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does Ashenmoor Gouger get both swamp and mountain benefits as it is both fire and swamp creature? seems like a pretty mice combo

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>swamp and mountain benefits
>fire and swamp creature
>mice combo


Also yes.

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It depends on what you paid it with. Also, it's a 6/6 with wither and first strike for 5. Not that game breaking. I can still burn it off the board fairly easily, for example, and all those benefits go away with a simple blue bounce.

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Yes, he is both a red and a black creature, and gets both effects. As far as enchantments go, Fists is pretty damned decent.

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>It depends on what you paid it with.

No, it doesn't. It is always red and black, in every zone, no matter what, if anything, was paid for it.

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No it doesn't.

Hell, you could have paid for it with WUG using Conspiracy and Kentaro, the Smiling Cat, and it'd still be a red-black creature.

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No that's not true at all.

It's red and black even if you paid it with all black or all red.

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Hey /tg/, just getting back into the game after a few years, can someone explain how these mana symbols work? I assume that they mean they can be payed by either of the two mana shown on the symbol. Is that correct?

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oh lawd, what have i done. mice?

thanks for quick responses. looking at getting the Shadowmoor Army of Entropy deck for dirt cheap on ebay to get back into magic. There seem to be some decent black and red vampires that could mesh well with it. Also, i get a full deck i can play with right away instead of this intropack bullshit.

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OP here. that is the way i understand it.

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Jesus christ, /tg/ is bad at magic.

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Yes, that's right. (And for the purpose of determining the color of the card it's on, it counts as both colors, regardless of what was paid for it (if anything).)

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thanks for the helpful insight backed up by fact and not douchbaggery

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Thank you both.

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How does he wear them with no hands?

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Oh, also, there are a few cards with symbols like {2/B} (hybrid 2 generic/ 1 colored), meaning that they're cheaper if you pay the proper color. For the purposes of determining their converted mana cost, use the higher number.

e.g. Beseech the Queen has a cost of {2/B}{2/B}{2/B}. It can be paid with BBB, 2BB, 4B, or 6. But its converted mana cost is always 6.

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Yeah it works,
same way nip gwyllion and edge of the divinity works

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There are better things to stick it on. Things that can block (while not exactly helpful for BR), things that ping (like Blood Cultist, Deathbringer Thoctar)
Unless you have to deal with a regenerator/indestructible thing, deathtouch is much more efficient than wither, which is not to say that fists is a bad card.

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>fire and swamp creature
I wish I could hate you to death.

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Just equip the demigod of revenge with it's fists and you'll do fine.

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whats wrong with fire and swamp? its one of the better black theme decks, and iv always been partial to black. would also like to get a hold of the Ravinica: Dimir Intrigues theme deck, looks like a blast to play.

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