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Deleted my last thread because it was a dickhead thing to do. To make up for it, I'll do a fantasy / modern fantasy / future tech / 40k dump of whatever you request. I don't have all that much of some parts but I'll post what I do have.

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I've noticed some Pokemon related threads in the last few days, maybe you'll enjoy this.

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well, no one's really requesting, and I've nearly made up my debt.

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Modern fantasy, please.

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Right, well, if I see this thread floating around in a bit I'll post more. Sorry.

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Probably the least of what I have, but I'll look.

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Jim is always related.

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Wow, I really don't have much. And the last two I posted were more modern sci fi.

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That's pretty "modern" with the guns, and "Fantasy" with the apes.

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here's some sort of modern fantasy, I don't fucking know.

Have anything Lovecraftian?

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I have plenty of pics salvaged from /x/, but, I don't know if any of them are particularly Lovecraftian. Lemme look.

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that is a deep fucking pool.

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not /tg/ related


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Another modern fantasy, I guess.

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What is difference between modern fantasy and sci-fi?

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Could be character portraits or idea settings.

Semi Lovecraftian here.

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I think modern fantasy is like...magic in the current / close to current technological age, and modern sci fi is things that we could make now or in the near future that seem pretty advanced.

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Idk, I'm kinda picking aberrations / horrors to fill this out for the Lovecraftian request.

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Welll....if the ocean scares you.

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who did your OP pic?

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No idea. Most of the stuff I've saved off of here has come without artist names.

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