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Hey /tg/ I have a few Daemons question to ask of you in relation to 40k TT.

First of all if a unit of Daemons looses in close combat do they take additional wounds based on how much they lost the LD check by or is that some old rule...

Also whats the best way to counter the Skulltaker on a chariot using either CSM or Black Templars?

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The are subject to the "NO RETREAT" rule. You add up the combat casualties and if you lost you take as many wounds as you lost the combat by(Save apply) instead of running away. This is due to Fearless.

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As for your other Question CSM: Obliterators. Black Templars: I have no idea. I've never actually met a player.

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ah-ha, thank you I thought so!
excellent, I have Oblits a plenty.
..yes my friend has just started playing BT while another has started playing Daemons using only Khornate choices. Almost all his options to fight the Skulltaker seem rather suicidal at best.

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The major disadvantage with an all Khorne army is the lack of range and mandatory Derp-strike. If he deploys wrong and you roll well enough you can table him first turn. Watched it happen at my LGS. I felt bad for the Daemon player.

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The other major disadvantage that Daemons have is that they have really bad anti-tank. Their *best* units for this are either Fiends of Slaanesh (Speed, weight of attacks, and Rending), or Heralds of Tzeentch on Chariots. Soulgrinders have too many issues with them to work right (classic one being that as the only vehicles in the Daemon army, they're melta-bait, and if you get a Weapon destroy'd, destroying the Mawcannon destroys ALL Mawcannon Weapons.)

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Yeah forgot to mention that.

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I'll keep that in mind, I was considering hugging close to edges of the game board with my fearless units so that I might increase the chance of a scatter working in my favor.

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If your friend is smart he'll put an icon in both halfs of his army that way he doesn't have to worry too much about scatter. But A Khorne army can be mean if you let them get to close. Bloodletters are walking can openers. And I'm sure you know how mean Bloodthirsters are if they catch you with your pants down.

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Didn't know that little gem about the maw cannon. So with the lack of anti-tank would I be wise in advising my Black Templar friend to field a Dread or two, perhaps one with an autocannon?

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This effectively. While nowhere as efficient at dealing with vehicles or walkers as other units (like Fiends of Slaanesh) are, Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers are useful for convincing opponents to hide inside their metal boxes.

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He'd be better off dropping as many LR Crusaders as he can really.

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