dismissed that claim."


>> No.9886370


>> No.9886376

I wanted to seduce Grunt. Taking a facial from a Krogan, who has four balls, would be near fatal

>> No.9886390

"Did you even consider the economic ramifications of a Councilor giving away the chocolate pro bono? You'll have to make me a better offer. Having that feel so good around mah dick is simply not sufficient."

>> No.9886394


I'm surprised there isn't more porn of it, giant loads dripping out...brb fappin'

>> No.9886396

Ah yes, "romance". I have dismissed this claim.

>> No.9886397


Motherfucker didn't say anything about it to me. What gives? Every time I talked to him he was all NOT NOW SHEPARD MY EXPERAMENTS.

>> No.9886408

um... ok

>> No.9886412

That's not Legion, it's just a random geth.

That pic was drawn when ME1 came out.

>> No.9886418


Get him first
talk to him after every story mission (loyalty missions included)

>> No.9886425

ah chocolate, we have dismissed that claim.

>> No.9886427

Did you fuck a biotic?

Then that's why he didn't give you THE TALK about biotics.

>> No.9886436

He's like a week old you sick fuck.

>> No.9886460


>> No.9886475

Well whaddaya know? This guy updated his page.

>> No.9886503

I like the japan refrence they put in the game.

It's on the citadel with the used game seller, he says "you know those asari hanar porn games are really nasty"

asari relates to the thing that the people who made the asari hanar porn game want to fuck (in japan it's school girls)

hanar are your just typical tentacle monsters.

fucking space, everywhere you go its tentacle rape...

>> No.9886535


>> No.9886552

I think that you and your LI need to be Biotics in order to have that line.

There's one fic where Tali has a 1mt? long prehensile tongue, quoting Shepard "She can do awesome stuff with it" (he's talking about him feeding her from the other side of the table at the mess hall)

>> No.9886576

>> No.9886581


Ah Aimo. Someone at bioware needs to hire her on in some kind of "Official pornographer" position.

>> No.9886583

>feeding him from across the table

That is...the scariest fucking thing I have ever read.

>> No.9886588

Didn't someone post an Illithid before?

>> No.9886603

>> No.9886604

"You know what pisses me off? Calling this a 'cockpit.' Alliance ships have BRIDGES. Asari have cockpits.

Oh, wait. No they don't."

>> No.9886616


So does he not have any particular Tali/Shep dialogue?

>> No.9886626


>> No.9886630


>> No.9886635


He does, he gives you a bunch of research about compatibility, suggesting positions that will work well and stuff like that.

>> No.9886655

There was one very detailed fapfic of Femshep and Wrex.

It is very detailed and mentions how femshep inflates a little because Krogan's dicks have a knot that grows after release.

It ends with shep saying "This is only round one."
I wasn't able to find it again :(

>> No.9886665


...sort of want

>> No.9886672

I actually vaguely remember that one

it was awful

>> No.9886677

Oh hey, I think I've seen these before. Is there any sort of gallery? The artist is good, even if the subject is weird.

>> No.9886681

I love those convos because until that time, I forgot that Mordin is an actual doctor who helps patients.

>> No.9886682


>> No.9886690

I want....hard

>> No.9886710

I had forgotten about that one, god damn you.

>> No.9886714

oops, I meant her, HER.

he just raises the spoon and she takes it from there.

>> No.9886730

that actually made me throw up a little...

>> No.9886751



>> No.9886757

Moar please

>> No.9886775

Krogan aren't furry you silly goose

>> No.9886802

He does, but dextro poisoning is greatly downplayed.

It's like Bioware knew nothing would stop the Talimancers. (you think the Talimancers on 4chan are bad? it seem you never been on the Bioware forums. the "ITS UP TO US TO KEEP TALI ALIVE 4.0" thread has breached the OVER 9000!!! posts. (unless they erased the spam, again)

>> No.9886841


Yeah, I like Tali, but those people scare me. Apparently some dude made a stuffed life-size doll of Tali. Eeeew.

>> No.9886844

I said it was very detailed, I never metioned anything about quality.

It appears that it was written during Mass Effect 1

>> No.9886845


Welp I just popped a boner.

>> No.9886866

............fucking people

>> No.9886874


I think it'd be so great if they killed Tali off if you sexed her. That would make my day.

>> No.9886888

Oh jesus call 911.

>> No.9886913

THAT one is a myth.

The sex doll actually has nothing to do with Tali, it was taken from some instructions to make your own home made sexdoll.


The maker had no real intention to make tali, it was just taken out of context by some troll.

>> No.9886949

and this is an unfortunate side-effect of the increased Talimancer population.
The universe balances it out with Talihaters and because of it those who are only in it for the fun CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

>> No.9886982


Oh, I don't hate Tali. I actually romanced her on my first playthrough, the one I intend to take into ME3.

I just don't think every story should have a "and then he lived happily ever after" ending, especially when you're dealing with inter-species romance who's body fluids could kill each other.

>> No.9886983

hell we hit the 150 limit...

>> No.9887081

It will still be handwaved in a "Mordin/mordin's replacement pulls a cure out of his ass in ME3"

It will be extra jarring as it will demonstrate that anyone could have tried to cure their ailments but they didn't because the universe hates the Quarians.

>> No.9887168

Or she can, ya know, get an immune system that isn't shit.

>> No.9887217

The thing is though, in the real world, the quarians actually have amazing fucking immune systems. They can adapt to ANY habitable environment and only get a little ill for a few days. Bioware just fucked up on the biology because allergies happen when the immune system is hypersensitive.

>> No.9887278

I'm playing through Mass Effect one for what, the... second? Second and a half?

Played it once on a friend's Xbox, started a new playthrough, and then finally bought it for my computer. Is good. (Though I would kill for a counter on the achievements.)

Can't wait to get ME2....

Only way to go.

>> No.9888122

/r/ source of this femshep/garrus rapefic

>> No.9888168

fuck that- krogan fem shep knot fic gogo

>> No.9888198



>> No.9888251


>> No.9888422


>> No.9888712

>Though I would kill for a counter on the achievements
The 360 version has it for the ones that are all DO ACTION A X AMOUNT OF TIMES & similar.

>> No.9888750

Wait. Just realized you meant the original, not ME2. Derp.

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