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Hi guys can I play too? Here's my team, they're fuzzy marines.

We wear blood red armour and are like really super strong and have awesome snipers.

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Obvious troll is obvious.

Away with you.

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we have furry angry marines, your pitiful trolling is worthless. /tg/ has been trolled bilions of times worse than this.

In fact, the only real complaint is that the proportions are bad.

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I could do for a sniper right now myself.

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But Space Wolf armor is blue...

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...you didn't just...

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and I'm serious they all my own work

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Waaah the fat nerd is jealous 'cause he's no good at art.

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Usually, I respond in either of two fashions to trolls.

Rage, and amused.

I'm getting neither. This is terribly bland.


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its an old pic you dumb fuck

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Furry Pretty Marines?

They'd all be sparkledogs.

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I don't believe you.

Also, the colouring on that picture is pretty bad.

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I want to get mad. I really do. I'm even trying to, but when I zoomed in on the picture, I couldn't help but start laughing. I have a nephew that could out draw you. He's going to be five soon.

It's adorable. The drawing is so bad, it's adorable.

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Real cool op

Crack of the lightning splitting the ground*
Thunder is sounding, artilley pounding
Wrath of the nazis cast on Bastogne
Facing their forces alone


Sent from the skies jumped into the unknown
The march to Berlin has begun
Spearhead the charge surrounded by foes
Eagles are leading the way

France is still under enemy rule
Push, axis retreat

Thrown towards Arnhem a bitter defeat
They're stretched out just one bridge to far
Turn of the tide, it's breaking away
Losing momentum, retreat

Go to Bastogne, the crossroads must hold
Stand, alone in the cold

Dig your own foxholes or dig your own grave
The storm is about to begin
The seige has begun, there's nowhere to run
Panzerkampfwagen emerge

Tanks and mortars are shaking the ground
Prey of man and machine

Chill of the winter bite to the bone and christmas is drawing near
Soldiers are freezing, the death toll increasing
They're dying in their holes
There's no surrender there's no retreat, the wehrmacht is drawing near
There's no reinforcements they're fighting all alone

Sent from the skies ended up in Bastogne
As Easy, as hard as they get
Nazi command request and demand
Offered surrender - declined

Nuts! the generals word echo clear
Nuts! the nazi's shall hear

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you guys seriously how have you not seen this pic before

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I guess I just don't frequent this board enough. Either that or I just block the threads it's normally on before seeing it. Saging just so I don't bump. This is still a rather ridiculous thread to respond to.

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I don't see you drawing anything. You can't say shit to me.

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Your shit is weak. 0/10
You seem to have forgotten your sage.

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I think he's serious.

The proportions aren't that bad

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You are WRONG!


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No i'm not.

I looked at the picture. It isn't the best, but it isn't that bad.

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>Implying you drew it

Oh, how droll...

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bumping for you little shits

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>awesome snipers


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Saging, for you little shit.

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Oh wow, the drop pops even have the speed lines and all. Great work.

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Seriously we have seen this and far worse many a time before.

I wonder if anyone has actually ever done any 40k furry art that came out looking half decent?

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Most movie reviewers I suspect have never directed or produced a film before. They're still perfectly qualified to review shit.

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Well, there was the new Space Wolves codex.

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Anyone else notice it says 'Warhammer 50,0000'?

Fucking Sage...

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saging this cripe...

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...Can I play too?

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Why are shitty artists always drawn towards (pardon the pun) the Space Marines?

And the Loyalist Space Marines, at that?

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Because they are 13

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Suffer not the furry to live

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Posting in what will no doubt be an epic thread.

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Bump for epic.

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Sage for fail.

Also, samefag.

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What a nice chap.

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>samefag nigger implying that others are samefagging without basis

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Baby come here I wanna fuck you in the pussy

I'm not talking to the picture

I'm talking to you Flee

my baby

my beautiful girl

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Oh no!


Aw yeah gurl.

Aw yeah.

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This is the most BORING troll I have ever seen.

OP you need to take a little pride in your work next time.

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Don't be like that

I'll give you hours of fucking

My hot cock all over your body Flee

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>pride in your work

>pride and work on /tg/

>implying anyone knows what either of those are.

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What do YOU know then, friendslice?

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This pic's been posted here a million times. Don't give us that bullshit claiming it to be OC. You are a troll. And a rather sad one at that. My rage isn't even buzzing.

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I didn't think this thread could get any worse but ohhhhhh no you HAD to prove me wrong didn't you?

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Let's go then, baby.

I'll make you cum

Ride you all day and night


I know what they are.

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Not same fag, i posted the pic but did not post any of the rest :/

i am e-offendet by you!

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fuck you homo

Flee is hella hot

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Wrong. So very wrong.

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Flee my goddess

let me know your body

tell me what you want me to do to you

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> homo


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stay here with us baby

>> No.9834200


Thank you. :3


You may only know my body if you make some threads about my beauty and charm.

Pass the test and you will be allowed to see my smile.

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>You may only know my body if you make some threads about my beauty and charm.


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Peh, get out of my face, slut.

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