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How far is too far?

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Nothing can go too far!

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All characters must roll for mundane actions such as walking across the room, picking things up and soforth.

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to Timbuktu, my friend, is not too far
to Shanghai and everywhere in between
far is a layman's term
what you mean to ask is
how much until they're dead

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>OP Pic
...Does that...work?

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it burns. i was making tai green curry and i scratched myself without washing my hands after chopping the chili.

my dick and balls burned for 3 days

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Rub Bengay on your balls, it feels totally awesome.

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I must never, ever try this.

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I feel for you.

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Well I'm tempted.

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For..for some reason I want to try this, just to see if it is true.

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...I must try this...For Science.

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I want to find out if this is ture... but... I'm to scared of... what will happen if it IS true...

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Does anyone know WHY it feels so good?

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If any of you people are stupid enough to actually do this make sure to have some milk on hand, lactose neutralizes the capsicin.

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Or better yet - dip it into vodka.

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Will not work, lactose is the only readily available substance that is proven to neutralize capsicin.

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ITT: we find out fa/tg/uys are masochists.

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Of course stalker would ask that question...... *nudge*

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You can put a little on your shaft and glans, but the ballsack is a big no-no.

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More like normal teenagers with an experimental bent.

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What does it do...?

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Really, this has been tested by several people, alcohol does nothing, only lactose.

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I lol'd at how curiosity kills cats in /tg/

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hey guys, check out the scoville scale
there is pure capsaicin at 15,000,000 scovilles
it's probably lethal

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Makes it feel like your' dick has been set on fire.

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yea, water = spread the spice!

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feels fucking awesome if you're into that kind of stuff

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It's outstanding how you continue to miss the point.

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It feels hot on the shaft and glans, kinda nice in a kinky cocktorture way. If it touches your ballsack it burns like napalm. It's sticky and doesn't wipe off easily.

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is that
oh god
fuck, I'm in pain just thinking about it
imagine getting this in your eye

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If this is true, I might try it, but odds are you're trolling and it burns worse there than on the balls.

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I really don't want to know how you came up with this empirical observation.

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I never punish my players. After all, it's all their doing.

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I was once a very lonely teenager.

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Obviously it's a very methodical process. A bit on the tip, check, a bit lower, check, now lower than that with a space and a bit on the tip, hmm... Now let's see if it gets AHHH MY BALLS

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That have nothing to do with this.

Maybe a little.

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It's more like, test the shaft -> smear the tip -> lather the balls-ohgoditburnsgetitoffarghshitfuck!

Not the kinda thing you do twice. Definitely memorable.

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You make the laughing god laugh...

By the way, it's me...
<<Pic of proof.

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Oh you.

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I like Habanero-tan.

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Yes me.

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holy cow, habanero chips! i used to eat tons of bob's texas style habanero chips but they're no longer made.

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The concept is flawed. As a DM your job while running the game is to act out, in a logical way, how the environment and eventually, the world, reacts to the actions of players. That's IT. That said, I have a huge ass sword on hand just in case.

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I love to hate this comic....

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This is a personal favorite.

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i just noticed that dog has a lil bitemark on his hiney at the end.

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Aww, she's adorable. And about to be traumatized. As to the OP's question, I'm assuming you mean punishments as in, "You didn't think this action through, and there are bad consequences to your decisions." It depends entirely on the group. If they believe they are playing a Defeat-Means-Friendship Good-Guys-Always-Win kid-friendly campaign, then punishments should be light. If the campaign is more grimdark, there should be appropriately shocking consequences.

Above all, do not make a habit of springing massive BAD ENDS on your players. Always give them at least a chance to find a good way to solve a problem, and if they are about to fuck up majorly they probably won;t mind if you warn them not to do whatever they're about to do. Finding out that the artifact they stole is the possession of the goblin-kind and in retaliation he razed their entire village and killed all of their friends and family is kind of lame if you never gave them a chance to find out that someone else might want it. Even if they didn't think of that, you could, in this example, have the antagonist try to get it back in a less final way (maybe by buying it off them?) or threaten them directly.

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Dat Dog.
I lol'd as always.
Heheheh Mutation.

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I can't help but feel that they're perfect for each other.

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playing DND with buds group slits up me(halfling rouge) friend (dragonborn paladin) Dm dosent like group sliting up me and him go down hall way and face 3 ghouls and naga as were fighting them 2 fucking umber hulks come the fuck out of a hole and my char then craps him self
( we still won though barely)
pic very related

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God dammit


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I just save some random ones I think are awesome...

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>the very comic that made people love cultist and dranon

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Might as well post some comic.

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Nurgle, depicted as he really is.

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>implying it didn't turn into punishement.

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Please, don't, don't spoil this thread with cultist, it still has potential. Cultist is not related and causes only shitstorms.


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Just because you said that...

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Fuck these trolls, they're not even good nowadays.

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This is such a great one in particular. Does anyone know if the author made any more?


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This thread is about punishment anyways, you're forgetting something...

Clegorach in 40k made the necron gods consume one-another.

Greatest hero of all time...

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>implying you're still not very lonely

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Ask /co/

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oh god I lol'd.

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I just can't help wondering what so jawesome newfags see in Colossal Fagot and his cultist.

Quit it.

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Crap forgot next pic. Damn stalker.

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Admit it, deep down you like cultist.

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How did this comic lose to that retarded generic gamer comic? Fuck the escapist. Fuck it hard.

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Yes, it was good -08, but all this spamming and DDs (excluding 10 and 12) is just shitty and annoying.

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Dunno why I saved this one...

Dunno why the spellcheck isn't putting a red line under "dunno" instead of "spellcheck".

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You fault for being bias.

Why does it take time for people to hate and love things? Because it becomes a fad?

Like it for what it is.

Ignore conformism, accumilate happiness.

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Recently saved these two.

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Haters like you keep talking about DD, but it doesn't get posted. DD is something people have to go looking for.

And how else does one increase the exposure of /tg/ de-facto mascot?

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X-rated but damn, makes me grin every time.

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>cultist is /tg/'s mascot


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Damn, ran out of comic strips.

I really should save more of those...

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Good art, nice writing, interesting concept. I like this.

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What is this, some sort of crazy comics thread?

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haters gonna hate
even though she is /tg/'s mascot

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Where do these come from?

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Sauce is http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/
Which is filled with awesome

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Yeah, who the hell draws this? Oh if only whoever saved these picked filenames that gave us some clue as to the artist.

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If only.>>9832747

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So we're playing a World of Darkness game set in our city, and one of the PCs (Jim) manages to track down the hotel from which he has been receiving death threats through some e-mail reverse engineering (didn't bother to call the cops.) He brings along his "just because you're a PC" bar buddy (Eric) and they find the guy who sent the death threats. They ask the receptionist to call his room, and at the mention of Jim's name, the line goes dead. This guy is also the person that killed Eric's sister, so Eric whips out a longbarrel revolver right there in the lobby of the hotel and runs after the guy as he is trying to run to a vehicle. Eric fires on the vehicle, disabling one of its tires, and death threat guy shoots at Eric, wounding him greatly. Eric returns fire, missing, and blacks out. He wakes up in the hospital, and has been arrested for discharging a firearm within city limits, no permit to carry, assault with a deadly weapon, etc. His character will be going to jail. Too much, or does this player need to think realistically?

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Wrong thread?

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Punishment thread becomes comic dump thread.

No one seems to notice.

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some one is a fan of H.P. Lovecrafts bullshit

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I was being sarcastic

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Oh sorry.

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Need to find the original. Halp?

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GOD I fucking hated fighting Krauser. That bastard killed me in that maze of low walls for 4 solid hours until I finally broke my mental barrier that kept me from kicking the ever-loving snot out of him.

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See OP's post?

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what comic is this?

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It was a joke.

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It's the slam diggity!

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>Claiming a meme

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