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Dear drawfags, please stop posting your work on /tg/.

I don't say your work is shit, I think some of you can even draw very well, but it still looks silly and the corny jokes feel outdated the second you post them. /tg/ did fine without you before, please do not repost your pics.

Yes, I'm talking about those black and white and 4-min in photoshop kinds of reaction images that have one-liners on it. ESPECIALLY those with slaanesh daemonettes that lack any kind of shading. PLEASE. I CAN'T SEE THEM ANYMORE.

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This is going to work, oh yes.

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Also, yelling "HERESY!" and "Just as planned" all over the place is getting old too.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you.

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Fuck you nigger, drawfags is awesome and I want them to stay.

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Cry some more, child.


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What about drawfags who only do requests?

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Drawfags brought me this picture:
(which took him 35 minutes to do, I timed it from when he said he started)

Among 5 other pictures in which I got my request filled.

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>/tg/ did fine without you before, please do not repost your pics.
/tg/ has had fail art since the beginning.

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That's EXTRA heretical!

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OP is a colossal faggot if he thinks people will listen to him.

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>/tg/ did fine without you before

/tg/ has always had drawfags; they are a part of the board and it's culture, and if you don't like it, you should probably fuck off somewhere else.

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Dear drawfags please disregard this waste of sperm

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And so the cycle starts again.

Drawfags get more common
People whine about drawfaggotry
Drawfags less common
almost no drawfags
People whine about no drawfags

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You want something new, OP?

Well, here's something new!

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Drawfags dont get scared away that easily. They do get bored though.

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>OP thinking people will listen to him

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>implying I'd whine about there being no drawfags.

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Because obviously one person is going to make hundreds if not thousands reconsider doing what they have been doing for months or years.

Get lost.

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I can understand OP being annoyed by the drawfag pics (don't mind them really) but THAT's something I really wish /tg/ would stop doing.

HURR HERESY is no longer funny, seriously.

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I don't have a problem with drawfags that take requests. Most aren't brilliant by a long stretch, but they're okay for what we get. I am annoyed by artists that just post shit on /tg/ at random when it was neither asked for nor wanted in the first place, but in principle that applies to everyone else as well.

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i think what the op wants is more dick

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well /tg/ does request the same shit over and over and unless you do the request like shlick tau with a horse penis ejaculating blood it has to get boring.

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>Because obviously one person is going to make hundreds if not thousands reconsider

>if not thousands

>thousands of people on 4chan

Hate to bust your pathetic daydream bubble but 4chan isn't as popular as you may think

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/tg/ circa 1400 AD

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Let alone /tg/, for that matter.

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Thats pretty much only Fucking Liar, and maybe BG.

Greenmarine gets a pass for being awesome.

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maybe we have a new janitor for the summer and he is warning us?

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The problem is not in the drawfags or their shitscribe. Those who request shit are the ones who are bloating the board with FOURTEEKEE.

You know? "Them" is referencing a category of people who just got here or are at least a month or two at best, old. The ones who post Angry Marine threads and HERESY shit like it's still funny. Drawfags do requests and those requests happen to be nothing but 40k porn / shit.

Speaking of which, 40k is a fucking joke and anybody who takes it seriously is either new or a delusional faggot. Every /tg/ veteran will tell you this.


Hilarious filename and greentext, you are such a fucking smartass man I totally got trolled bla bla. Fuck off junior.

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Nah, this is closer. Edition wars really meant something in those days.

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>Complain about "Cancer"
>Make a cancer thread


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Fat chance.

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lol go back to /v/ if you dont like 40k and take that prinny with you.

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Board was made to get the 4tk faggots off /b/

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I would rate this one 3/10 but something tells me you are being serious so I will just write it off as pure stupidity.

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>Durr Hardpeck

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Congrats, you got me trolled, faggot. Your ego is so huge and your knowledge of teegee is so miniscule, I have no choice but to reply.

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>4chan isn't as popular as you may think

Tony Stark would disagree.

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Cool edit bro.

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sorry, Armor Wars 2, check it, bro.

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hey OP, why does your argument look similar to your pic?

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sorry, that should be Armor Wars, issue 2, page 7.

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You do realize that Traditional Games encompasses MORE than 40k right?

Oh forgot, Summer came early this year...

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Doesn't 4chan get like 4- 8million unique users a month?

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if people were interested it would be posted.

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No, there's only 4 people on 4chan. 4 sick, sad, lonely people.

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Of course, but if you think 40k has no place on /tg/ you're fucking retarded like Catguy.

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Fuck you OP, without drawfags, /tg/ would become about 25% less awesome.

I suppose you'll be campaigning against Writefags next?

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Eh I'm ok with 40k, just hate how often it's pretty much te front page.

When can we have a WHFB frontpage?

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Janitors cant delete threads, only pictures or user comments and submit requests to ban users. So stopping a drawfag thread is a lot of work for a Janitor

Mods are the only ones who can delete entire threads, and ban users.

You can find this information on the Janitor application thread.

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Post some, most of /tg/ argues about 40k lore and doesn't play so I don't see why whfb couldn't take off.

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>/tg/ did fine without you before, please do not repost your pics.

early /tg/ consisted of people begging for drawfaggotry, blackleaf porn in particular.

pre-/tg/ /b/ threads consisted of 40k/meme combination drawfaggotry, yiff-in-hell and habbo hotel in particular.

/tg/ and drawfaggotry are joined at the hip.

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I would argue that /tg/ consists of artfaggotry period, both through writing, drawing, etc.

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Would be cool if that was real.

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do you need to see the black up marines and the yiff in hell, desu sisters?

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That's part of what makes this board so great, along with its tangential power and discuss-anything-imaginable power.

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What do i have to do to prove it isnt shopped? buy you all a copy of the comic?

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I'll settle for a link.

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Dear trolls, please stop trolling on /tg/.

I don't say your trolling is shit, I think some causes rage very well, but it still looks silly and the corny jokes feel outdated the second you post them. /tg/ did fine without you before, please do not repost your inflammatory comments and opinions.

Yes, I'm talking about those black and white and 4-min in notepad one-liners. ESPECIALLY those with edition wars that lack any kind of logic. PLEASE. I CAN'T SEE THEM ANYMORE.

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i have no link, i own the comic.

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you look lovably funny looking.

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your head is hilariously small

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I take that as a compliment. :)

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I think its a webcam perspective thing.

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you should.

because that's how I meant it.

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However, the author/artist of Ribbon should post as much OC of her as is humanly possible. Daily. HOURLY.


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finally, love blooms for me on 4chan. :)

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Dear OP, please stop posting at all on /tg/.

I think your opinion is shit, I think you cannot even draw very well, but you still looks silly and corny the second you post. /tg/ did fine without you before, please do not repost your request.

Yes, I'm talking about thread. ESPECIALLY when you complain about slaanesh daemonettes that lack any kind of shading. PLEASE. I CAN'T SEE THIS ANYMORE.

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>I think your opinion is shit

Stopped reading :/

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>implying my post wasn't true
>implying greentexting and misnamed reaction images are an indicator of young age

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Is that Boxxy in OP's post?

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I really like this and I'm not sure why....

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Drawfags can go to hell

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