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Sup /tg/. Got a role playing-related question regarding a character I have in mind for an upcoming Dark Heresy game.

I've rolled up an Imperial Psyker whose backstory involves a lot of Ecclesiarchy indoctrination (even more than usual, I mean- he's the illegitimate son of a Ministorum priest). He was discovered to have certain psychic "gifts" by his local Cardinal at a very early age. Such were his talents and devotion to the Emperor that he was soul-bound (not consumed) on Terra and allowed to live a quiet life in a monastery on his home planet. He is in the employ of an Inquisitor as penance for a sin that is unknown to the other players (and, honestly, to me- I haven't thought of one yet).

Thanks to my character's upbringing, the whole "Emperor being God" thing is very important to him. I want to incorporate this into my role playing- I want him to seem so in-tune with the Golden Throne and so out of touch with the physical world that others view him as saintly. I want it to seem as if he receives visions directly from the Emperor himself, who directs his every thought and action- this would be especially cool in combat situations, I think.

tl;dr I want to play a DH character who can seemingly become totally possessed by the will of the Emperor. Whether he actually can (obviously he can't run around the Imperium in God Mode) is up to the fluff and my GM. My question for you, /tg/, is about the former- is there anything in GW canon that would prevent me from playing this way? I know that SoB Living Saints can become totally possessed by the Emperor in all sorts of awesome ways, but obviously a low-level DH character is not on the same level at all. What I'm talking about wouldn't even have an effect on the mechanics of the game, just the role playing (that is, unless, my GM decides otherwise).

[continued in next post]

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Even more generally than that, I was wondering if /tg/ could offer some suggestions on *how* to play such a character. Could you suggest some mystical/esoteric works that I could "borrow" from to play this character? Or perhaps legendary saints whose stories could serve as inspiration (first pic related). Hell, even certain characters from popular culture could offer some ideas (Obi-Wan, anyone?). I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks much for the help, /tg/. I'll be here reading this thread with my 40k image folder open.

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Read this:

There's sure to be something you could use in there.

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Character background? In *my* DH game? It's more likely than you think.

How I wish my PCs would put even half of the thought into their characters as you do, OP. Our games would actually be... I dunno, more believable?

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This is a religion thread in disguise, isn't it?

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Will look this up. Thanks!

I usually only go into this much detail in DH and RT games. I really like the 40k setting, and the more passionate I am about a setting, the more effort I'm generally willing to put into rolling a character.

I wouldn't type that much to troll. I know others would, but I don't try to be that much of an asshole.

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>is there anything in GW canon that would prevent me from playing this way?

The Ecclesiarchy, with very rare exceptions, HATES psykers. The chances of your character actually ending up well off after his discovery are extremely low.

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Religion in the Imperium:

1. Say a litany over it
2. Put a purity seal on it
3. ????
4. Profit, maybe.

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I wasn't aware that Imperial priests had to be celibate.

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It probably varies from planet to planet and rite to rite. The Ecclesiarchy isn't some monolithic church with a single, canonical belief system- it allows for variation. The only real measure of orthodoxy is whether the humans of a culture worship the Emperor as the only god of the universe. That belief could be manifested in a very Catholic-like system of saints and prayers or pagan sun worship.

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Bump because there isn't enough fluff about Imperial religion, or discussion of the same. Sorry I can't help you out, though, OP.

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This thread has been approved by the Magisterium of the Diocese of /tg/. Sainthood in His sight is something toward which we all should strive.

Ave Imperator!

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OP again.

Any other responses? Or did I just make this shit too long/uninteresting?

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Use fewer words next time. /tg/ ain't too bright.

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Final bump for now. Is there really no one else...?

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>God exists

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Well I would stay away from simply spewing imperial slogans and sayings constantly. That rhetoric is great for clerics and such, but being above that requires more thought. If you can do it try to be a fount of general wisdom and inspiration, if you choose to take a leader of men saintly route.

Also how well the other players regard this idea of yours may determine if you can pull it off. A good group may have some devout people who can see your character for what he is, or challenge him if they don't see him as a "living saint". Bad groups will just blow your character's development off, or worse just turn it into blind Emperor fueled rage-humor.

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My group as it stands now is extremely varied in backgrounds. I know for one that my friend's battle-hardened Guardsman will have a hard time believing in my character's shenanigans (or maybe an easier time?).

>Well I would stay away from simply spewing imperial slogans and sayings constantly.

I know what you mean, I want to play an anything but a superficial HERESY CLEANSE PURGE KILL way. Part of the reason I asked /tg/ for sources is because I want to be very in-depth about it. I know my group would be open to it (out of game, if not in it), though I guess my acting skill would be just as important.

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I don't think there's anything that would prevent you from playing this way, especially if sometimes being 'possessed by the holy spirit' is just getting really angry, 'prophetic visions' are just dreams, etc. If I was playing it, and the GM decided that I could have things like that, I would want him to throw me false visions, maybe even ones specifically designed to fuck me over if I relied on them (perhaps a Daemon is fucking with you, or maybe you just had a bad dream). Playing him, you'd want to be extremely devout - even if you know that will fuck you over. Some hiver scum taking the Emperor lightly? Preach to him. Cultist that you want to question? Execute him.

Now, how you play the fanatic is up to you. I played a fanatic once who was very quiet and soft spoken, but I eventually got a reputation as somebody you don't want to question too much, because if my beliefs were questioned logically (say, someone would try to get into a theist/atheist debate with me), I would resort to deadly violence. He was well spoken, didn't preach (he just assumed everyone around him was as faithful as he was), but often acted before thinking.

You could, however, play a fire and brimstone type preacher who is going to save the world or die trying.

As for some inspiration, reword some of the Psalms and you have some badass stuff to spew while fighting.

"Truly I do serve the Emperor, for from him cometh all salvation! He only is my rock and my slavation! He is my only defense! The Emperor stands with me, and with him I shall never be moved!" - Psalm 62.

"Listen now all ye heretics and false prophets! Serve the Emperor with fear, and rejoice with trembling! Shun the mutant lest He be angry, and ye perish when His wrath is kindled but a little! Blessed are ALL who put their faith in Him!" - Psalm 3

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*in anything but

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This is great! I will definitely use stuff like this- it makes me wish we were playing a Rogue Trader game. It would be awesome to roll up a fire-and-brimstone, Throne-preaching Missionary.

Personally, I was thinking more of playing a passive, mystical believer- I picked an image of St. Francis of Assisi for this reason. But as you know, there will ultimately come a time when we have to start shooting at stuff. Getting to playing as the vengeful Instrument of the Emperor (in spirit, even if not in practice) will be all sorts of awesome.

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This is great! I will definitely use stuff like this- it makes me wish we were playing a Rogue Trader game. It would be awesome to roll up a fire-and-brimstone, Throne-preaching Missionary.

Personally, I was thinking more of playing a passive, mystical believer- I picked an image of St. Francis of Assisi for this reason. But as you know, there will ultimately come a time when we have to start shooting at stuff. Getting to play as the vengeful Instrument of the Emperor (in spirit, even if not in practice) will be all sorts of awesome.

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>It would be awesome to roll up a fire-and-brimstone, Throne-preaching Missionary.

Better idea.

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I hear yah. I really enjoy the devout Imperials who don't go on redemptionist tangents. Firebrands are great for short encounters and intervals but I think the get on peoples' nerves (Hence why overly preachy paladins and clerics create groans around a table).

I found the depiction of Saint Sabbat in the Gaunt's Ghosts series to be a fantastic example of a living saint and someone deeply in touch with the Emperor. And an even better example is Trooper Vamberfeld. Don't know if you have access to those books though.

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For your character a 98 or above on a Ballistic Test results in an ICD- Instant Cat Death.

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It's funny you mention Saint Sabbat. I wanted to do a character like this partly because of reading Gaunt's Ghosts.

Like I said, though, I don't expect to have anywhere close to the same level of power as a Living Saint (capital letters) or any unfair advantages at all because of my character's background. It would be purely to make the game more interesting. Not that I wouldn't mind the odd bonus from my GM every now and again, though.

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My favorite scene of the whole movie.

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OP again. I'm satisfied with how this thread has gone so far.

I'll use this thread to post more 40k images. If anyone else would like to contribute, please feel free!

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As far as mechanics go, here are some talents and psychic powers that I feel would work well with your character's concept:

Fearless- he'd have complete faith that the emperor protects him

Frenzy/Flagellent- possible, but only if you want to be a fanatical die hard worshipper

Insanely Faithful- self explanitory

Master Orater- if you plan on playing a preacher

Nerves of Steel- same reason as the fearless talent

Unshakable Faith- once again, explains itself quite well

For psychic powers, Healer, Float, Precognition, Inspiring Aura, and Lucky can all give off the appearance and feeling of a man who is truly in tune with the emperor

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Capping this post for future use. Thanks Anon!

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Go for it and have fun with it. Figure out a happy medium between preaching and firebranding. Examples of real world saints can help, but I wouldn't go overboard. Blur the line between man and faith, insofar that the other players/characters can't tell if you said something or someone else spoke through you.

All in all, try to have fun with it. Tis a game after all.

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Glad I could be of assistance

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Of course. Moderation is important- my group will have no problem letting me know about it if I lay it on too thick/start to be annoying.

As for imitating "real world" saints, I think it'd be pretty cool if my GM allowed certain small coincidences or "miracles" to be attributed to my character- a character's broken arm being healed with a touch or something like that, for instance. Again, though, I know that privileges like that would be crying out for abuse. I expect nothing special from my GM, despite whatever I think might be fun.

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Also, see if the GM is willing to okay as an Elite Advance that one talent from Rogue Trader that basically involves your psyker binding themself to the Emperor.

Also, make him a redemptionist in the real-world sense of that term; he would be the sort to coax heretics back into the light of the Emperor's grace instead of just "PURGE AND SMITE".

And to make him feel off to the other players is very simple: play him as a truly devout person who's not an asshole about it. In the modern day, most experience with people who feel the need to wear their religion on their sleeves is going to be with the angry yelling or murdering kind who don't necessarily know or care that much about what their religion ACTUALLY believes.

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This is what Fate Points are for. I'm sure your GM can think of a way to use them here.

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Ask your GM if you can relabel the "Hatred" talents as "Pity" talents instead. For your character does not HATE the xeno, the mutant and the heretic; rather, he PITIES those who for whatever reason are denied the Emperor's grace.

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Get up to Ascension level play and that's an actual ability you can get from the Hierophant career path.

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Use it as an excuse for why your character said something a bit metagamy. After all, your character may not know that bit of info, but the Emprah most certainly does.

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I'll ask him about the advance. I know he has the RT book.

>And to make him feel off to the other players is very simple: play him as a truly devout person who's not an asshole about it. In the modern day, most experience with people who feel the need to wear their religion on their sleeves is going to be with the angry yelling or murdering kind who don't necessarily know or care that much about what their religion ACTUALLY believes.

You've got it exactly. My character would be the quiet exception to the rule in the very loud, fanatical Ecclesiarchy. That is, of course, until bad guys show up and profane the Emperor's name. When it's go time, the zealot will come out- at least for as long as my character's low-level squishiness will allow.

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lol. If I actually get to live that long, I'll take note of that. Been a while since I read the DH book, I'll give the Heirophant another look.

Indeed He does!

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These are some great ideas was also thinking of suggesting taking some of the Faith talents with the GM's blessing. Not too sure about it though, have never really had a game where they came up a lot. Other Anons' thoughts on this?

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I know there are rules to play as a Sister of Battle, but there probably isn't anything on being able to play a Living Saint, right?

I mean besides super duper plot armor and combat rape mode.

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There are a lot of interesting Faith talents I'd like to try. I don't want to bog my GM down with too many special requests for my character's makeup, however. I bet he'd be open to a few of them, though, he's usually very accommodating. Actually, he's already been pretty liberal with my other group member's characters already.

Maybe that just means the campaign is going to be even harder than usual. Who knows?

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I fucking can't type today.

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Talking with GM helps the most. Both games I've played in and GMed the best things happen when there is communication between everyone.

And just how liberal is your GM being with character creation? Free in the sense that any concept is free, or more along the lines of game mechanics.

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Is this heresy?

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No, she has purity seals.

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No it's a trace

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He just seems to be allowing more freebie talents than usual. My friend's Guardsman is proficient with more weapons than anyone at his level should be, for instance.

He usually isn't this nice, which leads me to believe he's got something genuinely sadistic in store. But then, he did just get out of school, so maybe he's just in a good mood because of that.

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Sure is Imperial bias in here.

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Vade retro, thing of Chaos!

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the world is made of heretics allike, what are you afraid of?

we're his will, we speak his words, we are thruth itself.

playing a believer of the allmighty is simple. Be yourself, confident, invincible.
Know that whether you have specials abilities or not, what will keep you alive is only a matter of faith.

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Hmm, well run with it then. Talk with him about what you want to do and cross your fingers. If shit hits the fan best you can do is play through it.

Fine, was running out of smurf and Imperial stuff anyway.

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I believe this is the highest resolution image of any in my 40k folder. It's definitely up there, anyway.

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I love Aerion's art so much, I feel the need to plug for him here.


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A little more old-school.

>> No.9843849

Pre-Heresy, so technically not heretical.


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I wanna get this to over 100 images at least. I'm sick as a dog right now so I've got nothing better to do.

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whichever anon is dumping this art, you are THE FUCKING MAN. thank you.

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No problem dude. Glad there's at least someone saving a few of these!

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hell ya, i have some of them already, but you're posting a lot of high quality stuff. always appreciated. btw, get well soon! i hate being that sick.

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I really like this picture. I like the whole Lion and the Wolf rivalry. If I played Space Marines, I'd probably play Dark Angels.

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>> No.9844243

I have a folder set aside for high-res/high quality 40k art. I like to dump some of my favorites on /tg/ every now and then.

And thanks, I'll try!

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>> No.9844257

i agree with you on that one.

>> No.9844281

I really like the style, too. I'll have to ask /tg/ for more from that specific artist one day.


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What the FUCK?!

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Spess mehreens.

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One recommendation: find a religion that isn't Christianity, use its trappings to inform your character's appearance. After all, the Ecclesiarchy only really cares that you worship the Emprah above all else and don't worship the Chaos Gods at all; pretty much anything else is a-okay as far as religious practices go.

>> No.9844410


Is this actually 40k art? Because it's fucking awesome.

>> No.9844425

what is this, i dont even

>> No.9844456

I think it would be very cool to incorporate elements of mystical Buddhism or Hinduism into my character's beliefs. The reason I default to pseudo-Catholicism is because that's how the Ecclesiarchy is most commonly portrayed, and because I was raised a Catholic (I'm non-religious now).

>> No.9844473

Yeah, roll with some other religion. It'd be a nice change from Catholic Space Nazis.

Pict only tangentially related.

>> No.9844488

You know, I actually wasn't sure. Somehow or another it ended up in my folder because I know that artist does do work for GW (some of his work's in this thread, actually).

>> No.9844510

Elite Advance - Pure Faith. Given his background, it's probably more plausible than Soul-Bound to The Emperor. It also means you can do stuff without exploding. You should try to work out some details of whichever variant of the Imperial Creed you've been following, like motivations and primary enemies, to justify subsequent Faith Talents. If your Creed variant does healing and ministering to the needy, Divine Ministration and The Emperor Protects should be possibilities, whereas a more fire-and-brimstone upbringing would be more Purge the Unclean. Creeds tend to have a focus, be it wrath, compassion, understanding, mysteries, or whatever.

>> No.9844526


Most of them have what look like lasguns, and the sergeant guy has what could be an early edition bolt pistol, but the armor isn't anything I've seen guard in.

All things considered, it's still an awesome image. It looks like it has a dinosaur mounted cannon in it - I didn't even notice that at first. This is like, the manliest image I have ever seen.

>> No.9844548

Noted. I still haven't quite figured out which aspect of the Creed I'm going to emphasize primarily, but I'll keep what you've said in mind.

>> No.9844582

It is pretty fucking manly. I'm glad you like it!

In any case, just took my dose of Nyquil for the evening. Let's see how long I can stay conscious.

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>> No.9844654

>> No.9844662

That said, you could just look up any dictionary of mythology, pick a deity, rewrite them as a (deceased) Imperial Saint (there are millions of the buggers), and make them the focus of your Creed. Protector of Humanity against monsters? Thor packs a mean hammer. Slayer of Daemons, all-around Destroyer? Shiva.

>> No.9844684

Atlas, patron saint of patience and longsuffering. I like your idea.

>> No.9844697

>> No.9844732

One of the best Guard pics ever done IMO.

>> No.9844746

>> No.9844783

>> No.9844812

>> No.9844828

>> No.9844852

>> No.9844878

>> No.9844908

Nearing the end of the non-heretical content in my folder here. Probably just as well, I can start to feel the Nyquil going to work...

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>> No.9844938

>> No.9844955

>> No.9844980

>> No.9845002

>> No.9845018

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Fucking flood detector.

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>> No.9845094

>> No.9845105

>> No.9845123

>> No.9845168


>> No.9845267

And with that, max image replies have been reached.

Thanks to everyone who helped with my earlier questions. I'm going to spend a long time tomorrow putting this character together, keeping all of your suggestions in mind. I'll let you know how it turns out!

And to everyone else- I hope you found some images here that you liked!

I'm going to go be unconscious now. Good evening, fa/tg/uys.

>> No.9845271

so executed

>> No.9845284

Thread is epic

>> No.9845338


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