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Seeing that Golden Neckbeard is obviously so poor that he can't even afford a shirt, let's have a shirt thread. Give him some incentive to save up for one!

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I second that notion. Less hookers, more shirts, GN!

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You never wear a shirt without a sports coat.

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I tey hwee hayve ah shhirtlesh twread for Kay-oss.

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Don't you know that all black with popped collar looks like shit?

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This is my shirt. That, and a "Who is Atlas?" shirt.

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That collar is not popped.

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No shirt without a decent waistcoat.

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Golden Neckbeard, might I suggest a nice brightly colored shirt, such as yellow or blue. It'll probably bring out your beard.

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About as unpopped as your mum's cherry, I'd say.

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>unpopped cherry

It really is a weekend, the East coasters are already online.

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Well he wrote it the britfag way though... Which makes me wonder where in the UK the little bitch is?

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Even if he did get a shirt, he's too fucking lazy to take new pictures with a shirt on.

But that's ok, I still hide his trip.

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most people on /tg/ are going to hate popped collars because that is the way elves would wear their shirts

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Me thinks it's just an Amerifag that has picked up a few words and phrases.

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Suit up neckbeards!

>> No.9832703

And no clue as to their meaning... This makes sense

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He's still a dumbfuck for not knowing what a popped collar looks like.

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Everytim I go to North America I'm blown away at how sloppy you guys are.

I still remember this, creature, clothed in what appeared to be a sweatsuit, waddling out of a mid 80s civic, that actually groaned in relief as the weight was taken off it's tortured springs.

And the rest of you aren't much better. I mean, your women are ok, but if they dressed like europeans...

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Exaclty, a wide split collar for a suit is not a popped collar.

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>but if they dressed like europeans...
then you'd be called a fag

not that I don't agree that Europeans have better style (a European cut suit means not for a fat person), but you have to blend in to an extent

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I visited EUrope over the winter. Even a 6 or 7 out of 10 woman looks like a ten when they dress up. It's amazing, how little we know of style over here. Europeans have CLASS, and that's something I don't think you can teach us colonists.

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Not all Amerifags are that bad, but unfortunately many are.

As for American women, their either just as overweight as the men, or anorexically thin and brain-dead.

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We got class over here. You just have to know where to look for it. Basically steer clear of anything related to hip hop, rock or country.

The only problem is that a lot of people with class have shitty attitudes.

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>As for American women, their either just as overweight as the men, or anorexically thin and brain-dead.
Thinking like that will never allow you to find the right kind of girl.

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No, I'm American and I'll admit we don't have class. Not like the europeans do anyway.

They're just cooler than us.

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I believe you mean the people with "class" here in the US are pretentious fagots who are only classy because they are rich kids who can afford to buy overpriced European clothing and to take trips out to the Hamptons to get shit-faced every weekend.

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Oh Neil Patrick Harris, if I were gay you'd be on the top of my list

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The funny thing is I did find the right girl. A smart, funny, sarcastic, petite nerd-girl who I enjoyed spending as much time with as possible.

And even she agrees with me about how most American women are brain-dead twigs.

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I remember someone telling me that clothing didn't make the man.

I laughed, and went out and bought a Zegna, got laid that night.

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shitty attitudes are worse than no class at all.

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They make nicer cars as well. No gaudy shit, no chrome, just sleek sweeping curves and beautiful restraint.

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So are we to assume you have traveled the United States to see if nobody has class or are you pulling a blanket statement out of your ass?

When you grow up, you're see that not all adults are all like that, kiddo.

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You have been judged to be full of shit

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I think he was saying that the collar is popped and your mother is a whore.

OF course, a retard could tell it's not popped, so he may just be stupid after all.

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That car is all angles, looks like shit.

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Nicer is a matter of perspective.

I can appreciate a good American muscle car like a Ford Shelby Mustang just as much as something like a Porsche or an Aston Martin.

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Then you're both pretty stupid if you actually think that as opposed to just stereotyping to be funny.

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It's a really sad statement that the best car you guys can make has quality problems, uses low quality plastics, inferior stitching, and is slow.

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While Shelby was sniffing petrol, we were busy building some of the best looking cars ever made.

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Oh god, an e-type.

BRB, fapping.

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>best looking cars ever made

also, enjoy your oil drips and engine falling apart

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Ashton Martins are great cars.
Jags are ugly pieces of shit.

>> No.9833069

I like old muscle as well,but the Europeans made much better looking cars back then.

>> No.9833072

All stereotypes have a bit of truth behind them.

Trust me, In the New York/Long Island area pretty much every girl you'll run into in a club is a flirty air-headed party girl.

The trick I've learned is not to go looking for intelligent women at bars and clubs.

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The E-Type Jag is legendary for it's looks.

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>implying that Italian cars are not a whole league of their own
Italian cars are Italian, not European.

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I'll give you that Ferrari...

Those curves...

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What cracks me up is how you guys don't realize that most of the cars were designed by teams of people from different countries.

Goddam, you're all so clueless.

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Interesting. A /fa/ /tg/ uy thread goes full aut/o/.

Stay classy, gents.

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Jags are, and always will be sexy. Astons have them beat, but only by a little.

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A corvette can run with the $100000 super cars, so I wouldn't exactly call it slow.

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As Clarkson put it:
"Jag drivers are something special, you can be friends with a man who drives a jag, you just wouldn't want to let him do your taxes"

A jag driver is the sort of man who cheats on his wife, but you still like him for some reason.

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The corvette is a 100,000 dollar car...

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1/3rd the price of a Corvette, faster round a track then a Corvette.

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THAN, you illiterate piece of shit.

>> No.9833213

I drive a jaaaagg.

>> No.9833227

Are the Amerifags reduced to squabbling over Grammar?

Correcting Grammar in an argument simply means the person has nothing better to add to the disagreement.

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Let's not forget the French, they make some pretty epic looking cars.

>> No.9833244

It is my personal view that an E-type Jag should never have a roof.

Soft-top or roofless only

>> No.9833254

See, I like the hardtop, I understand the appeal of the softtop, but I just like the hardback look of a Etype with a roof.

>> No.9833290


It doesn't really matter which top you prefer. At the end of the day, it's still a Jaaaaaaag.

>> No.9833307

i find that there are very few cars which look better with a softtop compared to the hardtop version, the softtop just messes up the lines of the car

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You forgot that usz Germans can make gut autos!

>> No.9833351

Got, I want the new Corsa so bad.

>> No.9833366

I just think that when it comes to E types the roof looks uneccessary. Almost like it was bolted on at the last minute.

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"The thing about Alfa is that they build a car to be as good as a car can be, briefly."

>> No.9833375

Don't you mean you vant ze neu Corsa zo bädly?

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And now, a car from the colonies.


Uggghh, back to Europe for real cars!

>> No.9833412

I'm sorry gentlemen...

...Was I not properly attired?

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I maintain that if we fired the design bureau at GM, told management to stay the fuck out of our meetings, and gave pens to a six year old and said "draw a cool car" we'd end up with an amazing looking shell, that our competent engineers could make into a fantastic vehicle.
America can build good cars (ZR1, CTS-V) but we fall flat on our face in design.

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So, car companies, GN, which one do you think makes the best looking cars?

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Hmm thats a fairly tasteless tie. Not a fan of polka dot ties. Especially with yellow dots on a black background.

>> No.9833475

Another French car that blows my mind.

>> No.9833493

That car...

It calls to me.

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Never was much of a car guy, but I like pretty much everything German, especially Audis.

Italian cars try so hard to look like nude women it begins to approach garishness... not that I wouldn't drive one anyway.

Jap cars can sometimes look ok but often look like bugs.

American cars have a few example of mild awesome these days, kicked ass back in the day, but have mostly gone downhill.


That's sort of the point.

...It goes with the helmet.

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gotta say, this has to be one of my favourites

>> No.9833570

The Sagaris is one of those cars that looks ridiculous but it works.

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>looks at pic
GN you so crazy

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>pretending americans calls themselves a colonist

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Ah i see. Sorry I'm very critical when it comes to ties and suits. I believe that even the worst neckbeard can rock a suit. Just get a good fitted shirt, a nicely tailored suit and a decent tie and you're ready for the ball.

Casual wear can be a minefield however, especially for us fa/tg/uys

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