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I'm looking for a free download of the Battletech rulebook (not the quick-start rules). Non-torrent is preferred as I'm currently at work.

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There was a Total Warfare dl on rapidshare. If it''s deleted, just google it.

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Well... there is a Battletech 101 torrent (yeah, I know) on the Bay. It seems to have everything, including the fucking cartoon, in it.

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I don't have a link to total warfare book, but I figure that since you're looking for the rulebook, you're a beginner.

In that case, the Introductory Rules (Not QSR, but not full on C3 Networkan, AMS'an, PulseLaseran Battletech) should do the trick, and are available online.


Here's all you need for succession wars mechs-only combat. It helps to learn with this, so you don't get overwhelmed by the 400 page book that is Total Warfare. It's all the same rules, it's just that TW expands on the rules to cover all the peripheral equipment and unit types.

Welcome to the game

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Sweet, that's a good start. So even though the QSR have vehicles and infantry, the Intro rules don't? Odd.
Also, Total Warfare? I am definitely interested.

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It just doesn't really go into the rules for it.

Personally, I don't feel that infantry/tanks are properly represented in the intro box/qsr. There's a short blurb and little to no info on how they really work. Older editions of the QSR had no tanks or inf in it.

I think there's a blurb on tanks in said PDF, but it's not really enough to put the tanks to good use.

Kind of a gaffe on behalf of TPTB, trying to bite off more than they can chew with the intro box, in some sort of half-hearted attempt to get players to see there's more than just 'mechs in the game.

The conventional infantry/battle armor/tanks are mighty fun to use, but they are just that much more for new players to learn, and only used sparingly. Not so much because of requirements, but out of taste.

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I found the BMR fairly recently, of course thats a fairly old set of rules

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Just to explain it, though the game has done away with the terms of "Level 1" through "Level 3" gameplay, I'll give you a rough idea.

The QSR is just the QSR. Absolute rudimentary. It's not the real game, it's just a taste thereof.

The Introductory Rulebook is Level 1. It's roughly the same playstyle as when the first version game out in 1984. I find that things die slower in this playstyle. If you ever hear about anyone talking about "Level 1 units", they mean units made exclusively with this technology, and/or from the succession wars era.

Then you have Total Warfare, which includes all the rules and units allowed in tournament play. This is the equivalent of Level 2. Techmanual has all the rules required for BUILDING units for use in Total Warfare, so it would be Level 2 as well.

Then you get to the expansion rules. These are extra rules, equipment, and the like that you have to ask the other player if he'll allow, and are not considered tournament standard. Tactical Operations and Strategic Operations fall into this category, as well as any equipment not found in Total Warfare. This is what they used to call "Level 3". You can do some seriously strange and awesome shit with the expansion rules, but they can bog the game down, too.

Things like fighting at night during a hurricane, against laser-rifle toting soldiers in scuba gear riding Orcas, and giant mobile fortresses...

...that sort of thing.

I find strategic Operations, though, is better for use in large campaigns. It has rules for repairing and customizing 'mechs, as well as rules for large-scale space battles with massive warships. Not massive on 40K scale, but massive compared to everything in THIS game.

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While a lot of stuff is roughly the same, probably the most significant rules changes happened in the jump between BMR and Total Warfare, especially concerning non-mech units.

If you can find it on the cheap... like "I could use this money to buy a burger" cheap, it'd be worth picking up just to leaf through. However, any more than that, and you're better off getting the updated rules.

NOTE: Be sure to grab the copy of total warfare with the CATALYST logo on the side, as it contains some errata therein that changes gameplay significantly. A key example is found in the rules for C3 networks.

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rolled 45 = 45


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I just got some books and was thinking about hosting an RPG of mech but I was wondering how much to price repairs. Where would that be covered like how much FF cost or a gyro or something?

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rolled 27 = 27

never played the RPG so cant help you there

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I should probably read that book, but on top of the war book and me being a lazy POS it's going to take a while. I just read most of the wargame rules, haven't much looked at the actuall RPG. Worse case I'll just google it

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rolled 17 = 17

i keep having to reread large portions since i dont game it regularly.....feels bad man, i thought i was good at memorization

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Hey, all you really need to know is 2D6 solves everything

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The BMR is the best rulebook ever made for Battletech.

Total Warfare is shit in terms of organization compared to BMR.

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Mekwars Servers ---> play BTech online with bros.
Admins/Mods are active so don't be a douchebag.

Server List: http://www.mekwars.org/mwtracker.html

MegaMekNET = level1 tech (pre-clan)

Try the other ones out if you are more experienced, etc.

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I will agree with this poster. I just wish they would incorporate the Unseen that could transform a la Macross, as then my life would be complete.


Oh, come on. It's not THAT bad. It's also got all the current tournament rules, so you really need to know these rules if you're planning to participate in any official events, rare though they are. However, I will admit that having the BMR and learning the rules from that to start and then updating your understanding using Total Warfare would not be a bad idea.

Guys, we need to keep the Battletech threads coming. I'm enjoying helping new players start and then discussing how awesome GIANT ROBOTS are. I mean, hell, if someone blows one of your arms off, you can PICK IT UP and BEAT THEM WITH IT.

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rolled 35 = 35

i prefer to just stick my fist through their cockpit

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I'm not exactly sure to what in my post you were referring, but with a comment like that with has that image attached I can only assume that you are correct.

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rolled 99 = 99

id rather pick up a pipe too......its got reach

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Of course, I would forget mentioning something awesome.

And an Atlas with a pipe would be terrifying. I had a fellow player with an Atlas literally kick a leg off of my Mongoose. It was pretty awesome.

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rolled 6 = 6

yeah lesson learned dont go toe to toe with an atlas

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Well, of course. But, it was the last turn in a non-campaign free-for-all in a Solaris VII arena. We had a lot of fun that night.

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rolled 68 = 68

very nice....should have charged him off a cliff.....if one was provided

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Sadly, it was the pure arena map and only of the walls had raised. Everyone who still had parts left was going after the Atlas. I love the Mongoose for its running speed, and getting across the map to kick and be kicked by an Atlas was fun.

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Happiness is shoving a perfectly intact heavy 'Mech off seven levels when they wondered "Hey, why did you shoot at the other guy when you were standing next to me?"

He got my A-game trollface after said heavy landed headfirst and pancaked into 65 tons of scrap metal with feet....

And yeah, an Atlas with a club is one of those things you don't wanna see in a city. Where it's easy for the thing to just reach into a building, yank out a girder, and go batting for Battlemechs.

Except one with TSM, of course. But 20-point full-body hits tend to wear down most targets in a hurry, anyway.

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rolled 11 = 11

thank you sir now i know what to do in my next urban fighting campaign....girders FTW!

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