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Good news! Cloning of Leman Russ was great success!

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Good news! Leman Russ takes it in all holes, including the ears!

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Seconding this gentleman's somewhat hasty response.

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Whatever happened to that Land Raider?

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This one?

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Yo, Russ! Why didn't you tell us you were getting cloned?

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Goddamnit, like we haven't got enough space woofs around here.

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then why did you bump the damn thread?

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If I could trollface right now, I would.

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Wait, is it this big >>9871693, or bite sized and adorab- i mean, this big >>9871731?

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i think bite sized, and we got a left over clone.

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So... what has science done?

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This one?

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Yeah, but could it be one of those evil twin type clones or something? An opposite of Russ, chaste, sober, and peaceful, but hates everything?

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but twins are good things.


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So a typical Space Marine.

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I'd fuck his ears...

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Except peaceful.

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I'm sorta thinking along these lines.

Is it a child that Russ will need to raise, or is it fully grown with its own thoughts and opinions? What is it like, as a person? Whats its name?

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"but... they are my ears... it wouldnt even fit.."

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Are you seriously responding for Russ cause she isn't here?

...that sounds like fun, let's put words in her mouth!

...among other things...

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Maybe if we use plenty of lube and warmed up a bit first...

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And thus began a new game of pretend.

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no, im not going to RP/emote for russ, i did that with tali the other day, and just no.

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rolled 2, 2, 7 = 11

What are you doing.

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Do not want.

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Can we still put things in her mouth?

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Who did the cloning anyway?

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nothing, dont worry.


no, you dirty child.

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My bet is on Fuuka. Or maybe Franius Bile.

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hey Alex, how are things been for you?

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Haven't seen Tran in a while.

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He's got a bit of a history with that kind of thing...
The suspects, they are too many!

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Pretty well actually, what about you?

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good, and it could be better, been down with a bug for a few days, feels bad man.

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Eh, as long as it doesn't work for Nurgle, you should be okay in a couple of days.

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too many suspects indeed.

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Let's add Nurse Verity, enemical agents of the Inquisition, and various Slaaneshi and Tzeentchian suspects as well.

Where's Rubric?

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I'm angry at the buffoon Foron. There isn't even a semblance of grammar!

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my bad. i are not good at learnings.

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sure is tripfags in here.

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Oo_oH, a-A r-RubcRic. A-aAnd it t_aLks, T-toO. HoW d-DOes i-It t-talk, I-me w-Wonder.

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Pretty much anything with SCIENCE! or magic who could get their hands on a sample of Russ. Considering how much Russ gets around, that's a lot of people. Must investigate!

See you folks later!

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People who could have done this:

Verity, Faptau, Ceiling Tau, Dark Eldar Sybarite, Dark Eldar Archon, Idranel, Damiris, Tileth, Diseased Guardsman, Yojimbo, Techmarine/Daemonette Tarvus, Inquisitor Chastity, Inquisitor Zalgo, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Rubric Marine, Disciple of Tzeentch, Apothecary Tran, the Loli Nazi Commissar.

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have fun.

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What the hell is going on in this image?

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You can still learn, even if you are an imbecile, as you have proven countless times. Is it so hard to capitalize your sentences and use commas?


Who could have done what?


I don't know, either.

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Clone Russ, apparently.

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I'll try, and my money is on Tzeentch and Slaanesh tag-team to make Russ clones.

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Why would I clone Russ? One is bad enough.


Oh Tzeentch, basic grammar skills from Foron? I must have gained the ability to dream again.

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What of Russ and Fuuka?

What the hell happened between them?
Are they still a couple?
Did they get married?
Did Gramps outdrink Russ?
Is Gramps even still around?

I've missed a lot.

Can we get to planning the bachelor/ette party if it hasn't happened yet?

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Evil tzeentchian schemes?

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>Russ and Fuuka
When the shit did this happen. Last I checked, Fuuka was busy not existing. And having fat legs.

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Dont dream too hard.

Got to love ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

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No, no, no, no and yes.

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I've stopped trying to scheme, as I was never very good at it. Of course, it might just be Tzeentch trying to troll all of the Thousand Sons; he's very good at it.



One good post, and it all goes downhill...


That was back in 2009, I believe.

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anyways i'll let you kids have fun, laters.

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Was that one of those Frank Fran stories which didn't end in a total nightmare?

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yes and no.

the operation was a success, but the two guys only wanted the one girl, the girls ended up shanking eatch other.

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i was going to give you a link to the comics, but they seem to be taken down.

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What'd I miss?

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A Horo thread pops up while I'm watching the show. Wow.

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why clone one of are tanks lol

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apparently Leman Russ got cloned, and it WORKED!

must have done it in the area of the imperium near Cain and Gaunt, clearly the grimdark concentrations are unusually low there.

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It does seem like the GRIMDARK has given way a bit to redonkulousness.

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Oh...! Much obliged, Governor.

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Space Wolves still don't look up to you, smurfette.

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"Oh joy! Finally a show about the detailed inner working of a medieval trade system. And it even features a naked wolf girl with no nipples! How could this possibly be bad?"

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I've been thinking about turning. Do you have some kind of signing package or something?

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I wish she had nipples though.

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I think you just got blown off by Slaanesh.

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It wasn't. When shit went down and the guilds went to lol strike, I pretty much went "Oh Europe, you!"

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Probably has tiny little pink ones that never show up in her high contrast nude scenes

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So what does Russ think of this?

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Damn namefags.

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Well there goes my nutbladder

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The lighter-haired one has bigger tits.

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It's not the namefags that start the west vs. east, this is what elves should look like, or porn threads.

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I'll agree with those first two, which are a cancer upon the internets... But we don't start porn threads? Look above you, The great and holy Slaanesh is right there bringing the porn.

You don't get as good a health plan as from Nurgle, but holy crap do you get access to all the best clubs to start. The constant inspiration isn't until you get a few hours in, or do some recruiting, though.

Of course, we ALL know why anyone goes Slaaneshi, and they are definitely part of the starter package.

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I usually take me name off when I do that.

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Well, do you have different starter packages? I'd like to know all my options, and not just for the sexual stuff either.

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No more cloning of Russy?

>> No.9884073

This wasn't started by namefags.
Nor was this:

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Why? Did you want one?

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Would be nice, could always use another hand.

>> No.9884495

The hands are all you want?

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Ok, I just went through the entire Horo tag on E-Hentai and this isn't there.




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Russ endures the lonely existence.
Fuuka left Russ.
Varity loves Nil or Narl.
Nurse Verity is mad.
Gnollbard is still a coward.
Chemrat left.

Grandpa Dreadnought returns every so often.

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Poor Russie...

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So we love Russ, right?

>> No.9887330

Eh, why not. He's pretty harmless.

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I count russ as a good friend

>> No.9887526


We love them all. For very different reasons.

>> No.9887529

No one loves real life Russ, he is a little fatty.

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1.Create Russ clone
2. Give it Nurse Verity personality
3. ?????

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>1.Create Russ clone
>2. Give it Nurse Verity personality

>> No.9887590

If I am to be believed, then Russ may or may not have played Mormon hold'em with Slaanesh and Fuuka before Fuuka ran away. With the full and alcoholic support of three of my fellows.

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Enjoy your rapes.

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So what are any of the list up to these days?

>> No.9887604

Ah, but why should you be believed? It's not like we're trying to bribe you with Sororitas or xeno bitches.

>> No.9887629

>>9887542 1.Create Russ clone
>>2. Give it Nurse Verity personality

>> No.9887651

Fuck if I know, I haven't been on more than twice in the last six months until about last week.
Because the nagging paranoia and doubt inspired by what I could have allowed to happen with an entire bottle of necron liquor, should I have actually used it, is amusing.

>> No.9887684

IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! that isn't leman russ, that isn't leman russ at all! that is the Alpha twins in leman russ suits!

watch out, neither of them died against rowboat, and now they are coming back to try to kill us with hot furry trap action!

>> No.9887687

Has anyone created a Horo model for 40k?

>> No.9887747

Wouldn't surprise me if they had, but I don't recall seeing one.

>> No.9887829

Might I just say, it's good to have you back, even if it's for a little while.

>> No.9887901

I guess it's good to see you guys again. I think I just needed a vacation or something. And alcohol. Lots of alcohol.

>> No.9887925

Why do I keeping hearing people say that?

>> No.9888000

Maybe because /tg/ can be frustrating at times. It can build up.

>> No.9888029

People get frustrated at the internet...?

>> No.9888037

You keep hearing people say it because it's easy to find solace in a bottle and peace in a barroom brawl.
That too. And the fact that it stopped being any form of amusing whatsoever.

>> No.9888071

Suppose so. But it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

>> No.9888084

In reference to /tg/ not being amusing anymore. I still get the occasional chuckle.

>> No.9888088

scum like me hides in the dark

>> No.9888094


What if it's a candle made of poison that when you light it up it'll kill you?

>> No.9888118

And if you have no candle? EMBRACE THE DARKNESS.

>> No.9888126

Give it to someone you have an insurance policy on. And get a new, non-poison candle.
I thought you were sacred of shadows?

>> No.9888136

But what if the darkness is full of spiders? Ah hah

>> No.9888154

Ah, Varity! Good to see you!

>> No.9888171

What? Why?

>> No.9888172

As do I. I'm talking about our so-called trollplaying. Just stopped being fun and took a break. I was still around.
That's why you bring a flamethrower.

>> No.9888174

I hear that Chuck Norris doesn't carry a lantern.

Grues carry lanterns. In case they meet Chuck Norris.

>> No.9888199

Because we're friends? Or something very much like it. I don't have a particular reason to loathe your arrival, in any case.

>> No.9888247

just a bad translation of my deed name

>> No.9888249

This way he knows where you are, and doesn't have to keep looking over his shoulder.

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>> No.9888267

Because he is madly in love with you.

>> No.9888269

Flamethrowers have the awesome ability to solve innumerable problems.
Oh, I suppose so, then. Good to see you, I suppose.
I don't sneak. Usually. Unless I'm irritating Berserker.

>> No.9888283

That too.
It was a joke.

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>> No.9888313

>Flamethrowers have the awesome ability to solve innumerable problems

Nameless I may or may not have accidentally caused warp perils that may or may not have blown around one hundred and twenty eldar's clothes into space.

Now that the formalities are over, how's the psyker training?

>> No.9888346

We've been over this, before...

>> No.9888361

Heya Tarvus. Oh, and hello everyone I haven't formally said hello to.

Primaris training is bollocks, mostly because I'm not responding to it properly. I think they're on the verge of kicking me out.

Were there any Eldar IN those clothes?

>> No.9888375

Doesn't I'm not allowed to beat a dead horse.

>> No.9888377

>full of spiders


>> No.9888379

Ah, yes, hello. How are you not responding to it properly?

>> No.9888382


Zen joo vill nein mind if Verity haff Herr Haxtes fhor un littul bit uv experimentashun, jah?

>> No.9888407

Are you going to explain what it is first?

>> No.9888415

I suppose not, Inquisitor.
Except for the fact that he most certainly does not want to be a part of any of such things.

>> No.9888418

depravity is 'experimentation'?

>> No.9888420

Oh Christ, that's even less intelligible than normal.

>> No.9888426


Joo nein fink zee surprize half uv zee fun?

>> No.9888431

Some people have a Medicae fetish. It happens.

>> No.9888440

It's better if she doesn't.

>> No.9888442

Well, there USED to be eldar in those clothes but not when they were ejected into space no.
They also might have hueg tats now, too.
And you might want to watch out for some really, really promiscuous Tyranids as well. Not just Liar's lot.

Hey Rhodes. I might take you up on that servitor thing; currently I'm a head and an upper torso.

geez Narl, she's a nurse. You can trust her.

>> No.9888452


Oh c'mon she is a nurse, you can trust her.

>> No.9888458

I signed on as a Crusader and found out that a part of the job was jumping in front of lascannon shots. So, yeah, I'd like an explanation before hand.

>> No.9888466

>Implying Verity is an actual nurse.

>> No.9888472

.... did we really need another one?

>> No.9888479


>> No.9888482


>> No.9888490

Dead? I don't recall a satisfactory conclusion. And re-analysis of the participants suggested deeper inquiry may be appropriate.

Talking to you when I was in an induced coma is not appropriate. Reflexively generating meme-viruses under telepathic probing is not appropriate. Manifesting Eldar psychic techniques is very not appropriate. Inadvertantly suppressing battle-psykers testing my psychic resilience is not appropriate. I'm a bit surprised I haven't been executed as too improbable and therefore a threat.

>> No.9888494

wouldn't want that thing stitching my wounds

>> No.9888495

>Head and torso only
How in the hell did that happen? Is that what was left after the crash-type thing?

Are you still made of Eldar bitz? I could possibly mount the soul-gem thing in a servitor chassis. On that topic, what kind of chassis do you prefer? Legs, treads? I can wrangle anything down but gravs and some weirder models.

>> No.9888504


>> No.9888529

Well, let's start with us having another living loyalist primarch.
Okaaaaay. How do we stop that from happening?

>> No.9888530

oh well. here;s to the success then. Hopefully this won;t end like jurassic park or species.

>> No.9888537

*snerk* I'm sure they'll deal with it.

You know your form will regenerate? Properly manifested wraithbone does that. Of course, a bonesinger can speed it up.

>> No.9888545

I think I'd prefer the lascannon.
I fail to see what sort of 'conclusion' you're hoping to draw.

>> No.9888560

Forgot my ident.

>Reflexively generating meme-viruses under telepathic probing is not appropriate

I love meme-viruses. I used to study them as a hobby. I don't have near enough time these days to do it. Having a job sucks.

You know what else sucks? When your tent leaks.

>> No.9888569

I think Verity left anyway. A shame, I probably would have gone through with it.

>> No.9888578


Verity being zee profeshunal nurse, fhor joo informashun.


Hush joo.


Lissun to zis vun, him giving joo goot advice, jah.


Joo kan suck mein pseudopeenor, Fran.


Zat HIM choice.


Oh joo know... Verity haffing recently kondukted zum experiments wiv polymorffine... und need human fhor un... "interakshun" test. Fhor study.

>> No.9888579

I know /I/ would prefer the lascannon.

>> No.9888594


Nein throwing zee stones, ven joo living wivin zee glass house, jah?

>> No.9888602

You again. Still tempting the souls of men I see.

>> No.9888617

I guess this is the hell I've resigned myself to for Giving in to Tzeentch and Slaanesh. Damn it Xouls. gotta take Fchan off my favorites.

>> No.9888632

>Zat HIM choice.
Yes, I suppose it is.
She's not very good at it, but, it doesn't seem to take much skill.

>> No.9888633

We're just looking to some sort of explanation of the hot/cold relationship you and Narl seem to have. It's very stressful. And there's some fun in teasing you both.

But when your tent leaks, you get to use duct tape!

I don't actually expect them to kill me. Much more likely they'll kick me out early and hope I Peril myself into oblivion, somewhere beyond the Imperium.

>> No.9888638


Verity am kondukting un experiment, Sqweegzog-darling. Joo haffing jhor mind in zee drops.

Herr Haxtes understand zis fhor purpose uv research, jah?

>> No.9888643

I've been doing calculations and browsing and I found THIS. Any chance of getting something like this?

I will say at this point that if I told you the reason I want a new body it would cause you so many corruption points you'll wish you had never asked.


>> No.9888649

Seriously, just tell me. I've had a weird week, odds are it won't scare me off.

>> No.9888652


you'd make it hurt when slipped the needle in my vein, yeah?

>> No.9888662

A PROFESSIONAL nurse would provide Full Disclosure, you quack.

>> No.9888684


::Sigh:: Verity vant learn how play zee konvinzing human, darling. Zat all. Verity und joo vill talk, und joo vill menshun if Verity zey anyfing... un-human, jah?

Fhor science?

>> No.9888686

And what, pray tell, would be this experiment, Verity?

>> No.9888697

Oh, is that all? Well certainly.
No, how do we stop them from kicking you out?

>> No.9888703

I would IF IT EVER STOPPED RAINING. At this rate I'm going to climb out there with three towels and an umbrella to do it, and damn the chance for jungle consumption.

I can do that. Arachnid chassis aren't spiders, so it doesn't trigger the 'OH FUCK SPIDERS IN MY SERVOS' issues (unless it's late and the fucking thing sneaks up on me). Do you want an upright torso, or just go full-on spider-horror?

>> No.9888740

Seems like a hopeless experiment.

>> No.9888775

Wait, wrong pict. One of these, but not as ugly.

So you are basically confessing that you're a xeno, not a mutant? That would mean there are more of your race out there somewhere.

>> No.9888776

/tg/ teh new sitcom, airing around 1am Central time. yay, never bored, and always tired the next day at work.

>> No.9888786

Honestly? I don't care if they kick me out, as long as they give me the certification. I picked up enough noetic science from the Eldar and The Black Library to progress without any Psykana training.

You can't tape it from the inside? It won't be as good, but should hold long enough for you to get a full night's sleep.

>> No.9888806


Yer still look good as a human, boss.

>> No.9888815

Now now, lets see what happens. Weirder things have happened.

>> No.9888842

Oh, well, shit, a basic humanoid chassis? I think I made one in my sleep, once. Anything special about it?

It kinda worked, yeah, but I'll have to wait for a lull to really get it done.

I can cut off my ears; it's not the sound. It's the- it's a hole in /my tent/ it is violating the wholeness of my tent. It's hard to sleep with a door open and a hole in my tent is the same thing. It's really teeth-gnashing.

>> No.9888869

>>9888697 Oh, is that all? Well certainly.

Fank joo, herr Haxtes. Verity beleeve it kustomary, fhor zum beach-walk, und Verity to kook jhor food, jah?


Like finding joo kongenial side, jah?


Verity konfess nuffing. Nein knowing vot joo mean. Zis konversashun being over.


HUSH joo!

>> No.9888887

what about super glue, I keep some in my emergency kit in my truck. I general use it when the duct tape doesn't work. even with the risk of glueing my fingers to he tent

>> No.9888911

Your tent bears an imperfection! Oh noes! Try not to obsess over it; that way lies Slaanesh, and not in any good way.

Oooh! Oooh! Have you seen? Tech-priests don't need Fel to qualify for Influence Talents anymore! They use Int instead! Apparently paople are happy with them being machinery as long as they can bullshit lots.

>> No.9888934


>> No.9888945

I'm out of superglue until resupply. Used it up gluing a servitor closed.

>> No.9888972

hmmm. that sucks. Like my grand am's window having to wait to get fixed because I have rent due in a week. God I can't wait to be out of my lease in signed in florida.

>> No.9888987

How is this different from being a wraithguard?

>> No.9889000


The name, o' course.

>> No.9889030

Wow, really? You would go through such trouble? Well, I'd be delighted to accompany you, though I insist on helping with the food. I'm a good cook, you know.
Hey, Mehlman. Been a while.

>> No.9889032

Oh, of course. How could I not see that? And the corruption inherent in the maletek, too.

>> No.9889037

I am not obsessing! It is just bothering me because it disturbs the angles and the corners and the way everything is set up just-so.

And yes I have! I am overjoyed, in a way. Even if it means people only like us for our minds.

>my face
I can't do that. That's a bit much to pull off. I'd have to go bother some Fabricators I know off-world and I don't have safe access.

>> No.9889051


'Ello, lad. That it has been.

>> No.9889056

What conversation? I don't remember any conversation.

The point is is that I want a new body, an in order to not get shot at by Inquisitors and Tech-priests I want to fit in.
And I don't want this body anymore no sir.

>> No.9889064

Verity you remind me of this man, but just a little bit.

>> No.9889070

i can always come over and do some things to take your mind off your tent with the hole in it and help with another tent. I'm up to a minute holding my breath *wink*

>> No.9889104



>> No.9889120

>implying you want to try and have sex with a techpriest.
>a chem-gelded techpriest
I find myself vaguely repulsed.

I've got some spare humanoid ones waiting for a brain/spine. They're gun-servitors, but I don't think anyone will mind me being an eccentric bastard. And hey! Guns!

>> No.9889130


Wait. What happened 't yer ears 'n tail 'n whatnot?

>> No.9889132

you ever put any one down, verity?

>> No.9889140

Ima bout to the the purge hammer...

>> No.9889144

nope, but at the same time. I was brought up like a good boy, and taught no to judge. Besides worse case scenario we could place battleship

>> No.9889165

Inb4 Jesus Christ

>> No.9889173

How have you been? Anything new?

>> No.9889177

SHIT MAN! Is that you? FUCK its been so long, hows it hangin?

>> No.9889185

>means people only like us for our minds
Oh, I know. So pretentious, REAL human beings are properly vain and shallow.

You'd still need a wraith interface to interact with the body, unless you have some idea of how to get out of your waystone. I could probably BUILD you a humanoid body out of wraithbone, it won't have the weapon systems, and it'll be all white, but the form and contours would be human, and you could use cosmetics. I just need to find the time.

>> No.9889209


It's been quiet. Business is a little hard t'come by right now. I'm killing time by tracking down what's happened to old mates and getting caught up.

>> No.9889215

Eh, nur sagen.

>> No.9889218

Omnissiah and all the gears, no. I am not pissing off my weapons the night before I need them. That means no Battleship with strange people in the night.

See, this is why I want to increase my Fel.

>> No.9889235

It has been awhile Emperor. Is there still Jews in 40k

>> No.9889271

Hang on. Aren't you two the same person?

>> No.9889283

I think they're the same only sometimes.

>> No.9889286


If'n I recall, yes 'n no.

>> No.9889303

We are one but we are separate

>> No.9889314

Um...... I think the Admech could be... but they prettymuch worship a Necron C'Tan that I cockslapped back in our time. Think you were there, Void Dragon ring a bell?

Nope, old buddy of mine, Born from one of the old gods, fucking awesome man, but same shit happend to him happend to me " PLEASE no fucking religions!" BAM religion...

>> No.9889344

Well, if you're looking for something to do, I have a little job you can help me with, doesn't even require weapons and armor. Just civilian clothes.

>> No.9889345

Oh, okay. Maybe the whole "dying" thing wasn't so good for your ideals.

>> No.9889357


Go on, mate, I'm all ears.

>> No.9889368

Hey, we're not Jews. We have a Jesus in the Omnissiah, most-honored Omnissiah.

>> No.9889378

Thats why i asked if there was still jews in 40k. Im not going back if there is.

>> No.9889400

If you two wish to proceed with this pointless, and near suicidal endeavor, you can go right ahead.

>> No.9889401

Bleh... fine, you're still invited to diety poker. The norse gods are back in as ell as the Grecco-Roman gods

>> No.9889406

In 'n out?

Up 'n down?

>> No.9889408

Oh. Well, I'll just chill here then.
Hey, anyone know what would happen if I got plugged into a Ghosthelm?

>> No.9889433


I quite literally have no idea what'cher on about, lass.

>> No.9889444

Dad/The Emperor i'm disappointed in you remember what happened last time I went down to Humanity.

>> No.9889448

You'd be shielded from psychic detection. Possibly even divination.

>> No.9889471

But isn't he basically only a psychic signature in a rock? Could it have detrimental effects on him?

no offense meant, of course.

>> No.9889475

hrm, Verity seems to have left...

>> No.9889483

Where'd Verity go?
Do you know what endeavor you're talking about?
I have to check up on a cult. Not a heretical one, that we know of, or even suspicious. Problem is, they disbanded between the time I got the mission and my arrival planet-side. So, in order to gather information on the cult, I'm restarting it, with the hopes that it will attract some of the old members. I just need some people to fill it out a bit, make it look a bit more successful, and it's better to have someone I know, you know?

>> No.9889489

What if someone tried to use the ghosthelm I was in? Would they get feedback, would it work?

>> No.9889495

Verity mind

>> No.9889499

was going ask her if she'd put me down like a dog

>> No.9889509

I assumed you were talking about the Gnoll trying to be a real human.

>> No.9889516


Ye have NO idea what face I'm making as I hear this. Did ye at least give a heads-up to anyone higher up in the local authority so we don't get, I dinnae know, purged?

>> No.9889521


Ye know what they say on assumin', Sister.

>> No.9889529

You know imperial guards are better then the sisters of battle. just sayin.

>> No.9889547

Finally someone gets it...

>> No.9889551


Requesting sauce!

>> No.9889557

Ah, I think I misunderstood. A ghosthelm couldn't house you by itself, it's not built for that. Trying to force you into one would end up with a broken ghosthelm and/or a broken Tarvus. Now, if your waystone were placed INSIDE the 'helm, it'd...
...just a minute, got a message.

>> No.9889562

There are a lot of cults in the Imperium, you know that. And most of them are approved. And the reason we won't get purged is because I'm the one doing the investigating to see if it needs purging. Any such attempt will only happen after a report given which prompts it, or if I fail to update for such a span of time that leads my superiors to believe I am dead.

>> No.9889573

I'm sure he does.
People say that, but assumptions are a natural part of things. I don't think anyone can forgo them completely.

>> No.9889581

Wait. Let me get this straight.

You're investigating a cult. This cult isn't known to be, but is suspected to be, heretical. You're checking for heresy.

It disbanded.

You're going to RECREATE the cult to check for heresy in a cult that naturally fell apart.


>> No.9889591

Sister i can beat you silly with my cross.

>> No.9889597

You DO realize my dogma is bullshit right?
I mean I fuck daemons on a regular basis... I don't mean beat up, I mean coitus

>> No.9889607


Still leaves a less-than-pleasant taste in me mouth. I'll set up a GOTH plan fer meself, but otherwise I can help ye with that.

>> No.9889627


'S true enough, though ye need t'remember that it is only an assumption until it finds support.

>> No.9889657

Because that's like, your opinion.
If he's working with an Inquisitor, his Rosette can get him out of just about any situation, if discovered.

>> No.9889673

I explicitly said it wasn't suspicious, here:
And if it does turn out to be suspicious, this is exactly what we need to do to round up the former members before they start *more* shit.
I have noticed that. But the last time someone showed up to be the God-Emperor, many months ago, it turned out to be some homeless guy.
Well, what's the problem?

>> No.9889682

You there?


Yeah. So he can investigate a cult.

>> No.9889686



>> No.9889689


I've been away too long, fergot about that bit of things.

>> No.9889690

Always a smart idea, even if your employer assures you of a perfect extraction.

Narl, if it can wait a couple of days, I'm in. Got my marching orders. Got a Certificate, too, which was the other important bit.

Tarvus, sorry about the interrupt. Yeah, a ghosthelm should be strong enough to shield both you and an Eldar wearing it.

>> No.9889697

What's all this then?

>> No.9889713

Russ... just walk away... just walk away...

>> No.9889716

Alright! Now all I need to do is figure out what we'll actually *do*...
Think you'd want in?

>> No.9889722

Hello Russ

>> No.9889729


No problem now, I guess. Gimme a bit to prep and I'll be ready. Ye've my freq?

>> No.9889730

That's odd, I recall you barely being able to lift it!

>> No.9889735

>implying that just showing the Rosette means jack.
You do realize that just means he gets pasted harder, right? Not everyone shits their pants and drops weapons at the sight of the Rosette.

Haxtes is the best Crusader ever. He's just so dang determined to finish his job.

Haxtes, can I have your skull if, in the event of your death, it is still in one piece?

>> No.9889740

Russ, I know it's been hard for you, but we care. We really, truly care. If you need any support, you know you can ask, right?

>> No.9889744

You uh.... want me to start a cult....?

>> No.9889757


Euphemistic 'fun'.

>> No.9889767

Sister it has been a loooong time for me but do you want to take a ride on my disco stick

>> No.9889771

Sup Russ?

>> No.9889779

I got propositioned for sex. That's a new one.

>> No.9889785


Surely stranger things have been asked o' ye. I'm sure more'n one cultist asked you t'spare 'is life!

>> No.9889786

sorry, freakshow

just a bad night

>> No.9889803

To join a cult.
'Suppose I wouldn't need it. Just make sure to inscribe something badass on it.
Nah, I don't. You gonna share it?
Oh, and I'm going to need another of your Seals of Approval.

>> No.9889804

Jesus I'm being a bro here when I say, you O NOT want to know what verity is packing

>> No.9889817

Hey Russ. greenguardsman "found" some more imagery of you.

>> No.9889820


I don't, for my small part.


My pity for you is marginally increased. Congratulations.

>> No.9889837

Dad I have been killed once I'm sure i can handle it.

>> No.9889839

So, just hypothetically, what if I decided to channel the warp and an eldar was wearing it?

You could...uh...monitor /tg/'s vox frequency or something.

>> No.9889841


Here's a databurst with the info.

>> No.9889850

What's wrong?
Is this something I should know about?

>> No.9889860

.... Don;'t say I didn't warn you...

>> No.9889862

>>Red Alert 2 Land Raider


>> No.9889868

I meant more if he wound up on the wrong side of authority while doing his job. If Arbites raided his set up, or something. I has the potential to save him a firing squad execution.
Uh, no.
A lot do, but that kind of a reflexive thing where they have no other refuge than begging.
Yea... I don't... do that. I'll make a counter offer, though. You do your job, and I'll be on station to come in and kill them all if you need it, how is that?
You should correct your vowels.

>> No.9889883


What the shit ya'll.

>> No.9889884

I can handle anything But thanks for the warning.

>> No.9889891

Sweet. I was thinking of making it into a killy-skull; slap some buzz-saws et all on there because you have the hardest head I've ever seen. No one'll be able to damage that thing. It'll be great.

Don't investigate hyenas. Just. Don't.

>> No.9889893

>Seals of Approval.
You, uh, sure you want to mention that? Right now? In this company?

>channel the warp
...weren't you saying you WEREN'T a psyker?

>> No.9889894

you been preying on people, freakshow?

>> No.9889931


Rather unbecoming language for a 'fine lady' such as ye are right now, ain't that?

And I can't answer ye. I don't even know what 'the shit'.

>> No.9889939


No. I've been predatoring on people, you utter moron.

>> No.9889947

Just like in life I'm am still a virgin

>> No.9889954




>> No.9889959

Do you want a hug, Russ?
And I *will* be needing a seal of approval here.
Alright, I'll let you know when things are set up.
Meh, if that's what you wanna play.
Just mind the holes in the back of the thing.
I'm not giving the reasons.

>> No.9889960


Um Russ... are you still a guy? I have been putting off asking this for a long time..

>> No.9889988

He boozes and and gets the wenches plenty, as well as all the fighting.

>> No.9890002

I think you need to correct your vowels, as well. Or do I really need to start using my first name?
Trust me, you don't want me trying to infiltrate a cult. You just don't. But I'll be sure to offer any assistance I can if you call for it.

>> No.9890006

what does wyrm-shit like you do on bad nights?

>> No.9890024

I smell Heresy

>> No.9890028


It's true. She isn't the greatest candidate fer infiltratin' of any kind. Or interrogatin'.

>> No.9890033


Just lurking around, darlings...


... Verity nein shure how to proceed wiv zat...


Joo being so full uv jelly rite now.

>> No.9890040


From what I can understand, my fine fictitious friend, your offspring has been in what you call The Warp.


If I were related to these worms of yours in any way, I might be capable of telling you. Unfortunately for your curious nature, I am not.

>> No.9890047

Well YEAH I'm not a psyker. But I mean, I've done it before. It wouldn't be hard if I was hooked up to a psychic amplifier or something.
Point being the ghosthelm protects you from the warp, and spiritstones catch you after you die. So, hypothetically, if I made the ghosthelm channel the warp instead of protect you from it, the person inside would be IT IS A GOOD PAIN and probably die and get captured by the spiritstone. You'd have a warp-infused body in a ghosthelm.
Am I correct?

>> No.9890067



I MUST, go find out what Khornettes up to...

>> No.9890069

Oh, no, I can interrogate! It's just not subtle. .... Or pretty.

>> No.9890071

A nurse now hmmm this gets interesting

>> No.9890073

>Trust me, you don't want me trying to infiltrate a cult

All I can see is you, Sister, in full armor with a bad costume-disguise on and very poorly not-reciting cultish phrases and accidentally breaking into brim-fire invocations of the Emperor's wrath.

>> No.9890088

wouldn't even have to touch me

just slip needle in and mercy-kill me

>> No.9890093

I think the Emperor needs glasses. Or is illiterate. Or dyslexic.

>> No.9890110

Oh, yes. Shall we continue?

>> No.9890114

Sister as the son of the emperor i demand cookies and jew gold

>> No.9890127


Verity, my darling! Wouldn't you please consider my requests once more? Gnollbard is... Not worthy of your utterly magnificent mind.

>> No.9890128

Since when was I a "fine lady"?

What for? I just glanced at this clusterfuck.

It ain't the plumbing, it's the mindset.

>> No.9890134


Interrogation assumes information's t'be gained. Last I saw, yer victim was a mite short on the ability to answer.

>> No.9890145

I'd try hitting up the nearest Biologis chapter; they'd be all for helping you out instead of you throwing yourself upon the mercy of some other mutant/xeno.

Seriously, it's not that hard.

>> No.9890153

Somehow, I.... 'just maybe'... think that would ruin Haxte's mission.
I am confused and perturbed many times over by the accumulated nonsense of trying to read this sentence.

>> No.9890157

Hey now, lay off the Nurse.

Not till Gnollbard's here to defend himself.

>> No.9890163

Not for something in this thread, but there are those here who can attest to deeds done. However, in present company, specifics are pest left unsaid.

>> No.9890165

It wouldn't even have to be that subtle. I mean, not as if the cult's heretical or anything.

You there! Where do you get your polymorphine, and how much can I acquire some for?

>> No.9890169

PHEW... heh, didn't want another Fulgrim on my hands....

Wait... what about that time you tried to nuzzle under my arm....Drunk... lets go with drunk....

>> No.9890172


Verity nein do it...


Nein zat it being any uv mein business, Verity fink... but vot am Verity killing joo... fhor?

>> No.9890181


Ah, right, ye said that in reference to Alicia and...Fuuka, if I recall now. My bad.

>> No.9890182

So the Eldar would end up in a waystone and you'd end up in a warp-infused Eldar body.

>> No.9890186


... Why ever would I? It's so very much easier with him gone.

>> No.9890198

Jesus christ Out

>> No.9890212


>> No.9890213

Well, it's kind of a pussy thing to do, and doing the pussy thing isn't the best way to convince people of your superiority.

>> No.9890235


My cowardice is what sets me above you animals. Caution in situations of dubious safety is a hallmark of true intelligence.

>> No.9890246

What the fuck, dad.

Yeah. I believe you. Really. This is not sarcasm. I'm serious.

Varity is also not a FINE LADY. Or maybe she is, I lost my list...

>> No.9890252

I know it'd go down in flames into a promethium plant, but it'd be hilarious!

Sweet Omnissiah your accent is ATROCIOUS, and I've spoken with Kriegers.

>> No.9890256

There's a difference between caution and being a wuss.

>> No.9890270


Zat being beside zee point, zat him haff being Verity heart-luv, darling.


Zat... being zumvot nobul uv joo...

>> No.9890276

being subhuman trash, hurting innocent people

just wish you were here with the euthasol tonight

>> No.9890309

You do recall that I actually get on fairly well with Eldar, don't you? Craftworld and Exodite, at least, and some outcast.

Anyway, a ghosthelm is a cloaking device. You'd actually want a warp channeller. And possibly a defibrillator.

>> No.9890316

Shadow's just a heads up, but Verity enjoys hurting innocent people, you'll find no solace in her.

>> No.9890322

Now I am terribly lost...

>> No.9890329

And just what does *that* mean?
Yes, yes it would be. It would make an amusing movie.

>> No.9890338

No, it means you're a furry xeno pussy who turns tail and runs in the face of danger, even reasonable amounts of danger.

It is truly a contemptible trait.

>> No.9890346

>>9890276 being subhuman trash, hurting innocent people

Vell Verity shure ZUMVUN haff to do zat... joo should try enjoy joo line uv vork... und drink moar...

>> No.9890353


... I see. And where is this heart being kept? In a jar, perhaps? I'm really very stealthy, if you'd like me to steal it back for you.


Not at all! Cowardice is caution to a higher degree.


Your wishes are noted.

>> No.9890367

so you don't remember... ok, so you were drunk..

>> No.9890401

See what I mean, Shadow?

Uhm, I forget.

Oh you.

>> No.9890404


Judge me by your standards if you like; the opinions of meat are useful only for entertainment.

>> No.9890407

Cowardice is caution without rational assessment. And you call US "animals."

>> No.9890416

You still need someone for your experiments on human interaction? Because I would be glad to help, as long as no physical pain is involved.

>> No.9890424


Cowardice by your definition, perhaps. It seems you and I attach different meanings to the word.

>> No.9890431

Gnollbard is a friend of mine, Verity. I've done worse things for him than smack talk some punk who wants to oust him.
There's being cautious, then there's running away from a challenge. Gnollbard hasn't really demonstrated any particular ability to defend himself, and you're *still* wussing out of a fight.
That's actually okay if you go after the right people. I have some pamphlets somewhere...

>> No.9890435

you have any wishes besides food or taking some one to bed, freakshow?

wish I never had first change, had boring job, loving wife and kids

>> No.9890449

I feel your pain...

>> No.9890476

Sure, sure....

>> No.9890480

>Adeptus Mechanicus

>my face

>> No.9890482

Not telling? Fine. Be like that.
And I even had all this extra prometheum burning a hole in my metaphorical pockets. What will I do with it now?

Well, yeah. I'm sure there are a few douchebag Eldar out there, though. And the reason I picked a ghosthelm is so that the eldar would be captured by the spiritstone efficiently. If you have another idea...

>> No.9890484

challenge between gnollbard and the weasel, would take gnollbard

>> No.9890485

What's been going on with you, anyway?

>> No.9890491


I've spoken to him once, and seen him speaking only twice. I was not able to ascertain much from these interactions.


Plenty of wishes, yes! For example, it might be nice to have a larger collection of Brahms. I still have yet to find the third movement of his Delian Quartet.

>> No.9890492


I'm off t'do me prep work for this. Contact me when ye need me.

>> No.9890530

Alright, have fun.
I'm sure he'd be happy to hear that.

>> No.9890609

Hey now ,don't you start.

Good you have some faith in him; he's a scrappy guy, he can take care of himself just fine.

I'm doing alright I guess.

>> No.9890622

gnollbard fresh from victory in challenge might become fearsome and dangerous

don't come to me get him under control

>> No.9890640

Oh, there are plenty of them. A) it takes a while to find them, and B) I guess I don't kill quite as casually as you do. I probably wouldn't even kill a Dark Eldar on a whim, not because I like Dark Eldar, but because it makes Slaanesh stronger.

If you could HAPPEN to find an Eldar who was freshly dead and mostly intact, and get them into a freezer fast enough, there may be possibilities. But I will be checking cause of death.

Do you still have a wraithcannon?

>> No.9890659

Anything new going on? I'm guessing you don't know how things stand with Fuuka, right?

>> No.9890689

Uh, I think I can handle that, thanks.

>> No.9890703

I'm an upper torso and a head at the moment.
No. Why?
And I don't 'kill casually'. I haven't killed anyone yet, actually. At least, nothing that didn't want me dead.

>> No.9890714

Wait, what happened there?

>> No.9890721


Incomprehensible as always, furfag!

>> No.9890740

You mean you're not?

>> No.9890750

No idea.

Also, I'll be gone for the summer. Just a heads up.

>> No.9890756


>> No.9890759

Made sense to me, mister I-am-so-smart.

>> No.9890770

Yeah, but how'd you lose you're parts?
Me too, actually. Up into mid winter, if not longer.

>> No.9890772


I never meant to imply any such thing. Your rudimentary reasoning skills have failed you once again, meat-bag.

>> No.9890793


Perhaps that's because the two of you communicate on an equal level.

>> No.9890794

I'm beginning to think you're worse than shadows.

At least shadows is consistent.

>> No.9890807

If you comprehend that, and what is currently happening to aformentioned parts, then you gain 1d10 insanity points.
And another 1d10 if you realise that I still have sensory input from them.

>> No.9890816

Ah well then. Wish you the best with whatever.

>> No.9890817

Wait, you can't just cut sensory to them?

Man, that blows.

>> No.9890819

All summer? Awww. We'll miss you. And, who knows what may happen in your absence?

>> No.9890844


My mind may not always be perfectly composed, but instability is the price to pay for such superiority. One of your scientific bent should understand this best of all here.

>> No.9890847

>inb4 mystery assassin kills his inquisitor

It's all or nothing.

>> No.9890854

Well, duh. They have those claws. Shit son, don't need any insanity rolls for that.
My reasoning skills tell me that if you're going to deride someone for being something, you should be sure that you aren't that very thing.

While we're at it, let's talk about your "caution." You're some kind of mutant xeno, who is surrounded by people who spend most of their time utterly destroying mutants and xenos. Most of these same people are armed to the teeth and proven themselves as above average warriors, to say the very least, and you're referring to them as meat, animals, and insulting their intelligence.
I'm going to need it.

>> No.9890887

That's bizarre. Wraithbone isn't biomass, once it's damaged beyond a certain point it simply sublimates back into the warp.

>> No.9890895

Where are the drinks for this party?

>> No.9890902

What? FUCK. Pull back! They're onto us!

>> No.9890914

You're expecting a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus to be all 'yeah, sure, instability is awesome'?

Do you know ANYTHING about the Cult (or at least the major parts)? Instability is /terrifying/. We're not all mad scientists. Hell, VERY FEW of us even fall under the scientist category as most people know it. I never made anything new until I was nearly 70, and that was a new way to charge laspacks a few minutes quicker.

Oh, gross. Point to Imperial bionics in this case, at least.

>> No.9890916

Heh, well, take care allya'll.
But I'm not gone yet...

Anyway, seriously. Who the fuck cloned me? With bigger boobs at that?

>> No.9890927


>if you're going to deride someone for being something, you should be sure that you aren't that very thing.

By that standard, could one not also claim that one should know what the target of their derision is? If so:

>You're some kind of mutant xeno

Hmm. There seems to be a slight inconsistency in your words, but I can't quite make it out. Perhaps... Hypocrisy? Yes, I think that's it. Hypocrites criticising hypocrites, as the (admittedly modified) phrase goes.

>> No.9890934

If it makes you feel better, I feel the smaller breasts fit better on your frame, honored Primarch.

>> No.9890938

Now think back to the perils result before that.
You too.

>66-68 Everyone within 1d100 meters is temporarily sexually enhanced, either through enlargement of certain body parts or through heightened sensitivity.
>39-46 Every living being within 5d10 meters has a clone appear from nowhere that is very amorous and has twice their sexual stamina.

>> No.9890944

>Implying Xenos cannot mutate
Gee, you sure are ignorant.

>> No.9890957


>> No.9890970


>> No.9890988


Ignorant of Warhammer 40000, perhaps. Warhammer Fantasy is much more to my tastes. See if you can guess which factions I like best!

>> No.9891001

That actually doesn't connect, because what we're talking about is you insulting shadows for being a furfag, while you yourself are one, and me pointing out that you are exactly the sort of thing most of the people here kill, and you're actively insulting us, while preaching about how "cautious" you are.

So... you dumb, son.
Still trying to piece that one together.

>> No.9891015

No thanks.

>> No.9891025

You said mutant xenos was hypocrisy. That makes no sense, as xenos are just as capable of mutating as any other race.

>> No.9891038

>never seen THOSE perils results before.
So, the, ah, 'nids, um, they've got your missing, um, bits and pieces, and they're, well, they're, um. Perilling?

>> No.9891041

Filthy Xeno, you're getting smoked by /Haxtes/. You should just give up and go to bed.

Minotaurs, because they look horrible and are also furry mutant-xeno things.

>> No.9891051

>you're the one with the pistols

Good plan.

>Point to Imperial bionics in this case

>> No.9891052

I think it's clear that he is not nearly as intelligent as he claims. Which is often the case with those who praise their own intelligence.

>> No.9891071


>> No.9891073


Firstly, a furry is defined as a physically anthropomorphised animal; that is, an animal given physical human traits. I, however, am not human in the least despite my interaction with them.

Secondly, you have yet to do anything but make threats both thinly-veiled and empty. I see no true threat whatsoever, and if I did it would be much like being frightened of my own shadow. Caution aside, I still have confidence.

>> No.9891091

see http://pastebin.com/ihakcSnL

Those were dumped in another thread earlier.

Admech has a point.
Also, how the heck do you monomolecular an Admech staff? Seriously, what.

>> No.9891094


You seem not to have read the post fully. Try again.


Tomb Kings, actually. And I would, but I find I can't sleep despite my fatigue.

>> No.9891123

Eugh, I'd say I feel for you, but I'd already have ditched the limbs. Sorry, bro.

Haxtes you are...

You're great.

One can be a xenos and still be considered a 'furry'. As long as you mimic the holy form of humanity but with the inherent flaws those not blessed by the Machine God possess, one can still be furry. It's the failed mimicry that does it.

Also, the Imperium RUNS on thinly-veiled threats.

>> No.9891125

No seriously where are the drinks?

>> No.9891127

Have some tea and eat something light, digestion will make you sleepy.

>> No.9891147

Pick yer poison, bub.

>> No.9891149

Ahem... I think you have me confused with.... someone else. I'm just a civilian, see? I'll just be on my way. I have... groceries to buy.

>> No.9891161

>Also, how the heck do you monomolecular an Admech staff? Seriously, what.

There's the cog-blade on the end you can monoedge, to start with. It's really more of a poleaxe than anything else.

>> No.9891167

Ya got any bourbon?

>> No.9891178


>> No.9891179

rolled 74 = 74

Not a furry, despite your normal avatar, sure.
But since you insist on getting hurt to shut up!
>SUPPRESSION SHIELD BASH! Charge, +20! WS: 62! To hit: 82 or less! Stuns on a wound!

>> No.9891189

rolled 6 + 6 = 12

>HIT! Rolling to wound! 1d10! +6 for strength score!

>> No.9891200

This is why Haxtes is the best.

>> No.9891207


>> No.9891215

inb4 he ducks out of any results like a pussy.

>> No.9891219

That means he's stunned, by the way. That would actually be enough to kill some people.

>> No.9891229

Average wounds is 10-12, even on the low end. That wouldn't kill anyone, but it'd hurt.

>> No.9891231

I wish I could be that awesome

>> No.9891235

Haxtes the second we are sharing the same planet-space, I am buying you all the amasec or whatever it is you're allowed to drink you want.

>> No.9891253

Welp. Nameless, what were you saying about careless killing?

>> No.9891260

Actually, anyone with under 30 toughness would be dead.

>> No.9891262

This is very careful killing, I'd say.

Xenos thing deserves a good shield in the face, knock it down a peg or three.

>> No.9891277

Only if your GM is lame and uses instant death rules for everything.

>> No.9891278

I'm... going to go away now. For a bit. Got some... psyker exercises to practice. Yeah. That.

You "mono" a blunt weapon by adding a kinetic repeater coil with piezoelectric power system. It's called "mono" because it's easier to say and the extra delivered trauma is somewhat equivalent to the effect of a monomolecular edge to a bladed weapon. Cost is fairly equivalent, too.

Out of curiosity, where are you now, Tarvus? Because my Lord-Cap'n has employed a number of AdMechs who are a bit... "fringe" in attitude, and it wouldn't surprise me if one or two of them had some Biologos knowledge. There may be another way to arrange an Eldar, umm, donor.

>> No.9891280

You can be. You totally can be.

>> No.9891290

I condone this action. A person who is supposedly so intelligent would not be standing near a crusader with an electrified riot shield.

Yes! And, why were you asking about the wraithcannon?

>> No.9891297

>Would depend on actual wounds, as well as any innate armour along with that Toughness. Also, isn't there a Toughness check to resist Stun?

>> No.9891306

I probably would, but I used to stick my toes into power sockets because I liked the sensation.

>> No.9891311

Well, I'm gonna be off to bed or something.

Take care all.

>> No.9891314

Near to the docks, I'd say. Can't roll over, but I think I landed near your ship.
>a bit... "fringe" in attitude
As long as they aren't a bit "fringe" in skill.

>> No.9891350

Anyone not intending to be attacked by him would.

>> No.9891353

He's not taking it for whatever reason. Aside from that he's usually naked when he posts his avatar. But, yeah, the average person could take that hit, but it'd sure as fuck take the fight out of them.

Well, except for some hivers. Some of those would be dead with one hit like that.
Especially not while pissing him off.
G'night Russ.

Is Verity still here?

>> No.9891358

>Implying freakshow is intelligent enough to figure that out.

>> No.9891367

Wraithcannon has a small warp engine in it, smaller and more stable than any Imperial device. Better able to channel warp energies. With some tinkering could possibly even fire a soul from a waystone into a target, but not something I'd want to try without a LOT of careful experimentation.

Now, the Captain wants me to get back to where his ship is being (re)fitted, but you can still reach me through Il-Kaithe or the Harlequins. Could be fairly busy for a day or two, but I'll get back to you.

Later, all.
'night, Russ.

>> No.9891368

So the feel I'm getting from this is that we prefer the wolf-man who espouses his own shortfallings over the twisty-horned thing that can't shut up about how great he is.

>> No.9891374

Good luck to you.

>> No.9891376


Always the flatterer.

Additionally, ow.

>> No.9891383

Anyway, recharge calls. Man, now I want to go, like, short a battery out with my legs or something like I used to decades ago.

Sounds about right.

>> No.9891444

Alright, have fun. Not too much fun though.

Seriously, is Verity still around?

>> No.9891453


This seems accurate. And yet somehow, I feel completely neutral about this. It's a bit odd, though; it used to be that I there would be one or two anonymous sages when I insulted Scared more often. It seems /tg/ likes me more when I'm abusing the person they less than me. Or perhaps I've simply been attracting more attention after some passage of time.
Either way, it's a simple observation, and certainly not a deep one. If anyone still here will excuse me, I need to attend to one or two matters. Here, take this image.

>> No.9891467

Well, she's not on AIM.

Course, she wasn't on when she last posted.

So let's go with no.

>> No.9891475

I'll try and summon up a bonesinger or something.
G'night everyone.

>> No.9891493

And here I wanted to get on with out little experiment.
Yeah, yeah. See you around.

>> No.9891497

Alright, Tarvus. Good luck dealing with the Eldar.

>> No.9891511

The fuck are you, anyway?

>> No.9891551

It's a cannibalistic nightmare fuel thing made by a furry but specifically designed not to have sexual characteristics.

There's still porn of it, though.

>> No.9891573

Well, the filename says "others." There are certain implications there, which I will leave to you, as I'm not particularly concerned.

Maybe /x/ would know, if they've recovered yet.

>> No.9891599

Who's still about?

>> No.9891628

Hm... I am, more or less.

>> No.9891653

Show. Now.

>> No.9891656

Huh. Suppose you're about ready to get to sleep. I know I am.

What's new, anyway?

>> No.9891687

Not much, been busy with boring duties. Hopefully something will come up worth doing, soon. Though, the time allows me to pursue some other tasks with relative freedom, such as being able to assist you if you need it with your new mission.

>> No.9891705

I would, but an e621 search for "nightmare_fuel" has scarred me forever.

So you're on your own, kid.

>> No.9891720

I doubt we'll be seeing any action. Really, if there's a problem, it'll probably just be a matter of rounding up the old cultists for questioning. Better to give that to a fresh, new group of acolytes to cut their teeth on.

>> No.9891740


Other fa/tg/uys go to e621? Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

>> No.9891773

Oh, well, there's always that. Or, I might get lucky and some beleaguered system will call for aid or something.

>> No.9891804

Well, that's just the most likely situation, if things go bad. If the shit hits the fan, I'll be sure to call you, alright?

But for now, I guess I'll head to sleep, maybe see if I can't find Verity later. Haven't finished that experiment.

>> No.9891826

Good luck with that. And enjoy as much of your slate gray, featurless room as you can.

>> No.9891832

As Russ has said; we're all Omnifappers here.

>> No.9892333

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